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so, backstory: the kyngdom of Hyrssa has been ruled peacefully by Queen Amirila for centuries. But now her evil cousin Thryxx has kidnapped the queen and taken the throne AND the control of the kyngdom. But what he doesnt know is that a little army is rising up to overthrow his throne and find Queen Amirila. Theyre called the WoodOnes, for a bit of backstory... Hryssa is in the middle of a beautiful forest, and the people have lived in harmony with nature for as long as anyone can remember. The people of Hryssa have control over Earth magic, growing things at will. But Thryxx has stopped all that, banning Earth magic. So the WoodOnes continue to practice their Earth magic, waiting for the day when they can overthrow Thryxx and return Hryssa to its peacful life.

Charrie Sheet:



Powers (if having none, say 'None'):



Are they part of the WoodOnes?: 


. . .

So thats it, please enjoy! Ill be accepting like 15 people (the number may change) and you an create a maximum of 5 characters. NOTE: this is my first RP so sorry if i mess up! :3

if you need details on anything else, please ask and i will write it up! 

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I love it!  Looking forward to the next part!

Agent Winter, I know I asked for a picturing on Luminescence’s solowrite but if you have a chance would you mind drawing Forrest for me?  If you can’t, no worries!

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Here's Forrest! Hope you like it!

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He looks great!  I love it.  Your drawing style is really good.  Thank you so much for drawing him!

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Is it too late to join?

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nope! thankyousomuch for joining, we're so close to 15 charries AHHH

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Name: Cleft

Gender: Male

Powers: None, his mom had powers but he was born without them


Appearance: Tallish, with sandy hair and green eyes with a hint of gold, thin, but not skinny, a fast runner, pretty strong, wears a lincoln green shirt and dark brown pants, carries a bow.

Personality: Sweet and funny, his eyes twinkle when he laughs, he rarely gets angry and is very caring, but when he does get angry he gets very angry.

Are they part of the WoodOnes?: He is but he just helps them in ways that don't involve powers.

Other: He is up for shipping with anyone 14 or older

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ooh, he and Robyn look pretty similar actually. want them to be siblings? :3 Robyn is 14 or 15 i think. and ill try and insert Cleft ASAP, but idk when he'll be mentioned. If they're siblings, I can have Robyn talk about him sometime.

Tomru says MrAuv. Mr. Auv? who's that? are you saying your name is Mr. Tomru Auv? Yeah, thats what your saying. i think. 

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they can be siblings!

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Can you please do Bradley?

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yeeeeeet yeet yeet 

i finished part four!!!  =D =D =D =D Warning: Its darker and emotional-er than normal.

Part Four

Ameilya watched as Nat bent over Willa, who was still unconscious. She had screamed so loud when Willa fell, all the birds in the trees were a mile away, having startled from the sound of her scream. They had brought Willa into the WoodOnes village, and the first person to spot them was Nat, who had run up hollering, “Doctor Natasha at your service!” and started to check Willa’s temperature.

“There's nothing wrong. She just passed out, for no reason at all it seems.” Nat stretched her arms, propping Willa’s head up on a log.

“Will she be okay?” Amaia asked.

“Most likely. She’ll wake up in an hour or two, this has happened before, actually.” Nat wiped her forehead and looked at Ameilya. 

“It was a young boy, just two, and he had an extraordinary accident. The dogsled his family was on crashed, and his parents died. The crash was blocked from his memory, but one day he passed out, and when he woke up, he remembered.” Nat glanced at Willa, her brow furrowed. “If she has memory loss, this might fix it.” She continued. 

A little kid ran over to her, tugging on her sleeve.

“Ah, its dinnertime, and the misfits need food. I better go. Hope she gets better!” Nat waved goodbye and allowed the little kid to tug her over to the misfits cabin.

“We should get her back to the cabin.” Arja said, squinting at Willa’s ashen face. Everyone nodded and they started to carry Willa back toward Arja and Taurin’s home. Once inside, they laid Willa on a bench and sat down. 

“What brought you here anyway? I'm guessing you didn't just come to say hi.”  


Robyn shook her head slightly, not looking at Taurin. She knew him. (not well, but they could be considered friends) Rin had joined the WoodOnes in her third year, when she was 13. They had gone on some missions together, collecting information and sending messages. But then Robyn had been caught in the middle of a battle between some Thryxxite’s and a couple of WoodOnes… and she never saw Taurin or anyone else in the WoodOnes. She knew where the village was, of course, but she didn't go to it. Robyn developed a hard, protective shell around her, not letting anyone get too close, for the fear she would lead them into danger. 

“We came for shelter during the night. Tomorrow, we’re setting out again.” Robyn said. 

“Where? And we’re coming. No matter what.” Taurin looked at her, his face determined. 

