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so, backstory: the kyngdom of Hyrssa has been ruled peacefully by Queen Amirila for centuries. But now her evil cousin Thryxx has kidnapped the queen and taken the throne AND the control of the kyngdom. But what he doesnt know is that a little army is rising up to overthrow his throne and find Queen Amirila. Theyre called the WoodOnes, for a bit of backstory... Hryssa is in the middle of a beautiful forest, and the people have lived in harmony with nature for as long as anyone can remember. The people of Hryssa have control over Earth magic, growing things at will. But Thryxx has stopped all that, banning Earth magic. So the WoodOnes continue to practice their Earth magic, waiting for the day when they can overthrow Thryxx and return Hryssa to its peacful life.

Charrie Sheet:



Powers (if having none, say 'None'):



Are they part of the WoodOnes?: 


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So thats it, please enjoy! Ill be accepting like 15 people (the number may change) and you an create a maximum of 5 characters. NOTE: this is my first RP so sorry if i mess up! :3

if you need details on anything else, please ask and i will write it up! 

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@NoOneKnows Sure, I'll draw your characters! Also, TOPTOPTOPTOPTOPTOPTOPTOPTOP!!!

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OK, thanks! and also; IN TO THE TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP OF THe PAGE IN TO THE TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My top remix of In to The Unknown from Frozen 2.

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@NoOneKnows Ok, here's Rose and Willa! Hope you like it, tell me if you want me to change anything!

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sorry it took so long but here it is, Part Six!

Part Six

Ameilya smiled, letting the wind rush through her red-brown hair. After Amaia had slipped, they had talked quietly on the ledge, and Amaia revealed she felt like she was losing Ameilya to Willa. Ameilya had been so surprised she’d almost fallen off the ledge. Thinking of that, she turned to Amaia and smiled. Amaia grinned back. Ameilya turned her head to see Taurin gripping a ridge of scales and shouting over his shoulder.

“Arja! How’s your foot?” Ameilya heard, and she saw Arja shake her head, mouthing, Not good! Forrest was sitting behind Arja, and he was talking to Rose, who was squashed behind him. Rose handed him a small jar from her bag and Forrest said something quickly lost in the wind.

“Can I help? I'm good with healing!” He shouted, and Arja nodded thankfully. Ameilya brushed her hair out of her eyes and looked back at Forrest, who was smearing cream from the little jar on Arja’s ankle. Her face was all screwed up in pain but Ameilya could see it lessen while Forrest continued putting on the cream. She turned to the front, wishing she could turn into a bird and fly alongside Bradley… but he was going really fast, like REALLY fast. She straightened her black headband, which had slipped down her head in the events of the past few days. Early this morning, while she was sitting on the log, Ameilya had accepted her grandmother’s passing. She sighed, remembering how her grandma would shift into a hawk and play tag with them in the sky when they were younger. Eventually Grandma Athyra had lost the ability to shapeshift but she still was as lively as ever… right until she died. 

“Bradley asked where he should land!” Willa screamed, the wind sucking her voice into the depths of space. 

“Uh… wherever is good! Maybe that lake?” Robyn shouted back, pointing to a glimmering lake down below. Ameilya recognized it as Lake Limni. (Her grandma had owned a large collection of maps, and they had spent hours tracing the fancy cursive) 

“He says okay! We’re going down, get ready!” Willa shouted. Right after she warned them, Bradley tilted at an alarming angle and sped toward the lake. She heard Arja woop despite her injuries, and let out a happy squeal herself that was soon lost in the wind. Bradley hurtled toward the water, and right before they went under, he pulled up and apparently decided to show off, ‘cause suddenly they twirled around 360 degrees and Bradley’s wing tips skimmed the lake. Arja whooped again, and Bradley flew toward the shore. He landed under a weeping willow and they all slid off his back. Suddenly, before they even had time to get settled, there was a sound in the woods.


Robyn whirled around, despite the fact she was still limping slightly.

