Hello, everyone! I'm

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Hello, everyone! I'm

Hello, everyone! I'm makin' another RP!


It all started in a village, where every week, the villagers would celebrate over the victory that there ancestors acheived on legendary creatures: Dragons.

There were five types of dragons: Fire; Ice; Water; Earth; and finally Lightning.

But while these types of dragons were very firendly, there was another type of dragon: The Shadow Dragon.

The Shadow Dragon could shapeshift into anything it wanted to. The villagers still live in fear, for this Shadow Dragon could reamerge on thier village one day, control all dragons, and destroy the village, and possibly even the whole world!

But a type of Shadow Dragon was already in the village.

Only two people knew about this type of dragon.

And one of them, WAS the Shadow Dragon.



Here's the charrie sheet:



Type of Power:







Here are my charries:

Name: Bradley

Age: 22

Type of Power: Shadow Dragon

Gender: Male

Appearance: He has tan skin, with ice blue eyes, and deep, deep, DEEP brown hair, with streaks of black and dark purple. He wears a black t-shirt, with black pants, and a brown hat, with black boots.

Personality: He can be defensive, a little suspecting, and he can also be tough, and kind of caring at times, too. And VERY talkitive.

Shipping: Girls his age please.

Other: He has a twin sister named Lizzy.


Name: Lizzy

Age: 22

Type of Power: Water

Gender: Female

Appearance: She has ankle length deep, deep, DEEP brown hair with streaks of black and purple in it. She also has tan skin, and ice blue eyes. She wears a black mini skirt, with black leggings, and a black t-shirt with black boots. She also has tne same type of hat Bradley has, too.

Personality: She can be defending, combatitive (Is that even a word?) and caring too. And a little competitive.

Shipping: Boys her age please.

Other: Only Bradley and her know that he is the Shadow Dragon descendant.


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Okay, I am so in!

Name: Zachary Sìtheil Rìoghochad

Age: 22

Type of Power: Earth

Gender: Male


Dark blue eyes, with a bit of dark green in the center. Messy chocolate brown hair, average height, in good shape, and has a pale skin tone. 

He he loves his flannel button down shirts, usually with the sleeves rolled up above his elbows.

Personality: He's usually calm and happy. He tries to be a peacemaker.

Shipping: I don't see why not!

Other: His childhood friend is Sonia, but they're just friends. He has a little brother named Alex. He likes to play guitar and draw. He's a really good artist.


Name: Sonia Fhealla-dhà Coibhneas

Age: 21

Type of Power: Lightning

Gender: Female


Long, curly, light wheat colored hair, fair skin, and pastel blue eyes. Average height, and in perfect shape. 

She wears the most fashionable clothes she can find.

Personality: Kind, happy, proper, and a bit gullible. She's also misheivious and enjoys pulling pranks on her friends.

Shipping: Yes!

Other:  She's an immigrant from Staibadour, and has an accent. Her best friends are Zach and a boy named Christopher. She's an excellent singer and musician.

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Ooh dragons! Count me in!

Name: Britannia Swenson

Age: 17

Type of Power: Lightning 

Gender: Female

Appearance: Short black hair with one white streak. Wears a black crop top and black leggings with a white stripe on one leg. White eyes.

Personality: Senstiive, inteligent, brave.

Shipping: Whoever her age. 

Other: She's short.


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Oooh yes this sounds awesome!

Name: Maximillian Abi (Max for short)

Age: 18

Type of Power: Fire

Gender: Female

Appearance: She has copper-toned skin, bleach blonde hair with red streaks in it, and orange eyes.  Max wears a light, white sleveless shirt, dark jeans, and lots of bracelets.

Personality: Creative, inquisitive, and extremely ambitious.  She can also be somewhat arrogant.

Shipping: Anyone her age

Other: runs cross-country

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Ok, everyone, I will start this tomorrow, and you can still add charries, too.

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So...I've never joined an RP before, but this one looks fun! Sorry if I'm a bit late.

Name: Zahra

Age: 17

Type of Power: Lightning

Gender: Female (she/her)

Appearance: Medium brown skin, curly violet hair, red tunic w/ embroidery, beige leggings, black headband

Personality: Clever, brave, slightly impulsive, compassionate, impatient

Shipping: Anyone

Other: She's okay at swordfighting and has a little brother named Miles

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I don't want to, but I think I'm changing Sonia’s power to Ice because there are way too many people who chose Lightning :(

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Oh, I can change Zahra's to fire! I was considering doing that anyway. You don't have to change yours.

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Oh! Thanks! 