“No! I can't let you come. It's too dangerous.” Robyn propped her head on her hands.

“But you can let them come? Robyn, I know what kind of stuff you will get into. It’s too dangerous for just you guys… and I can chaperone.” Taurin smiled weakly at her.

“You mean it's too dangerous because I'm there. I know, Taurin. I know that I attract danger like a flower attracts bees. I know I'm bad luck, and there's no reason to remind me!” Robyn stood up, slamming her hands into the table. She looked at Taurin for a second with teary eyes, then ran out into the night. She ran past the trees, blindly pushing branches out of the way. Her feet were scratched from brambles and she tripped several times, but Robyn kept going. She had to get away from them ASAP. She couldn't harm anyone else, especially not these guys, who had followed her without questions, not knowing how dangerous she actually was… Robyn shoved through a barrier of brambles and tripped again, but this time she didn't hit the ground.     She kept falling, her screams echoing through the forest. 


Forrest leapt up, convinced he had heard screams. Taurin had his head in his hands and was staring at the table. Willa was still unconscious. 

“Did anyone else hear-” Forrest started.

“Screams? Yes, I heard them. Do you think it's Robyn?” Arja said. Robyn… why had she run off? The screams could definitely have come from her. 

“Guys, we have to find Robyn.” he said, and Taurin sat up. 

“Do you know where she might’ve gone?” Bradley asked, looking at Taurin and Arja. 

“Well, she might've just ran into the woods…” Taurin said, already standing up.

“What are we waiting for then? Does anyone want to stay with Willa?” Forrest opened the door and looked back at the group.

“We will.” Ameilya said, grabbing Amaia’s hand. Forrest nodded and darted out of the house. It was darker outside, the sun slowly disappearing, it’s soft light painting the fluffy clouds rose pink and tangerine orange. He waited for Taurin to come out, followed by Bradley and Arja. Arja was holding a lantern that glowed with a warm yellow light. The four started to jog into the woods, Arja’s lantern lighting up the trees. They continued on, not really sure what they were searching for, until they couldn't see the house and the sun had sunk beneath the trees. 

“There's a little bit of blood on that root-do you think Robyn tripped?” Bradley said, pointing at an irregular-shaped root poking out of the ground.

“How do you know there's-” Arja started, but Bradley just smiled and squinted at the ground. His nose shifted into a wolf’s snout and back to human form.

“Shapeshifting. I can use wolf senses to smell blood.” Bradley grinned.

“Okay then, is there more blood?” Taurin said, taking the lantern from Arja and holding it closer to the ground. The soft light revealed a splotchy trail of glistening blood droplets heading deeper into the woods. Without speaking, the group started to follow the trail. They walked for another 5 minutes, occasionally pausing to find the blood trail again. Eventually they came to a line of trees entangled with brambles that formed sort of a barrier. There was more blood on the thorns. Forrest looked at Bradley quickly, then stepped through the brambles and almost fell. He was standing on the edge of a cliff, dangling just by the thick tree root he had grabbed before he plummeted off the cliff. Bradley stretched out a hand, and he and Taurin helped Forrest up. 

“Robyn fell off there?” Taurin asked, the lantern dangling from his hand. With a sickening feeling, Forrest nodded. He had seen how far down the drop was, and he knew Robyn couldn't survive the fall.


Bradley looked at Forrest, dreading the meaning behind the sadness in his eyes. 

“How far down does it go, did you see?” He asked.

“Not… not too far…” Bradley shot a glare at Forrest. He hated when people lied.

“I mean… it's far. Fatally far. Maybe 100+ feet…” Forrest looked down. They had all become close to each other after the small trouble’s they’d faced, and although Robyn did attract danger, they couldn't help but be her friend. He grabbed on to a drooping tree branch for support and edged a little closer to the drop. Carefully, Bradley peered down, his head shifting into an owl for better vision. He heard Arja muffle a gasp behind him. I guess i must look funny with an owl head on a human body… but he just needed to see if Robyn was down there. Bradley turned his head and blinked. When he opened his eyes, the night was much clearer, sharper, and he could see pretty far. So Bradley leaned forward a little and peered off the cliff. He could see a small river winding along the bottom… wait, that meant it was a canyon. Or something like that, anyway. He turned around to tell them his find, his head back to human form, and the tree branch broke. Bradley was about to fall, and he felt a scream building in his throat when Arja reached out and caught him. She yanked him up and they were nose to nose for a second before Arja turned away, her face just the slightest bit pink. 

“Its-its not exactly a cliff, more like a canyon. I bet there’s another side but we just can't see it. There's a river, but I didn't see Robyn.” Bradley cleared his throat, weirdly flustered. Taurin hung the lantern on a branch and sat down. 

“So what do we do?” he asked. 

