Camp Half-blood roleplay?

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Camp Half-blood roleplay?

Camp Half-blood roleplay?

So, uh, I kind of vanished, and as I usually do when I return, I decided to make a roleplay. I'm taking a mythology class right now and we're going over Greek mythology, and it made me want to make a Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus roleplay. Now, of course, it's been about three years since I've read either series, and I never actually finished Heroes of Olympus, so I might get a few things wrong. This roleplay is more like an alternate timeline anyways. Or just far enough in the future that the events taking place in them simply don't effect anything anymore.


1. Your charries can be satyrs, nymphs, or demigods. However, the demigods godly parents can only be GREEK gods, just to keep things from getting too confusing.

2. You can have up to five charries.

3. We'll start when there is five people total (including me!)

4. Don't roleplay as canon characters (because obviously, they aren't our characters to use.) Now of course, there may be a few characters we have to use, however, characters like Chiron and the gods themselves are characters from Greek mythology so they don't really belong to Rick Riordan anyways.

5. The godly parents don't have to be main gods! You can totally have a character who is the child of, say, one of the Graces, or Iris, or something.

6. Anyone can join even after we've started, just read through the roleplay so you're caught up on things.

7. We'll figure out the plot as we go.

Here's the character sheet:



Godly parent:




Years they've been attending Camp (none is allowed, if they're a newcomer):

Backstory (optional):


I'll post my charries after this shows up. 

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I forgot about age, so just put that into appearance or other or something.

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Ooh, looks fun! My favorite series by Rick Riordan is actually MCGA and my second favorite is ToA. It would be cool to have a completely separate thread where we roleplay as the original characters (AS LONG AS WE WOULDN"T CHANGE ANYTHING ABOUT THEM sorry I hate it when fans do that). Maybe I'll make one like that.

AnYwAyS now I have to go think of a character . . . 

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I made three charries, but I'm posting their sheets seperately so it doesn't overwhelm the Admins.

Name: Shane Labelle

Gender/pronouns: Male, he/him

Godly parent: Aphrodite

Personality: Charismatic, witty, can be manipulative. Not at all humble, can seem shallow. (He's shockingly not as shallow as he comes off.) Confident, can be reckless. Fairly good sense of humor. He can actually be a little cold-hearted at times, and even apathetic--usually in battle. Think Finnick from the Hunger Games, just not as skilled in water. A small hoop earring in their left ear.

Appearance: Very tanned skin and dark messy hair. Warm brown eyes. Fairly tall for his age--he's about fifteen or sixteen. Attractive, like all children of Aphrodite. Usually wears something casual, sometimes a little make-up as well.

Skills/Abilities: Good with people, fairly intelligent. Agile, good with lighter weapons like one-handed swords and daggers. His true weapons are his words, though.

Years they've been attending Camp (none is allowed, if they're a newcomer): Three or four years, and he stays year-round.

Backstory (optional): He grew up in a medium-sized town somewhere in upstate New York with his dad. When he was 12 or 13, he discovered his mother was Aphrodite via being attacked by some kind of monster while on a hike and then his father telling him who his mother was.

Other: Open to shipping with anyone!

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Name: Dorian Salo

Gender/pronouns: Non-binary, they/them

Godly parent: Eirene, a lesser goddess of peace

Personality: Very calm, reserved. Don't speak very often, but when they do, most people pay attention. Mature for their age, 15. Most people would have  expected them to be a child of Athena because of their intelligence. 

Appearance: Dark chocolate-colored skin, ice blue eyes. Short braided hair, sometimes decorated with silver beads. Average height. Usually wearing very large, comfortable clothing. 

Skills/Abilities: They are deaf (they can still speak, though), which many might view as a weakness, though in reality it can actually be a strength. For example, loud noises will never affect them, nor will the Siren's songs. They also know sign language and are fairly good at reading lips, which is good for any sort of stealth-type thing. Fairly decent with a sword.

Years they've been attending Camp: This is their third year, they only come during the summer.

Backstory(optional): I'm gonna take the optional route on this one.

Other: Open to shipping with anyone.

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Name: Kyung-Soon Jin (usually goes by Kyu)

Gender/pronouns: Girl, she/her

Godly parent: One of the Muses, specifically, Melpomene

Personality: Usually fairly quiet, though her actions tend to be reckless and bold. She's confident without speaking much, essentially. She can be very emotional and cares very deeply about her friends and family.

Appearance: Quite short for her age, 13. Fair skin, dark almond shaped eyes. Brown hair so dark it looks black, usually kept in a bun so its not in her face. Usually wears something casual yet pretty. 

Skills/Abilities: Extremely talented musician, especially on a piano. Her music can basically alter the emotions of those around her. Her small size lets her fit into very tight spaces.

Years they've been attending Camp: None, this is her first year.

Backstory: Grew up somewhere in the New England area.

Other: Open to shipping, preferably with girls.

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AHHHHH I really want to do this because you're such an amazing writer and you're army of charries are unstoppable. (Up to FIVE charries?!) I'm going to reserve for now, but I've been super busy recently so I might not be able to post that often. 

<3 Fidelity 

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I have read all of Rick Riordan's books, so I am totally coming.

Name: Kaya Johnson

Gender/pronouns: Female, she/her

Godly parent: Artemis

Personality: Kind, brave, funny, kind of talkative, she's an astronomer, and she is a very strong leader.

Appearance: Dark/Medium skin, poofy brown hair in a bun, and average height, she's 15. Dark brown eyes, and overall pretty casual looking. She normally has jeans and a t-shirt.

Skills/Abilities: She has great fighting skills, and can figure out exactly which way she's going by glancing at the night sky. She's often up at night, but only on clear nights. 

