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Foriasteenola solo write

Plot/Synopsis: A village up in the treetops, a jungle more majestic than anything ever seen before. And a species of human-like creatures that occupy the village of Foriasteenai. They are called the Foriasteenola, and they live in harmony with the humans who make their cities in neighboring jungles. As long as the humans leave them alone, they will be fine. And that's what happens, until one day when a scout announces the disappearance of several trees. What follows is terrifying- The Foriasteenola learn that the humans are chopping and burning down their jungle, which will render them homeless- and, without the trees, their species will die out and the last shred of magic left on Earth will be torn away. They MUST stop the burning. But how? Answering that question is a group of Foriasteenola who band together to try and stop the burning… will you join them? Only time will tell.



1- No OP characters. Forest related powers ONLY.
2- There will be only one human charrie, the leader of the human burners. 

3- There will be a question at the end of each part, which you must answer.
4- Do NOT use modern day clothing, accessories, or anything that doesn't fit the fantasy theme.
5-  Have fun! 


Charrie Sheet:




Foriasteenola or Human (remember, only ONE HUMAN)








Please join, and sorry about any maistakes. after all this is my first solo write. ill post my charrie now.


Name: Kymeelia (kai-me-lee-uh) Chrisantrenum

Age: 14

Gender/Pronouns: female, her/she

Foriasteenola or Human (remember, only ONE HUMAN): Foriasteenola

Appearance: light brown hair, vivid green eyes, soft smile, tanned skin, light green knit sweater with darker green digsins over a sleeve-less tunic ending at the waist tied with a braided leather cord, black leggings, and dark gray boots that end at her knees.

Personality: cheerful, adventurous, likes a challenge, caring, optimistic

Powers: able to blend into anything in nature and can grow flowers.

Background: grew up in a small cottage on a Brazil Nut Tree. parents loved her vary much but were very busy so she moved out at age 12. she now lives next to one of her friends in a midium sized house.

Shipping: open to anyone around her age.

Other: friends somtimes call her Ky 


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dont comment untill you see this.

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This sounds interesting!

Name: Gamaen

Age: 16

Gender/Pronouns: Male.  He/him/his.

Foriasteenola or Human (remember, only ONE HUMAN): Foriasteenola

Appearance: Messy dark brown hair and blue eyes the color of the sky.  Tall and thin.  Wears loose black pants and a long sleeved, dark purple tunic tied with a strip of green wool about the waist.

Personality: Easy going.  Laughs easily and talks, though not much.  Rarely gets upset but when he does it's serious.  Will do anything to protect those he cares for.

Powers: Can control plants by singing to them in their language.

Background: Lives with his mom and dad, who are weavers, in a Oak tree.  His life has always been a quiet one.

Shipping: No thank you.


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I excited!


Charrie Sheet: 

Name: Journey 'Jo' Fourtune (Jo is an unfortunate nickname)

Age: 17

Gender/Pronouns: Female, she/her

Foriasteenola or Human (remember, only ONE HUMAN): Foriasteenola

Appearance: dark brown hair twisted up in a messy bun, dirty cream tunic with long sleeves, simple brown trousers and thick, clunky brown boots. 

Personality: distant. wont speak much. socially awkward. A hard worker and gets things done. determined. 

Powers: Can speak to the earth (a form of WhIspering) and (not a power >>) is a great potion maker, after all, she learned from the Witch.

Background: Parents were absolutely terrible and mean, she ran away from home at age 4 and now lives with an elderly, blind woman (the Witch) named Grutherd, doing work for her in exchange for a place to sleep. Has no friends and doesnt want any.

Shipping: open. depends on who it is. 

Other: Dont mess with Journey or she'll mess with you. 


Charrie Sheet: 

Name: Dare Avida

Age: 19

Gender/Pronouns: Male, he/him

Foriasteenola or Human (remember, only ONE HUMAN): Foiatseenola


Personality: Harsh. Knows the meaning of 'hard'. Been through a lot, which caused him to be angry and awkward. Theres no place like silence, he says, and then retreats into his room. Only cares for Grutherd. His heart has been burned too many times so he has gaven up love. 

Powers: extremley powerful but he doesnt know it. Can control Trees, Plants, and Flowers, can WhIsper (a talent learned from Grutherd) which is talking to nature. 

Background: Found by the Witch Grutherd when he was 11, doesnt quite remember anything before that. Grutherd brought him in and made Dare her child, taking pity on the harsh boy. He never really have loved anyone but Grutherd. Journey doesnt even know who he is and that he lives in a room next to hers. 

Shipping: Nope. Hates romance. [Disclaimer: probably to be shipped with Journey <3)

Other: ;-;

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i'm gonna make Kymeelia's age 16.

