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so, backstory: the kyngdom of Hyrssa has been ruled peacefully by Queen Amirila for centuries. But now her evil cousin Thryxx has kidnapped the queen and taken the throne AND the control of the kyngdom. But what he doesnt know is that a little army is rising up to overthrow his throne and find Queen Amirila. Theyre called the WoodOnes, for a bit of backstory... Hryssa is in the middle of a beautiful forest, and the people have lived in harmony with nature for as long as anyone can remember. The people of Hryssa have control over Earth magic, growing things at will. But Thryxx has stopped all that, banning Earth magic. So the WoodOnes continue to practice their Earth magic, waiting for the day when they can overthrow Thryxx and return Hryssa to its peacful life.

Charrie Sheet:



Powers (if having none, say 'None'):



Are they part of the WoodOnes?: 


. . .

So thats it, please enjoy! Ill be accepting like 15 people (the number may change) and you an create a maximum of 5 characters. NOTE: this is my first RP so sorry if i mess up! :3

if you need details on anything else, please ask and i will write it up! 

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On the advertisement thread you mentioned you needed more people in this solo write-- is it too late for me to join? If it is, disregard this. I'd like to join though! (I didn't see this thread until now lol)

Is it all right if I make two characters?  

Name: Arja "Ari" Hawthorne

Gender: Female 

Powers (if having none, say 'None'): She can control water, but she's not too good at it yet.

Appearance: She has short, light brown, badly-cut hair and blue eyes, and has tanned skin and freckles from spending a lot of time outside. She's often bruised and cut from her adventures in the woods. She wears a green tunic and short canvas pants, and a leather belt with a few pouches on it. She's nearly always barefoot. 

Personality: She's very clever, though a bit reckless, and often likes to play pranks. She doesn't like following rules (and rarely does). She tends to be pretty carefree (and often careless as well), and is not easily ruffled. 

Are they part of the WoodOnes?: Yes. However, she joined in secret, because her brother didn't want her to join--he doesn't want to put her in danger. 

Other: She lives with her older brother, Taurin, as her parents mysteriously died when she was young. (Perhaps killed by Thryxx's soldiers? I'll let you decide.) Also, she's open for shipping, but keep in mind that she's only 13. 

Name: Taurin "Rin" Hawthorne 

Gender: Male

Powers (if having none, say 'None'): He can blend completely into the forest at will, but if he does it for a long time it's very draining.

Appearance: He's very tall, and he has light brown hair and blue eyes. He often wears a longsleeved white button-down shirt and olive green pants, and leather boots. 

Personality: He's much less reckless than his sister, and often thinks things through more than she does. He's a hunter, even though Thryxx has outlawed hunting, so he's very agile and is good at archery. He has a temper, and will do anything to protect Arja.  

Are they part of the WoodOnes?: Yes

Other: He's open for shipping with girls around his age (he's sixteen)

Oh, and I'll draw people's characters if they want me to! 

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ooh, thanks for joining! its not too late, and your charries will definetily get included! could you draw Robyn? :) ill try and weave your charries into part three, but they might have to come in part four.

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can we ship Willa's sister Rose and Rin? Rose is 16 aswell. lemme know if thats a good match (rose's charrie sheet should post soon)

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It’s so good!  I love how you’re portraying Forrest.  Looking forward to the next part!

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Here's Robyn! 

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im sorry, part three will be a little late! ill try and post it tomorrow if i can, but i dunno when ill be able to. again, im sorry! 

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No worries!  Post when you have a chance.

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Heroes, if it's ok, i would like to submit a new charrie.

Name: Rose Evyrgreen


Gender: female

Powers (if having none, say 'None'): she can create storms, and vary rarely loses control of them.

Appearance: Tanned skin with brown markings that go up and down each of her arms, dark brown hair, wears sunset pink dress that looks like Willa's dress except its sunset pale pink.

Personality: very protective of her sister Willa, and spent the last two years looking for her. sweet, but can be harsh, brave, smart, strong,.
Are they part of the WoodOnes?:  she joined secretly.

Other: is Willa's sister, and to comfort her, she likes to make i small rain cloud and holds it. 

