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Hello. You can call me Jazzy. First, I want to explain what this is! Then I'll tell everybody a little bit about myself :D.

I like to write. I don't have time to write and do Nanowrimo. I also don't have the motivation to write. But way back when I was a young lass, I wrote a 90k+ fanfiction and I only got that far because I publically had people reading it and encouraging me on!  So, hear me out, I've got a theory. I can do the same thing, but with an original story idea, and having some people reading it and giving me feedback will (hopefully) produce the same results! Essentially, I just need some writing accountability buddies and you guys might just do the trick. I might attempt to post my story in regular intervals (like every two weeks), or I might not. We'll just have to see. Either way, if I keep this up, I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE AND APPRECIATE everyone who wants to comment on my story and give advice! Obviously this is a rough draft, so if you see spelling or grammatical errors just ignore them. Those are easy to fix. I'd love advice specifically about the story and characters and plot. All im trying to do right now is write a story! So come at me and rip it to shreds (nicely plz) with advice! My first book is called Prince of Peace. I wrote 15k on it last summer during camp Nanowrimo (whichwasmygoaldon'thateonmefornotfinishingNano. Isucceededokay). I am rewriting it because it needs some work, so everything you will be reading is fresh out of the brain-oven. Anyways, onto ME!

I am, surprise surprise, an old CBer. I was about 11-12 when I joined, and was a part of the Chatterbox for a few years. I'm 18 now. I'm a freshman in college, and I am a music performance major. Because of Covid, my first semester of college has been online, which saves me a ton of money, but really really sucks in every other way. But it's okay! We get through it. But yeah, I take about 17-18 credits every semester to do music performance, so that's why I'm busy and Nanowrimo isn't ideal. (For those that don't know, 18 credits is the max amount in college.) But hopefully a biweekly posting schedule that is very very lax will give me the creative space I need to keep pursuing writing as a hobby! Yay! :D Yeah, Jazzy isn't my original Cber name, btw. I have no intention of revealing my old identity, so you can try and guess, but I'd prefer if you focused your comments on writing tips or other neat stuff like saying hellooo and introducing yourself. I just don't want this thread to turn into a 'guess who I be' kinda thinga ma bob. 

So, onto how this hopefully will work! 

First of all, feel TOTALLY free to introduce yourself to me, and also ask questions about me if you'd like! I know I'm like, an 18 year old, and I hope that isnt creepy, but I loved this community as a kid. I don't feel comfortable posting my story anywhere else, honestly, and this format and website is familiar to me. It was a childhood home. Plus CBers are angels and really sweet. Anyways, for writing stuff, when I post a chapter (I use the term 'chapter' extremely loosely), if you want to give advice, click 'reply' specifically to the box that the chapter is in. Otherwise it'll get confusing and yeaahhhh I don't need more chaos in my life. Because, you know how you can click reply to the main box (which this text is in) and then you can reply to the specific reply to the main box that makes a smaller box underneath the specific box instead of at the END of all of the original replies and everyone gets confused and - yeh. That. Heh. Peace out, I guess. Ask away! 

And, to start us off, what do you think of my first paragraph that I wrote 10 minutes ago? Would you read this book JUST knowing the title and first paragraph?




"Mothers, as the sayings goes, always know best. They have
eyes on the back of their heads, their hugs and kisses heal the deepest of
wounds, and they know. There are some bad mothers in the world, certainly, but
a good mother can see through the most delicately woven lies and know that something
is wrong. They see. However, it is the wisdom and advice of mothers that should
be appreciated the most. Even on political topics, like assassination, their
advice should be followed. Especially when the topic of assassination hits
quite close to home. Literally. Mothers do, really, know best"

(I won't be able to post more writing until after FINALS UGH, so Mid-December, but I'll answer questions and chat for a bit when I can!!)

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I am sorry admins... I guess copying and pasting from microsoft word is cursed. Idk if you can fix that or not... but to everybody else... the chaos around my story blurb is just... forbidden. :(

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Oh my gosh, HI! *hugs* (I know who you are from another post, or at least I know like who you were as a CBer, so you don't need to be weirded out that I just tackle hugged you.) XD I hope you remember me anyways, so yeah. XD

And being 18 isn't weird at all, if it is, let's be weird together! XD

I'm 18 too, and honestly I haven't posted much here because well... even though I was pretty active earlier, I have been thinking it's kind of finally my time to move on from the Chatterbox, but I might be around once in a while. ;)

Puck and Ariel say hi also btw, they miss their old friends and they're glad to see you around again, even if just for a bit. :) 

Good luck in college and stuff! 

