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Princess Academy RP

Hey, so, after looking back on some old threads and cringing at my old writing, I found the old princess RP, by elementgirl! She got the idea from somewhere, and I tried to revive it some time ago (didn't work) soooooooo I'm trying this out again!


So, the premise of this is that we've got a certain number of girls (from between 7-12), who all live in the village of Mount Eskel. The main thing with this village is that they mine linder stone, and sell it for a living, and people can kind of telepathically communicate through the linder stone. So these gals are from 12-17 and they're required to go to an academy far far away to learn how to be a princess, and then there's a ball, and then the prince chooses his bride. And of course there's some plot involved.

Sounds exciting, amirite?



Age (12-17):









Here's mine, since I'm too impatient to wait for the thread to go up.

Name: Madison Silver (Maddie for short)

Age (12-17): 14

Personality: Fun-loving, carefree, and quick-witted. She is either a complete genius, or an absolute idiot (I love this trope alright), there is no in-between. Charismatic and charming. She has a lot of motivation and ambition, just not to study. She can’t memorize things, unless they come naturally to her through practice (so she can walk with perfect posture but still can’t remember the names of even a single province outside of Mount Eskel). Relies on charm and smiles to get her opportunities. Graceful dancer. She likes being the center of attention.

Talents: Good at dancing, sees the big picture, thinks well under stress, good at talking to people.

Weaknesses: Has a habit of being vain, exaggerates her good qualities, dramatic, bad memory.

Appearance: Straight purplish-black hair, down to her waist. Blue-gray eyes. Pale skin. Short for her age. Extravagant taste in clothes. Always wears a silver butterfly earring (just one, I like the asymmetry) that was made for her by her dad.

Relations: Her dad’s a silversmith, her mom works in the mines. Open for friends (practically friends with everyone though XD).

Backstory: Um . . . she’s pretty normal. None of her parents died and she doesn’t have a boyfriend and yeah. 

Other: Ehmmmm nope!


Also y’all want to pre-decide who the villains are going to be, and who’s going to be the prince’s love interest? Because we’re going to have a whole harem here XD.

Oh yea also no magical powers or anything, except for telepathic communication through linder stone. We can have 7-12 characters in this roleplay, max of 2 charries per person.

And the prince’s name is Oliver because I like that name u-u

Have fun!


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(July 18, 2020 - 10:21 pm)