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Across the Void

Life is normal in the galaxy of Krein. At least, you thought it was, until one day, when you a strange message is broadcast to your media receiver: MAYDAY! MAYDAY! Everything is falling apart and we need help! Repeat- we need help! We- suddenly, the message fades to static, and a moment later, your planet’s leader is on the line.

“Er- no need to worry about that,” they say, somewhat hastily. “It was a- mechanical error. Everything is great. Absolutely great.” 

Your neighbors and coworkers seem to believe the president’s message, but you’re not so sure. You start investigating further, and a few weeks later, you receive a mysterious message—this one very odd, as it’s written on paper, a material so archaic you’ve barely ever seen it. It says “Don’t believe their lies. Head to the planet of Philia P73 to discover the truth. Trust nobody.”

Shortly after reading this message, you receive another transmission from your leader. “Warning to all residents- do not travel to the planet Philia P73 for any reason. We have reason to believe a group of space pirates are rigging a trap on this planet. I repeat- do not travel to planet Philia P73.”


Please fill out this charrie sheet and post it on this thread:




Home World:






Current Home:







Across the Void is a large roleplaying and wordbuilding project that spans across multiple threads. You can post your charrie sheet here, then join or start a RP on another thread. This idea was introduced by Niteskiies, a CBer who left around last month. The AtV Team consists of Luminescence, Sybill, Kitten, Majestic Mary, and Bakerloo, who have been spending time on YWP drafting and worldbuilding to make this happen. 

A couple rules and etiquette:

-If you are creating a thread, make the first words be AtV, so people know that it is an Across the Void RP.

-Please don't create a bunch of RPs at once, we would like this not to take over the Inkwell. 

-This is also not supposed to be a "replacement" for Kyngdom or anything. This is supposed to be much lower scale.


So... have fun, everyone!

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Name: Xaloxi (sha-lo-chi) Bololu

Gender: Philians don’t have genders

Species: Philian

Home World: Philia P73, a snowy planet with large expanses of ice.

Job/Occupation: Xaouala (sha-oo-uh-luh), basically the leader of their family unit. They represent their family in the governing council and manage their family interests.

Age: 184 years. Philians have long lifespans, and can live to the age of 200 or 250.

Abilities: Philians are amphibious and can breathe both water and air.

Appearance: A bit shorter than average, at 5’11. Sky blue skin and plum-colored eyes. The ends of their head tentacles (in the place of hair) change color to reflect their emotions. Their stalk is wide for a Philian, around six inches in diameter, and so are their two mid-body tentacles and four stubby legs. Their face is lightly wrinkled, a mark of their age.

Personality: Kind and caring. They watch over their children (and others’ children) like puppies, and they care about the safety of others more than their own. They carry tidbits of wisdom gathered over their long life.

Current Home: Philia P73

Allies: Most Philians, the Truth Seekers

Enemies: Whoever was responsible for the disappearance of the rest of the Philians…

Weaknesses: They prioritize others’ needs over their own, even to the extent of neglecting to eat or sleep.

Backstory: Xaloxi grew up in a close-knit, loving family. They were the leader among their siblings, so it was natural for them to take their place as Xaouala when the previous one grew too old.

Other: Meant as an exposition charrie, to help carry the plot and get things started. The sole remaining Philian, and one of the “good guys.” An NPC. Created by Kitten.

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Name: Cennaya (pronounced shen-ay-uh) Asvala

Gender: Female

Species: Pasu

Home World: Syama, a world covered in spruce forests, tundras, and mountain ranges, with two ice caps at its poles. The capitol is located in the mountains, as are most major cities.

Job/Occupation: Majabuta-- the leader of the Pasu. Her full title is Majabuta Cennaya Asvala. While the Majabuta is voted on by the people, only members of five specific families are allowed to be Majabuta.

Age: 32 years. Pasu age similarily to humans, usually living to about 80 or 90.

Abilities: Pasu can withstand even the coldest of temperatures, and their eyes are resistant to bright lights. Members of the Asvala, Hannu, Sasalum, Varu, and Roka (families that can be Majabuta)can also make their hands turn freezing cold, allowing them to create frost and freeze things they touch.

Appearance: Fairly tall, about 5'10. Warm medium brown skin, and much darker brown eyes. Tan swirly markings on left cheek. Her ears are medium sized and pointed, and she has a cat or dog like nose. Hair is pure white, and shaved on the sides, creating a mohawk look. She has side bangs, which are usually braided. While some members of her species have small horns the color of their skin, she doesn't. Typically wears a dark blue uniform with silver and gold accents.