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AHHHHH!!! *Kicks down door, and since I'm wearing socks, I slip and fall onto the floor, then gets back up and gets into my computer chair*

Hallo, everyone!!! Sorry about the wait for part 1 of this RP, I got some video game time since I did extra chores, but anyway, here it is!! And you can still add charries while I'm writing this. 


Part One

"Bradley, c'mere, quick!" My sister Lizzy screamed.

I darted out of my bedroom, and ran to her SUPER-FAST. 

"What is it?" I asked her, taking a sip out of my energy drink.

"Why, repeat, WHY are the villagers throwing ANOTHER celebration?" Lizzy said.

I rolled my eyes. "Becuase the Battle of Dragons took a year, every week, once a week, so that's why they celebrate EVERY week!" I told her. She should know what I'm talkin' about! I explain this to her EVERY single year!

"Oh, right." She said.

"You got everything packed? 'Cause we need to leave TONIGHT, or else these villagers will get suspicious because tonight is The Shadow Dragon Elipse. That's when it messes with my brain cells, so I can't control myself when that happens!" I told Lizzy, throwing my hands up in the air as I spoke.

" Yep, and some recuits, with thier own Power Dragons. C'mon, see for yourself." Lizzy said, showing me the backyard.

There were 5 people, with different colored Dragons! I knew two of them, Zachary and Sonia. They were in my same class when Lizzy and I were still in school. 

"Yeah, they all wanted to help." Lizzy said, smiling smugly.

"Lizzy did tell us that we would get--" Someone named Maximillian said, before someone else named Zahra put her hand over his mouth.

"Lizzy, WHAT did I say about bribing people to help us? You KNOW the last time that happened, the whole school get an invasion of fire ants! I got bit by them about 15 times, and five of them were in my MOUTH! You KNOW what that does to a person, RIGHT?!" I told her. 

SHe backed up slowly, putting her hands in front of her, like she didn't know what I was talking about.

"Ya know what, forget it, forget it." I said, waving my hand.



CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!! How did you guys like it?

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Two quick things.

ONE: *tries desperately to not start belting Hamilton* @Emekittycon, Maximillan is a girl, but it's understandable bc the name is usually used for boys

TWO: I'm a little confused about what are charries are actually helping with.  Bradley and Lizzy leaving?  Why do they need help?

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Oops, sorry about the Maximillian thing. .__.

Bradley and Lizzy are leaving because they need to find someone--A hermit-- that has the power to help Bradley with his explosive temper during every Shadow Dragon Eclipse, which takes place every time the villagers celebrate. But to do it, they need help because the journey is filled with dangerous creatures that are controlled my someone else that has magic, so that person can take Bradley's powers, and DESTROY the village.


Also, I forgot to mention, the villagers look like the ones in Minecraft. 

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Ok thanks!

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Part 2

"Ok, heres the plan; Lizzy's gonna lead the way to this hermit guy's shack, so I can get enchanted so I can control my temper a little more. You guys will help protect us, becuase Giant Spiders, Night Wolves, which stand about 15 feet tall, and also other giant creatures. You need to know which is which, which is why I made some info books about these things. You can read them on the way, but this will take about a month or two to get there. Now, any questions?" I said, handing out the info books.

"Yes." Max said, holding her hand in the air.

"Shoot." I said.

"Where IS this guy anyway?" She asked me.

I slapped my forehead with my palm. "He lives on the other side of the country. And since Drago Land is a HUGE country, it takes a month just to get from one side to the other. Since we live on Drago Island, which is 5,000 miles away from the main land, it takes another month to get there." I said.

"That's right!" Lizzy said, getting on Moana, her light blue water dragon.

Max got on Flame, her bright red fire dragon.

Zachary got on Rocky, his dark brown earth dragon.

Sonia got on Flash, her teal lightning dragon.

Britanna got on Electro, her dark blue lightning dragon.

And Zahra got on Flare, her deep red fire dragon.

"Wait, I think Bradley should ride on one of our dragons." Sonia said.

"That's ok. I already have a ride." I said.

I shapeshifted into a black Shadow Dragon. I could still talk to toher people so that they could understnad me, and I could also order the dragons to which way we should, in case Lizzy got lost or something like that.

Everyone except Lizzy stared at me with huge eyes.

"What? Oh, yeah, I AM the Shadow Dragon descendant. Let's go, guys!" I said, flying to the sky.

Everyone followed me, and Lizzy lead the way.

"Which way are we goin'?" Max shouted to me.

"We're goin' south!Then north, and then north-west!" I said, still flying.


CLIFFHANGER AGAIN!!! Did you guys like it?


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