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The Band        

This is a book I am writing called: The Band, it is about some kids whose homes were burned and they have to make it on their own. I will post it in little parts, probably one each weekday, I hope you enjoy it! if people like it enough I might make it into an RP.

Part 1:

Julia was walking down the lane with a basket full of flowers in her hand, swinging it and whistling. She grinned as she looked at the beauty around her. It had been a hard winter but spring was glorious. She inhaled deeply, expecting to smell the sweet scent of violets and roses, but something sharp and bitter was there instead, smoke! She ran then, heart pounding, her bare feet slapping the ground. The flowers spilled out of her basket but she barely noticed. The smell got stronger the closer she got to home, and her fear got stronger too. Where she lived, smoke could only mean one thing: raiders.



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Also, feel free to comment about the story: what you think will happen next, who you ship, etc.

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She stopped dead at the edge of the clearing that surrounded her home, and the basket dropped from her hand. The sight that met her eyes was one of ruin and destruction. Her home was gone, and all that was left was a smoking lump in the middle of a ring of burnt grass. There was no one to be seen, and after waiting for a moment she stepped into the clearing and called softly "Mum, Da, John, Betsy, is anyone here?" There was no response and she walked over to the charred remains of her home, looking for anything that she might salvage. As she surveyed the wreckage something shiny caught her eye. She leaned in to investigate and saw…

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I forgot to say Part 2 Tongue out

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This is really good! I think you could stand to post longer chapters, too. 

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they aren't exactly chapters, more like sections, but I think your right.

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Part 3 


The shiny object was a dagger with a silver handle, polished till it gleamed in the sun, it was plunged deep into a wooden cross which had a small rope strung through the top of it. When she saw this she gave a sudden gasp, and tears poured down her face. The cross was her mum's and she had always worn it around her neck, she would never have left it if she was fleeing. Now Julia knew for certain that her family had been taken, though whether they were dead or alive she did not, could not, know.

she knelt and pulled the knife out of the cross, tucking it in her belt. She picked up the cross and slipped it around her neck tucking it in her shirt. She was thankful that her parents had never made her wear a dress unless they were going to a party, instead she wore her brother's old clothes, which were much more functional. She dashed the tears from her eyes and glanced through the wreckage once more, but there was nothing left except some charred wood, anything worth selling had been taken by the raiders, including, probably, her family.

Julia strode into the forest, losing herself in the woods that she had loved all sixteen years of her life, she moved with grace and speed, and, after walking for almost a mile she came upon a large tangled clump of shrubs. She ducked down and wriggled through a small opening in the roots, sliding into a shadowy chamber beneath the shrubs. She crawled through one of the many tunnels which branched off from the main chamber and came into a spacious chamber filled with moss and grasses, She sank back into a bed of moss, allowing herself to breathe at last, but as she did a familiar voice came out of the shadows "Julia..."       

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Wow, this is really good!

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Part 3

She turned, her eyes wide,

"Clay! is that you!?" 

Clay stepped forward with a sad smile. She gasped with surprise and threw her arms around him, tears streaming down her face, all the emotion of the past few hours being let out in a sudden torrent, she sobbed, not trying to hold it in. Clay patted her back and whispered that it would be ok. After a few minutes Julia stood up, wiping tears from her eyes.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have been so forward, I-I just... it's been a really hard day, and, well, I’m sorry."

"Don't worry, It's ok, I understand, really."

His eyes filled with tears and he tried to blink them back.

"My family... the reason I'm here is because, well, the raiders, they-they took my family too."

Julia froze, not believing what she had heard, she shook her head, the raiders had never done anything this big before. 

“You're not serious are you?”

Clay shook his head, tears streaming down his face. “I’m afraid I am.”

“No, no, this can’t be happening!”

Clay wrapped his arms around her, and they both cried for a long time. Finally they wiped their eyes and looked around them, it was dark, and they were tired from the stress of the day. They both lay down to sleep. Clay fell asleep almost immediately, but Julia lay there for a long time, unable to sleep, listening to Clay’s soft breathing beside her and looking at the stars through the bushes. Her life seemed to be coming down around her ears, and she could do nothing to stop it. 

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Wow! This is great! I am following along and I love your writing style! I can't wait for the next part!  

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Thanks so much! Just so everyone knows, I have decided I will post Monday through Saturday and then take Sunday's off.

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Part 4:

When Julia woke up the next morning the sun was streaming into the sleeping chamber. Clay was already up, and she could hear him in a nearby chamber, rummaging around. She crawled through the tunnel and found him searching for food in the knapsack they had stored there for that purpose.

“Looks like we’ll be dining like kings today! We have some delicious, only slightly moldy bread, and some blue cheese to go on it!”

Julia couldn’t help laughing as she took the bread and cheese Clay offered her

“I’m glad we kept our fort so well stocked, or we might have been forced to eat fresh bread!” She quipped. Clay laughed, a hearty laugh, the kind that made everyone around him laugh too. But then reality set in, and both of them grew serious. Clay shook his head.

“It feels wrong to be laughing while our families are being taken who knows where.”

“If they're even alive.”

“They were when I last saw them yesterday.”

“You saw my family!?”

“The reason I wasn’t captured was that I was taking a walk in the woods when they came, I saw them taking my family and burning my house.” He shook his head as if to clear the image from his mind. “They had several other families in a cart, including yours.”

“S-so they're alive?”

“Yeah, they’re alive.”

Tears of joy sprung to Julia’s eyes, but then something Clay had said struck her.

“You said there were several families? 

“Yeah, I didn’t see who exactly, but there were more people.”

“Then maybe there are more of us!”


“Yeah, people who escaped.”

“Do you honestly think so?”

“Well, I don’t know, but it’s worth checking out.”

“I guess.”

“Plus we might find something useful in the rubble.”


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Clay agreed and the two set out, they found burnt home after burnt home, but no one was there and nothing was left to scavenge.

“Julia I don’t think we are going to find anything.”

“Just one more house, please.”

“ We’ve looked at all the houses in the village!”

“Not all, look.”

Before them lay the charred remains of a small cottage, and huddled next to it were three figures. Julia and Clay rushed over to them and saw that they were the Stevens, all three of them, but with no parents in sight. Corliss, who was seventeen and the oldest of the three stood up to meet them. 

“Were your parents taken too?”

Clay answered “our whole families were taken.”

Aiken, one of the twins, who were both fifteen, piped up. “They said they didn’t have room for us, so they took our parents and left us behind.”

Alder, the older twin, said nothing but a tear rolled silently down his face.

Julia shook her head sadly, “they took everybody, the entire village is gone.”

Corliss looked panicked, “what are we going to do?! We have nowhere to sleep, nothing to eat, and this is my only pair of clothes! We have nothing!”

Julia frowned “Actually we do have a place to sleep, we can hunt and gather food, and, well, I don’t know what we’ll do for clothes, but it'll be ok, just calm down.”

Alder stood up and took his sister's hand “It’s going to be alright, we should all stick together, and then we will be ok.”

Corliss shook her head “maybe, but I don’t know.”  

Clay shook his head. “Alder is right, we don’t have nothing as long as we have each other.” He motioned for everyone to follow him and led them back towards the hideout.

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