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Dinotopia Solo Wr

Dinotopia Solo Write

Has anyone here read Dinotopia? If so, please tell me below if you would like me to make a solo write about it, thanks. 

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(June 12, 2020 - 12:03 pm)

Yes, I remember Dinotopia.

Yes, an RP would be amusing.

I would not join!

But I would if it was a solo write. 

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Same- sort of.

I have never heard of Dinotopia, and therefore would not be a very oculd RPer (is that even a term?!) if there was one. However, if you added a little more background information, I would definitely join a solo write! 

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Sweet, thanks! I will do a solo write then, but on a new thread, also, if you haven't read it, you should definently check it out, it is by James Gurney.

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Admin, can you change the name of this thread to Dinotopia Solo Write



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Thank you ssssooooo much admin!!!

You're welcome!

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Dinotopia Solo Write

On the hidden island of Dinotopia peace and harmony reign. Dinosaurs and humans live together, working side by side. The Dinosaurs are peaceful and can speak with humans (Indeed many are far wiser than humans) all but the Tyrannosaurus rex and their close kin, who live in the rainy basin.  There are many regions of dinotopia, but the four of most importance to us are: 
Sauropolis: The capital of Dinotopia, it is known for its beautiful buildings and lively atmosphere. The people there are very careful to always dress their best, taking off their hats only when a theater curtain goes up, or a building burns down. It lies on the beautiful Dolphin bay 
Waterfall City: This beautiful city of knowledge is situated on a cliff completely surrounded by roaring waterfalls. It has an immense library and is home to some of the wisest inhabitants of Dinotopia. 
Treetown: A town, which is built completely in the trees, Treetown is a place where humans come to learn how to live in harmony with dinosaurs. The people are hardworking but kind, and many are of Irish decent. 
Canyon City: The home of Skybax's and their riders, Canyon City is a place full of tall spires of red rocks. Hopeful Skybax riders come here to learn their trade, delivering messages by air throughout Dinotopia.  
This is a perfect world. But on a particularly stormy night, two dolphinbacks are washed up on the beaches of Dolphin bay. Dolphinbacks are people whose ships wreck on the reefs that surround Dinotopia. They are rescued and brought through the maze of reefs to the beaches, where they are found by Dinotopians. These two youths are brought to the elders of Sauropolis where they are found to be special children, of a great intelligence, learning the Dinotopians language and writing in a matter of weeks. Interested to see what they will become; the elders call for two of the brightest youths out of each of the regions above mentioned. Two Sauropolin youths, versed in architecture and debate, two youths from Waterfall city, scholars and scientists all, two youths from Treetown, strong and wise in the way of living things, both plant and dinosaur, and lastly, two skybax riders, along with their Skybax's. This group of ten will set out to travel through Dinotopia and find their purpose. They have a Protoceratops guide/interpreter with them, you can be her/him, but it must be a Protoceratops and a guide/interpreter Other than that, use your imagination!

Charrie Sheet 
Only one per person, but if you are a skybax rider please fill out one sheet for the rider and one for the Skybax. Just a reminder, people and dinosaurs can talk, dinosaurs are not inferior or unintelligent!!! Ok, now for the sheet. 
Age (not less than 14, not more than 18): 
Where you’re from (Canyon City, Treetown, Waterfall City, Sauropolis, or if you are a dolphinback, what country.): 
Dinosaur or Human:  
Shipping Y/N:  
Also if you haven’t read it before you should check out Dinotopia by James Gurney. I will start writing on July 1st. 
Also, there are only 10 spots and only two spots for each region, so first come first served. I wanted to give a little more clarity on what Skybax’s are, so here goes: They are huge flying reptiles (If you look up Skybax you will see pictures of them if that is helpful) they are red with a white underside and beak. They have very long beaks and though they can not speak in human languages they and their riders learn to speak to each other. The rider rides on the back of his Skybax and they are basically the mailmen of Dinotopia. The Skybax can’t lift off from the ground with a human on Its back so they have to depart from platforms. Though quite agile in the air, the Skybax is clumsy on land, walking around on its toes, with its wings folded up. Also, humans and dinosaurs are often named after nature or how they look. Ex: Brokehorn, a Triceratops with a broken horn, Braken, a human who takes care of plants, and Cirrus, a Skybax. Not all humans have plant based names though. Because Dinotopia's inhabitants all decend from dolphinbacks, many have names related to their heritage. Ex: If they are descended from Russians, they might be named Olga or Ivan, If they are descended from Irishmen, they might be named Bridget or Patrick, etc. most of them are far enough descended that they are pretty mixed, but some still remember their ancestors.

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Name: Meia (pronunciation: may-uh, nicknamed Mei)

Age: 16

Gender: F

Where you’re from: Treetown 

Dinosaur or Human: Human

Appearance: Blue green eyes, freckles, and dark reddish brown hair in two braids, tied with green ribbon and a blue grey headband. She wears a loose green tunic trimmed with dark blue embroidered flowers and black just-below-the-knee length leggings. She also wears brown combat boots and round wire framed glasses.

Personality: Meia can usually be found smiling or laughing. She is outgoing and both trustworthy and trusts easily. You shouldn’t break her trust either, because she will NEVER forgive you. Mei is not one to back down and will stand up for her friends and herself. However, she doesn’t talk unless she has something to say- albeit she usually does have something to say. She also loves birds, and gets along well with them.

Strengths: Reading, writing, pep talks, staying optimistic

Weaknesses: Math, being realistic (sometimes), and she is sometimes a little too curious.

Shipping Y/N: Sure, why not?

Other: She doesn’t remember/know anything about the dolphinback(s) she is descended from.

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Name: Sakura Sako
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Where you’re from: Sauropolis (Japanese-French descent)
Dinosaur or Human: Human
Navy-blue hair that she wears in curly side ponytail. Brown eyes. She likes dressing classy - normally wears a white blouse, paired with baggy black dress pants with gold trim. Flashy red trench coat with gold trim, and a secret inside pocket where she keeps a pouch of thirty marbles. Huge gold hoop earrings, black leather boots with gold zippers. Black top hat with gold trim and huge peacock plume feathers. She always wears white gloves and a simple white silk mask (like the surgical ones but more fashionable), with gold trim.
She enjoys being in the spotlight. Likes flashy and fake things, and is extremely proud and arrogant. Highly talkative. Expert in deception and illusion and disguise, though that skill is often used by her to trick others. Regular liar. Stays away from moral problems and dilemmas. Fast runner. Her alignment is chaotic good.
Strengths: Good at theatrics, 'fake it until you make it', talking.
Weaknesses: Not particularly brave, vain.
Shipping Y/N: Sure!
Other: She wants to become an actress.


This sounds super cool! 

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Reserving! Is this the right thread?

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