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so, backstory: the kyngdom of Hyrssa has been ruled peacefully by Queen Amirila for centuries. But now her evil cousin Thryxx has kidnapped the queen and taken the throne AND the control of the kyngdom. But what he doesnt know is that a little army is rising up to overthrow his throne and find Queen Amirila. Theyre called the WoodOnes, for a bit of backstory... Hryssa is in the middle of a beautiful forest, and the people have lived in harmony with nature for as long as anyone can remember. The people of Hryssa have control over Earth magic, growing things at will. But Thryxx has stopped all that, banning Earth magic. So the WoodOnes continue to practice their Earth magic, waiting for the day when they can overthrow Thryxx and return Hryssa to its peacful life.

Charrie Sheet:



Powers (if having none, say 'None'):



Are they part of the WoodOnes?: 


. . .

So thats it, please enjoy! Ill be accepting like 15 people (the number may change) and you an create a maximum of 5 characters. NOTE: this is my first RP so sorry if i mess up! :3

if you need details on anything else, please ask and i will write it up! 

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I love it!  I can’t wait for part 2!

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@admins, i thought i posted Part One. if it was too long, i can just do half of it... but where is part one?

 Sorry about the wait, my internet cut out for a while. You just have to be patient sometimes. --admin

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thanks for posting it, admin! yeah, i dont really have much patience :3


It's ok! Technology can be frustrating to work with, believe me. --admin

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Name: Willa Evyrgreen

Gender: Female

Powers (if having none, say 'None'): camouflage & can talk to animals

Appearance: Tanned skin with brown markings that go up and down each of her arms, with dark brown hair, and pale blue eyes. her usual outfit is a leafy green dress, shes almost always barefoot. 

Personality: likes to be alone, dosn't trust easily, But once she gets to know you pretty well, she will losen up. sneaks around a lot, dosn't like to obay orders, goes against the rules a lot, goes to forbiden places and and goes out of her way to annoy her foes.

Are they part of the WoodOnes?: not yet please have her join.

Other: she has no idea of what her life was befor she turned 13. (shes 14 1/2 currently.)

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cool. Willa will be included in Part Two, or Part Three!

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can i change Willa's age to thirteen? and she lost her memory at 12? the change of age works better for the story. 

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Yes, you can Heros. no worries!

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oh ya. I forgot to add somthing in her powers. (tell me if its OP)

when the animals talk (EX; wolf: Aroooo!!! Willa: oh don't worry. i under stand.) to her, she understands them. :) Sky, tell me if thats OP 


CAPTCHA says rtdtu. wait! that sounds like r2-d2! from Star Wars. :) that it!

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oops! Shes 12. lost her mamery at 10.

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now we have nine charries and the remaining spots is 6. JOIN JOIN

ahh my captcha says toddy. toady? today?  

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you wanted it? im delivering it! PART TWO! i know its early but i just couldnt wait to post it! 


Ameilya soared upward just in time: the top branches of a massive oak tree were sprouting vibrant green leaves right where she had just been floating. 

“Maia, where are you?” Ameilya chirped. 

“MEILYA! HELP!” her sister squawked from a nearby redwood. Ameilya immediately flattened her wings against her side and dove toward the tree. She swooped onto a branch, hopping closer to where Amaia was tangled in thick branches. Ameilya closed her beady bird eyes and shifted to human form… and almost fell out of the tree. Her head pounded, her vision swirled, but Ameilya had to help her sister. She carefully lifted Amaia out of the tangled branches and shifted back to bird form. Instantly her vision fogged up again and her head started pounding twice as hard. She knew she would regret this later… but she had to get to safety. Ameilya flew next to Amaia as they spiraled toward the spot where they're cloak-wrapped bags were hidden. Ameilya spotted a silver owl flying low to the ground in the opposite direction, toward a stand where a boy was staring intently at the mini-forest enveloping the square. She spread her wings like a parachute and landed behind the abandoned stall. She concentrated hard, and shifted back to human form. The pain in her head was immense, but she couldn't worry about that now. 

“Here. Let's hurry!” Amaia, now in human form, handed her a bundle and Ameilya unwrapped it, pulling on the traveling cloak and swinging her bag over her shoulder. The sisters crept amongst the stalls and slipped into the forest. Ameilya hurried toward the road, aware that the sun was slowly rising, thin pink-orange light revealing their positions to any attackers hidden in the woods…

“Grandma will worry… we’ve been gone for too long, Maia.” Ameilya whispered, hugging the bag with the precious medicine to her chest. They walked as fast as possible, but didn’t run, trying to make as little noise as possible. Suddenly, Amaia yanked Ameilya off the road. They flattened themselves in the bushes, watching as a figure stumbled along the road. A beam of light fell onto the person walking, and Ameilya gasped. The person on the road… She was the girl from the Market. 