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Oh, and, Rose is 16

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Shes 16, and also, Sky, (aka HeroesOfOlympus) told me part three is coming super soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ameilya whirled around just in time: a small shape burst out of the bushes, looking like they had been formed from the bush itself. Hissing and clawing, the creature landed on Robyns back and forced her to the ground. Ameilya caught a glimpse of Bradley looking very, very regretful… and then the creature spoke.
“Who are you? What are you doing in my forest?” Ameilya was shocked to find that the figure was actually a girl… a small girl with deeply tanned skin, dark brown hair, and a dress that looked like it was woven from grass. Robyn rolled over, trying to shake off the girl, and Ameilya leaned over and picked up the child, setting her down on the road and helping Robyn to her feet. 

“Why am i always the one to get pounced on?” Ameilya heard Robyn mutter. But there was no time for complaints; they had to do something about this stranger. 

“Im… Im Ameilya. This is my twin Amaia, this is Robyn, Bradley, and… Uh, what did you say your name was?” For some reason, Ameilya found it easier to talk to the stranger than anyone else here. (except her sister)

“Im Forrest.” answered the boy with cracked and bleeding hands.

“Yeah, Forrest. And… you own all these trees?” Ameilya turned back to the girl. 

“I don't own them… but we’re friends.”

“You-you can speak to trees too?!?” Forrest gasped.

“Huh? Why would anyone be able to speak to trees?” The girl folded her short-skirted dress around her legs and sat down in the middle of the road. 

“It's just… an ability of mine.” Forrest answered.

“Oh. like how I can do this?” the girl bounded over to a tree and pressed her back against the bark. Seconds later, no-one could tell she was there. Ameilya walked over and studied the tree. She thought she found the section of bark that was the girl's nose.

“Im Willa, by the way.” The girl stepped out of the tree, and her voice turned old, ancient and deep. “You're in danger.” 


Robyn stared at Willa. She opened her mouth, couldn't speak, and tried again. 

“We’re in danger? Wait, I didn't mean to sound surprised. Of COURSE we’re in danger.”

She picked up a fallen branch and held it like it was her normal sharp-ended staff. She twirled around the branch mindlessly, her eyes still trained on Willa. 

“Yes, you’re in danger, but not from the one you think. Thryxx is not after you just yet. He hasn't learned of his follower being carried away... The danger to you is in this group.” Willa watched calmly as everyone jumped up, drawing various weapons and facing each other uneasily. 

“No, no, it's not inside one of you… yet. There is a spirit that lurks, hidden, amongst all of you. So… you must be careful. You must be cautious. This spirit is restless, and will strike at the most auspicious time…” Willa’s eyes rolled back in her head, and she fell to the ground, limp as a dummy.

“Willa? Willa? Willa what's happening?” Ameilya cried. Just then Willa sat up.

“What… who are you? Where… oh. Robyn, Ameilya, Amaia, Forrest, Bradley. Hello.” Willa shook her head, eyebrows furrowed.

“How did I know those names? Are you guys…” 

“Robyn, Ameilya, Amaia, Forrest, and Bradley. Yup. Hello, Willa.” Robyn said.

“How do you know my name?!?!?” Willa started to back away slowly.

“Because you told us! Willa, I think you’ve been possessed. By some kind of spirit… but a helpful one. It spoke through you…” Ameilya sat down next to the girl, holding her hand gently. Robyn paced back and forth, hands clasped behind her back.

“We should continue, guys… we’re losing time.” Amaia said softly. 

“Ok. Willa? You coming?” Robyn asked. Willa looked up at her, eyes wide.

“I can come?” she squeaked. 

“Of course. We don't abandon anyone, right guys?” Willa's smile grew with every chorus of yes, yep, and totally right. Finally, the five-now-six set off again. 


