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Welcome to our first collab write!

It's basically a solo write, except we're all writing it instead of just Sammy.

< That's pretty much it. Freak! Explain the plot line! >

Got'cha. It's basically Sammy's old "Unexpected Guests RP", but better... 


One day, while hanging out in your room, an odd light started shining under your carpet.

Curiously, you lift the carpet, only to fall through a mysterious portal!


{ ...That's it? }

I'm not gonna write five paragraphs for an explains room that can fit in two sentences.

Fair enough.


CBer Name:

Age (Optional, can be fake.):



Personality (Important):


Will you wake up in Freak's Circus, K.A.D.E.'s Surf Shop, Timber Wolf's Den, Anonymous Goat's Pyramid, or The Everlasting Mansion?:

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y e s !

 CBer Name: HeroesOfOlympus, but call me Heroes

Age (Optional, can be fake.): 11-12, but I act like Im 14-15.

Gender: She/her pronouns please <3

Appearence:  I have wavy shoulder-length blonde hair, pale pale skin, a shy worried smile, gray-blue eyes, im 5 feet and I can't make eye contact. Im wearing a oversized black sweatshirt with a thick powder-blue stripe on the sleeves, faded jean shorts, black high-tops with chunky electric blue laces, and long rainbow socks.

Personality (Important): Im very introverted, antisocial, and awkward. those three words sum up my personality. I do my best to please others, although I can be a grump, and I would rather be alone. Im scared of everything, theres always a looming worry-cloud hanging over my face and Im trying not to break down and sob most of the time qwq

Other: I can fly, yay

Will you wake up in Freak's Circus, K.A.D.E.'s Surf Shop, Timber Wolf's Den, Anonymous Goat's Pyramid, or The Everlasting Mansion?: Obviously Freak's Circus, because that sounds really creepy and it reminds me of the Sub Urban's Freak Show music video (aoekhegfu so epic watch it nOw) 


Tomru says wtdoh. Either you want to make what-the dough or you've been watching Homer Simpson.  

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Whoever topped this is a saint.

Anyway, I think we'll start writing on October 25.

So get your charrie sheets in!!!

{ Just remember, if your late to this Collab Write, we can still squeeze you into the story. October 25 is when we start writing, not when we stop accepting charries! }

• Have a lovely day! •

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Oh, thank you, I think it was me, although I honestly can't remember. I enjoy being a saint. My halo is very lovely.

CBer Name: PygmyOwl

Age (Optional, can be fake.): 13 or 13,000

Gender: Female

Appearence: I am sort of tall for my age. I am pretty skinny, with long legs and feet that are really too big for my liking. I have hair that is finally reaches definitely past my shoulders and is sometimes-sort of-not-really-curly. And blueish-grayish-greenish-who knows what elseish eyes. I will be wearing a forest green tunic with black leggings and brown, ankle-high boots.

Personality (Important): Shy, and introverted, but I can be much less so around my friends. I love reading, writing, acting, and my flute. Also, I am pretty creative and I stand up for what I think is right. I am pretty opinionated. I am an INFP-T, according to my last Meyers-Briggs test a mew months ago. This can change when I have sugar in my system.

Other: I'm part vegetarian, part semi-vegan.

Will you wake up in Freak's Circus, K.A.D.E.'s Surf Shop, Timber Wolf's Den, Anonymous Goat's Pyramid, or The Everlasting Mansion?: The Everlasting Mansion. I believe I saw a thread saying there was a library.

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CBer Name: Darkling

Age (Optional, can be fake.): 13

Gender: Female

Appearence: black hair, freckles, ripped jeans & snarky t-shirts. (My favorite is the rainbow unicorn kitten with a speech bubble reading "I hate people." )

Personality (Important): Nerdy, confident around people I know, eager to talk about the things I like, Marvel fan

Other: :rethO

I'm gonna wake up in the pyramid, cause it's a pyramid. (It is its own reason.) 

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This looks like fun!

CBer name: Sterling

Age (optional, can be fake): Teenager

Gender: Female

Appearence: I have wavy, midnight-blue hair, an olive skin tone, grey eyes, and am tallish.  I'm wearing a white sleeveless shirt, jeans with colorful paint splatters on them, combat boots, and silver earrings.

Personality (Important): Introverted, stubborn, creative, and passionate.  I'm always creating some sort of story in my mind.

Other: I never know what to put here...

Will you wake up in Freak's Circus, K.A.D.E.'s Surf Shop, Timber Wolf's Den, Anonymous Goat's Pyramid, or The Everlasting Mansion?: I'm gonna go with The Everlasting Mansion.

