Mission To Mars

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Mission To Mars

Mission To Mars Solo Write

You flop down on your bed, bored. You’ve read every book on your shelf, twice, you’ve scanned numerous websites and apps on your computer, and you’ve scrolled through your phone for what seemed like hours, with no avail. You sink into the bed and pull the covers over you. Maybe a nap will relieve the boredom. 



You’re about to drift off into the heavenly blackness of sleep, when a large book falls off the nightstand next to you, creating a large thud. What was that? You think, flipping the blanket off you with a large sigh. Another book falls, landing perfectly on top of the first. You flinch and hesitantly move over to the books. A third book falls, but you catch it before it can land on the pile. The Complete Ender’s Saga, The title reads. This confuses you. You’ve never owned the whole saga, just the first one, Ender’s game. You look over at the two other books, curious to what you might find. One is titled Star Wars: The Complete Collection, and the other, The Martian. You’ve never owned those, either. 


Curiosity overthrowing the confusion, you take the three collections and sit in the basket chair you built; your personal reading nook. You choose The Complete Ender’s Saga, find the second book in the saga, and settle in, attempting to immerse yourself in the world of Ender. But the words aren’t there. Only a blank page, holding a neatly folded, crisp white paper. You slide it out of the page protector and unfold it. The paper is empty. No words, ink, colors. Nothing. Deflated, you cast the paper aside, and flip through the empty pages of the book you were trying to read. 


Suddenly, a bright light flashes in front of your eyes, temporarily blinding you. You feel the sheet of paper rise from beside you, floating towards the center of the room. The light grows brighter and then flickers out, taking your lamp light with it. The paper is gone, the only remnants of it is a glowing, pixelated, blue outline. There is a brief static, then a steady whir. You stare at it, unable to look away. The outline begins to shift, and before you know it, there is a face before you.  A holographic face, that is. 


“Hello, Listener.” They say, their voice monotonous. “You have been selected to join a crew of astronauts on our first ever voyage to Mars. We know of your boredom. We can help you. With us, you will be able to explore beyond the confines of Earth. You will go on to places that some will never even get to dream of. All for the cost of nothing but your presence. If you choose to come, there will be a form waiting for you to sign, after our departure. Bring only the necessities in your packing. The rest will be provided for you. Once you fill out the form, you will be escorted to our launch site and trained accordingly. We hope to see you there.”


The hologram disappears without waiting for a response, and like promised a form along with a pen flutters down into your lap. You scan over it. Going to Mars has been something you’ve always dreamed of. You uncap and recap the pen about five times before actually putting it on the paper and begin to fill out the form.



Welcome to my Mission to Mars Solo Write! I’ve been planning this out for a while and I’m really excited to finally write it all down. If you would like to go to Mars through the world of words, please fill out this form:




Age (Somewhere between the 15-25 range would be nice):




Long, Thorough, Appearance:


Personality in 10 words: 




Favorite Food:


Favorite Color/Least Favorite Color


What would you do with zero gravity?:


How do you react to being left behind?:


Are you a Leader or a Follower?:


There is space for 10 people on the spacecraft (no pun intended heh-). I hope you can join us on our Mission to Mars! Oh, and feel free to guess my identity. :)

See you soon,

The Martian

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Thank you for your submission, Silver Crystal.

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Im really excited for this Solo Write! Do you have any idea when part one is going to come out so I would be able to catch it immidiatly? If not thats okay. Super excited!

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I'm expecting the first part to be completed February 20th and then weekly posts every Saturday :)

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Name: Selena 

Age: 15. 

Gender/pronouns: female, she/her. 

Long, thorough, appearance: I'm going to put this one down below. What's more detailed than an actual photo? XD. 

Personality: Energetic, extrovert, brave, reckless, caring, only a little smart, impulsive, understanding, loves space and loves being outside, quick on her feet. 

Luggage: Besides obvious essential things like food or clothes, she brings a nintendo DS (yes really), a flashlight, binoculars, and a book about space. 

Favorite food: Tacos. 

Favorite color/least favorite color: Favorite is yellow, least favorite is beige (for obvious reasons). 

What would you do with zero gravity?: Have fun, bounce around, see what she could do in zero gravity, all that stuff. 

How do you react with being left behind?: Be sad that they left her, but go to find them, possibly exploring on the way.  

Are you a leader or a follower?: Definitely follower. 