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ok, there is 17 sopts left! please join! will start as soon as we get 15 people but you can still join after we start! thanks!






AH Zahave said two real words! of and AE 


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Name: Rosadin Gull 
Age: 16
Gender/Pronouns: Female, she/her/hers
Foriasteenola or Human (remember, only ONE HUMAN): Foriasteenola
Appearance: Black hair dyed green at the tips, pale skin, dark green eyes. Wears a blue dress with a braided leather belt.
Personality: Spoiled, but also determined never to give up. Loud. Extremely loyal to her friends.
Powers: Able to climb trees unnaturally fast.
Background: She was raised by a powerful, wealthy father who catered to her every whim. When her tree home was burned down, she vowed revenge. She's used to a posh lifestyle, so rough living is difficult for her.
Shipping: Sure, but not necessary.
Other: Nope! This looks awesome, though!
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Name: Tris

Age: 13.5

Gender/Pronouns: Female, She/Her/Hers

Foriasteenola or Human (remember, only ONE HUMAN): Foriasteenola

Appearance: A dark green ankle length sleeveless dress, the hem frayed a little bit, with a short sleeved tea colored shirt underneath, and soft brown boots. Green-gray eyes, tanned skin, and a golden brown bob and side bangs. Tall, freckled, and bespectacled. 

Personality: Quiet, calm, sometimes a little bit awkward. She doesn't really care or notice what other people think of her, so she's unafraid to say what she thinks or stand up for people. She has a strong moral compass, but is mostly a loner. She doesn't lose her temper easily, but when she does she can hold a grudge for a long time. She isn't good at understanding humans, but otherwise she's remarkably insightful.

Powers: She can make things grow. 

Background: She is an only child, and her father died when a tree fell on top of him. Her mother is a grower of flowers, something Tris helps out with a lot, using her power.

Shipping: Open, let's say

Other: She had a twin named Sylvie, who ran away one day and never came back. You can include her or not include her, your choice.

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Can I do the one human? If so, here is his sheet.

Name: Hunter Boran

Age: 34

Gender/Pronouns: Male, He/Him

Foriasteenola or Human: Human

Appearence: Tall and strong, dark brown hair in a buzz cut, dark brown eyes, very tan and weathered, wears jeans and a red t-shirt, with a construction vest over it.

Personality: Very gruff and stern, hides his emotions, very uncaring about others, only looks out for himself.

Powers: I'm going to assume doesn't have any.

Background: He grew up near the Foriasteenola's, but he doesn't like them because they always scared him when he was little, and the other kids would laugh at him because he was scared. So now he doesn't show his emotions, and he is getting revenge on the reason for his humiliation.

Shipping: Open

Other: Nope

Can I do a second one later?  

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Name: Elrenen Zafoya

Age: 17

Gender/Pronouns: Male, He/Him

Foriasteenola or Human: Foriasteenola

Appearence: Tall, and thin, but strong, dirty blond hair which falls over his blue eyes a liitle, wears green and brown mostly.

Personality: Very funny, people enjoy being around him, though values time alone with the birds very highly, very sharp witted and detail oriented.

Powers: He can speak to birds

Background: He lives on his own (having moved out of his parents tree) in a tall beech tree.

Shipping: Open with girls around his age

Other: Nope

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AHHHHHHH thank you everyone for joining, the human spot is now closed, and there is 13 spots left! please join! i will start on july 31st, witch is in 10 days.

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Can I reserve a spot?

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Can I make one?

Name: Bradley

Age: 16

Gender/ Pronouns: Male, him/he/his

Foriasteenola or human: Foriasteenola

Appearance: He has tan skin, light blue eyes, and brown hair. He has a light green tunic, with a vine around his waist like a belt, kind of. He has light green pants, and green boots that end below his knees.

Personality: He can be shy, and he suspects someone pretty easly, and he can spy too, and he is usually very talkitive.

Powers: I don't know what kinda of powers are foresty and cool, so can you please give me some suggestions, @NoOneKnows?

Background: Bradley lived with his mom, since his dad died while going on a trading trip. His mom hade clothes out of plants and vines, so when Bradley's mom died when she went o look for more material, he found a vine across her waist, because he went with her, so he wears it as a rememberence of his mom. He ran away from his home when it got invaded by guards, and he build himself a shelter.

Shipping: Can he like Kymeelia, @NoOneKnows?

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@Em, forest powers are like, talking to plants, growing stuff, blending in, stuff like that.


and for Bradley likeing Kymmeelia, YES! 


i have a great idea of how they meet, so, yea! 

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