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Aye, aye Captain!
Aye, aye Captain!
Chapter One: Arrival, Part One
"...ello? Hello? Are you there? Hello?"
PygmyOwl's eyelids fluttered, but she didn't wake.
"...GET UP!"
"GAH!" PygmyOwl startled, as she jumped awake. 
Her eyes quickly snapped to the other girl. A girl she has never seen before.
"Sorry...!" The stranger exclaimed, before looking relieved, "For a second there, I thought you were dead."
PygmyOwl looked around, surprised to find herself in a... library? 
A very nice library actually, with multiple floors and gold detailing on the smooth, white, marble shelves.  A grand golden chandelier hanged over them, shining with diamonds and candlelight. The white marble stairs also had golden detailing, with a lovely navy blue runner going down the stairs also detailed with (surprise, surprise) gold. The walls were painted a navy blue, and covered by golden framed paintings. There were fancy desks, chairs, couches, statues, globes... All with the same color scheme as the rest of the room.
"Wha... Where...?" PygmyOwl stuttered.
"I know right? It reminds me of the library in Beauty and The Beast! This would make a great story..."
The girls continued to talk, trying to piece everything together, before-
"PygmyOwl!?!? Sterling!?!?" A surprised girl asked, "What are you doing here?!"
The girls were too shocked to say anything, because the person in front of them... Seemed oddly familiar.
"It's me, Sammy Everlast!"
Meanwhile, Darkling was having her own problems...
"It's not that hard people! Swing, snap, rock!"
The mummies looked at each other, exasperated. Their job was to guard the Jewels of Cleopatra, not have a 13 year old girl teach them the Renegade.
"Okay, one more time, then we'll record it." Darkling said, secretly relieved that her plan actually worked. She was 10 seconds away from being mummy meat if she didn't distract them.
"Um... excuse me?!" The British mummy, Ben snapped, "If you don't mind, we're going to attack you now."
"Eheheh... I do mind actually..." Darkling argued weakly, backing up as the mummies started crowding her.
The British mummy winced, "Yes?"
Slowly, all the mummies shuffled away.
"Hiya! You're Darkling right?" The goat said as she emerged from the shadows.
"Uhhhh...." Darkling took in the sight of a talking goat with a black cloak for a while. "...Yes?"
"Cool! I'm Anonymous Goat!"
We have to go now, I promise we'll get the second part later! 
{ Also no proofreading, we die like men. }
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This was so good, I loved reading it! Um. I think I'm going to find a book to read/carry as a comfort blanket through whatever harrowing adventures await. I also will try to find some sunglasses, because of all the gold.

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Chapter One: Arrival, Part Two


"Oh, c'mon!" HeroesOfOlympus groaned, "I'm right back where I started!"

She had been walking through this mirror maze for what seemed like an eternity.

"Looks like I'll just retrace my steps..."

"Yeah that'd prolly be a good idea, if you keep advancing you'd never get anywhere, y'know?"

"Huh!?" HeroesOfOlympus looked around for the owner of the boys voice, but she couldn't find anyone. "Who's there?"

"The person here."

"What's your name?!"


"That's a lie!"

"That's an exclaimation."

"What do you want?!"

"Right now I could go for a McDonalds Happy Meal. Relive childhood, y'know?"


"...Ya want a light?"

"I don't smoke."

"Yeahhh, neither do I. I just like lighting stuff on fire."

After a couple moments of silence, the boy spoke up again;


HeroesOfOlympus jumped, the turned toward the direction that the voice was coming from.

"Really? Are we five, disembodied voice?"

"Mentally, yes. So, you're HeroesOfOlympus from" 

"Yes- wait how'd you know that?"

"When you jumped, you never landed..."

HeroesOfOlympus looked down, the yelped.

The voice started laughing again.

"I-I'm flying!?"

"Hahah... Yep... Heheh."

Suddenly, darkness started pouring out of a mirror. A dark, shadowy male figure with a white prosthetic mask with pure black eyes walked out. Other than that, his outfit was completely black, with a hood over his head.

He grabbed her arm and pulled her back to the ground.

"I'm Freak. Welcome to the CB dimension stranger." 


So, what will you guys do next?

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Well, I like this already! Im going to buy Freak that McDonalds Happy Meal he wanted. I think I have some money somewhere in my pockets...

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I know I'm not supposed to be here but.

Sammy E, we need your sheet for the Cruise Ship Ski Lodge you reserved! Please get it in as soon as possible. Thank you! 

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(Sorry this is late I only just found it) 

CBer Name: Jade

Age (Optional, can be fake.): 13

Gender: Female

Appearence: I have dark brown, almost black skin. My hair is silver with a gold streak above my left eye. My eyes are icy blue-purple and I am wearing a sky-blue tanktop, dark purple leggings, and a black velvet cloak (don't laugh, I wear a cloak IRL sometimes). I also have a gold-chained bracelet on my wrist. The pendant is a tiny golden key.

Personality (Important): I am somewhat shy with new people but when I warm up, I can be easily excitable and talkative. I am intelligent and love to read. I also am creative and imaginative, and I love to write and draw.

Other: I grew up on a sanctuary called Varrenn Sanctuary, which is for mythical creatures. I have a worrenn companion named Tariyah.(Worrenns are wolves with wings and antlers.) She has light gray (I guess you could call it silver) fur, with dark gray antlers and osprey-like wings. I can communicate with Tariah and, through my bracelet, I can communicate with many other animals, both mythical and "real."

Will you wake up in Freak's Circus, K.A.D.E.'s Surf Shop, Timber Wolf's Den, Anonymous Goat's Pyramid, or The Everlasting Mansion?: Timber Wolf's Den, duh

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Oh, wait, sorry, my CBer name is Wreeboo.

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Ahhhh is it too late to join?

CBer Name: NerdFace

Age (Optional, can be fake.): 14

Gender: Girl she/her 

Appearence: wavy, chestnut brown hair, deep blue eyes with green circling the pupils, thin, tall (5’ 10”), dark skin, long eyelashes, thin brown eyebrows, high cheekbones

Personality (Important):  brave, attentive, pessimistic, funny, curious, adventurous, thrill seeker, observant, and care free

Other: i'm not really afraid of anything. oh. and i'm like a tomboy, i think. 

Will you wake up in Freak's Circus, K.A.D.E.'s Surf Shop, Timber Wolf's Den, Anonymous Goat's Pyramid, or The Everlasting Mansion?: K.A.D.E's surf shop please!

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