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Creativity Cafe was

Creativity Cafe was a cozy little shop located just past Writer’s Block, on the banks of the Rewrite River. It was owned by a person known as Mx. Scribe, who always seemed to teach anyone who visited their shop a lesson about one’s own self. Mx. Scribe had learned to work with all sorts of creatures over the years, and there had never been an unsatisfied customer in their shop. You wonder what lesson Scribe could teach you…
Hello, yes, this is a Coffeehouse roleplay! For those that don’t know, a coffeehouse/cafe roleplay is a kind of roleplay where writers use  their already-made charries, usually in order to develop them. For example, maybe you’re writing a novel and you’re not quite sure you understand your protagonist. Well, you could use them in a coffeehouse roleplay, where they interact with other characters from totally different worlds and stories--and it makes you think quite deeply about how your character would react to totally new things, helping you understand/develop them. You can also use any of charries, developed or not--sometimes it’s fun to let the characters we’re proudest of creating interact with one another.
Sounds interesting? Well, if you’d like to join, here’s the character sheet:
Background (Optional):
Please only use characters you’ve created. They can, however, be a fandom character--for example, a character you made for a Harry Potter roleplay or something. I’ll post my characters once this shows up.
Have fun!
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Reserving, I have to go to ELA so I can't post the sheet now, though.

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Name: Favian Ekzai

Age: About 20.

Gender/Pronouns: Genderqueer man, he/they

Species:  Vjare, an alien species from the planet Vjarqai. They're fairly similar to humans, although their culture is much different. Mostly, they're known for having languages that are difficult to pronounce.

Personality: Introverted, sensitive, a little strange. Very curious and fascinated by new things, can sometimes come off as condescending or apathetic due to their tendecy to analyze everything. Highly observant though also intuitive. INTP-A.

Appearance:  Dark hair and lips, thin, pointed ears with piercings. Pale skin, very thin but very short. His hair is about shoulder-length and fairly messy, on rare occasion it is worn in a bun or ponytail. His eyes are a dark brown, with very little of the whites showing. His nails are usually painted, generally in bright, vivid colors. He usually wears casual, but nice, outfits consisting of greys, browns, black, and white. He has six fingers on each hand, as well as six toes on each foot. He's also more flexible than most humans, but also weaker in terms of strength.

Abilites/Strengths: Very intelligent, a good detective, also very flexible. Good sense of smell and hearing.

Weaknesses: Poor eyesight, very little fighting experience and isn't physically strong. Bad with people, easily flustered and very nervous around crowds.

Background: Uhh, he's a psychologist who works with crime scene investigators, in the distant future. He travels from planet to planet, going all across the galaxy. I'm trying to figure out the rest.

Other: He's aro/ace, so definitely no shipping. 


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Name: Ivy Lena (Lena is a last name)
Age: 14
Gender/Pronouns: she/her
Species: human
Personality: Ivy is usually a little sad, but she puts on a peppy front for everyone. She's snarky and likes to argue. She's also stubborn, but can be kind and gentle too. 
Appearance: Ivy has long black hair that she usually wears in a messy braid. Her skin is tan and freckled, and her eyes are bright green. She often wears simple clothes: brown boots, brown pants, and a dull knit sweater, all under a green cloak.  
Abilities/Strengths: Ivy is relatively smart. She has a pretty good aim, and is pretty brave, too. 
Weaknesses: She has a large phobia of big bodies of water.
Background (Optional): She started put with a happy family, living in a village called Camadia. But then, her mother died. And then her father's boat was lost at sea. And then her sister drowned. So, at age eleven, she was shipped off to Thelina Village to live at Starlight Hotel with its owner, Ms. Lena. After three years together, Ms. Lena decided to adopt Ivy. But just a bit after the adoption, the ancient magic of the forest called her on a quest, and she left Thelina to fend for herself in the wild.
Other: If there's shipping, Ivy might be up for that. Any gender. But I am considering shipping her with another character, Faun, in the story. 
Floofy says "cikoc". What about my oc?
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Name: Persnickety "Snicket" L. Snodgrass. For this purpose, will be going by Catrin Ellis. Rin for short, if you must.
Age: Undecided, probably 13 or 14
Gender/Pronouns: she/they (I think), demigirl (I think)
Species: Human
Personality: *cough* a little bit persnickety, though she doesn't think she is. Tends to see things from one point of view (hers) and isn't very open to other people's. Brave to the point of recklessness, overestimates her abilities frequently. Can act a little self absorbed, but not on purpose. Very detail oriented. Impulsive; would do the right thing in almost every circumstance. Usually has strong common sense, but um, the times it's taken an unplanned vacation, the results were rather catasrophic.
Appearance: Greyish green eyes, and frizzy, fine dark brown hair cut to just below her ears. It won't stay out of her face no matter what she tries (hair ties, head bands, bobby pins, and- ew- barrettes all failed) so she just deals with it. Gold-brown skin. Rather small in size. An angular, downturned nose. Likes wearing overalls, flannel shirts, non graphic t-shirts, and boots. 
Abilities/Strengths: Vivid imagination, very strong moral compass which generally overrules common sense, unfortunately, very good at getting herself out of complicated situations, and readily admits to being wrong.
Weaknesses: Severe underplanning, despite her attention to detail, because she tends to overestimate herself. Also, bravery to the point of recklessness- it gets her in a lot of trouble sometimes.
Background (Optional): Persnickety's just a small town demigirl living in a lonely world... took a midnight train going anywhere...
Okay but in all seriousness, yes, she's a demigirl from a small town. Yes, she runs away and takes a train leaving at midnight so she can get anywhere but there. She finally arrives in a city (not South Detroit, though, sorry) where she adopts the name Catrin P. Ellis. Then she realizes she severely underplanned because she's run out of money, has no place to stay, and has no idea where she is. 
Other: Strongly dislikes the name Persnickety. Because, um, who names their kid Persnickety. Snicket is a little bit better, though. "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey is her favorite song, and the inspiration for much of this story. (See backstory.)
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This looks so cool! I guess I'll post the narrator of one of my novels, Journey Home.

