The mist swirls

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The mist swirls

The mist swirls



The mist swirls around you and your companions.  You pass your hand over your eyes yet again, as if by some miracle the fog would clear with a brush of your hand.  Drops of moisture cling to your eyelashes and you view the grey world through water blurred sight.  

The mist seems to cast a blanket of silence over the world.  It sounds as if your group is the only thing in existence.  As if all others have ceased to be.  The breathing of you and the others seem quieted.  No one speaks and the silence becomes oppressing.

The mist creeps into your bones.  Chilling you, despite your many layers of clothing.

The mist clears for a moment, just before you walk into a tree.  You swerve around it.

A strange lethargy comes upon you.  The effort of walking becomes almost too much to bare.  Your movements becomes slower and you begin to lag.

Your foot catches on a rock and you fall forward, not bothering to catch yourself.  You lay, face first in moss and dirt.  The damp ground chills you further.

You don't get up.  What is the use?  Nothing can save you, your friends, your family. 

*           *          * 

Firelight flickered across the tired face of the healer, who sat half in shadow.  Her wavy brown hair was let out of its usual neat bun, it cascaded down to her shoulders in waves.  Her newly grey hairs gleamed like silver.  Dark shadows rested beneath her eyes.

The healer turned to the group gathered in front of the fire.  "You are our only hope", she said.  "I will not force nor pursuade anyone to go.  If you make the decision to go it must be purely your own decision.  Let no one sway your decision."  She paused, then; "Will you go?" 

~ ~ ~ ~


Age (minimum of 10 years, maximum of 17 years): 







The first six characters shall be excepted.  They are due by the eighth of November.  A week after the eighth this Solowrite will start.  It may possibly start sooner.  Please keep a lookout for updates.

Note: by subbmitting a character you give me full rights to end your character.  As well as elaborate and add upon your character's appearance, personalitly, background, etc. 

You may try to guess who I am.  But I will only reveal the answer at the end of this Solowrite.

Questions are always welcomed and will be answered. 

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Name: Lenna

Age (minimum of 10 years, maximum of 17 years): 14

Appearance: She wairs her waist-length black hair loose, except for when she's serious and focused, at which point she ties her hair back into a tight ponytail always kept ready on her dark brown wrist. Her brown eyes can burn you up with anger or freeze you with cold indifference. Harsh, cold words escape her light brown lips. She will wear anything, she's not particular, but she really likes when people find her something that really matches her personality. Some of her favorite outfits are that dark brown dress, tied with fake rope at the waist, and that one blood-red crop top and rusty brown above the knee skirt. She likes wearing combat boots and proffesional running shoes.

Personality: Fiery. Cold. Intense. It can change from day to day, but in general she's just harsh, intense, and punishing. Though she does have a few friends, they're not close, and she has no close relatives. (Potential character growth there?) Nothing makes her really happy, except - except. Except except except. Running. She loves running, and it clears her mind of everything else. It's her escape. From her life. From her 'friends'. From everything.

History/Background: She was born to Michael and Elizabeth Lopez, and they tought her to stand up for herself. They were a barber and a woodsmith. Then, on one monumental day, there was an earthquake. A small one, but large enough to start a fire in Elizabeth Lopez's barber shop, killing her and the one customer with her. Since then, Lenna has been determined to avenge her mother. And, when she was twelve, her father ran away, not able to take care of her anymore. So now she's on her own, brooding in a house with no one else to complain to.

Weaknesses: Forming strong bonds with people. Talking about her feelings. Basically, her one weakness is not being strong.

Strengths: Fighting. Arguing. Being strong. Pretending she's invinsible. Pretending she can't hurt. 

Other: This is my OC, that I made up right now to go with the story. *bows*

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Before I make a charrie, what's the world/basic plot of this solowrite?

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That intro... was amazing. I can't wait to see what comes next!

Name: Poppy Embers

Age: 15

Appearance: short for her age, she's not skinny, but thick. (Not overweight though!) She has extremly curly red-brown hair and bright, green eyes. She's got a smattering of freckles over her nose and ears slightly more pointed than usual. She likes to wear comfortable clothes, big sweatshirts with pockets, leggings/sweatpants, and cozy leather boots. 

Personality: Very sweet and kind, outgoing and fun loving. Not a big worrier at all. She's empathetic and does her best to cheer people up. She's stubborn and quick tempered and holds tight to her beliefs. Poppy can take charge of a group easily, but only if their is no leader. If a group has a leader, Poppy will be happy to be a follower. When she gets a mission, she'll chase after it relentlessly, but can also be easily distracted. ENTP personality mostly. 

History/Background: umm... she's been an orphan her whole life. She lives in the orphanage and is quite happy, she watches over the little girls and isn't bitter about her life at all. (Feel free to expand on this, or change it completly!) 

Weakness: Absentminded, bad memory, terrible sense of direction, she can take on too much socially, cares about people too much, gives people far too much benefit of the doubt, stubborn, quick tempered. 