“Shhh… WHO’S THERE? REVEAL YOURSELF!” She said, pacing back and forth in front of the trees. After a moment, a sandy haired boy came out from behind an oak, his hands up. Before he could speak, something clicked in Robyn’s brain and she launched herself at the boy, squealing. She knocked into Cleft happily, hugging him and twirling around. He stared at her for a second, then started talking excitedly. 

“Robyn! Where WERE you, dummy, and why didn't you come after me?” Cleft joked, hugging her back. 

“Duh I looked for you! I searched for three days but you were gone so I went home,” Robyn responded, and then something occurred to her.

“Wait- how come I haven't seen you? You were in the WoodOnes last time we saw each other- I've been in the village a lot-where have YOU been?” Cleft shrugged.

“Actually, the WoodOnes sent me to work as a spy in Thryxx’s palace. I didn't get the job I wanted but I was placed as a guard of the gates-which basically meant I had to make sure no one got inside without permission. Pretty boring, but I learned a lot.” He said, and then turned to the others, who were watching silently. Taurin was bright pink.

“Oh-I forgot to introduce you! And my, we have a lot of lost siblings here. Cleft, meet Ameilya, Amaia, Forrest, Bradley, Willa and her not-lost-anymore sister Rose, Arja and her brother Taurin.” Robyn blushed slightly. “Guys, meet Cleft, my brother!” she concluded, trying to stop blushing-because in truth, she had been extremely embarrassed around Taurin recently. She didn't know what it meant, and she didn't want to find out… at least not right now.

“Hi, Cleft. Nice to meet you.” Rose said bluntly. She blushed and repeated it a little kinder. Willa chimed in,

“Yes, Robyn, we’ve got a lot of lost siblings here!” she grinned.

“Um, Robyn, can I just ask… where exactly do we go now? I mean, before the palace.” Arja said, standing on one foot.

“She’ll definitely answer that-Robyn always has a plan-but I need to interrupt; why in the world is there a dragon right there? And Ro, you named 8 people, but I only count seven plus one dragon.” Cleft said.

“I can answer that. It’s because the dragon is the 8th person-Bradley. He’s just in dragon form right now, and not willing to shift back ‘cause it'll make him pass out.” Amaia said. Cleft looked dumbstruck.

“Okay, so I’m just going to pretend it’s completely normal that your friend is a dragon and ask my second question-you said before the palace. What palace? You can't possibly mean the royal palace.” Cleft sat down, crossing his legs and everyone copied.

“Actually, we do mean the royal palace. Cleft, you have a lot to catch up on.” Robyn said, ignoring how Cleft’s jaw dropped. He started to speak, but Robyn cut him off.

“Arja-I don't know exactly. I thought this would be a good place to rest and heal for a little before we head to Thryxx’s palace... and we can't use powers until we get there, hear me?” Everyone nodded except Cleft, who was looking around obviously confused, and Bradley, who was still a dragon. Speaking of which-they needed him to shift back.

“Willa, please tell Bradley he can't spend his life as a dragon.” Robyn said, and Willa nodded, going over to Bradley and placing her head on his forehead. Seconds later, the dragon turned into Bradley, who slumped to the ground unconscious.

“He’ll be fine.” Willa said tiredly.

“Cleft-we’re going to stop Thryxx, of course. What else would we be doing at his palace? Drinking tea? No way-cough cough tea is disgusting cough cough-Are you coming with us? I know you don't have powers, but you can help… in non-power ways.” Cleft nodded, which made Robyn relieved. In fact, she was super relieved they were this close! to defeating Thryxx and going home to resume their normal lives. Not exactly normal for her, though- Robyn hadn’t forgotten why she had run away last night, she had just pushed it to the back of her mind.

“Well… we should relax. It’s a beautiful lake. What could-” Taurin started.

“Don't you dare say What could go wrong. That will ruin us.” Arja cut in.

