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HELP!I reall


I really want to do NaNoWriMo, but I can't ever seem to find time to write! Homework, plus a bunch of other stuff after school...does anyone have any tips about setting aside time to write? I shall pay you in cookies for each tip.

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I am terrible at actually managing my time, but I will try to help. Look at your schedule. Try doing homework and NaNo at the same time (not as eachother lol) every day, and eliminate distractions when you do so. You can make a small goal and then always lower it, no one will jugde you for that.

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Hmmm...well, if you have time on the weekends, you could try to get as much writing done then as you could. It's okay to lower your goal, no one will judge you and it's better to not be as stressed. You could also make a schedule and find the free time in each day that you have. Then set a timer for like half an hour and write as much as you can then. I'll let you know if I think of anything else! 

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I saw a tip from an author on NaNoWriMo social media, and he said to fit in whenever you have any time, like your lunch break, for example. He also suggested doing "focuses" instead of sprints-- sit down and make yourself focus for 30 minutes (for example), and then rewarding yourself if you complete that. (Sprints work too, of course!)

Also, don't stress if you can't meet a super high goal! I'm doing NaNoWriMo, but I'm certainly not aiming for 50k. (My goal is 15,000 words, in case you're curious, but you could go lower than that too.) If you write every day, that's good enough!

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*coughs* I would be very happy to help! 

I actually finished my (50k) word goal already, so here goes! 


2. Choose something you'd like to write about. I recently got interested into another topic, so I'm not writing my NaNo novel anymore (its not finished yet) but I'm changing topics.

That's really all. Actually. Strange. eh ah well. 


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I have focusing problems and something that helps me is doing it in 1-5 minute sprints. You set a timer for some amount of minutes, then write as much as you an in that amount of time.

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Do you have the NaNo... I'll call it 'disc', hopefully the admins let it through. They have a server on that famous chat website, and that's where we played among us not long ago... They have a bot on it that has these "sprints", where you set a time and a few other people can join and you have that amount of time to write as many words as you can, then you compare with other people on who wrote the most.


What I do is try to get on when some other people are sprinting as early in the day as possible, and I try to write as much as I can, worry about editing it to make more sense later. It's good to have something like that, if you start your day strong it's easier to have the rest of the day strong.

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