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WoF Roleplay

WoF Roleplay


Will I regret making this because I'm already in like 5 roleplays ... maybe, but I mean, I'm still making it!


Wings of Fire Roleplay! Yey! Dragons!












I suggest you search up some dragon age references, it's pretty confusing XD


Name: Frost

Age: 6 (nearing her 7th hatching day soon)

Tribe: Icewings

Gender: Female 

Appearance: Scales of the palest blue, nearly white, shimmery and opalescent. Everything about her is dangerous. Her spikes are incredibly sharp and prominent, and her eyes are narrow and stormy grey.

Personality: She's arrogant, vain, belligrent, and dangerous. She's very determined to claw her way to the top of the rankings, whatever it takes, leave behind her parent's legacy, and make it big for her and her sister. She doesn't care about anyone but herself and her sister, Frigid. Very arrogant, and completely believes that Icewings, and in turn, herself, are better than everyone else. Spontaeneous, and will lash out at any moment. She's the absolute best when it comes to hunting and fighting.

Occupation: None. She's currently still in the Icewing dragonet circles, at the top of the rankings. First circle.

Backstory: Her parents were sixth circle nobles, and she has one sister, Frigid, who's four years younger than her. She really wants to make a name for herself, and clear the way for her sister as well.

Other:  Shiiiiiiiiiiiping?? :D


I guess this'll take place before Darkstalker, so the Rainwings are still secluded, the Nightwings haven't moved yet, and Icewings and Nightwings don't hate each other yet.

plz join :D


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