“Okay, we won't say it, but I agree with Rin; we should relax.” Robyn said, sitting back against the trunk of the weeping willow. Arja shrugged and ran toward the lake, kicking off her sandals on the way. Robyn bet the golden sand would feel great-but she was too tired. She closed her eyes and drew her knees up to her chest. Robyn bet she wouldn't get to sleep, but she could relax… she heard a noise beside her and opened her eyes slightly to see Taurin sitting next to her. She smiled to herself and closed her eyes again. This was perfect. Without thinking, she let herself mutter the words-

“What could go wrong?” Turns out a lot could.


Forrest waited a second, not wanting to be childish, (he was almost 18 after all) but eventually he let himself loosen up and ran to the lake. He dipped a toe in the water and was surprised to see it was actually quite warm-well, not freezing. He took off his shoes and stepped into the lake. After wading in up to his knees, he stood silently in the warm sun watching the others. Robyn was sitting next to Taurin against a tree, Bradley still lying unconscious, and Rose watching Willa and Arja splash in the lake. Ameilya and Amaia were floating on their backs in the water, talking quietly, and Cleft was swimming farther out. Forrest smiled to himself and let the water lap at his legs, and with each lazy slap he found himself getting restless, finding so many things wrong with the waves, but he didn't know what those wrong things were. He started to head to shore, uneasy with the seemingly innocent waves pulling themselves up the shore and slipping back with a strange hissing sound. Taurin and Robyn seemed to be napping, their pinky fingers touching. Forrest smiled, but he felt slightly alone, thinking of his sister. Forrest had thought about Nemus every single day, trying to remember the curves of her face, the way she laughed. It had been just three months, but it felt like eternity. Forrest couldn't remember the way Nemus looked but he had a perfect memory of what had torn them apart…

It had been a beautiful day. Their family had gone for a picnic, Nemus (who was blurry as a cloud in his memory) skipping along with a bow on her back. She had taken out a blue-feathered arrow and twirled it between her fingers. Eventually their mom had taken away the arrow, saying Nemus could hurt herself. Their father was pretending to be happy, but Forrest knew he wasn't. He could tell their father wanted to leave, to go back to his job as a guard of Thryxx’s palace. Unlike the rest of them, Dad supported Thryxx fully. He was blinded by promises of a future paradise… ‘Here! Let's eat here!’ Nemus flopped down on the grass, Forrest copying. The family ate lunch, laughing and talking and inhaling the delicious food. Once they were done, Forrest looked at his Father-but he wasn't sitting on the ground eating the last bit of chocolate cake. He had Nemus’s bow, an arrow pointing directly at their mother. Forrest had screamed and tackled Dad, but in the confusion, the bowstring snapped and the arrow flew, connecting with Mom’s heart. Their father had grabbed the body and dragged her away, screaming threats if they were to come closer. Eventually, Forrest took Nemus’s hand and told her to run, to find a safe place, and he would come get her. 

He hadn't. That day, Nemus sprinting off toward her friend's house hoping for temporary shelter, Forrest had been pulled aside and forced to take a job at the Night Market. He pulled himself out of the memories and watched the wind whistle through the leaves on the weeping willow, creating a sound like waves roaring. But when he looked back at the lake, he realized the leaves weren’t making the sound. The lake was.


Bradley was dragged out of his sleep by a wall of water slamming into him. He tried to scream but found his mouth full of water and sand. Spitting some out, he crawled weakly up toward higher ground. Huddling under a tree, the grass wet under his feet, Bradley watched the lake smack the beach like it was bouncing a basketball. He looked around, recognizing some things from his time as a dragon. The clear water he remembered had turned choppy, water falling onto the beach like a waterfall from the sky. He squinted, trying to make out what that shape in the water was… Oh my gosh, that's Robyn’s brother! He thought, leaping up. Wait… where's Arja? And the rest of them? He screamed internally, sprinting past flopping fish and ripped plants. The calm beach he had landed on was now a mess of wet sand and wet-er water. He spotted a weeping willow, its branches an inch deep in murky water. Clinging to it was a soaking wet Robyn, screaming,

“RIN! RIN! TAURIN!” Then Robyn spotted Bradley. He shouted,

“WHERE IS HE?” and Robyn screamed, “I DON'T KNOW!” her voice cracked, and Bradley realized what he first thought was water on her cheeks was actually tears. He started to run toward the previous shoreline, which was now a foot of water. Bradley dove in, swimming with all his might, and spotted something floundering in the water.
“ARJA!” he screamed, then sucked in his breath and dove down, grabbing her wrist and pulling her up. When he opened his eyes, he realized it wasn't Arja, it was Willa. 