Name: Ashton Alcyone (He hates being called "Ashton," call him Ash)
Gender/Pronouns: He/him
Species: Human
Personality: Reckless, impulsive, extroverted, determined, an overacheiver, but (usually) not unpleasant. 
Appearance: Slightly short but not much, slim, brown skin, short brown hair with bangs(?), brown eyes, pointy chin, thin eyebrows, small head.
Abilities/Strengths: Good at making freinds and working towards a goal.
Weaknesses: reckless, likes "acting now, thinking later" 
Background (Optional): Hmmr. Was born into a fisher family. That's about all there is.

Other: I am hoping to develop him further because if I am being honest eh ind of fell into the "cliche' protagonist" trap after I had a vIsIoN of him and theeen stopped focusing on developing him more.

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Heres a charrie I made for a Percy Jackson roleplay a while back and never got to finish developing!


Name: Aelia Solace

Gender: Doesn't label, uses she/they pronouns

Species: Demigod

Personality: Compassionate, caring, impulsive, loyal

Appearance: Blonde hair that is usually dyed some shade of purple or pink, blue eyes, lightly tanned skin with freckles. Around 5'2. Has a scar across the bridge of their nose.

Abilities/Strengths: Archery, music (specifically string instruments), and has weak photokynesis abilities.

Weaknesses: Their impulsiveness usually gets them into trouble. She has issues making long term decisions, and instead will choose the path that leads them to the fastest-paying reward. 

Background: (I haven't worked out too much of this) She's a child of Apollo, and Will Solace's sibling. They got their scar on a quest a few years after attending Camp Half Blood.

Other: Like most demigods, she has ADHD and Dyslexia. Aelia is not their birth name, rather a name they gave themself. Only William, Apollo, and her mother know their birth name. 

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forgot to add, Aelia is 16!

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Name: Eli Harris

Age: 15

Gender/Pronouns: male, he/him

Species: human

Personality: A lot like most 15 year old boys. He is genuinely kind, though, and while he's a pretty good conversationalist, he's fairly introverted. Has a pretty good sense of humor. 80% of the time he's not paying attention or messing around, but the other 20% he's going to do his best to show that he cares.

Appearance: olive skin, tall, dark brown eyes, short black hair.

Abilities/Strengths: decently athletic. Pretty good at making conversation, witty, and is fairly nice. His main goal is just to be a decent person, and he's usually good about admitting it when he isn't that.

Weaknesses: isn't super academically smart, isn't great at paying attention, is prone to making fun of others- unintentionally and intentionally. Doesn't typically follow rules.

Background (Optional): Okay, so Eli is from a really horrendous story I wrote a few years ago. Thus, he ran away from home for unspecified reasons and got on a bus where he met and befriended the main character of the story. I never did get around to creating a past of future for him (I guess my thinking was that his purpose was to show the main character the good things of life and friendship or whatever, but come on.), but what is known about him is that he has two sisters, lived near the Appalachian Mountains, and hates soda.

Other: shipping is open with guys around his age!

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This sounds super cool! Here's my main character from the novel I'm currently working on!

Name: Cleopatra Greywood, goes by Cleo

Age: 13

Gender/pronouns: she/her

Species: Human

Personality: Cleo is bright and cheerful nearly all of the time, and hides most of her other feelings. She absolutely hates being stuck in one place, and is always exploring or moving around. She's pretty shy, but will occasionally speak up if something is bothering her. Tends to blend into the background. Loves the ocean. 

