Another superpower RP.

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Another superpower RP.

Another superpower RP.

As you race home from the Y, seeking shelter from the sudden storm, a strange terror arises in you. You walk faster, pulling your hood up. Finally you see the comfort of home. But you also see a dark shadow coming up the street towards you. You break into a run and are unlocking the door when the shadowy figure comes up and hands you a letter. Then they run off into the rain.

Don't top this until I do the letter. I need to be able to find it. 

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 You get inside, open the letter and read this:

Dear Whoever-it-may-concern,

It has come to our intentions that you have exhibited strange powers. We wish to research you in nonpainful, noninvasive ways. We will provide housing, schooling, and meals. In return, you will participate in our programs for however long it takes to complete them. Do not worry about parent/guardian complications. Everything is taken care of.

Please fill out this information sheet:






Background (optional):




When you have filled out the sheet, wait for our signal. Someone will come to collect you.



Patricia Kelley

President of Veron Institute


The last four sentences are written messily, like someone was in a hurry. 

You decide to take the mystery warning's advice.

______________________________________________________________________________ Maximum four characters per person, please. No characters over 18 or under 10. There will be 30 test subjects maximum. As long as there are under 30 T.S.s you can come in anytime. Veron Institute is still looking. 

After you complete charrie sheets, wait. 





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This looks interesting!

Here is my charrie!

Name: Saylor Swallow



Appearance: Short-ish brown hair and brown eyes, usually wearing a blue blouse, jeans, white embroidered converse, and rose-gold hoop earrings.

Personality: Kind, has a big heart, stands up for what she believes in. She can get a little snappy when tired or stressed. Very sensitive aboput her past. Does not have strong stomach.

Background (optional): She is an orphan who lives out on the street and fends for herself. Her family died when she was a baby and someone cared for her (she doesn't know who) until she was 3. Then she was able to hide in a library for 9 years.

Power(s): She can read minds and turn into a sparrow at will.

Quirks: Sometimes has a trust issue with people. Since she lives on her own out on the streets, she doesn't trust people right away. 

Other: When she reads minds after 5 minutes is gets fuzzy. And when she turns into a bird for longer than an hour than she gets very light-headed and possibly faint/collapse. If shipping is allowed then she is open to boys around her age. 

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Name: Ashley Sulayman

Age: 18

Gender: female

Appearance: brown eyes, black hair, naturally tanned skin, tall

Personality: nice, a little shy

Backround: came from a large, poor family, so she had to pretty much fend for herself, which is why she is shy

Power(s): she can actually tell if someone is lying, if she can look them in the eyes, she can apperate(go from one place to another) by pure will 

Quirks: she tries to make eye contact a LOT because, well, read her powers

Other: well, she'll ship with a boy who is at least 17 and no more than 20 



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Is it too late to submit a charrie? If so ignore this :)

Name: Daniel Rihp

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Appearance: very dark skin and hair, very very handsome and striking, has a "bad boy" vibe

Personality: Despite his appearance, he's a pretty introverted person, likes gaming and spending time with family, but can be a ilttle crazy/joking around when he's out with friends. Doesn't care about whether his friends are boys or girls, it's all the same to him (except I think he ships only with girls), he is also very charming and persuasive when he wants to be, kinda wants to be an actor

Background: He has had a pretty quiet and good life, has an older sister who he is very fond of and two little brothers

Powers:  manipulating color/illusions

Quirks: Idrk. Might follow up on this later.

Other: Hmm, none for now. 


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My charrie is The Messenger, by the way. WHO DOES NOT GET A CHARRIE SHEET BECAUSE OF STORY FLOW!

(totally unrelated, but peer pressure sucks an' I'm glad I don't suffer from it) 

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Name: Crystal 

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: She has black hair with blue streaks in it and she wears a black t-shirt with "Crystal" on the front in her handwriting and it's a light blue. he had tan skin and blue yees and light pink lip gloss and her nails are black with blue outlining and she had a short light blue skirt with black pants. She also has black boots on too.

Personality: She has a quiet side but she can be a little bit rough when needed and she can be kind too.

Background: She refuses to tell.

Powers: She has water and growing powers.

Quirks: I have no idea what a quirk is.

Other: She would REALLY like to be friends with other people please. 

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I should've posted 12 hours ago! Then I might have gotten a slushie from you......*sniff* for keeping this thread from going 6 feet under......*sigh*

Name: Alice Kirby

Age: 13

Gender: F

Appearance: Dirty-blonde, chin-length, straigt hair. Teal hoodie, worn jeans with torn knees, teal sneakers. She has a smile that makes people feel happy (for two reasons).

Personality: Happy and bouncy. But when you insult someone she cares about, she turns mean.

Background: She has a normal, two-parent family, with a 9-year-old brother she likes (gasp! (not)). She was homeschooled-until the letter came. She didn't know she had powers, but she was suspicious.

Powers: She can manipulate people's feelings.

Quirks: Loves teal a lot. She also runs semiproffessionally. 


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Oh yeah, shipping is allowed.

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Oh! Shipping! Not yet.

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There are no boys here. It's all girls. Booooooring. I'm making one.

(Side note: Why did you name your charrie after a kid who spontaneously combusted, March? That is interesting. The book was called Spontaneous Human Combustion, right? Yeah, but don't read it on hamburger night.)

<Technically there is a male.>

Messenger doesn't count.


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I just like the name. But I am thinking of giving her a sister....hehehe......


Exactly. Spontaneous human combustion is nothing, to be taken lightly.

Don't tease so.  

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Name: Zak Reede

Age: 16

Gender: male

Appearance: Tall and skinny with dark brown hair and pale gray eyes. He wears jeans and a gray hoodie.    

Personality: Kind, but very introverted and doesn't like to spend a lot of time around people, especially strangers.  

Background: Lives with his parents, but isn't that sad to leave them since they have a very distant relationship. He is still a little wary about coming, and kind of suspicious of the whole thing. 

Power(s): He can wipe or change people's memories of a certain event.

Quirks: Very cautious about using his powers since he doesn't want to change someone's memories by accident.           






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