“Where's Arja? And the others?” he said, helping Willa swim. 

“I-” she coughed. “I don't know,” Bradley left her on the shore, about to go back in, when he saw Robyn’s brother–was it Cleft? Yeah, Cleft– pulling Rose toward shore. He was a powerful swimmer, Bradley noticed, and he dove in to help. They got Rose out of the water and then Bradley heard a shout,

“Bradley! Cleft! Taurin is over here!” Forrest was knee deep in water, trying to fight the waves that were attempting to sweep him under. Bradley looked at Cleft and together they swam furiously toward Forrest, who was pointing at a shape in the water. As they swam closer, Bradley saw it was Taurin-and he wasn't moving.


Willa grabbed Rose’s hand, pointing toward Robyn. Her sister nodded, no communication needed, and they ran over, their dresses soaked. Robyn was struggling to hold on to the weeping willow, her face screwed up in determination. Willa placed a hand on one of the fish flopping around, speaking to it, ‘What caused this?’ ‘It is Salkurijin… Time Of Waves. That is when the ancient forces collide and the waters of our lake churn with their anger…’ the fish moved no more. Willa nodded and raced to help Rose, who was tugging Robyn away from the water. Willa grabbed Rose’s hand, and Rose grabbed Robyn’s. They pulled, Robyn shoving herself away from the tree and toward them. They rolled a little, getting too close to the water, but Rose tugged them farther up shore. Robyn was crying, tears mingling with the water on her face. They took shelter beneath a tree far up the slope, huddling together, trying to keep a lookout for the others. Eventually Willa spotted Forrest hauling something up the hill toward them. Bradley and Cleft were following, with Ameilya and Amaia tagging behind. Willa darted over to them, ignoring Rose’s shouts of ‘No, no, Willa, get back here!’

“Is he okay?” she asked, because the thing Forrest was carrying was Taurin, limp and motionless. She realized Arja wasn't with them, and started scanning the lake. Nothing. 

“We don't know-”

“TAURIN! OH PLEASE TELL ME HE’S NOT-” Robyn screamed, running over. She broke down with more tears, folding up on the shore, sobbing. 

“We don't know.” Bradley repeated. Robyn cried louder, burying her face in her hands.

“We should get farther up the hill,” Cleft said, leaning down to help Robyn up. 

“But what about Arja? She’s still out there!” Bradley said. 

“She is? Oh no…” Forrest turned to look at the lake, which was still churning with water. 

And then it wasn't.


Taurin felt… dead. That's right. He was dead. Great. But if I'm dead, how can I feel all this pain? He tried to open his eyes and found he couldn't. They were crusted shut with sand and lake water. Seriously, lake? You have to do this to me when I was just trying to enjoy some time with Robyn? Oh well. He tried to open his eyes again and found they would open just a crack. Blue sky… stormy waves… 8 anxious faces peering down at him… wait, what? Oh yeah. He was technically dead-or, at least that's what it looked like. He closed his eyes again. So tired… He sighed internally and wondered where Arja was. She hadn't been in the circle of faces. He opened his eyes once more. Blue skies… no more waves… and 9 faces peering at him. WHAT? Arja was here! INSANE… he thought, forcing himself to listen to their conversation. 

“Is he dead?” That was Forrest.

Sobs. That must be Robyn.

“I think so…” that was Amaia.