Personality: Strong, commanding, powerful. She has influence and knows it. Rather corrupt, she uses to care about her people but is now cares more about herself and personal gain. An excellent liar, very charismatic. Smart enough to get what she wants.

Current Home: Syama

Allies: The majority of her people, who trust her

Enemies: The members of her species who don't like her, and various rival species

Weaknesses: A little stuck up, only knows the very basics of self defense and hand to hand combat.

Backstory: Cennaya was born into the wealthiest of the five families, the Asvala family. She was raised being told it was up to her to carry the family legacy, and managed to become Majabuta. Members of her own family pushed her to the dark side, convincing her to start using her power to benefit herself and her family rather than the common people.

Other: Meant as an exposition charrie, to help carry the plot and get things started. One of the "bad guys." An NPC. Created by Sybill.

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Here are my three charries. They're copy-and-pasted from a Google doc, so the formatting might be a little funky. I'll post them separately so I don't overwhelm the Admins.

Name: Seólta (pronounced say-ol-tah) Mar Nathair 

Gender: Male

Species: A direadh within the body of an Okrenti (I'll explain this in backstory.) 

Home World: Bhaile-mór, home to the direadh. It's mostly cities, though the cities have many rooftop gardens and such.

Job: Previously, a soldier, but now he's mostly a mercenary, and on the side a researcher.

Age: His current vessel is about 25, though he's actually about 70-ish. Direadh live a very long time, sometimes even up to 300 years, because they don't really have much of a true pyschical form. He's about 25-ish, like his vessel, because direadh don't really "age", they just mature? Sort of? It's hard to describe, but basically, his direadh age is a little meaningless.

Abilities: Intelligence, good with knives, blades and small firearms, agile. Since he's in the body of a Okrenti, he has night vision, but he's not properly 'connected' to the vessel and is unable to use other Okrenti abilities.

Appearance: It changes, as he can swap vessels. Direadh are essentially born as small, contained neural networks. Typically, their vessel is a biomechanical creature, handmade by their parents. However, Seólta is in the vessel of an Okrenti, who fell into a deep coma and basically died, but their body lived on--the heart kept beating and such. He has curly ginger hair, usually in a ponytail, and pale skin with light freckles. His eyes are sky blue, with thin dark slits for pupils, like a cat. He's about 5'8, and has large, pointed ears with many piercings. His outfits vary, though he always wears the core (power source) of his old biomechanical vessel on a chain around his neck. If it was working, it would be glowing, but since it's not, it's a rather small dark grey cube with intricately carved designs.

Personality: Cocky, more than a little narcissistic. He's extremely cunning and intelligent, and uses this to his advantage. Most direadh believe they're the greatest species, and while Seólta isn't even nearly as heavily prejudiced against other species, he's still fairly egotistical. A great actor and liar. Sarcastic and kind of a jerk, probably has a soft side though.

Current home: Travels all over

Allies: None in particular

Enemies: Not really anyone, but his own species isn't exactly fond of him

Weaknesses: Vain, always thinks he's right and knows everything. Probably a zero in the brute strength category.

Backstory: About 40 years ago, when Seólta was 30 (in direadh age), the direadh were at war with another species called the Vojnovy, a race of aggressive aliens. During a particularly terrible and violent battle, known as the Battle of Shosuki (that was the planet it took place on), Seólta's biomechanical vessel was destroyed. These vessels are considered sacred to the direadh, and he was shamed for having to swap between any available vessels. Seólta began to question his species blind following of their traditions. Eventually, Seólta deserted the direadh army, and began traveling around the galaxy. His species doesn't like how he questioned their beliefs, so he tends to avoid his home planet as much as possible. His current vessel is an Okrenti.

Other: Open to shipping, with any and all genders. 

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Name: Kettu (pronounced kay-too) Dreymandi 

Gender: Male

Species: Okrenti, a unique and oddly spiritual species known for their strange customs and intellect. Unlike basically every other species, they don't have a leader, or a home planet anymore, as they were driven away and nearly exterminated by the Vojnovy.

Home World: He was born on Muinaiset, the Okrenti's old home, but left as a very young child.

Job/Occupation: Scientist and doctor

Age: 22. Okrenti live longer than humans, but not by much. (Usually 100 to 110 years.)

