Hogwarts Solo Write!!!!!

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Hogwarts Solo Write!!!!!

Hogwarts Solo Write!!!!!

Hi!!! I am Jemma and I'm going 2 make a...........Solo Write!!! XD OwO Anyways it is set in Hogwarts (like Harry Potter) and I am excitedly to begin!!! So pls pls pls join and her is the character sheet!!!!! XD XD 


House that they are in!!:

Gender and Pronuns!: 





Ok that is all XD I will decided shipping stuf!!!!! Anyway her is meh character XD!

Name!: Mary Shadows

House that they r in!!: Grifindor!

Gender and Pronuns: Girl obvs!! She/her!!!

Age!/Year!: She is 13 so this iz her 3rd yer!!!

Appearance: Super pretty, liek all boys r SUPER attracted to her XD and she has rlly cool black hair that goes down to her waist!! And she has very blue eyes and fair skin that is rlly clear! She is short and has ear peercings!!

Personality!: She is super brave and cool and nice, but sometimes shy! Also she is super smart like as smart as Hermonie!

Backstory!!: Ok so she is actually Harry's sister XD! So when Harry Potter got attaked by VOLDEMORT his sister was separated!  And she was rised by the Shadows who r super strong witches and wizards who rised her! 

XD Anyweays pls pls join!!!!!

Also some charcters from other books might join XD XD 

O EM GEE my CAPTCHA says "dazzz" that's like jazz!!!


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Reserving!  I don't have time to post now.

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I'll be using one of my OCs for this! My favorite, actually. 


Name!: Hazel Golde

House that they are in!!: Gryffindor

Gender and Pronuns!: genderfluid, any pronouns are fine. 

Age!/Year!: 17, 7th year. 

Appearance: She's really pretty. She has hazel-colored up to a little above her waist, with green eyes and golden flecks in them. Clear, pale skin, with lots of golden bracelets with many jewels embedded in them on her wrists. They're jangly, and if you're a really good friend of her's, she might give you one if you ask politely. She's quite tall for her age, but can still sneak around efficiently. She barely wears any makeup, and has a silver-diamond flower clip in her hair. 

Personality!: very tough on the outside. I mean she's like tough tough. And when she gives you a death glare, watch out. She's scary, too. But when you get to know her better and/or she gives you one of her treasured bracelets, you get to know the sweet side of her. She's pretty smart, but not super smart. Reckless, too. Brave is obvious. 

Backstory!!: Her mother died in a car crash, and her father got drunk and died in a car crash as well. She grew up in the forest, alone, and knows a lot of survival stuff. She's pretty good at shooting arrows, swordfighting, daggerfighting, y'know, that stuff. She also learned to heal herself. She learned to be agile and sneaky, and to never trust anyone. Then, sometime, she got a letter, saying that she was admitted to Hogwarts and explaining everything, and yeah, the rest's history. 

Okay, also, if you want to include this, I don't think she will be easily shipped with anyone. It's okay if it's too much to ask but- but- is it possible if, well, she's not shipped? Because, well, she's not the one for romance. And, well, is it also okay if she's like sort--of-ravenclaw sort of person, she can memorize stuff really well, but isn't book-smart? Yeah. And pleaseee make her get into fights it will be SO. DARN. FUN!!!

I bid you au revoir,

NightSky the Magnifiecent Insane One 

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Resirvig!!!1 OMG this looks sooo good!!!! 

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Before I join; will there be spoilers in the solowrite?  I've only read up to the fith book and don't want to have anything spoiled for me.  If there are I will withdraw my reservation.

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Their should not b!! If there r I will warn u!! Also this is suposed 2 take place during the third book!!! XD


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Name!: Talia Gardiner

House that they are in!!: Ravenclaw

Gender and Pronouns!: demigirl, so she/they pronouns

Age!/Year!: She's in her 3rd year, so she's 14

Appearance: See the talented Agent Winter's picturing below 

Personality!: Kind, sarcastic, brave, funny, adventurous, outdoorsy, (if it makes it easier to imagine, picture Ginny and Hermione's personalities mashed together) smart, likes birds, flexible, (physically and mentally) gymnast, sneaky when she needs to be, fun to be around 

Backstory!!: She has a adult sister named Rose that raised her, they didn't ususally have a lot of extra money and they lived in a small flat in England, she didn't know she was a witch until she accidentally caused flowers to bloom on the walls out of nowhere. She got the Hogwarts letter three days later, and has been going since. Her blood status is unknown, because her parents both died when she was only a few days old. She hates Dark Magic because her parents were killed by Death Eaters. She's good at all subjects, but her favorites are Herbology, Defense against the Dark Arts, and Charms.


I didn't know where to put this, but she has an owl named Miracle (Mira for short)


I also didn't know where to put this but she's open to shipping with anyone around her age


Here's her appearance, she basically looks like me irl:


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@Admins, could you please change my post to say 3rd year, instead of 4th? Thanks!



done! --admin

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This looks a bit chaotic... I like it!

Name!: Chris Viper

House that they are in!!: Slytherin

Gender and Pronuns!: Male, he/him

Age!/Year!: 15 (I forgot what year that is)

Appearance: Smooth blonde hair that is brushed back, sly blue eyes, a calm look but smug look.

Personality!: He's very calm and calculated and is hard to get upset. He is smart, but is a bit obsessed with order and strict rule following. He's also pretty selfish and smug, and is so calm and relaxed that it can seem almost condescending.

Backstory!!: Chris's parents divorced when he was three. His mom is rich a politician and is sort of famous, but she is also strong and very protective of Chris. His dad is a criminal and psychopath who escaped from azkaban with many other criminals in a mass jail break a couple years ago. Chris hasn't seen his dad in years, and his dad is still on the run from many wizards and muggles. Chris had a sister named Melody who died when she was seven and when Chris was thirteen. 

He is open to shipping with anyone, but it might be intresting to see him with someone who has the opposite personality. 

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yes. just... yes. I haven't read/seen much Harry Potter (I know so sad T^T)... so I hope I do this right... 

Name: Salem (Sal) Whittle

House: Ravenclaw

Gender and pronouns: Girl, she/her

Age/year: 12, second year

Apperince: Her pink hair is cut to her shoulders and she always has it down. It has black tips from when she burns it while making potions. Her pale face is dotted with freckles and has a pink tint. She has REALLY dark eyes that are basicly black. Like, creepily dark. She is tall (5' 5").

Personality: OBBSESED WITH GRADES; that one kid who whispers "What'd you get?". She's shy at first but once you get to know her, you realise she's REALLY LOUD. 

Backstory: Her sister, Sabrina, was the samrtest kid in Ravenclaw when she was in Hogwarts, so lots of presure is on Salem. Her parents, Stella and Sahar, are also famous wizards. Her cat, Friday, is the only one she confines in. Friday is a black cat with a white spot on his eye.


OK! I'm so excited! YAY! 

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I drew her! Here is Salem...

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