“No. He’s not dead. I can feel it.” Arja. Oh, how he wanted to wake up from this painful half-slumber… 

“How?” the voices faded. Taurin tried to move his finger. It bent 1/1000000th of a centimeter. He tried again. This time, it bent a little more. He kept working on it until his finger felt normal. A gasp from above.

“Oh my gosh, his finger is moving!” That was Ameilya.

“He’s talking without sounds, you guys. Hush for a second so I can concentrate.” 

Taurin bent his finger again. He bent another, then another, his fingers forming the code he and Arja had made as kids. He hoped she still remembered it.

“He says… I'm not dead. Well, we know that, dummy!” Arja was clearly trying to be cheerful, but Taurin could hear her voice crack with every word.

“Now he’s saying Just can’t move too well. Okay… what do we do?” Arja said. Taurin forced himself to open his eyes. He lay there, then realized he hadn't tried to sit up. He opened his eyes wider, almost fully, and raised himself off the ground. He was stiff and covered in sand but he wasn't dead.

“Oh, man, that was horrible…” Taurin said, his voice rusty. 

“Rin…” he turned his head to see Robyn, her face soaked with tears and lakewater. He made sure he wasn't too wet and then hugged her tightly.

“Don't ever do that again,” she muttered.

“I won't. Trust me, there's no reason too. That was horrible.” he replied.

“Im sorry… It was my fault…” Robyn whispered, and he felt her tears soak into his shirt. “No-don't say that, Robyn. It's not your fault.” he said, letting go. Robyn smiled slightly and Taurin got up shakily.

“Well, that was a bit of mishap. Uh, what do we do next?” he barely got to finish his sentence before everyone piled onto him in a hug.

“That was terrifying. But we’re good now, right?” Ameilya said, smooshed between Amaia and Rose. Taurin nodded, his neck still a little stiff, and they pulled apart. 

“Now we rest for half a second, okay? Let's find a place that wont possibly drown us.” Rose said, her arm curled around Willa’s shoulders.

“Also, I’m cold. And does anyone have an explanation for why the waves stopped?” Bradley said, shivering in his dripping clothes.

“Actually… I do…” 


Arja sighed. She was EXHAUSTED. And to make matters worse, her brother had almost DIED! She took a deep breath and began.

“So… I was swimming. I decided to see if there was any fish in the lake, but it was too shallow where I was. So I swam out farther… that's when the waves kicked up. I found a little island, more like a lump of sand, and sheltered there, wishing I could get back to shore. The waves were not letting me, though, and I realized you guys were probably still in the water, and maybe getting hurt. So I know you said not to, but I used my powers… I can control water, right? Yeah. So, uh, I swept the water aside, pushing the waves up against my invisible barriers, and just walked along the bottom of the lake. I turned the water into curtains, you see, and they formed a tunnel that I walked through. Then once I couldn't keep the tunnel up anymore, I just made the waves disappear so I could swim back.” She averted her gaze from the eyes of the others, looking down at her dripping toes. After a second, Taurin said,

“That's… impressive. But you must be exhausted!” 

“Excuse me, I am. Let's go find a place to rest, like Rose said.” Arja lifted her eyes slightly, then lowered them again and started walking. She took Taurin’s hand and saw Robyn take the other. Arja smiled to herself.

“Okay… let's just walk until we find a place that's slightly safe.” Amaia said, straightening her headband. Arja nodded and so the group set off, leaving the lake behind, which fell into chaos again once Arja stopped paying attention to it. They walked past trees, flowers, and the occasional squirrel. They kept going until they found a little clearing with a ring of old-man trees dripping with moss. Their branches provided a leafy ceiling, but sunlight still filtered in, warming the lush green grass. 

“This is good.” Amaia said, flopping down on a mossy log. Her clothes were soaked. Ajra followed, lying on the grass. Willa perched in a tree. She tried to relax, but found herself glancing up ever so often to see if there was danger. No one spoke for a long time, just letting the sunlight dry their clothes and recharge their energy. Eventually Arja sat up, spotting Taurin and Robyn sitting under a tree, their hands touching and talking softly. Arja smiled and stretched, yawning slightly. She lay back down in her bed of moss, closing her eyes. Just a little bit… just for a little… she fell asleep.