Robyn crawled as fast as she could away from the Thryxxite, who now was trapped in a cage of trees. Thick curtains of leaves parted for her and closed once she had gotten past them. Robyn got to her feet and tore a strip of her tunic off and held it to her nose, which still gushed blood. Carefully Robyn darted behind a row of stalls, and made her way to the road. She crept along the tree line cautiously, but once she was out of sight from the market, Robyn ran to the road, walking along bathed in early-morning sunlight. A harsh beam of light fell across her face, and Robyn could feel it drying the blood slightly. She heard a quickly-stifled gasp from the bushes on her left, and Robyn whirled around, her hands moving up into karate style. She tip-toed toward the bushes… and pounced, hands flailing wildly and hitting something alive. Robyn suddenly felt a foot connect with her gut, and she fell backward. Her blood-tinted vision showed two girls, faces similar enough to be siblings, standing over her. One had red-brown hair, the other white-blonde hair. Robyn tried to back up, but she hit a rock and realized she was cornered.


Forrest watched as the silver owl swooped toward him and as it landed, wings melted away and left Bradley swaying on the spot.

“It's been awhile since I've done that…” he muttered.

“The girl made it happen, she caused the forest to grow. She headed toward the road.” Bradley said to Forrest, his icy eyes staring intently at Forrest’s dark green ones. 

“Lets-” Forrest started.

“Follow her.” Bradley smiled at Forrest. We’ll make a good team… Forrest thought. He nodded at Bradley and grabbed his bag, stuffing in everything he had brought to the market that day. Then Bradley rushed off through the Market and Forrest followed. They quickly reached the road, and Bradley pointed toward a spot of blood on the ground. Forrest noticed a trail of blood leading off the road.

“I think her nose was broken, blood was everywhere.” Bradley said. They started to follow the blood, but it stopped suddenly. 

“Hold on. The road is lined with trees… I got this.” Forrest pressed his hand against the bark of a looming birch tree and felt the world fall away until the only thing was his heartbeat, loud and booming, and the rough bark of the tree beneath his fingers. 

“Hello, my friend, have you seen a girl with golden-brown hair and a bloody nose pass by here recently?” He asked the tree. With a rumble, the tree told him there was one who fit his description, and she had disappeared behind the bushes on the other side of the road. Forrest thanked the tree and pulled his hand away. His vision faded into black-and-white, but he could still see Bradley, and his surroundings. Forrest pointed to the bushes, bile growing in his throat. Talking to trees and the earth always left him feeling sick inside. Meanwhile, Bradley was creeping toward the bushes. Forrest followed him. But before they could reach the bush, the Thryxxite appeared.


Bradley watched Forrest press his hand against the tree and say something indistinguishable. It was like Bradley was listening to Forrest speak through a radio with lots of static and a low volume. Forrest pulled away from the tree and pointed toward a clump of tall bushes on the other side of the road. Bradley started to sneak toward the bushes, wondering if he should transform into a wolf or dragon just in case there was danger. But he decided against it, one transformation a day was enough, AND the fact that he hasn't shifted in a while before today. Bradley was about to jump behind the bushes when Forrest screamed. Bradley whirled around, hardly noticing the two girls that emerged from the bushes behind him. He didn't want to pass out, but he had too, otherwise himself and Forrest would die. So Bradley shifted into a wolf, and despite the nausea he launched himself at the Thryxxite holding a knife against Forrest’s throat. At the last second, Bradley shifted sideways, and the force of his blow knocked over the Thryxxite and freed Forrest from the Thryxxite’s grip. Suddenly, a white-tailed kite swooped in and raked their talons across the Thryxxite’s forehead. A red kite joined the white-tailed kite and the two birds took turns taunting the Thryxxite, always darting out of reach before he could hurt them. Bradley pinned the cloaked man down, biting into his leg with powerful wolf teeth and holding on. Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw Forrest pressing his hand against the dirt on the side of the road. A root cracked through the surface of the road, wrapped around the Thryxxite’s torso, and another root clamped onto the Thryxxite’s left leg. Suddenly, another girl emerged from the bushes, her golden-brown hair matted down with blood. Seeing her, the Thryxxite laughed.

“So this is the best you could do? A bunch of teens? You can do better, Robyn Ashfall!” 


Ameilya swooped in again, her sharp talons raking across the cloaked man’s nose. He writhed in pain, but continued to laugh hysterically, one shaky hand pointing at the girl who had karate-chopped Amaia, who the Thryxxite had called Robyn Ashfall. The girl from the picture in grandma's house… but in that moment Ameilya realized Robyn wasn't the same girl in the picture. Picture-Robyn had no freckles, and a rounder face. Suddenly, another root broke through the road and circled the cloaked man’s face. But the root around his middle was loosening, and the root wrapped around his leg had disappeared back into the earth. Robyn was just standing there, watching the four of them attack the cloaked man. Why isn't she helping us? Ameilya thought, but then Robyn sprang into action, karate-chopping the man's nose and Ameilya heard a satisfying crunch. Dark red blood oozed into the man’s mouth, and Ameilya took the opportunity to dive-bomb his eyes. Raking her talons across his eyelid, she heard a scream and then silence. Ameilya flew high, high, and then came back down to see the cloaked man being carried into the air by thousands, millions of birds. Creepily, the cloaked man was still laughing hysterically.


