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Forest Role Play

Forest Role Play

In the middle of a huge sea of trees lies a tiny town.  

The forest used to be called Silva Vivus Umbrare, which, when translated from the old language, means the Forest of Living Shadows, but the people just called it the Woods. Still, the forest lived up to its old name.

The trees moved during the night, uprooting themselves and gliding across the earth to a new spot. Sometimes the guards on duty at night would catch a glimps of an elk or deer gliding through the trees with a tall, graceful figure on its back. Occasionally, a larger creature slipped past the guards and stole away a cow or pig or goat.

But even with all of the dangers which surrounded them, the people of the town were proud to say that through the half-decade of the existance of the town, they have never lost a person to the woods or to any creature living in the woods.

Until now.

This year, during the Cilana festival, a time in the spring when the people cut down all the trees which have grown at or moved to the edge of the town, three young children disappeared.

Alana, an eight-year-old girl with frizzy red hair and a quick smile, Jakob, a serious five-year-old boy with sunburned skin from too many naps in the open, and Zena, a talkative seven-year-old girl with intense blue eyes. Their disappearence stopped the Cilana festival and threw the town into chaos.

The townspeaple knew that the three would never have gone off into the Woods by themselves, for the fear of the forest was too deep set in everyone, so the townspeople could only think that they had been kindnapped or stolen. Although the townspeaple were frightened and scared and the parents of the children were frantic, only a few people dared to go out into the woods.

You, along with a small group, have decided to venture into the forest to see if the children can still be found. Your bravery has given the town new hope, and the townspeaple have provided you with weapons, tools, and horses. You will leave on the new moon.


Hi everyone! 

Here's the character sheet. (One character per person, please.)

Age: (Around 12-20 years old.)
Gender: (Can we try for an even boy/girl mix?)

I'll post my character once this thread shows up, and I'll start the roleplay on Saturday, July 25.

Other notes: Don't be afraid to move the story forward! Feel free to introduce your favorite kinds of magical creatures, write memorable settings in the forest, and put the charries in danger!
If anyone decides to drop out, which I hope will not happen, consider putting up one last post to take care of your character, whether to have them return to the village or be trapped somewhere or die. (Wow, that was slightly depressing!)

Write you soon!


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I’m just letting everyone know that I have a lot of stuff going on, so I apologize in advance for not posting very much. I’m super sorry!

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Horatio says Findt. Find it? I guess I do lose things pretty frequently... 

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Sorry for not posting much these last few days, I was on a trip.

Let's get this RP back to the TOP!



After eating some porridge for breakfast at the inn, we saddled up our horses and continued our search for the missing children. In silence. No one wanted to break the silence and possibly start another argument. After an hour of riding, Sebastion, who was leading the group at the front, stopped his horse.

"Oh come on, why are we stopping?" Zander called. Sebastion didn't answer, but instead dismounted and walked over to a tree. I looked, and noticed something small and blue tied to the tree.

"That ribbon...." Sebastion trailed off.

I get off my horse and walk over. "What about it?" I asked calmly.

"That's Zena's ribbon! She always wears it, everyday, no matter what...." he whispered excitedly. "We are going the right way!" Then he untied the ribbon and put it in his pocket and composed himself. "Everyone, we are going to keep going this way."

I returned to Callisto and we moved on.

In the afternoon, we stopped to make a fire and set out things for bed, so we would have enough time to bath in the nearby river before sunset. 

"All right, all the girls will go take turns bathing while the boys prepare the camp for tonight. Then we switch." called Sebastion.

I grabbed a change of clothes and washed my set of clothes for the first time in 5 days. Right after I put on my other clothes, I heard loud shouts coming from the camp. I ran back to see flames. Everywhere. A fire had spread! 

"Grab your things and GET OUT!" I heard someone shout. I immediantly ran over to Callisto and lead him away from the spreading fire. Everyone else had grabbed their horses and made it out safely. Almost everyone.

"Where is Jeannie?" I called. When I recieved no answer, I didn't hesitate. I ran right back in. 

"Demi, wait!" a voice said, but I didn't listen. Then I heard Jeannie yelling and I ran to her.

"Follow me, ok?" I said, trying not to breath in the smoke. Jeannie nodded. We started walking, she held on to my arm so she wouldn't lose sight of me. But the fire had grown bigger and I had forgotten the way out! We were slowly becoming surrounded by flames.

Then a hand grabbed my other hand firmly and I followed, with Jeannie following me. The hand pulled us out of the fire to where the others were waiting for us. 

"Are you all right Jeannie?" Macey asked. Jeannie could only manage nodding because she and I were coughing so much.

"We have to get out of here, and fast," Sebastion said.

"But we have to put out the fire right now!" said Iyara.

"And how do you propose we do that?" Zander asked. 

While they talked I half-listened, and half was thinking of who saved us. Someone had lead Jeannie and I to the others, but who?




