Chatterbox: Inkwell



You glare at your co-worker, who is laughing at your expression. “Come on, it was just a game of rock paper scissors!” he says, still laughing. “But if you LOSE, you have to take the other person's WORK!” you growl. Your co-worker starts laughing again. “Oh well. Go sort those books in section three,” he says, giggling. You glare at him again and stomp off. Stupid extra work… you think, slamming books onto the shelf. But eventually your rage is tamed and you find yourself at ease with your job working at your local library.
An hour later, you leave the library, tightening your scarf, bracing yourself against the cold November wind. You slog down the sidewalk, your boots crunching bits of dirty snow. Finally you make it to your street. Weird… why is there a bunch of gravel on the sidewalk? You wonder, hopping over a rather large piece of gravel that's in front of your mailbox. In fact, gravel is in a wiggly trail going up to your front door. You shrug, blaming the construction workers down the street, and get out your key. Stepping inside your house, you’re shocked to find that there's gravel scattered on the furniture, scissors wedged in the couch, and… toilet paper wound around everything?!? What in the world happened? You sit down on the couch, then leap up again as a scissor blade cuts into your leg. While going into the kitchen to get a band-aid, you spot something on the counter. It seems to be a gray envelope. You pick it up and open it. Inside is a flat, thin rock that's engraved with curly writing. You start to read…

Dear letter recipient,

Oh, hello there! So nice of you to open this! I am Queen Agabba of Northern Gravelah, but technically I'm the ruler of all Gravelah… Oh, you might be thinking-what is Gravelah? Why, Gravelah is one of the three kingdoms! We are bordered by Tailett Papero and Scissoni. Recently the three kingdoms broke out into war for control of the land. I hear you are a CBer? (Yes, even we in a different world know about the CB.) We also know that the CB is formed of some very intelligent, amazingly resourceful people! We would be delighted if you came to stay with us for a while-a break from your job and annoying co-workers! You would help us strategize (And fight if you wish) and win the war. Of course, there’ll still be some fun involved-Gravelah is home to Gravel Mountain, which, despite its name, is perfect for rock climbing and camping. If you would like to come, please fill out the form attached. Hope to see you soon! 

                                                  ~Queen Agabba of Northern Gravelah

PS-My assistant will send a portal. 

PPS-sorry for any messes in your house. We were racing the Scissoni people and the Tailett Papero people to invite you! 

You shrug. It’ll be a nice break-but how did they know about your co-worker? You look around at the mess in your house and decide to go. So you pull out the form, grab a pen and fill it in.




Please fill out a form for your companions as well. Again, hope to see you soon!

You finish filling out the form and the second you take your pen off the paper/stone, a whirling, stony gray portal appears in front of you. Suddenly, with a pop, your battered suitcase lands next to you. You shrug (for like the fiftieth time) and grab your suitcase, then jump in. This is going to be one heck of an adventure.


Yes. This is a ski lodge. Two companions maximum (EG-one AE, one CAPTCHA or two AEs, one AE, one CAPTCHA, two CAPCTHAs… etc.) Feel free to guess who I am. 

And I know it sounds silly-a ski lodge based on rock paper scissors? Oh no. Ski lodges are murder mysteries, and Ive been studying. Be prepared. Note-this is going to be a shortish ski lodge, as I am preoccupied with other things--but when the idea struck, it stuck, and now I have to finish my duty as the narrator and write out your deaths. Have a nice day.

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Dont post after me please until you see this!

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YES! Ski lodge! I've been reading a bunch of old ones, and now I need to be in one. And it's fine if it's short. That means there's a better chance of finishing.
NAME: RiverMyst (previously PygmyOwl)
GENDER/PRONOUNS: Female, she/her/hers
SPECIAL TALENTS: Um. . . I'm a fast reader. And I like to flatter myself that I'm a good writer. And I play the flute!
APPEARANCE: Tallish for my age, and pretty skinny. Sometimes-sort-of-curly brown hair that falls barely to my shoulder bones. Oh, and purple and blue glasses. I'll be wearing a soft, flowy black dress with orangy patterns. It's beautiful. And black flats. But I'll bring a t-shirt, jeans, and boots for more sendible attire, just in case.
PERSONALITY: Shy, and introverted, but I can be less so around my friends. I love reading, writing, acting, and my flute. Also, I am pretty creative and I stand up for what I think is right. I am pretty opinionated. I am an INFP-T.
LUGGAGE: About ten books. A notebook and fountain pen. (It's purple.) And the extra clothes. And toiletries. And my flute and Les Mis sheet music and other sheet music. I have to practice! And a computer.
COMPANIONS (TWO MAXIMUM): My AE, Abcde. Does she need a sheet?
IF OVER 50% MAGIC CHANCE, WHAT TYPE?: Who knows? Flight? Invisabilty? Telepathy? Actually, I hate telepathy, it's creepy. Probably control over wind or invisability.
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NAME: Abcde
GENDER/PRONOUNS: Female, she/her/hers
SPECIAL TALENTS: I am literally perfect. Everything is my special talent.
Abcde. You're doing it again. You are NOT perfect.
Abcde. You are not perfect. Behave, or you aren't allowed to do this ski lodge.
But. . .
No buts.
Fine. My special talents are technology, specifically sound and lighting in theatrical performances. And math. I'm very good at math. But math is boring and I hate it. And of course, my last talent is being wonderful.