Abilities: Night vision, highly intelligent. Good hearing, smell, etc. Okrenti also have a unique ability where they can view a sleeping person's dream. They can't move around in the dream or alter it, they can only see exactly what the sleeping person is seeing. Advanced medicinal knowledge, can use a blade decently well.

Appearance: Jet black hair, usually slightly messy. Bright yellow-orangey cat-like eyes, and glasses with a thin black frame. (It's nearly impossible to operate on Okrenti eyes, so he was unable to have his poor vision repared.) Sunkissed skin, and large, pointed ears with a few piercings. About 5'7. Usually wears jewelry, typically silver. His outfits are typically elegant, though still comfortable, and somewhat casual. 

Personality: Very intelligent, not in a cunning sense but more in a 'knew-how-to-solve-quantum-pyschics-at-the-age-of-eight' kind of intelligence. Somehow always calm and collected. A little insensitive, not overly trusting. Doesn't like to talk about his past, or the suffering the Okrenti have gone through. Doesn't typically show much affection, though he truly does care. A little odd. Believes in souls and reincarnation and spirits, like most Okrenti.

Current Home: The planet of Saibar, a man-made planet that's essentially one big city. He runs his own laboratory/doctor's office there.

Allies: None in particular. Other members of the Okrenti I suppose.

Enemies: The Vojnovy.

Weaknesses: Not a great fighter, not the best with people, and not a very good actor. His lying skills are pretty mediocre too--he's not going to get away with much, that's for sure.

Backstory: Kettu was born on the planet of Muinaiset, and he used to be in a fairly wealthy, happy family. But when he turned 8, the Vojnovy attacked. They wanted the planet's many resources, and the Okrenti were in their way. Kettu was the only surviving member of his family, and one of the few remaining members of his species. He snuck off the now Vojnovy--controlled planet at the age of eleven by hiding inside a cargo ship heading for a different planet. When he arrived, he lived on the streets for many years. However, people noticed how oddly intelligent he was. At the age of fifteen, he was 'discovered' by a professor from a famous medical university. Amazed by his intellect, he was offered a free tuition there in return he be the professor's assistant. After four years of school, Kettu graduated, and moved to the planet of Saibar, where he has lived for the past three years. 

Other: Open for shipping, but only with other guys, please.

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Name: Yang Kecil (pronounced key-sill)

Gender: Female

Species: Kadal, a species known as artists and musicians

Home World: Hutan, the world of the kadals. It's fairly tropical, with swamps, rainforests, and massive oceans.

Job/Occupation: A student at an art academy on Hutan

Age: 16. Kadals age the same as humans.

Abilities: Prehensile tail, good climber and runner. A great artist, fairly musically talented as well. 

Appearance: Dark skin and warm, green slender eyes. Her hair is very straight and jet black, usually kept in a tight bun. She has bangs. Round face, with dark hunter green markings. Small ears, with a few handmade earrings. Curved dark green horns, a little like ram horns but not quite as curled, usually adorned with handmade accessories. About 5'4. Usually wears light, hand-sewn clothing. Long, lizard-like tail with dark green scales. Pointed teeth and finger/toenails.

Personality: Bold, daring, always speaks her mind. Willing to fight for what she believes in, but not to listen to logic and reasoning. More than a little reckless, though still good-hearted. Sometimes a little overly-righteous. Dislikes standards and tradition, preferring to do her own thing. 

Current Home: Her room at the academy she's attending, on Hutan.

Allies: She has a few friends, and her family--though she also sometimes disagrees with their more traditional views 

Enemies: Those who follow tradition and rules mindlessly.

Weaknesses: Reckless, never thinks anything through. Has no idea how to fight. Always tends to believe she's right. An absolutely horrid liar and actor.  Has a tendency to say things at the wrong time.

Backstory: Yang has had a fairly typical life for a kadal--she was born in a town in one of the rainforests, and was homeschooled by her moms until she was 15, when she began attending a nearby Academy, which she will graduate from when she's 20. She's always dreamed of escaping her normal, boring life and finding adventure.

Other: Open to shipping, preferably with other girls but I don't really mind.

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Name: Ji

Gender: Boi

Species: Star elf (a broad term, with many subspecies that go by different names)

Home World: He doesn't have a home world. He was born on a spaceship, in the middle of a flight. Well, his home is his spaceship, the Fourteenth Moon.

Job/Occupation: He's a space pirate. A professional.

