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Imagine this: a

Imagine this: a huge city, walled off from the outside world. Every resource they need comes froom inside the walls. Outside the walls is a barren wasteland, stretching so far that no one has ever been able to cross it. In this city there are two laws that rule above all others. Number 1: Music is a crime. Number 2: Singing is the worst crime of all. You are part of a small group that has been singing together in secret for many years. Now, you have been caught. Every person in the group has been exiled beyond the city walls. Now you must find a way to survive. But there is a question to answer: Is there a way out of this wasteland? 

Character form:





Type/Style of Music you Sing:

Effect of Your Singing:


I am the leader of this group. My charrie:

Name: Leelah

Age: 13

Appearance: Tanned skin, red-brown short wavy hair. Sparkly blue-gray eyes. A sliver-chained necklace with a half-sphere pendant. Wearing a yellow T-shirt and forest-green cargo pants. Also has a creamy-white windbreaker. Carrying a faded-blue denim backpack.

Personality: Intelligent and kind. Loves to read, write draw, and, of course, sing. takes the lead reluctantly. Though she is young, she takes the lead because she knows much about sunging. She is also a little shy around new people.

Type/Style of Music you Sing: Classical/opera. Also loves to sing christmas songs.

Effect of Your Singing: Sort of an "earth element" effect. Causes plants to grow. When singing, she can also communicate with animals.

Other: A little brown-and-yelo bird named Maple follows her. Sh emaes animals friends very quickly and gathers companions almost as fast.

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Sorry I didn't already say this:

After 5 or 6 people I'll start. Also, I know this is a fantasy, but try to refrain from having fantasy animals as companions. 

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I also forgot this:

Please put gender/pronouns on your charrie form. Thanks! 

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Hi! I am new to the Chatterbox, but I really like to read and write so I am going to try this out!

Name: Lana

Age: 13

Appearance: Purple hair, bright blue eyes. Wears a choker with a locket on it, and lots of sweaters. Always far away and dreaming. Wears purple combats boots and jeans or denims skirts. Her hair is always in her face, and she always has friendship bracelets on.

Personality: funny and kind, but quiet and shy. Has a pretty, light voice. Blushes a lot, and tucks hair behind ears all the time. Gets self-consious and reties her shoelaces all the time. Once you get to know her, she's outgoing and likes to laugh. 

Type/Style of Music you Sing: Chill music, pop, and she will sing any type of music, but those are her favorites.

Effect of Your Singing: She can control water with her mind. Lana never found this very useful, but maybe she has other undiscovered powers...

Other: Lana loves cats, and she has a little black cat named Iris who follows her around and meows along with her singing. She also likes frogs.

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Name: Christopher Searbhant Dìleas

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearence:  Light brown hair, naturally pale skin. His right eye is a pastel green and his left is pastel blue. He's on the taller side of average, muscular, and in good shape. His outfits look like they're from a fashion magazine. 

Personality: Well read, kind, and witty. He does not like people threatening him or his friends. Might seem bossy, but just wants to protect his friends. 

Type/Style of Music you Sing: He's fine with all genres, but he prefers rock (Not hardcore rock, just Fall Out Boy level. Sometimes Starset.) because that's Sonia's (See Other) favorite style.

Effect of Your Singing:  He can control the earth with it. From growing trees to earthquakes, he can do practically anything with it.

Other: He wasn't exactly raised there. When he was 14, he was found bleeding out in the town square. Nobody knows where he came from, and he can't remember either.

But there is one thing he can remember; A beautiful girl named Sonia, his best friend. He never got the chance to tell her how much she means to him.

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@Sammy Everlast  You create such cool characters! I love this character's backstory. 

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@Sophie T., Thanks! That's so sweet!

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Can I call your charrie Chris?

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Oh and pronouns, she/her.

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My Charrie: 

Name: Arron


Appearance:Tannish skin,orange hair,amber eyes,Army green cargo pants,mahogany t-shirt,amber and navy sweatshirt. 

Personality:He loves to work with metal,and likes learning about history.

Type/Style of Music you Sing:classical

Effect of Your Singing:makes animals come to him

Other: Arron has a black jaguar that loves to pounce on anything that moves.

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is this a solo write or one were we all write together?

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Name: Allyah Johnston

Gender/Pronouns: Female, she/her. 

Age: 17

Appearance: Pixie cut brown hair, dark brown skin, ice blue eyes. She's wearing a pale blue tank top with a camo jacket over it. She's wearing dark blue jeans and hiking boots. She also has a small silver bracelet, given to her by her mom when she was little.

Personality: She's tough, so if someone is out of line, she'll tell them with no problems. However, she loves to laugh and have a good time, if fact, her friends used to say her laugh was the best part about her. She's aslo very romantic, so if you want to ship her with a guy, that's okay.

Type/Style of Music you Sing: Really anything except country. She hates country.

