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So basically, I've noticed that the character sheet on my picturings thread isn't quite suited to people's OCs, so I'm starting a separate thread for OC picturings. On Inkwell, bc OCs are often from stories. Essentially, if you want a picturing of a CBer, Æ, or Captcha, you can ask for that on my regular picturings thread, but if you have an OC that you want me to draw, the sheet on this thread is probably better for that. 

Character sheet for humans/humanoids:

Character Name: 


Species (please describe if you made it up): 

Age/age range: 

Personality (can be as basic or detailed as you want): 

Appearance (detailed):

Story setting/world (where/when the story takes place):

Background (optional): 


Medium (digital, digital portrait (semi-realistic), pencil and color, ink and color, ink sketch, finished ink, or pencil sketch): 

Anything else I should know: 

Character sheet for animals: 

Character Name: 


Adult or baby:


Personality (optional, if it's just a pet it doesn't need one but if it's, like, a familiar or persona, you might want to include a personality):

Favorite toys/objects (mostly this is just for pets): 

Story setting/world (where/when the story takes place):

Background (optional):

Medium (same selection as humans but without the portrait option):

Anything else I should know: 

Also, one more thing-- if it's a group picturing, please tell me what the relationship between the characters is and how you want them to be interacting. Thanks!

Also, @Admins, this is kind of long so thanks for reading it XD 

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Ooh, I’d love one!

Character Name: Blitsa Adelman

Species: Human

Age/age range: 16

Personality: Blitsa doesn’t like the restrictions of high society and the expectations of girls. She wants to be free to run around on the tops of buildings and get dirty and generally have a good time. Naturally, her parents don’t let her do this, so she sneaks out at night. She’s also very spunky, courageous, and sometimes rude. She’ll do what it takes to obtain her goals.

Appearance (detailed): Blitsa has thick, curly brown hair, which she either wears in a neat bun or loose, held back from her face by a ribbon. She has bright brown eyes and a smirky smile. She’s slightly short for her age, slim, and muscular. At fancy events, she wears big floofy dresses, often in white or pale blue, which she hates but has no choice but to wear. When she’s alone or sneaks out at night, she wears a torn cloak over a loose, ill-fitting shirt and trousers (stolen from her older brother).

Story setting/world (where/when the story takes place): New York, 1851

Background (optional): Whatever you’d like, or no background; I don’t really care.

Pose: Maybe with a hand on her hip, or lightning sparking from her fist, or both?

Medium: Ink and color, please

Anything else I should know: She has lightning powers: she can create electricity and send out shocks (not enough to kill someone, just enough to stun them), and she’s resistant to lightning strikes/shocks.

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Cool, coming right up! TOP!

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Character Name: Bone 

Species: 1/3 human, 1/3 fairy, 1/3 shadowkin (which look exactly like humans)

Age/Age Range: 14-16

Personality: CLASSIFIED

Appearance: Very messy short black hair, orange eyes, pale skin with freckles, black tank top and long pants, orange boots. Fairly skinny. Black armband on right arm. Sort of transparent black bug wings.

Story Setting/World: The U, Precinct Khnimer  

Background: A lot of crumbling cement buildings, and a grey/blue/brown sky

Medium: Digital

Anything Else I Should Know:  Nah...

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Hey, since you didn’t give me a pose for your character, can you give me their personality so I can figure out their posture/facial expression/all that jazz? Thanks!

Also, @Admins, can you add “Gender:” to the sheet for humans/humanoids on my (newest) “I WILL DRAW YOUR CHARACTERS” thread? Can you please add it to the sheet right under where it says “Character Name”? Thanks so much!



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Ok, here's Blitsa! I hope you like it, and let me know if you'd like anything changed!

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Thank you so much! I love Blitsa's expression. (And I think the lightning looks really cool :D)

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theres no limit to how many picturings i can ask for right?

if there isnt i would like one :3

Character Name: Emily Gray  

Species (please describe if you made it up): human

Age/age range: 15

Personality: [ahem. get ready for confusion.] Emily is... Emily. she is not very trusting but she'll trust you. she's determined and brave at times but others she's just a lump.  she's actually rather joyful, but she has a lot of sadness inside cause her family died. she doesnt show her emotions much. 

Appearance (detailed): shoulder-length blonde-ish hair. green eyes. faded overalls w/ patched knees and a gray t-shirt. she has several freckles and is rather short. she has an easy smile and is often using it. also... WHAT WAS I GOING TO SAY!?!?! UM... UM... oh yeah. she has a frayed black bandana/headband. OH and she has lace-up brown boots <3

Story setting/world (where/when the story takes place): in a fictional world similar to Earth- in a city called Aurelia. dunno the time but its not important TOT... um, an army of monsters has taken over and the Rebellion has formed to stop it... Emily's in the Rebellion. 