When Arja woke up, the sun was peeking over the trees, soft golden light washing over the scene-all of them snoring away, Taurin and Robyn cuddled together holding hands, Willa sleeping in the crook of a tree… Arja sat up suddenly.

“Guys! Guys, we have to go! It's morning! We slept the ENTIRE DAY AND NIGHT!” she shouted, darting over to Taurin, shaking him awake. 

“Huh? Oh my gosh, we did!” he exclaimed, jumping up.

“Not good. Not good not good not good…” Robyn muttered, standing. She glanced at Taurin and her face turned the color of the sky (Rose petal pink) Arja grinned mischievously and ran around the clearing, shaking the others. She successfully got everyone to wake up, and then they sat in a circle and started to plan.


Rose yawned. She was tired, even though she’d slept for what felt like forever. 

“So… what next?” Arja asked, bouncing nervously on her heels. 

“We have to think.” Robyn said, yawning. Bradley yawned too. So did Arja. So did Taurin. Soon everyone was yawning and laughing and falling over and clutching their stomachs. Once the laughing fit was over, Ameilya sat up and smiled weakly.
“Robyn… should we head straight to Thryxx’s palace or take a different route? How are we even going to get there anyways?” Seriousness returned at Ameilya’s words.
“Well… I was thinking we go straight there, to save time or something. But, uh, I have no idea how we’re gonna get to Thryxx’s palace…” Robyn said, sighing.
“I could fly-” Bradley started.
“No way. Absolutely not.” Rose and Arja looked at each other in wonder. How was it possible they had spoken in exact unison? Rose smiled, feeling right in her place as an older sister and a caretaker.
“Okay. Well… we should start walking then…” Taurin said. With unspoken agreement they all rose to their feet and started to walk.
“What's that?” Rose said. Her voice cut like a blade through the heavy silence that the group had fallen into after walking the first mile. Now, 2 miles from the clearing, Rose had spotted something.
“It's… oh my gosh, it's a road! We’re close, guys!” Robyn burst through the trees, having gone to check what the ‘thing’ was. She was beaming at them when suddenly they heard a sound. They simultaneously dove down, cowering in the bushes. Rose squeezed her eyes shut, then opened them and peeked at the road. There was a small wagon getting pulled wildly down the road, the horse hitched to it foaming at the mouth. Rose felt her own mouth drop open. There was something familiar about the person clutching to the sides of the wagon in fear…
“Nemus!” Forrest said softly, rising and breaking their cover. Rose watched as Forrest went over to the wagon and grabbed the reins from Nemus.
“Which horse is this? And what's wrong with it?”
“I don't know! It just started running the minute we were outside of Thryxx’s palace!”
“Thryxx’s palace? Forrest, who in the world is this?” Robyn popped out of the bushes too and ran to help. Soon they were all popping up like rabbits and running over to get the horse under control. Robyn repeated her question. Forrest replied,

“This is my sister, Nemus!”


Cleft was dizzy from all the action. An hour ago he had been looking for Whisper. Then he found Robyn. Now they were on the way to Thryxx’s palace after almost getting killed by a lake! He sighed and leaped onto the horse’s back, trying to slow it down. The others were all running alongside the wagon and horse, Willa shouting at the animal to SLOW DOWN! Cleft looked over at Robyn. She mouthed We have to get it off the path! He mouthed back, I know! Then he wrapped his arms around the horse's neck and pulled right, steering it toward the forest. Robyn looked extremely confused as she detached the wagon-right on time, because the horse barreled through a narrow gap between two trees that the wagon wouldn't fit through.

“Oh my gosh, oh my gosh…” Nemus kept muttering, her braid cluttered with twigs.

“Nemus-why were you at Thryxx’s palace? Please explain. And it's good to have you back.” Forrest said, smiling softly at Nemus, who was huddled in the wagon.

“I’ll explain. But first could you introduce these people?” 