“I have absolutely no idea. We don't even know if Robyn is down there.” Bradley responded, leaning against a tree. 

“She is, probably. Where else could she have gone?” Forrest said.

“Well yeah, but what if the blood wasn't hers?” Bradley retorted. Forrest looked away.

“Guys. we’re all tired and it's late. Let’s go back and tell the others. Maybe Willa woke up. We can get some sleep and come back in the morning.” Taurin rubbed his eyes, as if to prove that they were all tired. Arja started to yawn, and Bradley’s surge of energy faded, and he realized how tired he actually was. And so they set off, leaving Robyn and the cliff behind… for now.


Light. And colors.

Shapes. And objects. 

People. And noises.

Surrounding her, circling her, enveloping her in bursts of life. Then the colors faded slightly, the light dimmed, the objects settled down, the shapes took form, the people started doing people stuff and the noise just got louder. She spread her arms, floating, watching, as a young girl stacked little wooden blocks, sitting on the floor of a small house. Color, light, shapes, objects, people, noise, swirling together and the same girl, older now, raced through a forest, chasing her sister. ‘Tag!’ the girl shouted. Color, light, shapes, objects, people, noise, swirling and out of the gloom crept the girl, feet bare and clothed in a light tunic, holding a candle and walking into the room where she had played with blocks those many years ago… a man, masked and cloaked, standing in the living room with a knife to her father’s throat. The girl’s mother lay slumped in the corner, her chest barely moving with shallow breaths. The girl charged, leaping onto the masked man’s back and scratching at him, tipping over the candle so the hot wax dripped onto his scalp. His screams woke the sister, who ran downstairs, and shot a glance at the girl who was still pummeling the man with her fists. The sister darted over to the mother, tried to wake her up, and the father lay on the ground, blood welling from a shallow cut in his neck. The girl screamed as the knife bit into her calf. She dropped from the man’s back and crawled over to her father, shielding him. The man shoved her aside, grabbed the father and kicked the sister out of the way. With his prizes, the man left the house, leaving the girl and her sister to cry over the loss of their parents. And suddenly, colors-light-shapes-objects-people-noise screaming in her ears and- Willa woke up, panting. She took a moment to process the whirl of thoughts and then she remembered. Willa remembered. Everything.


Taurin burst through the last layer of trees and stopped, his vision blurring. He felt like he was going to throw up. Forrest, Bradley, and Ari stumbled out of the forest, all visibly tired. He shook his head, wishing Robyn hadn’t run off, and went into the house. The first thing he noticed was Willa, sitting on the bench. She had her arms wrapped around her knees and was swaying side to side. Ameilya was over at the kitchen area, cooking stew in a big brass pot. Amaia was brushing Willa’s hair, which seemed to help ease the rocking. The sisters looked up as they came in, but Willa just kept rocking.

“Did you find her? Why is Robyn not with you guys?” Ameilya absently stirred the stew with a long wooden spoon, but kept staring at them.

“We think we know where she is, but we haven't found her-” Taurin said carefully.

“She fell off a cliff.” Arja interrupted matter-of-a-factly. 

“Ari! Why’d you say that?!?” Taurin hissed, whirling around to face his sister.

“I knew you wouldn't say it. Not yet at least. You would've waited until you thought it was ‘safe’ to tell and THEN said it.” Arja smirked. Taurin groaned and turned around to see Ameilya setting bowls on the table. 

“Well, we’ll go get Robyn in the morning then. We didn't have dinner so I made some stew.” Ameilya’s voice dropped to a whisper. “Willa’s memory is back. She’s having some trouble dealing with it.” Taurin looked at her, shocked. Willa’s had lost her memory? He didn't know too much about her, and this was pretty insane. He sat down at the table and pulled over a bowl of stew muttering ‘Thanks’ as he inhaled the savory concoction. The others started to eat too, Amaia bringing over Willa, who’s eyes were fogged over and looked like she was sleeping. 

“Willa? Can you hear me?” Ameilya waved a hand in front of Willa’s face. She didn't react. They kept eating. When all stew was eaten, Arja went into the closet, random things occasionally being flung out. Finally she came over with a pile of blankets. 

“Okay, get your blankets and we’ll sleep. Rest well, ‘cause first thing tomorrow after Rin’s pancakes is finding Robyn!” She passed out blankets and they all found a spot to sleep, Taurin flopping on his bed in the corner. 

“Sleep tight, Rin. Don't let the nightmares get to ya!” Araj whispered, crawling into her bed. Taurin nodded, but he knew they would anyway. They always did.


Arja dreamt of fluffy clouds. Why? She had no idea. But that's what she dreamed about, falling upward through layers of puffy, fluffy, cotton-candy clouds. And then she wasn't.  Her dream-self fell into a little village… that was burning.

