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Everything we've worked so hard for is about to come unravelled if the Vojnovy can't get the situation on Philia P73 under control. They let that distress call get through, and now everything-- EVERYTHING --is in danger, including my position as Majabuta.

They've been so successful in the past, taking any planets or moons with any use, and obliterating any species who might give us troubles completing our plans. The only other failure they'd had was the direadh--but they'd still managed to keep our involvement hidden from that one.

This time, however, it had been SUNRISE's responsibility to create the cover-up. And now everyone suspected the government knew something.

And now they were all going to Philia, where they would discover the truth, and destroy our plan to save the galaxy.

Unless we stop them first. Unless I can convince the other members of SUNRISE and the Vojnovy to fight them.

Even if it means revealing ourselves. The people will understand.

After all, we're the best rulers they could ever ask for.



((This roleplay is meant for villains/those allied or working with the Vojnovy, and any governments allied with them. It takes place at the same time as the Philia RP.))

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Ah, I meant to do this much earlier. Sorry!

Madu Tovenarij, aka, "Boss"~~

He glowered down at the android, seething with rage for not the thing in front of him, but those who had failed--specifically, the Vojnovy, and whoever had been in charge of writing that impressively see-through cover story.

"P.L.E.A-5, tell me--who exactly managed to get onto Philia P73?" Boss growled. He was sick of having to be around only androids all day, but real people had morals, and morals were not something he wanted in his spacecraft hideout. Even then, he'd made sure the androids had been equipped with the best anti-hacking software, and they all ran on closed circuits--meaning, you would actually have to access the physical android itself to hack it. While onboard the ship, they did not have access to the Net, or any databases. 

"Many managed to get on. However, the Vojnovy were only able to intercept a handful of ships--the Aquila V, the Arxnidl, the Daybreak, and the Aethre. The Aquila was piloted by space pirate Kairo Faay, better known as 'Light'. The Arxnidl was piloted by an extremely famous space pirate, Rlang Ketnn. The Daybreak was also piloted by a space pirate, a Selieth named Aigith Rim. The pilot of the Aethre is currently unknown, however, we are aware it originated from Nephaya Minor. It is believed that a direadh was onboard the Aquila V."

The Boss pondered the android's words for a few moments. "Rlang Ketnn, you say? She's been quite a pain for the galaxy for many years now."

"I believe arresting and interrogating any of those who made it to Philia P73 would prove to be immensely beneficial, sir. Our chances of stopping them would increase by at least 60% if we were aware of how much they knew, or even just how dedicated they are to their misguided cause."

"Perhaps. But I think we should wait before attacking them. Send a message to the other SUNRISE members and the Vojnovy. Request for spies to be sent to Philia." 

"Right away, sir." With that, Five turned. Boss could hear the click of their shoes fading, slowly, slowly.


We could probably roleplay the selection and training of the spies on this thread as well as just villains doing villain planning stuff.

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“But ma’am-” I didn’t blink. “You’re. Fired.” The whimpering T’a-Katir in front of me hurried out the door, not bothering to shut it on his way out. “Sengdl.” The voice came from behind me. I didn’t turn around immediately, and while my face didn’t change, I was still shocked. And maybe a little afraid. I spun around slowly, to see the leader of SUNRISE staring me right in the face. “Madu Tovenarij,” I said, calmly as possible, and bowed. He didn’t return the gesture- rude. “I see you just… fired someone,” Tovenarij said with distaste. “And, Sengdl. How many times must I tell you to call me Boss?” he added irritably.

I didn’t blink, but inside I was quaking. “How many times must I tell you to call me by my title, and not my last name?” I asked, annoyance clearly in my voice. Oh no. Kataar, what have you done? He’s going to delete you from existence. “Very well, Captain Sengdl.” He sounded amused. “Thank you, Boss.” He smiled in that smug self-satisfied way. “Oh, and Boss? The T’a-Katir had it coming,” I added, just before he clicked out of existence.

Weird. Usually, the only reason Madu Tovenarij ever called was to demand things of me and the SongBird Initiative. He already controlled my life, not to even mention the thousands of citizens of this planet, Jenne, who were all under the control of SongBird. “Oh, and Captain.” I froze. The Boss… was back? “Yes… Boss?” I asked tentatively. 

“I need you to find out who the Nurooliem pilot that got onto Philia P73 was. And also, you’ve been demoted, Lieutenant. Hand over that badge.” I froze again, spinning slowly around to face him. “Who are you replacing me with?” I asked, my voice much higher than usual.

