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Friend group! join

Friend group! join if you want a new pack of friends! chat, post book snippets, and have fun! omg! I forgot the most important thing! MAKE FRIENDS!!!!! :) if you wannajoin, put in a sheet about you. like a charrie sheet, but about you! not a charrie. heres the layout:









Type of friend you want:


thats it! ill do mine by comment when this is posted!



NoOneKnows, out. 

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this is cool! 

Name: HeroesOfOlympus, but call me Sky please!

Age: ETERNAL (11)

Appearance: shoulder-length blonde hair, blue-grey-green eyes, black-framed glasses, i like to wear sweatshirts and jean shorts. i normally have knee-high socks. (my CB appearance is similar to my real appearance) 

Personality: Im shy around strangers, but will warm up to you soon. An introvert, and i love to write, read, and daydream! 

Likes: dogs, books, writing, EDM, nature... chill things.

Dislikes: loud places, rude people, the sound of fingernails against fabric, pop music and rock music. 

Other: I want a dog. so much. and ill blab about EDM alot :D

Type of friend you want: just someone i can talk to, share my thoughts and song reccommendations (all EDM) and people i can talk to about stories and RPs on chatterbox! 


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EDM recommendations??? Yes please!

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My Favorite Songs: (all EDM) Alone by Alan Walker, Faded by Alan Walker, and Darkside by Alan Walker. Other Songs By Alan Walker (i love them all): Sky by Alan Walker and Alex Skrindo (hey, they named it after me!)  Lily by Alan Walker and others, Force by Alan Walker... etc. anyways, more EDM! artists: Tobu, Alan Walker, Ahrix, Elektronomia, K-391 TheFatRat.

Songs: (Elektronomia) vision, sparks, *BRAIN FART I CANT REMEMBER AHH* moving on... 

Songs: (TheFatRat) Sunlight, Mayday, The Calling, Afterlife, Unity, Basically all songs by TheFatRat 

Songs (Alan Walker) Just search songs by alan walker and listen to them all. cant beat the Walker!

Songs (Tobu) Why can i not remember? AHHHH

Songs (Ahrix) um... lemme just put in a screenshot of my playlist thing i made. there. thats easier.

ill have to do another post with part two... 


Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 10.52.00 AM.png
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Alone - gave me chills. It was GREAT!

Faded - already knew :) luv this so much

Darkside - i had heard this before but not known who wrote it. It's so catchy!

Sky - This was really cool! I liked it!

Lily - i had listened to the nightcore version xD I love this so much!

Force - EPICCCCCC wow

So ya, that's all I have time for now! I definitely like Alan Walker!

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the video for Alone is pretty cool, you should check it out!  

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cant put the second picture in, its not working ;-;

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Name: Evergreen

Age: 12 (earth years)

Appearance: Slightly wavy black hair, tan skin, dark eyes, medium height. Casual dress (i.e. jeans/jeggings + t-shirt. Sometimes a poncho sweater or whatever).

Personality: Bookish. Kinda shy? Creative and artsy but a perfectionist. Practical. Sometimes overly cynical. 

Likes: Reading, writing, drawing, school, libraries, SELECT pop songs, scarves, natural history museums, books (duh), Shakespeare (also duh), Procreate, birds, boba, role-plays, Cricket mag, the ocean, rain, AEs and CAPTCHAs, etc. 

Dislikes: Crowded areas, when my art is not optimal, bad grades, bad wifi, blunt scissors, hats, overly sarcastic people, cliff-hangers and clichés 

Other: Um? Are AEs allowed? Book snippets sound good :)

Type of friend you want: Anyone! Like-minded people, maybe?

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Yes, AE's are aloud.

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Name: Emekittycon Kitten

Age: 11

Appearance: I have black hair that goes down to my knees, with a kitty-cat ears headband and a tarat with a ruby in the middle, emeralds on the left of the ruby, diamonds on the right, and the frame is made out of sapphires. I have a black jumpsuit with black finger-less gloves with white beads on them and black boots. I have tan skin and purple eyes with light pink sparkly glasses.

Personality: Well, I like to make friends, and I can be tough, defending, friendly and kinda crazy.

