Writing Challenges! 

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Writing Challenges! 

Writing Challenges! 

Have you ever wanted to or needed to write something but couldn't find the motivation? This can help!  

There are two kinds of Challenges. Prompt and word-based.

A prompt is a prompt such as "write a poem about how you are currently feeling." You can also add a word count such as "It must be at least 100 words." A word-based challenge (sorry I can't currently think of a better name) is just focused on the amount you write and not what. For example you could say "set a 5 minute timer. Write as much as you can within that time. For each one hundred words you manage to write you get a point."

There is a point aspect to this. You earn points from doing a writing challenge based on the difficulty of the challenge. CBers are responsible for keeping track of their points. At a time that we agree on we all turn in our points and whoever has the most wins our little game. ;)

1 point: very easy

2 points: relatively easy 

3 points: medium

4 points: relatively hard

5 points: very hard

Do not make the points more than five unless you do one where the amount of points depends on how well the person does. 

How it is played:

I'll start by giving both a prompt and a word-based challenge. If you are playing, try to complete one or both of them as quickly as you can. I fyou are the first done with that one you post a comment saying that you are done with that one. You get the points for it. Then people stop working towards that challenge unless they want to keep trying and and you make a new challenge of that same type, prompt or word. There will always be one prompt challenge and one word challenge in play. Ask questiond if you have any.


Write five haikus (about anything you want but they must make sense) only using verbs, nouns, and adjectives that apply to things that you are currently seeing/hearing/feeling/smelling/tasting. 3 points.

In case you dont know what a haiku is: 

Haiku's are poems,

With syllables five, seven,

than five for each line. 


That was a haiku. 


Write your typing speed*5 in five minutes. 2 points. 


and . . . BEGIN! 

submitted by Feline Fantasy
(August 25, 2020 - 7:04 am)

Seems interesting.

But I don't quite understand.

(the) Word based challenges. 

-30 sec.

Am I allowed to

Think it up before I start 

Typing and timing?

-33 sec

(I'm not btw, I'm timing it all) 

Mahogany walls.

Underneath the light blue dome.

Sitting down at home.

-46 sec

I really should stop

Procrastingating so long.

So, I guess, "so long!"

-38 sec

That would have been the

Perfect last one but I 

Need one more haiku.

-45 sec 

submitted by aqua, the person
(August 27, 2020 - 2:52 pm)

Nice! You don't need to time the prompt one, that one is about what your writing. For the word-based one I meant in five minutes type as many words as your WPM (words per minute, there are online tests you can take to find out what it is) in five minutes. So, for example if you have a WPM of 40 you would need to write 200 words in five minutes because 40*5=200. the word based ones are basicly just about how much your writing (they are for motivation), not what, and sometimes those need to be timed, it depends on each. I guess you get 3 points, good job, you get to come up with another prompt challenge. :)

submitted by Feline FanTOPsy
(August 27, 2020 - 6:47 pm)

Oh, I see. Thanks! 

@myself(omgosh. "Procrastingating." xD xD xD xD why is that typo so funny lolol)

submitted by aqua
(August 30, 2020 - 12:42 pm)

OH okay that makes a lot more sense now.  Five haikus let's go. 

1: What am I supposed

To eat for dinner?  I dunno.

I'll figure it out.

2: I wish it was night 

'Cause I want to watch Legend 

Of Korra, it's awesome

3: My brother wants a 

Piece of gum. He chews it LOUD.

It's pretty annoying.

4: Now I want to write

A haiku about bubblegum

So I guess I will.

5: Bubblegum. So sweet,

Tasy but loses its flavor

Fast. I wonder why?

That was pretty fun actually!  Some of the grammar isn't right cuz I had to change it to fit but oh well.

submitted by QueenofWolves
(August 28, 2020 - 3:58 pm)

This sounds like a really good idea, I'll try to participate when the next challenge comes

submitted by Hawthorne
(August 28, 2020 - 5:03 pm)

Okay, um, I think maybe QueenOwolves got it because the other was more like questons in haikus? I don't know? anyways, is anyone going to do the other one? The idea is basicly that whoever completes the challenge makes up a new one but instead I could do something where I just release a few challenges each week and you can tell me if you did them. I would probably start a different thread.

submitted by Feline Fantasy
(August 31, 2020 - 5:48 pm)

Okay ya know what I think I'm gonna to that.

submitted by Feline Fantasy
(September 1, 2020 - 11:04 am)