APPEARANCE: I am very small and petite, with dark skin and amber eyes. I have dark red, wavy hair that reaches halfway down my back. I wear dark teal glasses. For this, I will be wearing my favorite red tunic dress and black leggings and some brown, faux leather sandals.
PERSONALITY: Pretty much perfect, in my opinion. I am an ambivert, and ambidextrous, and ambitious, and lots of other things that start with ambi-. And I'm loyal, and smart, and I love music and sound and playing around with the technology of sound. But, since if I don't say this, PygmyOwl with be really embarrassing and start screaming all my flaws, I am stubborn, and slightly vain.
LUGGAGE: My laptop. And my notebook where I take notes on the sound and lighting of every theatrical production I have ever seen/been in. And some clothes and toiletries. And my copy of Theatre Sound by John A. Leonard. And some vegan food, which I will NOT share. I suppose I'll need to bring some clothes and toiletries as well.
COMPANIONS (TWO MAXIMUM): PygmyOwl, my Chatterboxer.
Some other important information: I abstain from factory farmed animal products. But I eat locally and ethically farmed eggs, dairy, and honey.
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Name: Luminescence

Age: 11

Gender/Pronouns: Female, She/Her/Hers

Talents: reading, writing, talking (XD), I can play the piano but not exceptionally well, um... 

Appearance: (I am crafting a CB appearance for the first time!! YAY!) Brown hair that glows red in the sun, mismatched earrings (one glowing silver owl and one glowing bronze horseshoe), brown eyes, a cobalt blue headband and wide sleeved, knee length dress, trimmed with gold. Black leggings. Black combat boots with silver laces.

Personality: literal, serious. Very talkative, especially when nervous. Short temper. When I get hurt, I don't like being fussed over (unless I'm dying). Startles easily. I have a lot of opinions, and say them, though not when I think it would be rude. I love to read and write (fiction), and math is a lot less my thing. I also love horses and birds, though that's rather unrelated.

Luggage: A purple duffel bag with a silver zipper and strap containing: a good supply of books, a change of clothes, a silver tin of oolong tea, a blue teapot, a small golden box containing a white stuffed bear (not a real one) for unnamed reasons, a pencil and a purple, cloth covered notebook, and a small silver dagger, just in case.

Companions: Blaze (one of my hippocampus AE)-

Yes! Thanks.

And Kiwi (my sugar glider CAPTCHA)

Thank youuu Lumin escen ceee!

Oh back to CAPTCHA speak, are we, Kiwi?


Hey, why don't I get to come?

Because Blaze and Kiwi have been better behaved, Midnight. Also, you'll just get murdered.

*is rendered speechless* 

Percentile Chance of having magic: 55%

What type of magic?: Magic related to light and shadows

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~Out of Charrie~ 

May you fill out a form for your Captcha and AE? thank you! 

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Name: Blaze

Age: 11

Gender/Pronouns: Female, She/Her/Hers

Talents: sketching, reading, asking questions, 

Appearance: A hippocampus; half horse, half fish. Horse half: White. Fish half: Goldish sunset colored I guess?

Personality: Very optimistic. Cautious, but if something needs to get done, Blaze will do it. Curious, but sometimes too much so. A quick and fiery temper, but after it goes away, she's very apologetic.

Luggage: A (large) yellow backpack containing: a good supply of books, a pencil (with levitation abilities [needed because hippocampi lack opposable thumbs]) and a sketchbook, a black pen (with levitation abilities), a knitted blanket.

Companions: Luminescence (her CBer), Kiwi (Luminescence's CAPTCHA)

Percentile chance of having magic: 55%

What type of magic?: Magic related to light


Name: Kiwi

Age: 11

Gender/Pronouns: Female. She/Her/Hers

Talents: Journaling, reading, listening, 

Appearance: A sugar glider. 

Personality: Very detail-oriented, for a CAPTCHA. serious, but is able to have a good laugh. A little bit particular about who she hangs out with. Very loyal, and brave, especially for her size, which is smaller than a squirrel.

Luggage: (Imagine everything is sugar glider sized) A light green suitcase containing: a good supply of books, a diary covered in kiwis, a pencil, a small pillow.