Forrest smiled, his hand still clutching the hilt of his dagger. He had been the most shocked that someone amongst them was dangerous to themselves… Forrest had come to trust them all, mostly Bradley, who he thought was a good friend. Eventually, though, his hand loosened and fell off the dagger. They continued to walk, having left the main road and turned onto a dirt path Amaia said went straight to their Grandma’s house. But the path certainly wasn't straight… it curved and twisted, making it twice as long as normal. Forrest stretched out his arms, yawning. Normally he would be sleeping now, cozy and comfortable in his bed of blankets, tucked out of sight in the branches of a gigantic tree. He had a home, of course, but he rarely went there. Forrest’s family had made it clear they supported Thryxx, and he couldn't stand to be in the same house as them. So, he slept out in a nearby park, where he could look up at night and see the stars and moon… Just then, Ameilya disappeared. Forrest was terrified for a second before he realized she had simply walked off onto a hidden trail leading deeper into the woods… and Forrest stepped out into a clearing where time seemed to have stopped at the peak of spring, flowers blooming brightly, trees stretching new leafs up to the sun, and luscious green grass covering the rich earth. In the middle of the clearing was a small hut, vibrant green leas blooming on the wooden roof, and a vase of fresh-picked flowers propping open the door. Ameilya swept her arm in a wide circle, smiling shyly.
“Welcome to Everspring Glade.” 


Bradley watched in awe as daisies popped through the ground around his feet, their yellow centers turned to face him. A robin perched on Robyns hand, chirping softly. Forrest was standing against a gnarled tree, watching as little green sprouts poked up through the earth. Amaia was petting a little squirrel, talking to it softly even though the squirrel most likely couldn't understand her. Ameilya had gone inside, and Willa was-wait, where was Willa? Then Bradley spotted a flash of tanned skin and green dress, and turned to see Willa hanging upside down from a tree branch, her green dress down around her waist to show grey shorts. Vines were winding around Willa’s ankles, almost like they were helping her not fall. Bradley stepped up to the hut, peering inside. Suddenly Ameilya appeared in the doorway, tears streaming down her face.

“Amaia…” the sisters rushed inside, faster than the wind.

“Bradley, Forrest, Robyn, Willa, you can come in…” Ameilya called, her voice heavy with sadness. Bradley went inside the hut, looking around at the cozy surroundings. To his right, there was a table that looked like it had been grown from a tree, three little chairs standing around the table, and a small sofa. To his left, there was a kitchen area, with a basket of fruits left on the counter. In front of him, there were three curtained-off areas. Bradley guessed they were the bedrooms and bathroom. Ameilya poked her head out of the second curtained area. 

“You guys can come in…” Ameilya’s head went back behind the curtain. Forrest led the way into the softy-lit area, with a bed, dresser, and a little table covered in balls of yarn. Lying in the bed was an old woman with silvery hair. Ameilya was mixing something into a cup, and Amaia was wiping the lady’s head with a wet cloth. Ameilya gave the cup to the old lady and sat by the bed. 

“This is your grandma?” Bradley asked. Ameilya nodded.

“Grandma Athyra.” Amaia said, tugging Robyn over.

“Grandma, why do you have a picture of Robyn?” Ameilya held up a small picture of a dark-haired girl with her arm around…  Robyn.


Willa cautiously followed the teens into the glade. While everyone was staring at the growing things, she climbed nimbly up into a tree and wrapped her legs around a branch. Then she flipped upside down, hanging by her legs, her brown hair touching the tips of the grass. When the girl named Ameilya said they could all go inside, she bounded in at the back of the group. The twins were bending over an old lady, giving her a glass of water, a spoon of medicine… Ameilya was holding up a picture. Willa looked closer and saw that the picture was of a dark-haired girl with her arm around someone who looked an awful lot like Robyn. 

“Ah… that.” the grandma winced, leaning back into her pillows.

“That is me, the dark-haired girl. And the one who looks an awful lot like you, dear-” here she pointed at Robyn, “that is my childhood friend Hazel. And… and she was your grandmother.” Grandma Athyra closed her eyes and sighed. 

“My… you knew my… my grandmother? I never met her. She died before I was born.”

“Yes, I knew Hazel. She and I were excellent friends, doing everything together… we kept in touch until she was killed.” Robyn’s eyes widened.

“She was killed? I always assumed she passed away naturally.” Robyn sat down.

