Launching my ideaaaaa

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Launching my ideaaaaa

Launching my ideaaaaa

So this is the RP thingy I was talking about here:


Basically, this will be an RP, but with only a few people! Maybe just the people who commented on that thread ^^^ becuz including me that's six, a good number for this.

We'll start out with one charrie each and make more if needed as we go along. But I thought first of all we could discuss, what genre/what kind of story will this be? I love fantasy best, and mystery would be fun. So those are ideas. We can have a vote i guess xD And when we're done with that, we can make the characters and after THAT we can decide how they are all related to each other and after THAT we can start writing. Whatever. We can just figure this out as it goes.

This will probably go pretty slowly, so please only join if you are committed and willing to take time with this!!! Thank you!!!! The purpose of this is to actually finish something for once, and have it be well written as well!



also @Peregrine it's fine you capitalized my name xDD no big deal 


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Ok, I've had this done for weeks, but totally forgot to type it up! *slaps forehead*  

I’m still trying to get my bearings after passing out. Oh, stop it, Jasmine! I tell myself, shaking my head. I look around for some way I can help, but everything has happened too fast. Now that strange boy- the one who had the evil in him to shoot dragons- is struggling to grab his harpoon gun as Mr. Marren and several riders hold him down. Realizing we’re no longer in immediate danger, I hug Stella tightly, then ask her, “What just happened?”- as if anyone knows! 

She shakes her head. I look over at Lexi and Lyra, already in conversation, and notice that Lexi looks particularly shocked, staring at the boy. I decide to jump in and say, “Is he- is he with, you know-?”

“Azazel?” Lyra cuts in.

“I don’t know…” Lexi says, “but I’ve seen him around here...he’s always alone.” Before anyone can respond, I notice a slouchy dark-haired boy about my age and a black, yellow-eyed dragon approach us warily. Lyra waves him over. 

“Hey,” he says, and awkwardly sits down. 

“Hey Blue”, Lexi says hurriedly, watching the harpoon-gun boy again.

“I’ve decided to join you,” Blue says suddenly. “I’m sorry I didn’t before- but we need to work. Fast. I think I know something.”  

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~ Lyra ~

Most people have rushed to the now handcuffed Daniel and the boy and girl seem forgotten.

"... I think I know something", Blue says.  My attention is imediately captured.

Someone clears their throat behind me.  "Lyra."

Rocks grind under my feet as I whirl around, it's Mr. Marren.

"Yes, Mr. Marren?" I say.

"I need you to take the boy and girl to Equidron," he says as he discreetly getures to the strangers who fell from the sky.  "Make sure they see as little as possible, they could be spies."

I nod and reluctantly start towards them, giving Blue, Lexi, and Jasmine a small wave.  I want to hear what Blue has to say, but this must be done.  I will have to ask Lexi what Blue says later.

Soror stays in the background as I approach the strangers.  Ready to intervene if they prove hostile. I glance over them for a moment, assesing them.

The boy has bright orange hair, tossled as if he had been in a great wind.  His green eyes seem confused and her stares at me with some curiousity.

The girl smiles at me hesitantly, her blue eyes crinkling at the corners.  Wisps of her red hair float around her pale face.  I almost smile back but quickly stop myself.  They could be enemy.

I tuck a strand of hair behind my ear.

"Names?" I say.

"I'm Grace", the girl says.  "This is Rayne", she motions to the boy beside her.

I refrain from giving my name.  Inside I wince at my rudeness.  You can always give them your name later should they prove to be trustworthy, Lyra.  Soror says gently to me.  They will understand your reasons for mot giving them at first.  If they do not, they are not worth befriending.  I feel comforted by Soror's words, but I still dislike how rude I must seem.

Soror comes up behind me and positions herself next to me.  Rayne's eyes widen a little as her cranes his neck upawards to see Soror.  Grace smiles in delight.

I point to Soror's back.  "Up."

Grace climbs up, Rayne behind her.  They look clumsy, like I did when first mounting a dragon.

I leap behind the two.  "Hold on tightly.  There aren't enough straps to strap you in", I warn them.

Grace leans forward and grabs one of Soror's neck spikes.  Rayne wraps his arms around both Grace and the neck spike she holds.