“Oh, yeah. This is Robyn and her brother Cleft, Taurin and his sister Arja, Ameilya and her twin Amaia, Willa and her sister Rose, and Bradley, who has no siblings. Everyone, this is my sister Nemus.” Forrest concluded, sitting down in the wagon.
“Ello all. Forrest-why I was in Thryxx’s palace is because Dad found me. He demanded I work with him at the palace… Forrest, I’m afraid he’s not right in the head. He keeps talking about how Thryxx is our glory, our champion… But, uh, why are you here? What made you meet all of these people?” Nemus sighed. Cleft wondered where her mom was… she only spoke about a dad. Oh well. Not like he had any parents to compare anyways. He sat next to Robyn, who was sitting next to Taurin, who was sitting next to Arja, who was sitting next to Bradley… etc.

“We’re heading to Thryxx’s palace, actually. We met in the Night Market by accident and gathered people along the way.” Forrest yawned. Cleft yawned too. They were all clearly tired.
“Okay… there's only one reason you would be going to Thryxx’s palace. You're going to defeat him, right? That's insanely dangerous but count me in.” Nemus said. Cleft saw Forrest open his mouth to protest and remembered all the times he’d done that when Robyn had ordered something like ‘no more cookies’ or whatever.

“Yes, we’re going to hopefully defeat Thryxx… feel free to come, although you’ll be risking your life.” Robyn looked down. Cleft felt his heart ache with the realization she was hurting inside. 

“Well… how are we gonna get there? Thryxx doesn't just let people planning to defeat him stride into his castle and strike him down.” Cleft nodded. Nemus had made a good point. He stretched his arms above his head and sighed.

“Um, when I saw Forrest knew you, I planned to use the cart… but the horse is gone so we cant-” Robyn started. She was cut off by Nemus, who screeched,

“Oh my gosh, we actually can!”

“How? Is your wagon secretly a gryphon or something?” Bradley said, looking up.

“No, but close! This isn't actually mine, I found it in the basement workshop. It was up on the highest shelf so I climbed to get it, which was hard ‘cause there wasn't any footholds in the wall, but when I got up there I took the cart down and saw that it had a feature someone must've installed–it doesn't work very well but I think I can tinker with it–this cart can fly!” Nemus stopped talking, and Cleft saw her gulp in a lungful of air after bursting that out with no pauses.

“It can… fly? How?” Ameilya was squinting at the cart. Cleft looked too and couldn't see any wings or flying mechanisms. 

“This is how!” Nemus yanked a cord that was dangling from one side of the wagon. There was a rumbling noise and two mechanical wings made from canvas and metal popped out of the wagon. Cleft’s mouth dropped open as he watched the wings flap irregularly. He stood up.

“What are you waiting for? Get in!” Nemus took her bow off her back and stowed it under the bench she was on while Cleft climbed in. The others followed and once everyone was inside the wagon, Nemus pulled the reins (no longer connected to the horse) and they rose with a couple unsteady lurches. Nemus yanked on the reins again and they straightened out, then started flapping off into the distance.


Nemus was so much happier then she revealed. She was a little sad too, because her brother was making friends and drifting away from her-but that's a good thing! Forrest needs to make friends. Needs to, and I'm glad he is! Nemus told herself. With a couple more yanks on the reins, she flew them in the opposite direction she had been going, toward the doom of Thryxx’s palace. With a couple more tugs, they got into a pattern, where the wings would flap upward, making Nemus’s stomach lurch, and then the wings would flap downward, which made Nemus almost throw up. She eventually got the hang of it, even though this was her second time flying the wagon. She hoped no one would look up–they must look insane–for fear that they would faint from surprise.
“Nemus, where were you going when the horse went crazy?” Forrest called, huddled in the back. He looked very green, so did Rose and Cleft.