Flames. Arja woke to flames. They licked at her bed, nipping her ankles as she ran downstairs. It was morning, and just like every other weekend, she had slept in. Taurin was already in the kitchen, but he wasn't making pancakes with Mom. He had a bucket, and was splashing water on the flames that had enveloped the rough-hewn table by the burning chairs. Arja rushed to help, but she could tell there was no saving their house. And so the siblings raced out into the village, just to see all the houses on fire, the little meeting platform in the center of town on fire, everything on fire. And masked men darting through the flames, wickedly sharp daggers clutched in their fingers. They suddenly rushed to the center of town, forming lines, and a man taller than the rest approached. Flames curled off his fingers, but he didn't seem to notice. Unlike the other men, he wasn't masked. And Arja recognized that face from a newspaper her mom had shown her a month ago. ‘That's Thryxx. No matter what, if you see him, you run.’ Thryxx. The new leader. And he was here, in their little village. Then Arja spotted Mom. Next to her was Dad, the two hiding in the ruins of a burnt building that used to be a herbal doctor’s house. Arja darted toward them, Taurin following her. They managed to get a foot away from where their parents hid before a masked man appeared. ‘Where are you going, little ones? Why won't you stay and play with your neighbors?’ the man pointed to where Kathryn from a few houses down was trying to put out a fire. Arja stepped up and slapped the man across the face. He stumbled backward, face red from the blow. ‘You hit hard, little one.’ He commented, rubbing his cheek. ‘Trust me, that wasn't hard.’ Arja replied, and then she nodded to Taurin, who kicked the back of the man’s knees, making him fold over with a grunt of pain. The two raced toward their parents, but they stopped. Thryxx was standing over Mom and Dad, smiling wickedly at Arja, a dagger in his hand. ‘Well well, come to save your parents?’ he laughed maniacally. ‘I think not. These ones are bad, bad, spreading rumors about me, feeding lies in people's ears. They have to go.’ Mom looked at Arja, and her eyes said, Run. Go, go, leave, save yourselves and forget about us! Arja ran forward, ducking past Thryxx and grabbing her mother’s hand. ‘I won't leave you!’ Arja cried. ‘Darling, you must. Save the town, what is the end of two people compared to the end of an entire community?’ her dad said, clasping her hand in his rough ones. ‘Their homes are burning, Ari-bear, and they will burn too if you don't help.’ He looked into her eyes. ‘How can I help? I can't do anything to put out the fires!’ Arja started to cry. ‘You know what happened the other day? When the river came from the ground? You just need to do it twice as powerful.’ Arja’s mom looked at her sadly. ‘We love you, Ari-bear. We love you too, sweet little Rin.’ the parents said in unison. Taurin nodded, suddenly at Arja’s side. ‘Now save them, Ari! We believe in you!’ Thryxx came over, planting his foot in between Arja and her parents. He laughed again. ‘So sweet. Now let's end this party.’ Arja ran, climbing up onto the burning meeting platform. Taurin was right behind her. Arja took a deep breath. She imagined oceans… lakes… rivers… and the ground beneath her village opened up, water churning, putting out the fires and sweeping the masked men under. Then the ground sealed, and Arja turned in time to see Thryxx bring the dagger down on her father's neck. The tears poured as she watched Thryxx and the remaining two masked men drag her parent’s lifeless bodies out of the village.



this one is surprisingly dark, but hey, Thryxx is legit evil. and he enjoys it XD 

@AW, sorry if Arja's parents death was different than you imagined! i had fun writing it tho

*Twisted smile* 

@NoOneKnows, hope its ok Willa got her memory back.

@Everyone, i decided to not do two sections for each person, just one a Part, since theres so many charries and im getting into the story. HOPE YOU LIKE THIS ONE!

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*ahem* I’m fine, really. This is very good! I love how you’re portraying Ari and Taurin!

Also Taurin x Robyn! Squee!  

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thank you Agent Winter! glad you think its so good!

i really had fun coming up with the memories. [she means she likes writing dark] shush Pine (on second thought thats true) OUO OUO OUO 

Tomru says vgoey. very gooey? *weirdness*

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i re-read your comment AW and i have absoloutly no idea what Taurin x Robyn means. i might ship them the tiniest bit, do you? EDUCATE ME IN THE MEANING OF THAT SENTANCE AHHHH

if you havent guessed im a horrible shipper. 

but seriously I NEED TO KNOW what you think should happen w/ Rin and Robyn's friendship 


sooooo... @Everyone, WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS? WHAT DO YOU THINK SHOULD HAPPEN? I have a basic plan of the plot, but its pretty free-form, so whatever i randomly think of i might use.

i should get 2 work writing part five! adios yu guys and hope you like how the story goes!


[you might notice im a little energetic today. welp.]


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