Age: 19. Most star elves typically live until about 100, or a little less.

Abilities: He's a fighter, a warrior! He's pretty athletic, good with weapons, and also good at thinking quickly. Knows his way around a spaceship. 

Appearance: Black skin. Like, literal, black, skin, like the night sky. Glowing white freckles, like stars! Cropped spiky white hair. Very saturated blue eyes, narrow, like a cat's. He's short and agile. Pointed ears.

Personality: Spontaenous, bold, has a 'now or never' mindset. He really likes shiny things. He's quick to anger, and feels no strong loyalty to anyone in particular (yet). Friendly. Opinionated, and isn't afraid to speak out. Doesn't think things through, holds grudges, and never forgives or forgets.

Current Home: The ship he works on, the Fourteenth Moon.

Allies: His crew, and some other ships' crews that are allied with the Fourteenth Moon.

Enemies: Most people. Including government officials and other pirates.

Weaknesses: Holds grudges, doesn't think things through, stays angry for a long time, lets his emotions take over him. Pretty selfish.

Backstory: He's a space pirate. And kind of rich. But not really since it's all illegal. He's not a Robin Hood, but he does steal. Just for himself.

Other: Open for shipping w/ anyone


Heyyyy Sybill, do you think we could ship Ji with Kettu?? :D :D 

Also, this turned out amazing, y'all did a really great job! :D :D 

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Oh my Kyndgom yes, their relationship would be great.

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oOOh, they can meet when Kettu like needs passage to the planet, and he rides on the spaceship for an exorbitant price illegally :D idk honestly

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Something like that. XD

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I’m expecting lots of people will want to make new species, so I thought I might as well use one that’s already been mentioned! This species came from Sybill’s character Yang Kecil, so for more details, see her comment.

Name: Fila Ramaya

Gender: Female

Species: Kadal

Home World: Hutan

Job/Occupation: An aspiring writer. Works as a waitress at a restaurant called The Golden Palace to make ends meet.

Age: 19

Abilities: Good with words. Decent painter. Excellent balance, due to her tail, though she isn’t particularly athletic.

Appearance: Curved horns, currently painted in pink and purple stripes, but she repaints them often. Straight dark brown hair with a bright pink streak, worn in a braid while she’s working and otherwise loose around her face. Orangey-brown eyes, somewhat cat-shaped. (She isn’t positive, but she thinks she has some Okrenti ancestry.) Pretty tall, with a pointy chin and pointy ears. Her ears aren’t pierced, but she makes up for it with funky necklaces and bracelets.

Personality: A dreamer. Strives to make the universe a better place. Very passionate about the issues she believes in. Not ashamed to be a bit weird. Wants to believe the best of other people. Comfortable speaking her mind, but if standing up for what she believes in becomes more dangerous than just talking or writing, she’s likely to back down.

Current Home: A small apartment on Hutan.

Allies: Other waitresses at her restaurant, some friends from the Academy.

Enemies: This one guy who likes to loiter outside The Golden Palace and oggle the people inside. She doesn’t know if he’s dangerous or just creepy, but she certainly doesn’t like him. Also, evil people in general.

Weaknesses: Can be too trusting. Not very athletic, and a terrible fighter. Can get upset easily.

Backstory: Her parents died in a hovercar accident when she was 8, and she moved in with her aunt after that. Fila always dreamed of going to an Academy, but her aunt only managed to save enough money for the first three years. The hope had been that Fila could get a job or a scholarship to provide for the rest of her tuition, but unfortunately, she wasn’t able to make enough money, and she had to drop out.

Other: Not open to shipping, sorry. Possibly friends with Yang, if that’s okay with Sybill?

PS. Sybill, why is your location IKEA? Not judging, just curious. :)

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Yeah, they'd be great friends!

My location is Ikea because a.) I think it's hilarious and b.) I put it as 'Ikea' when I was telling a story about Ikea furniture once, and then I just sorta...kept it as Ikea. 

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yes, of course im joining, i. love. this.


One charrie for now, might make more later <3

Oh, and I might not be too active, since school is starting soon, but ill try my best <3 

Name: Adrii T'aal (pronounced Ad-ree Tee-al)

Gender: Female, she/her pronouns.

Species: Half Kadal, half 'Shooting Star'. 'Shooting Stars' are a Star Elf subspecies, known by most as Shooting Stars, since the subspecies has no name. 