Robyn stood gulping in lungfuls of air, hands propped on her knees and her hand aching where she had chopped the Thryxxite. But she had to keep her guard up, she had to protect herself- She whirled around just in time to see the wolf that had been biting the Thryxxite’s leg shift into a human boy wearing a squashed hat. The two girls from the bushes were staring at her curiously, and another boy, with dark green eyes and brown hair, was lying spread out on the road, his hands cracked and bleeding. 

“Who are you?” Robyn said, mainly just to break the eerie silence. 

“Who are you is the right question. Did you make that forest grow back at the Market?” 

The girl with white-blonde hair squinted at her, standing protectively in front of the girl with red-brown hair. They're definitely sisters… Robyn thought.

“Yeah I made the forest. Can you also become a white-tailed kite?” White-blonde hair girl nodded. Robyn turned to the boy who had been a wolf.
“You can be a wolf…” she said.

“Actually, i can be a wolf, dragon, and a silver owl. Im Bradley.” 

“The Thryxxite called you Robyn Ashfall… is that your name?” the boy who had been lying on the road had come over, his bleeding hands now wrapped in cloth.

“Yup. wait… you called him a Thryxxite. Are you-” The boy nodded. Bradley smiled at her and gave a thumbs up. Robyn couldn't believe it, she had run into TWO WoodOnes members? In ONE day? Insane… she thought. 

“Excuse me? What exactly is a Thixxite?” The girl with red-brown hair shuffled her feet.

“A Thryxxite… thats our name for followers of Thryxx.” Robyn responded. 

Our name? What do you mean by our name?” asked the white-blonde haired girl. 

“Our name. We three… we’re all in the WoodOnes.”


Forrest’s jaw dropped slightly. What was Robyn DOING, just telling these strangers that they’re in the WoodOnes? For all he knew, they could be servants of Thryxx! 

“You’re… you’re in the WoodOnes?!?!?” the girl with red-brown hair sat down numbly on a stump. She propped her head on her hands and stared at the ground.

“Yep. And…” Robyn started.

“How can we join?” interrupted the girl with white-blonde hair. 

“Is there like an admitting process or whatever it's called?” Robyn turned to look at Forrest. He shook his head.

“We just gotta take them to see the WoodOnes leader…” he said.

“Silva Irithi. Ok then. By the way, what's your name?” Robyn turned back to the girls.

“Im Ameilya… she's Amaia…” the girl with red-brown hair said. Robyn nodded and disappeared into the woods. She came out with a little brown bird perched on her arm.

Forrest watched Robyn open her mouth and speak to the bird… it sounded like she was on the other end of a radio, with bad reception. 

“Hllo… messg… Silv... Ithiri… new mbers.” The little bird bobbed its tiny head and hopped off Robyns arm. She started to sway, her face turning ash-white. 

“I haven't done that much magic in a day since…”

“Were you the one who called the birds to take away the cloaked man?” Amaia asked. Robyn nodded, her face slowly regaining color.

“Bradley, Robyn, Ameilya and Amaia, we should get going.” Forrest said. Robyn nodded in agreement and so the five set off along the road, their tired faces painted with soft light. No one really knew where they were going… but they all had to get as far away from the Night Market as possible. 


Bradley’s head had just started to stop pounding… and then he had to transform into a wolf and attack the Thryxxite. Now his legs ached as they walked down the seemingly endless road. Bradley felt like they were trapped in a hamster wheel, they just kept walking but getting nowhere. The girl Robyn had walked in front for a while, but eventually she fell to the back of the group, letting Forrest take the lead. 

“Do we have a specific destination? Or are we just walking?” Bradley asked, his voice tinted with irritation.

“I didn't think of that… I guess we’re going to-” Robyn started.

“Our grandma’s house. The whole reason we were at that market is to get medicine for her. And… Robyn, I've seen you before.” Ameilya said softly. 


“In a picture… a picture at our grandmother’s house.” Ameilya answered, her voice little more than a whisper. Robyn stopped in her tracks.

“I'm in a picture… at your grandma’s house? I've never even met your grandma, or you before!” Robyn’s voice rose slightly.

“I know… and she’s never talked about Robyn Ashfall… but I guess the picture is way in the back of the house.” Amaia said. She wrapped her arm around Ameilya's shoulder and the group started walking again. Bradley yawned, wondering why this was so boring…

And immediately he wished he hadn't thought that.


heh... ANOTHER CLIFFHANGER! hope you liked it!  

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