Strenghts: an excelent shot with a bow, empathetic, can tell if others are lying, can chase after her goals with a focus, strong in her beliefs, knows how to relax and comfort others 

Other: Umm... nothing much! I don't know if you're going to have any romantic relationships, but if you are, she's only interested in guys. Pronouns: she/her  

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Ah, my apologies Sterling.  I should have included that in the begining.  Here you go, I hope it answers your questions.

Grayingwell is a small homely village set in the wilderness of Payern, a newly discovered world.  For many years Grayingwell has been as prosperous as a small wilderness town can be expected to be. Small troubles present themselves from time to time, but always they are settled quickly and well.

Until one day Grayingwelll is beset with an unknown and mysterious illness.  Nothing can be found to cure it.  The illness spreads and many lives are lost.  The village healer despairs  

One night the healer reads of a rare herb only Mother Nature can give.  A herb that cures all sicknesses. But Mother Nature is hard to find, and the healer has no time to go journeying into the wide world to find her, the healer must stay home and care for the ill.

A group of children learn of this herb and are determined to go on this journey to save their village. But the journey is not easy, is it even possible?  What if Mother Nature is but a myth? 

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Name: Xavier Geàrd nan Dràgon

Age (minimum of 10 years, maximum of 17 years): 16

Appearance: Dirty blonde hair, with periwinkle eyes. He's on the shorter side of average height, and never puts on weight. Fair skin.

Personality: He's an optimistic person. Definitely an extrovert. He's kind and good-natured. Pretty much a stereotypical Boy Scout.


Xavier comes from a small old-fashioned village called Imeall Dragain located in The Forest of Tears.

When he was an infant, the village was attacked. There were many casualties, but the worst was the loss of Xavier's parents. 

A family friend, an old hermit named Achaius, took him in. But as the man was elderly, he died when Xavier was 14.

Xavier decided to leave the village, and after everything horrible that's happened, he still manages to always keep his smile. 

Weaknesses: His optimism sort of distances him from reality. He believes he can fix everything if he really tried. Doesn't know when to quit. If he's hurt, physically or emotionally, he won't say anything because he doesn't want to be a bother. 

Strengths: Great pep talks, knows how to survive in the wild, First Aid, knows how to fight.

Other: I would put what he likes and dislikes, but Xavier loves everything... So... I guess he's sensitive about his past? 

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Name: Mila

Age (minimum of 10 years, maximum of 17 years): 15

Appearance: Tall, with a poiny nose and sharp eyes. Dark blue hair that stops at her shoulders. Wearing blue cargo pants and a dark green sweater, with a long green cloak. Hair pinned back with a gold clip, encrusted with emeralds. Hiking boots, and hands with little leaves drawn on them. She has a little leaf-shaped birthmark on her left cheek.

Personality: Smart and artistic. Dreamy but also curious and headstrong. Sometimes overthinks things, sometimes doesn't think at all. Gets mad very fast, and can act irrationally. Has an astounding ability to solve puzzles, and strangely good reflexes. 

History/Background: She doesn't really know. She just woke up here one day a few months ago. Now she's off on a quest. She doesn't have any memories. Oh well.

Weaknesses: Can act irrationally, sometimes too bossy, will say things she regrets often. Sometimes charges into danger

Strengths: will think carefully at times, can solve puzzles well, very good reflxes. She can run very fast. Very good with nature. 

Other: nope

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Name: Bradley

Age: 15 

Appearance: He has tan skin, ice blue eyes, and brown hair. Like, a deep brown. He has a blue plaid flannel jacket thingy, with a grey t-shirt under it (The blue plaid flannel thingy is open like a vest.), blue jeans, brown cowboy boots, and a brown cowboy hat.

Personality: He's caring, defending, and if he doesn't know you, he can be a little threatening. Like as in I'm-gonna-hold-you-by-your-shirt-collar-to-a-tree kinda threatening. If he gets to know you, he's pretty nice.

History/Background: Father didn't like him, his mom loved him, Bradley ran away at age 13 and has lived as a thief ever since.

Weaknesses: Umm, he gets distracted by things sometimes, and he gets a little too defending, and he bleeds really easily.

Strengths: He's strong, fast, and he's REALLY good at fighting.

Other: He has a baby Dragon Lizard named Lizardo da Vinci that likes to perch on his shoulder and sometimes rides in his pocket.

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Thanks, Chronicler!  This sounds epic, so I'll be reserving a spot!

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This sounds fantastic! Can I reserve a spot? I'll post my charrie tomorrow.

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I am sorry Quill, the six spots have already been taken or reserved.  But you are welcome to read and comment on how I could make my writing better when this starts!

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No worries! I'll definitely be reading along!

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Am I in? This looks REALLY AWESOME!!!


Bradley just said "ovuob". Dude, if you're gonna do what I THINK you're gonna do, don't do it.


Can somebody PLEASE tell me what you think he's saying? 'Cause I think he's going a little over the egde...

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