Appearance: Long, curly, brown hair that has some natural blonde streaks, which is in a messy bun, down, or braided. Light brown skin, big gold-ish colored eyes. Her nose is splattered with dark freckles. Usually wears snow pants and heavy jackets, since my story is set in Antarctica, but in this case, she'd probably be wearing black leggings and a light green oversized hoodie.

Abilities/Strengths: Very smart, quick thinker, good memory, picks up on things that most people wouldn't notice. 

Weaknesses: Crumples under pressure, panics easily, has claustrophobia (which isn't great because my novel is based in an underground cave system). 

Other: Not open to shipping, since I think I might ship her with another character in my novel. :) 

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Name: Skye Rose Cecelia
Age: about 16, not quite decided, since I haven’t written much for her yet.
Gender/Pronouns: Female
Species: DragonChild
Personality: Sarcastic, Adventurous, secretly scared of (anyone that isn’t a dragonchild) because they war with DragonChildren frequently.
Appearance: Dark aqua hair, the backs of her tail and wings are black, and the inside is a lighter aqua. Her eyes are grey-periwinkle, pupilless. She usually wears whatever is coziest, which always includes leg warmers and a sweater in some form. Off the shoulder and short, baggy and long, anything. She doesn’t ever wear shoes, or long pants, only shorts or capris.
Abilities/Strengths: Flight, Stealth, she’s a songwriter and an artist.
Weaknesses: She’s scared of people, and she doesn’t love herself. She thinks she’s probably the worst DragonChild in existence, but never shows it on the outside. Never.
Background (Optional): She doesn’t know her backstory aaaand I don’t either *heh* I’m a procrastinator *heh*
Other: She’s already shipped in my story, but for this role I’d like to she how she does in a relationship, so mostly open to shipping with Males. Ask before you ship (I know that I’m so persnickety)
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I would like to see how one of my characters in a book I'm making acts, considering I've nver written an antihero.

Name: Klaue Harlem 

Age: 20

Gender/Pronouns: Male, he/him

Species: Forest elf.

Personality: Sneaky and tricky, doesn't trust easily, can be a bit crazy.

Appearance: A black hood and cape, and very compact clothing. He has bandages covering his face, so no one can see his face.

Abilities/Strengths: Fast, quick-witted, great engineer, adept at hand-to-hand combat,owns lots of gadgets.

Weaknesses: Doesn't trust easily and gets angry quickly, has sudden violent outbursts, hates pretty much everyone.

Background (Optional): His brother Fike and him were the Harlem brothers, two of the most succesful magicians in the whole land. They were also some of the only forest elves anyone trusted. But one day Klaue discovered his brother at a fancy ball, and before he could stop him his brother used a kamikaze spell and ended everyone at the ball, which included some of the most important people in Forgia. Everyone was quick to blame Klaue, and now he is on the run with his mage friend. 

Other: Klaue is from a world I am developing called Forgia.

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Wow okay, this got popular. I'll start later today, but anyone can still join. (There's no limit on characters, so bring as many as you'd like!)

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I have several charries from the like three stories I'm working on lol... I won't bring them all in at once, though.
Name: Kassandros Innes Lee-Lincoln (but he goes by K)
Age: 19
Gender/Pronouns: he/him
Species: human
Personality: kind of a loner (idk he needs developing)
Appearance: black hair, black shirt and jeans, sheath for his sword hanging from his belt
Abilities/Strengths: very good at swordfighting, and dog training
Weaknesses: stern
Background (Optional): you don't want to know...
Other: he has a greyhound named Thunderbolt
Name: Emma Mairill
Age: 13
Gender/Pronouns: female
Species: demigod (daughter of Aeolus)
Personality: impulsive, reckless, friendly
Appearance: tall, with short brown hair, dark blue eyes, and an orange T-shirt
Abilities/Strengths: can control wind
Weaknesses: doesn't think things through
Background (Optional): nothing interesting (yet)
Other: has a pet falcon named Ranger 
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This looks fun! I'll use one of the main characters from my novel, because to be honest he needs a little more developing.

Name: David Moore

Age: 16

Gender/Pronouns: Male, he/him

Species: Human

Personality: Sweet, friendly, the kind of person everyone likes, makes friends everywhere he goes, very loyal, can be insecure, especially around people who he thinks are better or more talented than him.

Appearance: I'm not sure exactly, I imagine him a very specific way but it's never explicitly described. On the shorter side, dark hair, dark eyes.

Abilities/Strengths: He's great at baking and cooking, and he's ambidextrous.

Weaknesses: Insecurity and weaker magical ability.

Background: He lives with his mom, older sister, and younger twin siblings (along with their cat and leopard gecko). In the novel he gets transported to another world with his best friend, but that's a whole other can of worms.

Other: Open to shipping if we're doing that! He's probably bi.

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