“Yes, she was killed. By a traveler… who disliked her practice,” the grandma sighed again. “She made potions, remedys… She was a herb doctor, and the Traveler disliked the old ways. He killed her then and there, smashing all the pots of herbs in her stand and scattering the potions.” Ameilya rushed over to her grandma, who had slumped in the pillows. 

“You… you all plan to go after Thryxx. Do not. He is much more powerful than you can ever imagine… he can-” Grandma Athrya fell silent and moved no more.


Ameilya wiped the last tears from her face, tucking a small beaded basket into her bag. “What do we do now?” Amaia’s voice was stuffy, her eyes were red. 

“Grandma is gone. We have nowhere to go… we have no family. No one, Maia.” 

“Except us.” Robyn appeared in the doorway, Forrest and Bradley right behind her. Willa ducked her head under Robyn and ran to Ameilya, sitting at her feet and smiling.

“You've got us. And if we can find Silva, you’ll have a ready-made family waiting for you.” Robyn smiled brightly at Ameilya, and she felt her tears evaporate. 

“You'd really take in two kids you've never met before today?” Amaia asked.

“Of course! We’re all a bunch of misfits ourselves. Cmon, we have a leader to meet.” Bradley hoisted his bag up onto his shoulder and they exited the house, Ameilya holding Amaia’s hand on her right and Willa’s on her left. The little girl hadn't left Ameilya’s side since they had left the house. 

“Willa, your 11?” Ameilya asked.

“Nope. 12. I'm just short.” Willa answered. They continued along in silence. A while later, Robyn announced, “Ok, this should be it!” They had walked along the main road, turned off onto a skinny, winding track, then onto a dirt path, then through a barrier of thorns and vines, then finally onto a small path leading into a hidden village. 

“Welcome to the hidden village of the WoodOnes!”


Forrest’s mouth gaped as he stared at the village. He didn't even know this existed! Sure, Forrest had rumors or a hidden village inhabited by the WoodOnes, but he never thought he would see it! But then, he had never thought he would meet another of the WoodOnes, and here he was, standing with two members and two sisters that were about to join in the middle of a village full of members. Insane. Robyn walked calmly down the middle of the sunlight square, seeming to not care that all the people were staring at her. They made their way toward a small house on the far side of the square.

“Here we are! The misfits clubhouse. For all y’all WoodOnes that’ve been abandoned.” Robyn swept her arm in a grand arc, then led them inside the house.... Straight into utter chaos. Kids of all ages running around, paint on the walls and stuff on every available surface. As soon as the kids noticed Robyn, they ran over and started yelling at her, tugging at her legs and throwing leaves like confetti. 

“Chill, guys, we have guests.” Robyn sat down and let the youngest kids sit on her, pull her hair, and color on her tunic. She beamed at Forrest and the others, who were standing awkwardly in the doorway. 

“C'mon in, guys, this is your new home now.” she got up, walking toward the back, naming kids as she went. “Arithi, Mrek, Alexi, Sam, and the Nanny!” Robyn sat down next to the only adult in the building, who was coloring on a giant leaf with a toddler. 

“Hey, robyn! Welcome back. We’ve missed you!” the adult stood up and hugged Robyn tightly, only letting go when the toddler started coloring on her pants. 

“Nat, do you have a moment? We have some people here that need introducing…” Robyn took away the coloring leaf and tacked it to the wall. Nat stood up and whistled, the sound loud and piercing. Immediately, all the kids dropped to the ground, legs folded, and looked up at Nat expectantly. 

“Ok guys, there's some people I want you to meet!” Robyn gestured to each person as she spoke. 

“Forrest, Bradley, Ameilya, Amaia, and Willa.” She smiled brightly and opened her mouth to speak again, but was interrupted by a giant crash from outside.


Bradley was one of the first to leap out the door, run into the square and stop dead to see what looked like a collapsed shack surrounded by people. He squinted, sure that the fleshy thing sticking out of the rubble was a hand. It was. He ran forward and started to clear the broken boards of the hand. Other people joined him and finally, they removed the last board to reveal a boy, lying on the ground. Light brown hair cluttered with leaves and twigs, and his pale face was flushed bright pink. 

“Hello? Who are you? What happened here?” Nat had rushed up, helping the tall boy to his feet. She picked another twig out of his hair and frowned.

