I am writing

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I am writing

I am writing a dystopian novel!
Do not worry about it starting and never being finished like that other one on page 5 or 7 because I showed it to my cousin Priel who I see every Sunday and she wants to read more so she will tell me over and over again until I write more!
I will comment more info on this post when it's visible on the CB and I'm actually allowed to be using the computer for activities other than my report!


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Go, Velvet Serpent! Keep on writing! please post some! I'm using too many exclamations too!

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I have four possible versions:

1. ssf (story so far)+more along the same lines

2. section I of ssf+matsl

3. section II of ssf+matsl

4. Simon's POV

And here's the story:
Section I

I'm late for school.
The panic that rushes over me as I contemplate this information is unreasonable. Nothing in the New Towns should be unreasonable. I should run so I get there faster.
I arrive at the school corridors and take my seat. Teacher Simona doesn't say a word and continues her lecture, but I know I'll get a punishment.
It's a lecture I've heard before. I switch my attention to my classmates. There they all are: Joanna, Natacha, oliver, Maxius, Emi, Noah, Alice, Priel, Crennie, Bob, Crimson, Ali, Angelica, Josn, Milo, Dave, and Simn.
Waitwaitwait, that's not Simon.

A piercing note of the bell, and we all line up to run around on the synth-grass for a while. Not-Simon is a little slow on the uptake.
We tromp down the corridor single-file. Alice trips on the warped piece of flooring. She should have known it was there. We all hold position, waiting for her to get up, except for not-Simon. He holds out a hand like he wants to help Alice up. Weirdo.

We Exercise. We complete our other classes. Where is Simon? 
I get a talking-to for being late. Where is Simon? Maybe he's just out sick.
I walk home. Alone because Simon's not with me, Where's Simon? Maybe he's just out sick. But there's some weirdo in his spot. What if--

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"Hi, I'm Raymond. Who are you? I used to live in Aurora City."
Oh boy. Skyside me, please. I don't want to befriend this shax.
Simon would...
"I'm Kate."
Wait, Aurora City? That's not a New Town. Strange.
"Hi, Kate! Can you maybe introduce me to some people?"
I groan. "Fine. But after that, you're on your own."
Raymond grins. "Okay."

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(August 3, 2020 - 11:53 am)

That's cool! I'm writing a dystopian novrl too! uwu 

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