Years they've been attending Camp (none is allowed, if they're a newcomer): 4th year. She stays year-round.

Backstory (optional): She grew up in big-city New York with her dad, until he died. She knew that there were monsters, and using the stars, she found Camp.

Other: Open for shipping, either gender.

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I don't mean to sound rude, but unfortunately Artemis can't have children--she swore to never have them, and it goes against book canon and Greek mythology. Might you be able to change who Kaya's godly parent is? Thanks.

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Uuuuugh, I totally forgot that. Okay then, her godly parent is Athena.

Powers are slightly tweaked: Amazing fighting skills, great at strategy, and I guess kind of like Annabeth? 

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Hi! I'm new to the CB and I made an intro thread on the Chirp at Cricket thing. It hasn't shown up yet though, do posts usually take a while to show up? [Sometimes it takes awhile. We Admins have other things to do, too. But your intro is posted now.] Anyways, I hope that I can join this roleplay. It has been a while since I read either series, too! Let me know if I can't join.

Also, what does charrie mean? Is it a short for 'character'? I'm gonna guess that's what it means? [Yes, you're right.]

Name: Morgan Smith

Gender/Pronouns: Girl! She/her

Godly Parent: Athena

Personality: Crazy smart! She is very careful and practical. She thinks everything through, sometimes a little too much. But whenever her friends are in danger, she sometimes forgets to be catious and can act very bold and reckless! She can also be bossy and is not afraid to yell at people.

Appearence: She is 14 and her height is nothing weird. She has long hair that has been dyed purple and bright silver eyes. Her skin is olive and she has a couple freckles. She usually wears a bright orange Camp Half-blood tee shirt and ripped jeans. And also black boots.

Skills/Abilities: Well, she is intelligent! Also, she's pretty sneaky and good at hiding, and keeping secrets. She is also good at being a leader.

Years they've been attending the camp: This is her second year!

Backstory: She used to live with her dad in Connecticut, but one day after school monsters attacked. She and her dad managed to escape and her dad explained that Natalie' s mom was Athena. Athena then sent a great grey owl that guided Natalie to Camp Half-blood.

Other: Open to shipping with guys!!

Um, here is my other character!

Name: Nathan Lee

Gender/Pronouns: Male, he/him

Godly Parent: Demeter

Personality: Nathan is very kind and nice. He likes the outdoors and animals alot. He is also very soft spoken but he is not really super-shy or anything, he just doesn't like being loud.

Appearence: Nathan has medium toned skin and dark hair that is usually in a man bun or ponytail. He looks to be at least somewhat of Asian descent, and has very dark blue eyes. He is pretty tall for being only 16.

Skills/Abilities: Well, he is super good with plants, and farming stuff, and also surviving in the wilderness. He's also good with a sword or knife.

Years they've been attending the camp: Four years! He stays year-round.

Backstory: He lived on a farm in the Midwest, with his dad, his dad's new wife (not Nathan's mom though!) and his two younger brothers. One day, while out with the farm animals, a monster of some kind attacked Nathan. He managed to defeat it.  Not long after he found out about Camp Half-blood. Demeter appeared to him in his dream and told him he was her son and that he was a demi-god. Ever since he has been living at Camp Half-blood.

Other: Open to shipping with guys! Sybill, can we ship Nathan and Shane?

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Welcome to the CB! Yes, we can absolutely ship Nathan and Shane.

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Name: Moxy Li

Gender/pronouns: She/her/attack helicopter

Godly parent: Apollo

Personality: She’s a flipping keyboard god. And she sings! And also she plays the guitar! She sings a lot of sad songs, but she’s anything but sad. She’s pretty chill, and she likes to talk to people who are smart owo. Because they’re interesting. Yea. Stereotypically lazy.

Appearance: She’s blooOOOoooOOOoooonde. And her hair’s long and straight! And she has heterochromia (one blu eye and one brown eye). And she literally just wears whatever but she’s still pretty because tHe PoWeR oF aPoLlO makes her sunshiney and beautifuwul. She's 16.

Skills/Abilities: Music. And she can surf. And she has the ultimate chill factor.

Years they've been attending Camp (none is allowed, if they're a newcomer): 4

Backstory (optional): Eh, she's kind of boring tbh


haha rip my like 15 writing projects 

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I have three demigod OCs already, so I'll play as two of them.

Name: Crystal Chenovi

Gender/Pronouns: Female, she/her

Godly parent: Khione (goddess of snow)

Personality: She's usually quiet and reserved, but her friends bring out the outgoing and competitive side in her.

Appearence: medium-length, curly, white-blonde hair, medium/dark brown skin tone, ice-blue eyes.  Her signature outfit is a grey tanktop, white skirt, and hiking boots.

Skills/Abilities: Ice powers, very acrobatic

Years they've been attending camp: This is her second year, she's 15 years old

Backstory: She's a gymnast and a climber

Other: Open to shippingwith girls her age

I'll post my other charrie later!

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I've never done an RP on here before, but this sound like a lot of fun.

Name: Maylin Jones

Gender/pronouns: Female, she/her

Godly parent: Hephaestus

Personality: She's very quiet an often seems shy at first. She enjoys working with others and she's friendly, but she doesn't talk a lot. She is almost never reckless.

Appearance: Short, straight, dark hair, brown eyes and is a little under the average height for her age. She's about 14, though she looks a little younger. She often wears tee-shirts and pants with lots of pockets.

Skills/Abilities: She is very practical, and can work well under pressure. She's pretty good building things and deconstructing them, and can use a sword.

Years they've been attending Camp (none is allowed, if they're a newcomer): Two years, she only comes in the summer.

Backstory (optional): She discovered she was a demigod when her mother explained it to her after a monster attacked her school

Other: n/a 

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