The straps are too far forward to tie myself in, so I settle deeper into the saddle.  I will rely on my balance and Soror's flight skills to keep me in place as there are no spikes for me to hold onto.  Also, I need both hands -- just in case...

Soon we arrive at Equidron.  I sway slightly in my seat as Soror lands.  She folds her great wings.

I slide off, Rayne and Grace behind me.  Rayne hits the ground harder than would be comfortable and I almost ask of he's alright, but stop myself.

I will be back.  I tell Soror.

Be safe, small Lyra.  I smile at Soror.  Our love for eachother showing in our eyes.

Then I usher them into Equidron and lead them to the Equidron head's office.  I take the most boring route possible, remembering the words of Mr. Marren.

~ ~ ~ ~

Heroes, I don't think I can adopt your characters.  But maybe they should become "community characters".  For anyone to use in this RP.  If that's okay with you of course. 


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So, in case you didn't see, Heroes is dropping out *sadness* and said someone could adopt her charries. So if either of you want to, that'd be great! If not, I could, although I can't promise I'll be super active, or we could use Peregrine's community character idea. 

I've also considered making another charrie who's the son of the old queen, but idk if that would be too much.

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Yes, I did see. *more sadness* I don't think I could adopt her charries, though, it's already hard enough for me to remember and actually write my posts with two. I think making them community characters would be best.

And I think that would be a really good character idea, if you feel up to writing from another charrie's perpective. 

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Heye everyone! Sorry I dropped out *sob* I have some good news, though! 
I really liked the idea of making Blue and Cricket community characters, so here we go.

I rewrote both of the forms, decided to pop in and roleplay from time to time, and yeah! 

Name: Blue Krifit
Age: 15
Pronouns: He/They, mostly uses He/Him though
He's been wandering around the Dragon Rider area for a while but isn't actually a Dragon Rider yet... (apparently he just joined in the most recent RP post)
Appearance: Messy blue/black hair, indigo eyes, small build, average height, grumpy frown, often wearing a gray sweater and black pants. Also, sturdy dragonriding boots made from hard leather.
Personality: Blue is a loner, always has been. He hates socializing, he hates people in general to be honest. He never talks and when he does, its sudden and short. He only really feels close to Cricket- But Cricket wants to change that.
Backstory: Blue was raised in a small town, where the number one rule was to follow directions. If you stepped out of line, that's it. Banishment. His parents were always at work, so it was like he didn't have any. Blue lived in the orphanage, even though his family home was a block away. He was picking herbs in the mountains one day when he found Cricket, wounded and collapsed in a cave. He used the herbs to heal her wounds and then took her to an abandoned barn near his village, where he visited her every day and helped Cricket return to full strength. Eventually he left the village with Cricket, and so they flew off toward the Dragon Rider camp, where there was a small village for them to live in.

Name: Cricket
Age: 3 in human years
Pronouns: She/Her
Cricket is a dragon, thankyouverymuch.
Appearance: Cricket has midnight black scales, a splattering of pale yellow dots across the back of her wings, wide yellow eyes, and small, blunt talons. She's very thin and small, built more for racing than for strength. She has a slight limp in her back right leg, which is the one that was wounded. 
Personality: Cricket is an extrovert through and through. She loves talking, hates silence, can't stand awkward conversations, and loves loves loves flying. She's super fast and enjoys showing off her speed, which makes Blue so annoyed xD 

Backstory: Cricket was raised in a dragon racing place, where she was put into races against bigger dragons. She was always the fastest and won every time, but after the races the bigger dragons would hit her and scratch her wings. Eventually Cricket flew away, abandoning the dragon races and flying north toward the mountains. She was attacked by a band of wild dogs, who wounded her leg so badly she could barely make it to a cave before collapsing. Thats when Blue found her and you know the rest.


That was a LOT but anyways, um, I'll just be roleplaying with them occasionally. Yeah! Thats pretty much it heheh

to clarify, Blue and Cricket are community characters, so they can be roleplayed with by aNyOnE :D 

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I'm so glad you decided to drop in once in a while, Heroes!

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Alright! Blue and Cricket will now be community characters! I think that's a pretty good idea. I'll write another part as soon as I have time, which uh... May not be soon.

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