“Market. Dad wanted peeled pumpkins for some reason…” Nemus responded, turning back toward the reins. She gave another tug, then another. The wings gave a jolt, causing them to fall about three feet and then regain flotation. Several people screamed, and Nemus felt like screaming herself. She took a deep breath and called,

“It's okay, just a malfunction-we’re on our way!” Indeed, she could see the hazy shape of a tower rising from the forest below. 

“Are we there yet?” Nemus sighed. That was the third time she had received that question in the last 30 minutes-and the answer was no. They were close, but not there.

“No, we have a little more to go…” Nemus replied. 

“Darn. How much longer? Taurin’s shoulder is digging into my stomach and it HURTS…” Arja complained, and Nemus could hear her shifting around in the back. 

“I don't know, okay? Maybe ten minutes.” Nemus gave a sharp pull on the reins and heard something crack.
“What was that? What's happening? Nemus, why are we going down?” Forrest said, scrambling to be next to Nemus, who was frantically trying to see what she had done wrong. Then she looked at the right wing and with a horrible taste in her mouth realized it was broken-just cracked, straight down the middle. 

“Guys? We’ve lost a wing. Be prepared for a crash!” she screamed, clutching the sides of her bench and feeling fear increase as they picked up speed, hurtling toward the forest below. 

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-” and then they crashed. And it was the most incredibly insane experience, smashing down on the floor, the wagon crunching, grinding against the cobblestone they had landed on. After a moment of lying there with her head pounding, Nemus got up. She started to say,

“Is everyone alr-” and then stopped. Because her earlier calculations were so, so wrong.

They had crash-landed in front of Thryxx’s palace.




ahahaha yes, its speeding up SO MUCH

we're sadly almost done. in advance-i had so much fun writing this! 

anyways, i have a question EVERYONE IN THIS SOLO WRITE MUST ANSWER!

Ahem. What is your charrie(s)'s deepest fear? [please answer for every charrie you submitted. please and thank you.]

this will prove to be very important in the next part, so pleasepleaseplease answer! 

hope y'all like it! 



so far for Shipping we have Taurin x Robyn, Arja x Bradley, and YET TO BE DISCOVERED, Rose x Cleft! :) :) :) :) :) 

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(June 16, 2020 - 1:32 pm)

Hmm... charries' worst fear... This is surprisingly hard!

Amielya: Being crowded in a dark closet meant to hold one persone plus clothes with ten other people she doesn't know/Amaia dying

Amaia: Being all alone in a dark forest at night/Amielya dying

In other words, Amielya has some sort of claustrophobia and Amaia has some version of agoraphobia. Does that make any sense? 

submitted by Luminescence, age XI, California
(June 16, 2020 - 7:21 pm)

mhm! makes sense

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(June 17, 2020 - 11:21 am)
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ok, here's my charries' worst fears:


ROSE: Willa dead

WILLA: Riverias (Riv-er-is) it's power is to take away your memory of everything. 

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(June 16, 2020 - 4:57 pm)

Aaaah so good! 

Okay, Taurin’s greatest fear is the loss of someone he loves— particularly Arja, as he feels responsible for protecting her. He’s very good at hiding his fear, however, and hates to show weakness of any sort.

Arja’s greatest fear is being completely alone. She’s terrified that she’ll be responsible for Taurin’s death someday, since she feels like her parents’ deaths were her fault. 

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Oh, it’s hard to choose.

Forrest’s worst fear is loosing another person he cares for (he already lost his mother).  Especially Nemus. 

Nemus’s worst fear is being helpless, unable to help herself or others.

submitted by Peregrine, age Many moons, The Aerie
(June 17, 2020 - 10:28 am)

Bradleys worst fear is being controlled by Thryxx when he's in either wolf form, or dragon form.

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(June 17, 2020 - 10:52 am)

thank you all for answering! 

Mahriel, Emekittycon K-(no wait, 14 minutes ago by Emekittycon K) and everyone else who I forget (there is probably no one else lol) please answer! :)

glad y'all like it :) 

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Cleft's greatest fear is losing anyone he loves.

submitted by Mahriel, age 20, Graza
(June 18, 2020 - 10:20 am)