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Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted! I'm leaving tomorrow to go camping so I won't be able to post for about a week, but feel free to use my character (Azi) in any of your posts as long as it's in character and nothing too drastic happens to him. See you all in a week and don't let this die!

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Iyara’s POV 

Zander says, “And how do you propose we do that?” “Well, there’s a river over there, and we can use buckets...” I trail off, hands on my hips, because it’s SO. OBVIOUS. Then I hear a pain cry. Spirit’s pain cry. Followed by a different pain cry. Ben! They must be stuck somewhere! In the flames! Not thinking, I rush in, Azi following me, and Demi too. “Don’t go in there!” Someone shouts. I ignore them, trying to see through the flames. Azi grabs my arm and points. There they are! Ben is on Spirit’s back, trying to lift a log that is pinning her down. They’re both burned. Ignoring the flames licking at my arms, I lift the log with a strength I didn’t know I had, and throw it out of the way.


@Gecko, the way I’m writing Iyara is older than 14 anyway, so maybe I’ll make her 16, and we can see as the RP progresses if we want to ship Iyara and Azi, 

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Bradley's POV

"I'll get the buckets and fill 'em up!" I yelled, getting the buckets and put out the fire.

"Ok, everyone ok, Jeannie, Sebastian, everyone?" I asked everyone.

They all nodded thier heads, as three figures came out of the remains of the campground.

"You guys ok?" I asked them.

They nodded thier heads and I walked to the river.

I took a drink of the cool water, and felt really badly. It wasn't my fault that it started, yet, no-one was talking to me.


Sorry it's so short. How did I do?


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Jeannie would've cried. She was sure of that. But somehow... she didn't. And for once, it felt absolutely awful.

Especially when she looked at Iyara, Spirit, Ben, Azi, and Demi's burned arms and bodies. 

Jeannie, for once, wanted to cry.

And couldn't.

She covered her face in her hands. "Hey," a voice far above her said quietly, but she didn't look up. "Jeannie. It's- it's okay." The person's voice broke and Jeannie looked up. It was Sebastian. Wait. Sebastian?

And then it happened. 

And then the tears came.

And then she cried. 

Sobbed. For the first time since she was seven. For the first time since she'd told herself she was going to keep it all in. For the first time since she'd decided she was done with emotions. For the first time since her heart had nearly broken.

But this time she had no one to keep it from cracking in half. No Alana, just Seafoam. Just the birds. Who were never any help anyways.

Or did she? She looked up, wiping her eyes, at Sebastian, who still stood above her, eyes glassy. "It's okay, Jeannie," he whispered, and he looked like he was trying to convince himself. 

She stood up shakily. And then she, Jean-Elisabeth Lucas did the most impulsive thing since the first and last time she'd punched someone.

She hugged him. Quickly, but all the same. Even though she only came up to his shoulder, she looked him in the eye. "It isn't." And she took a deep breath. "But it will be. It will." 

Sebastian half-smiled sadly, his eyes becoming glassy again. 

Jeannie smiled back, just as sadly, and marched over to Iyara, Demi, Azi, Ben, and Spirit. Seafoam was tied on the sidelines, her coat singed but seemingly fine. She caught Jeannie's eye and seemed to sense the importance of what was happening. It is going to be okay, Jeannie thought as hard as she could. Seafoam stared, as if to say, "Fine, I can freak out later."

Smiling a genuine smile, Jeannie got to work.*


*helping to, y'know, treat those burns. 

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I am making a change! Demi DOES NOT have autophobia (fear of being alone) any more.

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Instead she has Ophidiophobia (fear of snakes).

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A/N: *breaks down door* Iiiiiiit's Sammy! Sorry for the sadness in this, I couldn't really think of anything else.

Oh well. Sorry, I guess.  

Also I didn't want to write 'I'm going to lose it' a million times, so just pretend he's thinking that over and over again. 


Zander's POV, Three Days Later:

We've been hot on the trail of the children for the past couple of days, until we finally saw a small figure in the distance.

There's only one kid I know who has all their clothes homemade like that, and the pattern was too familiar to mistake.

"Is that...?" 

"One of-"

"The kids!"

Everyone rushed to the figure, excited. I was in the front, grinning as hard as humanly possible.

But as soon as reached the child, I stopped dead in my tracks, and my smile faded.

I picked up the limp figure, then turned to the group.

"Zander? Are you o..."

A silence fell onto the group as they saw the boy, noticing the issue.


He wasn't one of ours.


"...He's dead." I said, my voice breaking with grief.

He looked like he died a week ago.

"He can't... who'd..."

He looked like he was only 8 years old.

"This is..."

He looked like he could've lived a full life.

The others words blurred into a mess of sound.


I'm going to lose it.... 


ł'₥ ₲Øł₦₲ ₮Ø ⱠØ₴Ɇ ł₮...

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JEEZ SAM (0-0)

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@Sammy E


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