Background (optional): eeeeeee yes! in front of a metal bunker that says Bunker Nine on it <3 and with Jay.

Pose: holding a sword please. and next to Jay.

Medium (digital, digital portrait (semi-realistic), pencil and color, ink and color, ink sketch, finished ink, or pencil sketch): um. either ink and color or digital. 

Anything else I should know: she's best friends w/ Jay. no shipping potential between them.

Character Name: Jay Fierro (last name To Be Determined)

Species (please describe if you made it up): human

Age/age range: 15-16

Personality: just a lil sunshine nooget. very cheerful. optimistic. ridiculous and always makes you laugh. 

Appearance (detailed): tan. dirty blue t-shirt and ripped jeans. crazy brown/black hair thats very messy. has black sneakers and uh... uh... a corky smile he's ALWAYS using-thats what i was gonna say.

Story setting/world (where/when the story takes place): same as Emily -_-

Background (optional): same as Emily

Pose:  holding a sword and doing bunny ears on Emily <3

Medium (digital, digital portrait (semi-realistic), pencil and color, ink and color, ink sketch, finished ink, or pencil sketch): same as Emily

Anything else I should know: he's Emily's best friend

eee tysm if you draw them im literally bouncing up and down cause i cant wait ahh

oh and they're from my novel series/The War Of Aurelia.  

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Can I please have one?

Name: Bradley

Species: 1/4 human, 1/3 wolf, and 1/3 fox.

Age/Age Range: He's 22.

Personality: Since he's 1/3 human, 1/3 wolf, and 1/3 fox, he's got a shy side, and a friendly side of his human part, a fierce side of his wolf part, and a really quick, and defending side of his fox side.

Appearance: He has tan skin, with a red fox tail, with white at the end, with grey wolf ears and he also has blue eyes, brown hair and a brown hat. He also always wears a grey t-shirt blue denim jeans, and white sneakers.

Story setting/ World: He lives on Earth, and people are kinda...Unfriendly towards him, because of his appearance. So he lives alone.  About 15 miles away from the town where he was raised.

Background: N/A

Pose: Standing up and looking at us, and kinda walking to the right while waving  and kinda smiling. 

Medium: Ink and color please.

Anything else I should know: N/A


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I forgot the pose.

Okay, I've got it.

I want him standing up, wings outstretched. Sort of frowning. 

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@Cosme Nadia Ok, here's Bone. I hope you like it! 

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*thumbs up*

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Character Name: Elle Jackson

Gender: female

Species (please describe if you made it up): human

Age/age range: 11-12 

Personality (can be as basic or detailed as you want): fairly charismatic and friendly, appears to be optimistic. Kind and complimentary, always has something nice to say. Reads people very well. Intuitive, empathetic, trustworthy. Really, though, she has a very low self-esteem and tends to hide her sadness by showing kindnes to others.

Appearance (detailed): a little bit short, with lightly tanned skin, blue-green eyes, and a rounded face. Has some very light freckles and blondish-caramel hair that's slightly wavy and hits just below her chest. 

Story setting/world (where/when the story takes place): present day in some undefined suburban area

Pose: whatever you choose is fine

Medium (digital, digital portrait (semi-realistic), pencil and color, ink and color, ink sketch, finished ink, or pencil sketch): ink and color

Anything else I should know: nothing

Thank you! <3 

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Character Name: Mari

Gender: Female

Species (please describe if you made it up): Human.

Age/age range: probably 14-16

Personality (can be as basic or detailed as you want): Energetic and awkward.

Appearance (detailed): She has pale freckled skin, mostly on her shoulders and face. Mari is around, maybe a little shorter than average height for her age. Her hair is light orange, is a few inches above her shoulders and turns up at the ends (idk how to describe it...). Her eyes are maybe blue, green, blueish green or greenish blue. She's kind of skinny, not bony though. For her clothes, she wears a camp white T shirt with light greyish blue lines near the edge of the sleeves and bottom of the shirt. There's a black A(probably an A, anyway...) right above the blue line on the bottom of the shirt near to the right side(her right). She wears shorts that are some inches above the knee. They have big pockets. For shoes, they have boots, not high boots, just durable shoes that are ok with getting messy and have laces. Not sure about a color, maybe some sort of brown... with cauliflower stripes like the shirt maybe...

Story setting/world (where/when the story takes place): It's modern times, but Mari's in this camp. Um, I don't know if this is needed for the picturing, but the leaders of the camp erase all the campers memories on the first day. She wouldn't have a smartphone or anything like that.

Background (optional): 

Pose: You decide :)

Medium (digital, digital portrait (semi-realistic), pencil and color, ink and color, ink sketch, finished ink, or pencil sketch): Ink and color

Anything else I should know: She's either a light in-between or a dark in-between, if there's more than one kind. You didn't need to know that, this text is just here to confuse you. MWAHHAHA.....


Yeah. Thanks! 

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