Companions: Luminescence (her Cber), Blaze (one of Luminescence's AEs) 

Percentile chance of having magic: 55%

What type of magic?: Magic related to flying 

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i reserve a spot

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~Out of Charrie~

Hello everyone! Thanks for joining! Yes, please fill out a form for Abcde. Cosme Nadia, you are in. please fill out a sheet soon.

and sorry, but i forgot to say that we will be accepting 10 people plus companians. :) 

i will start once we have enough people, or ill start early.  

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(June 24, 2020 - 10:35 am)


and it doesnt even sound silly :>

NAME: HeroesOfOlympus/Heroes


SPECIAL TALENTS: (like magical? if so-) can control wind and air. if not magical, can read really fast and be completly silent UwU

APPEARANCE: Shoulder length blonde hair, gray-blue-green eyes, black Alan Walker sweatshirt, jean shorts, up-to-my-knees black and white striped socks, black Walker mask(will take off), Dark gray sneakers, small smile.
PERSONALITY: introvert. optimist. 
LUGGAGE: five notebooks, one magic staff, four pencils, a sketchbook, my journal, binoculars, clothes, and a pillow for Tomru.
COMPANIONS (TWO MAXIMUM): ill bring Tomru <3

IF OVER 50% MAGIC CHANCE, WHAT TYPE?: controlling air & wind


aaaand now for Tomru!

NAME: Tomru

GENDER/PRONOUNS: they/them, leaning towards male

SPECIAL TALENTS: being cute.

APPEARANCE: Rusty-red messy hair, with red-brown fox ears. A red-brown fox tail. Middle-tone skin, not light, but not dark. they have one gold eye, one green eye. they have a cute little face with freckles and a ski-jump nose. they wear a grey sweater with red stitching and light blue/grey pants covered in doodles. red rainboots. 
PERSONALITY: cute. bubbly. adorable. irresistable. funny. just an average four year old-which means a TEMPER.
LUGGAGE: four pillows. thats all.
COMPANIONS (TWO MAXIMUM): (none-he's mai companian.)

IF OVER 50% MAGIC CHANCE, WHAT TYPE?: the magic of getting what he wants. also being cute.

Other: Is Heroes's CAPTCHA(E). :3 and talks in five-letters with those thingies- =blablabla=

=wanna startt nowww!=

i know, i know... me too.

=wanna beend ed!Uto!=

o. o 


oh thank the gods 

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here is DoodleGirl's picturing of Tomru--

Screen Shot 2020-06-24 at 9.22.15 AM.png
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OOOH! A ski Lodge!


NAME: NoOneKnows (Or Amina)



APPEARANCE: Long bellybutton leanth blonde hair in two french braids, Blue eyes, small smile, wears a croped black hoodie with fishnet sleevs, acid washed jeans with silve studs on the sides, cat ears headband, lace-up black boots with pink grafitti letters saying 'Run' on the sides of each boot, very short black necklas with a silver broken heart made out of diamonds on it.
PERSONALITY: Funny, kind, likes to be alone, if I make friends with you I'll be REALLY good friends with you, rebelous, loves most animals, stuborn, sometimes is lost in daydreams, loves reading, LOVES MUSIC VERY MUCH, 
LUGGAGE: My phone, some outfits, pencil and paper, a few books
COMPANIONS (TWO MAXIMUM): Zahava, who is my captcha and is a pomsky wich is a mix of pomerainens and huskys.



NAME: Zahava

GENDER/PRONOUNS: female, her/she

SPECIAL TALENTS: being obnoxiously adorable

APPEARANCE: Search it up. JK, but its hard to explane. so she has a white & black head, gray going into white body, whi- PLEASE JUST SEARCH IT UP OR USE WHAT I EXPLAINED. 
PERSONALITY: loving, cute, adorable, cuddly, 
LUGGAGE: Two bones, her blanket, and one of her stuffies
COMPANIONS (TWO MAXIMUM): None, since shes mine. 

IF OVER 50% MAGIC CHANCE, WHAT TYPE?: being able to talk.


_-_ Yay sk i lodge! when iss it sstarttingg?_-_

I'm not shure

_-_ well i hope it is ssoon so i can havve funn!_-_


_-_ alsso I'mm guessingg thaat Qqueenn Aggabbaa is... hmmm, Sttrawwberri! I likke sttrawwberriees_-_

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~Out of Charrie~

Nope-I am not Strawberri. Good guess though!


~In Charrie~ 

Also, Zahava, we have some nice 'dog spots' around the palace grounds. I can assign a guard to show you them when you arrive!


~Out of Charrie~

@Everyone- we need five more CBers, I think. Im ready to start soon-so get in quickly!

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(June 24, 2020 - 3:43 pm)
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