“I've seen you before… haven't I? Are you in the WoodOnes? Nat squinted at him.

“Yes. I'm Taurin… and, uh, I think I crashed your dogsled thing?” Taurin gestured to the wreck behind him. His face flushed even more. 

“I was delivering a message to Silva… something about new members? And then we were chased by this rabid wolf? The dogs freaked out and so we crashed.” Robyn ran over, giving a piggyback to two toddlers. 

“I sent that message. Taurin, why'd you have to crash it? And where are the dogs?” Robyn set down the kids and started stacking boards.

“The dogs… they ran that way, toward the doghouse. Guess they knew they were home. And I didnt mean to crash it!” Taurin sighed and started to help Robyn sort through the rubble. Forrest, Ameilya, Amaia, and Willa came over, surrounded by a bunch of kids asking them questions. Robyn had started up a conversation with Taurin, and it was clear they had met before. With all the people working on the wreckage, they soon finished. Robyn tugged Taurin over to Bradley, gesturing for Forrest and Ameilya, Amaia and Willa to come over. 

“Taurin needs to take us somewhere… Cmon.” Robyn whispered, shooing away the kids that continued to question them all. Taurin led them past several houses with thatched roofs and down a small, barely visible track. He kept flickering in and out of sight, his arm becoming twisted and bark-textured, then back to normal. Bradley suspected he could blend in like Willa. Finally Taurin swept a large fern out of the way and the group caught sight of a little cottage… and a girl who leapt up, and charged toward them, her sharp-looking dagger raised and pointed right at Bradley.


Willa dodged out of the way as the girl tackled Bradley, forcing him down into a bed of ivy. She held her dagger higher and then brought it whistling down toward Bradley’s throat… but before it could reach him, there was a flash of movement and the dagger was in Taurin’s hand. He pulled the girl of Bradley and helped Bradley up. Willa instinctively blended into the nearest tree, closing eyes now the color of bark and sighing. This was so much more dangerous than living behind a boulder in a rarely-visited forest. She opened her eyes again to see Bradley rubbing his throat and Taurin talking to the girl a couple feet away. She stepped out of the tree, trying to ignore her growing headache.

“I'm sorry for my behavior. I thought you were on the wrong side.” the girl glanced at Taurin, and he gave her a thumbs-up. 

“This is my sister Arja Hawthorne. She joined in secret, so only Silva actually knows she’s a part of the WoodOnes.” Taurin grabbed Arja’s hand.

“And it's SO dull, being stuck out here with no one to talk to except Rin! I dunno why he won't let me talk with the other WoodOnes…” Arja sat down glumly on a rock.

“Ari, we talked about this! We can't let you be seen. I don't want you going the same way as mom and dad…” Taurin closed his eyes briefly, then opened them again. 

“Rin, you wanted to talk to us?” Robyn asked, stretching her arms behind her head. 

“Also, do you have a river around us somewhere? I was hoping to get the blood off my face.” Robyn gestured to the dried blood on her nose.

“We don't have one right here yet…” Arja started, squinting intently at the ground. Suddenly, a jet of dirty water sprouted from the earth and splattered everyone in mud. Once the water fell back to the ground, they could see a little stream rushing by the ground at Arja’s feet. The water was clear, and as they watched, shoots of grass poked up in the raw earth on the banks of the stream, and soon they couldn't even tell the stream had just formed.

“But now we do!” Arja said brightly, kicking off her sandals and hopping into the water. She swayed slightly, eyes blurred for a second, but then she regained balance and smiled tiredly at them.
“Arja… it wasn't supposed to erupt from the ground, it was supposed to emerge nicely.” Taurin shook his head and sat down in the bright green grass by the stream. Robyn knelt down and splashed water on her face, then spoke.

“Rin, Arja, this is Forrest, Bradley, Ameilya, Amaia, and Willa.” 

“I've seen you before, Bradley. Have you been in the village?” Taurin asked.

“Once. Just to deliver a message, I didn't even have time to look around.” Bradley sat down. Suddenly, Willa’s vision blurred, turned red, and then she fell to the ground.



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