Effect of Your Singing: Makes people reveal the truth, so we always know if someone's lying.

Other: She has a dark purple backpack with food and water in it. It also contains her favorite book, Little Women and a notebook and a pack of pens. On the backpack there's a small pouch that she doesn't let ANYONE look in. Also, she hates dogs, but she loves cats.

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Its a solo write, but you can give suggestions that I will probably use since I can't necessarily make a super good plot until I have all the characters.

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Hi! Uhm I'm pretty new here this is my first time on the site so sorry if I mess anything up.

Name: Fawn

Age: 14

Appearance: Very light skin. She was teased for it so much she started wearing long sleeves most of the time, even when it was super hot out. Her hair goes a little past her shoulders, and is a greenish ombre which gets blonder towards the bottom. She also usually has some sort of flowers in her hair. She keeps an acorn tied around her neck as a sort of connection to nature. Black longsleeves with a dark green cloak that's cut to her elbows. Black jeans that are ripped at the knees, but not ripped on purpose. She has tall laced boots (no heels, they're pretty easy to run in) brownish redish eyes.

Personality: She doesn't open up to people quickly, and is slow to trust due to some issues in her past, but once she has decided you are ok she is a lot more outgoing. She also is very self conscious and will read way too far into things. Occasionally she needs hours/days to be left alone because social interaction is draining. She is pretty smart, but doesn't like to show it much for fear of being seen as arrogant. However her heart can lead too much sometimes which can end up in a bad situation. She likes to read and prefers that and spending time in nature and with animals over people (for the most part). If someone offends her, people she loves or things she cares about a lot, she'll get very angry and almost switch personalities to yell at the person (Or thing I guess) which said something stupid. She loves animals and will go out of her way to help them.

Type/Style of Music you Sing: Mainly musicals, but also some pop. She'll sing anything though.

Effect of Your Singing: She can sort of read minds, but not very precisely. She can get a general idea of what someone is thinking but not word for word. In addition she sometimes has a hard time understanding other people, sarcasm is hard to grasp, sometimes she can't tell if someone is joking, (and doesn't get the general concept of flirting in general if you want to go anywhere with that lmao) among other things, so this can be a frustrating power to have. She might even need help with understanding what she picks up on.

Other: Fawn has a panda ferret named Bandit who is a bit of a kleptomaniac. Fawn found Bandit who was abandoned inside the city, and gave him his name due to his habit of stealing things.

She has a faux leather messenger bag which she doesn't let anyone touch, but she keeps snacks, water her journal and some books in. There seems to be something else in there too but when you ask her about it she gets really quiet and almost sad. Bandit also climbs into there sometimes with his treasures, and to sleep and/or enjoy the ride. 

Fawn is also bi, but as mentioned above she doesn't really pick up on romance or know how to be romantic. 

also pronouns are she/her


this is way too long sorry

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Name: Kade 

Age: 15

Appearance:  tan skin, short light brown hair that's kind of spiked up in the front but just a bit, small build, blue eyes, wearing a light blue t-shirt and Jean's

Personality: A bit stuck up and thinks he's better than other people, clever, but when he's singing he gets quieter and peaceful, not a good team player

Type/style of music he sings:  I'm not sure what it's called but like the style of song that's in lots of musicals

Effect of your singing: usually just a cool breeze, but can become stronger if he's mad or super passionate 


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Now this looks interesting!!!!

Name: Poppy Falls

Age: 15

Appearance: super curly, dark blonde hair. She has a ton of freckles over her nose and bright green eyes. She always has a michevious smile and wears purple cat eye glasses (not just for show, she can't see things far away without them). She's short for her age and has ears that are more pointy than usual. She always wears a dark blue T-Shirt, a sequined purple skirt, black leggings, various braclets, and thick soled black boots. She has a silver necklace with a music note on it. 

Personality: Very happy and optimistic, she looks for the bright side in everything. She's also very empathetic and can easily tell when someone is sad. She loves to cheer people up and is very loyal to her friends. She loves to joke and pull pranks on her friends and is always ready to comfort people/support them. She's a counserler and embraces this. However, she has a bit of a temper and is extremly stubborn with what she believes.

Type/Style of Music: She's all over the place, mostly happy, peppy songs. She HATES rap music with a burning passion, but other than that, she's good. 

Effect of Singing: She can make other people feel unusually strong emotions depending on what kind of song she sings. Ex. sad songs will cause people to collapse in tears, happy music will make them more likely to want to help... you get the idea. However, this only works if she's feeling the same emotion that she's singing about and will affect EVERYONE, even friends. 

Other: Allthough Poppy seems happy, this is just a front she puts on for everyone else's benefit. She's actually quite sad, because the government killed her family because they were rebelling against the no singing rules. She was the only survivor and is seeking revenge against the government for what they did. 

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