“Oh, that’s no longer your business, Lieutenant,” he said rudely. “No,” I said firmly. “No?” “No, I will not give up my rank. I am Captain Kataar Sengdl, and that is how I will stay.” Boss laugh softly, menacingly. “Oh, I think you will, Kataar Sengdl, once you hear what I have to say.” 

I crossed my arms, beating my wings in annoyance. “I am demoting you for two reasons. One, why have you concealed the existence of the Nurooliem on Nephaya Minor from me? I was told Nephaya was an uninhabited moon. And two, if you perform this job well… I’ll give you back your Captain status.”

The candles on the table flared, sparks flying. I closed my hands into fists, snuffing out the flames. The room was plunged into darkness, except for the eerie blue light of the hologram. “I did not give you that information. I thought you were aware of the Clans. But I have a deal to make with you: if you leave me in charge of the SongBird Initiative, I will do your job. And you will then give me back my rightful status as Captain.”

He nodded, almost imperceptibly. I pulled the badge off my cloak, feeling strangely empty without it, and replaced it with a Lieutenant’s badge, feeling the worst I’d ever felt in my career.  “Goodbye, sir. Thank you.” The hologram clicked off.

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I'm slightly unsure about what's going to happen in this RP, and how it's going to intersect with the Philia RP, but I'll see how this goes...

~ Jaxi Varu ~

The Vojnovy captain of this ship seemed to have decided I was his personal assistant. This was a bit of a demotion, and not well-suited to my skills in any case, but it's not like I could protest. Not only was I afraid for my life -- and the life of all Pasu -- if I refused, but once they were done with me, Majabuta Asvala would kill me with her own hands. No, I had no choice but to go along with what he ordered.

I held the door for him as he marched into the meeting room, then stood silently at the back and watched the hologram flicker on.

"Exactly what is going on there?!" spat the Vojnovy in the hologram, disregarding any attempt at an introduction. I sucked in a breath. Warmaster Jharthraxyn, the leader of the Vojnovy. I'd never seen him before, but I recognized him easily: he was the meanest and burliest Vojnovy I'd ever seen.

"I'm sure I don't know what you mean," the captain spat right back.

"Your orders were simple-- barricade the planet, and keep anyone from landing. And yet what do I hear?" Spit flew from his mouth as his voice rose. "That not one, not two, not three, but four ships broke through your barricade!"

"They were better-armed, more prepared, and nimbler than we expected," the captain said stiffly. "I'd have liked to see you do better."

"Well, it's too bad that you won't get that opportunity. You're to drop some spies on Philia, then back off and wait for further instructions."

"I am, am I?" If he'd had eyebrows, they would have raised. "And where am I supposed to find spies that the stupid resisters won't notice immediately?"

Warmaster Jharthraxyn's gaze turned to me, and I froze, trying to keep my fear from showing. "Is that a Pasu I see back there? Send him."

Them, I mouthed, but I couldn't bring myself to say anything.

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Madu Tovenarij~

Now that he'd gotten off the comms with the SongBird leader, it was time for him to select his own personal spy to be sent to Philia.

And what better option than a well-trained android who had been hunting space pirates since the day it was manufactured?

P.L.E.A-7 stood in front of Madu, looking very calm. There had always been something unsettling about Seven--maybe it was the brightness of his eyes. Maybe it was the way he always noticed everything, and never forgot it. Or maybe it was the way his eyes seemed to contain real, human emotion. It didn't matter, though. After all, any emotions Seven had couldn't possibly be anything more than just a programmed reaction. It would help to disguise his identity, though.

"Seven," Madu purred. "You've always been one of my best androids."

"Thank you, sir."

"I've decided to give you a special task," Madu continued. "I want you to slip onto Philia, disguised as nothing more than a human who wants to help out. And I want you to gain their trust, in whatever way possible."

"Understood, sir."

"But one day, somehow, I want you to betray them. And there's specific ones I'd love for you to kidnap."

"Who are they?"

"For the most part, your usual targets. Let's see... Rlang Ketnn, legendary space pirate. Kairo "Light" Faaye, another space pirate. Aigith Rim, yet another space pirate. And Seólta Mar Nathair, a gun-for-hire who is actually a direadh," Madu explained. "They're certain to be good fighters, but I'm sure you'll find some way to beat them."

There almost seemed a hesitation before the android spoke again. Butt that would have been ridiculous--androids don't hesitate. They don't have weaknesses. "...Yes, sir. I gladly accept."

"Good," Madu replied. "You'll be heading out to go train with the Vojnovy as soon as the ship's ready."


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