Home World: Born on Hotan to a Kadal mother and Shooting Star father. Has since moved to Twa-Ald, a small planet almost entriley made of water.

Job/Occupation: She doesnt have an official job but is working as a healer, using her tower as an opperating base and rowing out to other islands to deliver remidies. 

Age: around twenty-one.

Abilities: Healing-she's a praticed healer who has a distinct style-; swimming; baking; housekeeping; and helping others.

Appearance: Straight red hair cut in a bob, shiny yellow eyes, a little chubby, skin is chalky white, she's pretty short and is normally seen wearing a smart white shirt with bright green buttons, khaki shorts, tall leather boots with purple laces. Always has a cheery smile.

Personality: Just your resident friendly doctor. Always tries to help, be kind, and see the best in others. She gave up her tower for a week to a passing traveler and slept on a plank, which drifted far away from her island each night and- Okay back to personality... doesnt think much about herself and constantly reminds other people to 'stay safe, healthy, happy and warm' when she's mixing dangerous potions and not eating and letting the cold air in and well she's happy all the time so yeah ugiuyfruyde 

Current Home: An abandoned tower on one of the seven islands. Yes there are only seven islands (the only land) on Twa-Ald.

Allies: Pretty much everyone on Twa-Ald, as the population is about 17 people XD

Enemies: The MurkFish that live in deeper Twa-Ald waters, mean people and, uh, she doesnt have any more.

Weaknesses: She's the only healer on Twa-Ald, where several sicknesses spring up per month, which creates quite a strain on her. She also is allergic to Thyme, which happens to be quite a big ingredient in most things she makes.

Backstory: Adri grew up in a small house with her parents, moved out when she was 16, then bought the tower and moved to Twa-Ald. She healed a neighbor's baby boy and word spread, soon she was curing everyone on the island after a bought of Bog Fly Flu spread across the Islands. She hasnt made any friends and lives a solitary life, except for when the broadcast is received... of course, she will try and help. Expect to see her at Philia very soon.

Other: Na Na Na Na she's a mermaaaaid Na Na Na Naaaaaa 


dont worry she's not a mermaid im just- eodheiquwfg efr3hejwjqhf


oh i feel like this character is so unoriginal ugh

ill probably have her be a npc

yeah thats what ill do. my next charrie will be her apprentince, post that sheet later! 

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Name: Aya Katui (Ay-yah Kah-toy)

Gender: Female, she/her

Species: T'a-Katir, a human like species.

Home World: Was born on the moon Ca-a, then lived on her parents spaceship, the Dune Rider, now lives on Shirhi-Kann, a planet made of marshlands.

Job/Occupation: She's a student at Ayall Medical School.

Age: 19 1/2. 

Abilities: Performing surgery, yelling, sitting still.

Appearance: a mop of curly dark turquoise hair, chocolate brown skin, a white Student Tunic and a heavy leather belt dangling with pouches and bags containing herbs and powders. She wears a bronze star pendant around her neck, is rather tall for her age, is gangly and skinny, and has a curious frown.

Personality: somewhat curious, antisocial, dislikes peoples company, always speaks her mind, and she will yell at you.

Current Home: the Student Dorms of Ayall Medical School.

Allies: Her pet frog. and her parents. 

Enemies: The space pirates who raided Dune Rider and the mean boy in her class that never stops teasing her.

Weaknesses: She's allergic to almost everything, is very forgetful, and gets in loads of trouble for yelling. 

Backstory: She was born on Ca-a, taken aboard the Dune Rider, and learned to be an assistant pilot. They were trading at a Floating Market one day when space pirates raided their ship and took the Dune Rider and her cargo. Aya and her family returned, triumphiant from their trading success, to find a single star pendant where their ship had been. Aya put on the star pendant and yelled at the empty space for hours while her parents bought a passage to Shirhi-Kann using their newly-traded-for haul. They moved into a one room hut and Aya's parents started farming while she took a student course at the medical school. They're waiting for the day they can buy another ship and name it Dune Rider II. 

Other: She is open for shipping with anyone, but lets make it a good pair. 

Im super excited! I also forget that Adri (my other charrie)'s age is forty one, not twenty one like it says XD

I have a question- when do we start roleplaying? 

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Would you like to ship Aya and Seólta? I feel like they would be a good pair.

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oh yes, that would be awesome! Maybe they could meet when Seólta is sick and the nearest healer is Adri, so Aya is helping Adri and yeah. i have no idea 

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