Also, I would love to see and read your story!! :) 

Catch you later! *disappears in cloud of smoke*  


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WOW! I can't believe you are still around, Joan! Of course I remember you! Man, it's good to see a familiar face haha. Are you still in highschool? What are your plans? (not having any plans is perfectly acceptable and fine lol.) I honestly barelllyy remember my captcha and AE names. It's been so long. I think I had one named Sparta for some reason?

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Hey, Jazzy! Nice of you to check in and share your story with us, I really like the beginning! It's so cool that you're a music performance major, too. Oh, and I'm sorry but I accidentally saw who you were from the other thread you made, I won't mention it :)

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Hi Azalea! It's nice to meet you! Are you interested in music, too? The way you said it makes me think you also have some affiliation with music! I play the flute, if you're wondering, and that's what I'm getting my performance major in. :)

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Hey Jazzy! I'm Silver Crystal. Welcome back to the CB and I hope you're not too overwhelmed at college. I look forward to reading your story :)

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Hi Silver Crystal! Thanks for the warm welcome! It is good to be back for a bit. And yes, I hope I'm not too overwhelmed at college too! Finals coming up is.... ugh. Don't EVER take highschool finals for granted lol.

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Hi Jazzy! It's always great to have an older CBer pop in. I'm Nightfall, as if that wasn't obvious. uwu. 


Ok, sorry, needed to clarify that, since there's a problem of this anonymous poster. See AgentMango's intro on Inkwell for an example.

And yes, I would love to read this book, since I love all books, but this one is special to me. idk why though it rings a bell. 

AAAH your writing is so good!  



<notht> <wsgio> 


*thtws* *wtrfl*


[sorry outbreak of cursing captchas over here] 

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Thanks for saying hi, Nightfall! We love some sassy captchas; no need to apologize! I do wonder why my idea rings a bell, aha. If you ever find out let me know!

And yes, thanks for the heads up about the anonymous poster. Even if they did find something wrong with my post, I wouldn't be bothered. I do know how the CB works haha. 

Anyways, nice to meet you NIghtfall!

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Yeah lol name thing backfired! Oh well. still going to go by Jazzy though; it has a ncie ring to it. It's nice to hear some responses and I'll chat when it's not.... 1:30 in the morning ahahahahahahaha.

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wow I haven't posted her in a VERY long time 

but Hi Jazzy, I saw your other post (sorry), and I found it so weird because just this afternoon (actually probably yesterday now because this won't get posted until later) I was thinking about Inkwell after talking in an old NANO CBers classroom, despite us missing each other by around 2ish years you were the first name to come to mind. 

It's so great to meet you, and I'm really looking forward to reading your story <3 

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Heyyyy, it's nice to meet 'cha!

I'm Freak, a relatively new CBer here.

I'm friends with Sammy Everlast, Anonymous Goat, Timber Wolf, and K.A.D.E. in the real world.

Hope you're having good luck with school, because I'm sure as {heck} not.  _(._.)_

I have one CAPTCHA named Gambler, who lives to insult me.

<dangg> <right>

Well, that's all I have to say. The Gang (See the list of the people I tolerate above) says 'hi'.

Can't wait to see ya around!

<dontd> <othel> <ameou> <trooo>

Freak out! 

<whati> <smyli> <feeee>


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Nice to meet ya, Freak! Ngl I feel really bad calling you by your own name, like I'm a bully or something. But I guess you picked it out! That's so cool that a lot of you guys are friends in real life! I live in the middle of nowhere so I've never ever met another Cber. I hope you guys have lots of fun talking behind the scenes, and writing, and yada yada. Tell them all I said hi. Thanks for stopping in to introduce yourself, and I'll see you around!

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(November 27, 2020 - 7:33 pm)

Hi Annabeth! I actually vaguely remember your name, though I'm not sure if it was you or another Annabeth. We never interacted much, but regardless, hi! And tell everyone in your chat I said hi! I am very flattered that you all remembered me. ( only good things, I hope ;) ) Seriously, it makes me happy that I came to mind. It's nice to be remembered. :D

Thanks for saying hi! Who else in your classroom? I wonder who else I would remember.


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