Read my story.

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Read my story.

Read my story.

This is a novel called Wisps of Smoke, it's what I'm working on for MWW (I'm Nightfall if that wasn't obvious). 

Here's the synopsis and I'll post the next part soon. After Stella dies, ae realizes she can connect with the living, as a smoke animal. Ae finds a girl named Luna whom ae falls in love with, and tries to rescue Luna from facing the fates of Underworld. 

I'll be omitting the love scenes because um, romance problems...and some of the details will also be omitted. If you'd like to read the un-omitted version, PM me on NaNo YWP. 

:D I'll post the next part soon! I mean, uh, first chapter! 

~The Mysterious Pen 

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OOOH! Can't wait!

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