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Castle Solo Write


Once upon a time, in a kingdom far far away, there was a castle. A big castle, a mysterious castle, a happy castle, a sad castle, a busy castle. It was all of these things and more. The common folk passed by everyday. Some entered, to voice their concerns, to voice their wishes. Some entered, for unknown purposes, and some never left. 

This was a castle. But not just any castle, oh no. It had a name. Florin Castle. And inside this castle, a story unfolded . . .










Family (or the lack thereof):





In regards to the character sheet

For this character sheet, you're allowed to meet any character, as long as it fits the requirements of being able to fit in to a medieval fantasy setting. Your character is allowed to have magic but I might ask if I can tweak it slightly (just go all out, I generally don't care). The password is: omnipotent. Your character can also be anyone that has any relation to the castle! So, your character could be the crown prince! Or a servant. Or a commoner who passes by the castle everyday. Or a witch in the castle dungeons. Anyone

Also, for job/position, if your character is, say, a child, you can just put child, or whatever description fits your character closest. 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask here, or on YWP (if you're on it). Also, if you have any suggestions for plot/worldbuilding or any requests, feel free to ask too!

Max 1 character per person. 

Accepting 10 people! 


Yep, a solo write! I know I already have a ski lodge, but it's almost done anyway, and I expect this will take a while to fill up. Please read the whole thing, idk if the information is that important but it's important anyways (maybe, I honestly don't know).


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May I reserve a spot? This sounds amazing!

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Name: Sylvia

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Job/Position: Castle Weaver.

Personality: Cheerful and energetic.  Talks, but not a lot.  Has a habit of talking out loud to no one in particular.  Thinks about others before herself.  Daydreams a lot.

Appearance: Dark blonde hair pulled into a pony tail.  Wears simple dresses in pastle colors.

Talents: She can weave very well, is one of the best.

Flaws: Wil put herself in danger to help others.  Doesn't think a lot before doing something.

Family (or the lack thereof): Mother is a castle witch and healer.  Father died long ago.

Password: omnipotent

Shipping: No thanks.

Other: Knows a little magic.  Mostly small things learned from her mother.

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I'd love to reserve a spot if that's alright!

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Of course!

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Name: Liam

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Job/Position: He's an apprentice at the blacksmith that makes the armor and weapons for castle guards

Personality: Childish, smart but he hides it, kind, funny, talkative, loves meeting new people, energetic

Appearance: short, messy brown hair, gray eyes, average height, usually wearing a leather apron,

Talents: He's good at working in the blacksmith, but in his spare time he likes engineering and trying out new ideas

Flaws: He doesn't think much before talking, sometimes he works to quickly and can make mistakes, he isn't very focused and gets bored easily

Family (or the lack thereof): He's an apprentice for his uncle, his mother sells produce in the market, his father is a castle guard, and his little brother is still very young

Password: omnipotent

Shipping: no, he's too busy and too young

Other: I can't wait to read the story!

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(July 27, 2020 - 1:13 pm)

sounds fun!

Name: Princess Bella di Rochertt-Florin

Age: 16

Gender: female. she/her/hers

Job/Position: princess of Florin Castle.

Personality: stubborn. is used to getting what she wants when she wants. sorta vain. she hates sitting still and listening to others.

Appearance: pretty. has long, dark aubrun hair twisted up into a braided bun. her vibrant jade eyes seem to peirce your soul. She wears an assortment of fancy dresses but I'll describe one:
her Banquet Dress: a dark green velvet dress with billowy princess sleeves, a sweeping skirt that whirls around her heels. Normally with this dress, she wears her slightly heeled black flats and a black headband. 

Talents: getting what she wants by using her 'princess voice'. buying excessive amounts of dresses and not having to pay.

Flaws: she's vain and thinks she's better then everyone else.  

Family (or the lack thereof): Mother is the Queen, Alexandria di Rochertt. Dad is the King, Maurice Florin VII. she's an only child.

Password: omnipotent

Shipping: sure! maybe an outlawed romance? so she could fall in love with a servant or somethin? tehe... :3

Other: her parents are stupidly strict and mean, want her to be prim and proper. She goes along pretty well, but doesnt much like being restrained. her dream is to rule and be well-respected amongst everyone. 

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Thanks HeroesOfOlympus, now nobody can have a royal character XD

Name:  Arc Madadh-Làidir

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Job/Position: He is the youngest of the 7 Neach-Dìon Knights, the most trusted heroes of the kingdom.

Personality: He's good-natured, obedient, smart and courageous.

Appearence: Blonde, sky-blue eyes, fair skin, average height, muscular, with a couple of scars.

Talents: He's a Neach-Dìon Knight, so he is talented with every weapon and fighting style.

Flaws: He's an insane perfectionist. He also takes things too literally sometimes. 

Family (or the lack thereof): He was abandoned at the servants door of the castle when he was an infant. He was taken in by the Neach-Dìon Knights, and they trained him to become one of them.

Shipping: Sure!

Password: Idk 

Other: He likes art 

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bro I-

next time please put the password XD 

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Wow! Five spots taken already! Five spots left then!

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Name: Brigit Clayebrook

Age: Just turned 14

Gender: Female

Job/Position: She is a tailor's apprentice. 

Personality: She's cheerful, hard-working and has a good attention to detail, but she tends to daydream. She has a bit of a temper, and if anyone insults Brigit or her friends, they'll soon wish they hadn't. While she can be very polite, she also has a mischievous streak--she likes to cause mischief with her friends in the village near the castle, though many of the village inhabitants know her well and are still fond of her despite her frequent pranks. 

Appearance: She has green eyes, freckles, and shoulder-length red hair in two braids, and wears a light brown dress over a white blouse. She also wears leather boots and a green coat that's been patched and sewn up many times. She has a mischievous smile. 

Talents: She's a quick learner, and has learned a lot about her trade. She's become a pretty fast runner from running away after playing pranks. She's naturally curious, and likes to read whenever she has time. She knows a little magic from her mother, and has picked up a few spells from books, but she doesn't have the training or skill to create any particularly powerful magic.

Flaws: She's not always very focused, and has trouble sitting still for long periods of time. Her mischievous nature and her temper are often problematic. While she's a hard worker, she doesn't always have a lot of self-discipline, and she's a bit of a daydreamer.

Family (or the lack thereof): Her parents died from disease when she was 8, and the tailor, a close friend of her mother, adopted her.

Password: Omnipotent

Shipping: Sure.

Other: If anyone wants to be her mentor (the tailor), or someone in her group of friends from the village, that would be epic! If no one wants to be those characters, I'd be fine with them just being NPCs. 

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Can I join?

Name: Bradley

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Job/Position: I don't know... Myabe a servant against his will?

Personality: He is touhg, and firnedly, and defending, and shy, and talkitive.

Appearance: He has a brown tunic, with a drawstring leather belt- thingy, with brown leather pants, brown boots, and a brwon hat. He has tan skin, blue eyes, and brown hair.

Talents: He can do backflips, frontflips, and anything like that to dodge anything. 

Flaws: Usually, he can do all of the stuff mentioned above pretty well, but if he falls or something, he won't be able to do that stuff.

Family: His mom and dad died when he was taken to be a servant against his will.

Password: ???

Shipping: Can he like a female please? That's probably the same age as him?

Other: N/A

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Do you mind if I don't write him as talkative? It's kind of hard to write someone as shy and talkative at the same time XD

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Also please put the password next time too uwu

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