Likes: Friends, catchy songs, cats, any animal except crabs, spiders, snakes, sharks, and insects. I also like food, talking (I could talk somebodys ear off for HOURS), and watching TV. Oh, and Minecraft, too!

Dislikes: Being hacked (believe me, that already happened a couple times last school years), too dramatic commercials, chores, lagging computers, and not being able to talk to my BFF in person.

Other: I can go a little (ok, a LOT) crazy when I have too much sugar, so if I start typing in stuff like "*Laughs like crazy for hours on end for no reason*" that means that I've had too much sugar.

Type of Friend you Want: I would like someone who isn't afraid to speak up for others. 


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wow! @Emekittycon kitten, i seem alot like you!!!!!!!! ill post my thing right now:

Name: NoOneKnows, but please call me Miley.

Gender: Female

Appearance:  long blonde hair with lavender tips, green blue gray eyes, cute nose. OUTFITS: white half sleeve shirt with fishnet comeing from were the sleeve part ends. jean overalls with natural rips, sweat suits, shorts and tanktops or t-shirts.

Personality:  I like to make friends, and I can be rude sometimes, defending, friendly and kinda crazy. (sorry @EM. i kinda coyped you, but like i said, were alike!) 

Likes: Friends, music, almost any animal, beaches, being on screens (xd), exploring, nature, and lots more!if i went on, this thing would go on and on and on and on. cuz i like a THOUSAND, no MILLION things, including art, books (DUH!), my computer, Sky (shes moi BFF) sweets ( i could eat a MILLION), and.... oh no! i was doing it. cutting it short here!

Dislikes: Being hacked (happend to me in Mincraft, it sucked. the dude sabatoghed my world. [horriable spelling!] boo hackers!), BEING IN QUARANTINE AND THIS WHOLE COVID-19 THING, lagging computers, and not being able to see my BFF's in person!!!!!

Other: sometimes i can get crazy, so you might see some pretty weird chats.

Type of Friend you Want: I would like a friend who will stand up for me (i will dothe same), and a friend whos not rude and bossy. 

yaya! i didn't think this would work.

(my CAPTCHA says vxcpy?) 




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Name: PygmyOwl

Age: 13

Appearance: I'm sort of tall, and pretty skinny. I have brown, sometimes kinda curly hair that falls a little past my shoulders. I have blue/grey/green eyes and I wear glasses that are lavender on the top half and blue on the bottom. I am wearing a pine green tunic, black leggings and pale brown, ankle high boots. 

Personality: Very shy and intorverted, although I can be less so around my closest friends. Also, I am pretty creative and I stand up for what I think is right. I am pretty opinionated. I am an INFP-T. I can be a huge perfectionist at times, when I am passionate about something, and other times I'm just lazy and don't care how well I do things, like my science homework.

Likes: Reading, writing, acting, drawing, Les Mis, Phantom of the Opera, My Fair Lady, etc. Also, I like the music of Cate le Bon, and other annoying and repetitive songs, and baking and cooking, sometimes school, Agatha Christie books, The Legacy of Orïsha series, LM Mongomery's books, Charles Dickens' books, Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children, and a LOT of other books that I don't have time to name.

Dislikes: Animal cruelty (and that includes eating meat), Magnus Chase and Theodore Boone audiobooks, sometimes school. People who won't stop talking to me.

Other: I'm vegetarian, and every other week I abstain from factory farmed foods. If you're my friend, you'll have to live with my constaint complaing about the mistreatment of animals in our society and my attempts to covert you to vegetarianism. 

Type of friend I want: I'd like someone who is currently alive, please. 

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Name" strawberri

age: 12(ish)

Appearance: um, well my hair is long and dirty blonde and I am short and have blue eyes and purple glasses

Personality: well, I think that I must be pretty annoying, but I try to be kind and love others

Likes: books, drawing, writing, summer vaca, soccer, painting, babysitting

Dislikes: peas, beans, homeschooling, being short, history period

other: um, I don't really know

Type of friend you want: I don't have preferance 

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PygmyOwl gave me a good idea (I forgot to put my Myers-Briggs thing in personality). If you couldn't tell, I'm INFJ-T.

wow this keeps just getting cooler the more people join!

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