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Thank you for your submission, Dusk S.

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And that is all the room we have!

@Peregrine, @NerdFace, @Morning, please have your forms in by Saturday, February 13th, 2021.

@Everyone~ the first part will be out Saturday, February 20th, and I am expecting to be able to do weekly posts every Saturday, but it will depend on my schedule. Thanks all for joining!

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Name: Nathaniel Baxter


Age (Somewhere between the 15-25 range would be nice): 19


Gender/Pronouns: he/him/his


Long, Thorough, Appearance: Tall, thin, with pale skin and a mass if black curly hair which never can be neat.  Long fingered hands.  A sharp , strait nose.  Gray-green eyes and a ready, kind smile which cause the corners of his eyes to crinkle a little.  Usually wears worn jeans (but not ragged) and a loose t-shirt in plain colors, and van style shoes.


Personality in 10 words: Kind, empathetic, not much laughter or talking, decision maker, observant.


Luggage: Several books by author such as Epictetus, Seneca, and Markus Aurelius.  A sketch book and pencils.  A few pairs of extra clothes, handkerchiefs, and socks.  Toiletry items.


Favorite Food: Anything plain and simple, like minimally spiced chicken, rice, and brocli.


Favorite Color: Faded blue.

Least Favorite Color: Hot colors of any kind (hot pink, poisenous green, electric blue, ec.)


What would you do with zero gravity?: Probably tuck himself in to a stable position and then observe what other people do (sketching while he does so) then try it himself.


How do you react to being left behind?: Probably feel an instant of loneliness than brush it aside for good and set about thinking how to survive by observing and then doing.


Are you a Leader or a Follower?: A follower, but not one to follow blindly.  He dislikes being pushed around and prefers to make his own decisions.

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Thank you for your submission, Peregrine.

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Name: Finn Day
Age (Somewhere between the 15-25 range would be nice): 24
Gender/Pronouns: Male; he/him/his
Long, Thorough, Appearance: dark, brown skin, brown to blond ombre, short hair, shocking green eyes, very tall (6'7ish) and thin, rarely smiles, normally wears black sweatpants and surf t-shirts, but can occasionally wear jeans, but if he does they are black. he's addicted to a worn jean jacket that is prone to tearing. 
Personality in 10 words: shy, introverted, elusive, creative, intelligent, sarcastic, gets annoyed easily, thoughtful
Luggage: iPhone, HD video camera, computer, and a small black backpack that holds anything he'll ever need because I am
Favorite Food: Spaghetti
Favorite Color/Least Favorite Color: favorite color, green and black; least favorite, yellow
What would you do with zero gravity?: he would be annoyed that he couldn't stand on the ground and just float in the air, pout, and then start filming everyone
How do you react to being left behind?: he just doesn't care.
Are you a Leader or a Follower?: neither, he likes to be independent and honestly hates people
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Thank you for your submission, NerdFace

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It turns out that I have a lot of free time, and I can post the first part on Friday. 

@Morning~ if you could, please post a charrie by Wednesday. Thank you. :)

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Name: Myriad Finch

Age (Somewhere between the 15-25 range would be nice): 18

Gender/Pronouns: Female, she/her

Long, Thorough, Appearance: She looks kind of like a house cat, small and warm and kind of cuddly, with soft, wavy brown hair that falls halfway down her back, pale brown skin only a few shades lighter than her hair, and eyes that can change from green to gold to hazel depending on the light and her mood. She likes to wear merino sweaters matching the shades of her eyes, pale jeggings, and sturdy hiking boots.

Personality in 10 words: Cat, loves sunlight, sweet until provoked, which isn’t too hard 

Luggage: A lot of sweaters, and various other clothes, but mostly sweaters, makeup and hair products, phone, old, leather-bound books with gold leaf accents, matches, a forest green hat knit from an old sweater, all packed into an old trunk and a leather satchel.

Favorite Food: Fancy Crackers with Brie cheese.

Favorite Color/Least Favorite Color: Favorite color is dark green that is nearly black, least favorite colors are red and pink

What would you do in Zero Gravity?: In zero gravity, she would probably be completely terrified and long for  her legs to work again

How do you react to being left behind?: She would hate being left behind on accident, but she often chooses to be left behind

Are you a leader or a follower?: She pretends to be a follower, but enjoys saying little things to manipulate the actual leader into doing what she wants 




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