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AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Crashes through door, sendin' wood EVERYWHERE, specificaly toothpicks LOL and throws herself on her bed*

Sorry... 'bout... that. Whew! It is SO hard to be doin' that. I think I need to stop...

Anyway, I think I'm gonna start another RP!

Yes, I know my RPs aren't as popular as they once were, when I was just an 11 year old pre-teen, and I was VERY crazy, and kinda weird.

So, this is probably gonna be REALLY crazy like my old ones were...

So, let's get started, shall we?



"Bradley, see me after class." Mr. Galvin said.

Bradley patiently waited at his desk, as the other students rushed out of the science class room.

"Bradley, you've been distracted lately. Why? You got an F on this test, and I don't understand why. You're a bright boy and everything, but..." Mr. Galvin asked Bradley.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Galvin, but there's been... Things in my life. Big things. Like, REALLY big things. I just can't focus. And I know that if I don't pass my last year in high school, I'm gonna have to repeat a grade, and I already feel like I don't belong, because I'm, like, already a foot taller than the other people in this whole school." I said, as Mr. Galvin looked at my arm.

"Oh, by the way, my Mom said that I have to be home RIGHT after school. Ok, good talk!" I said, as I rushed out of the class room.

I ran as fast as I could, to my spot in the forest. I collasped behind the tree I always climbed. But, today, I didn't feel like climbin'.

I looked at my arm, and saw that it had a patch of dark fur on it. I looked at the sky, and saw a full moon risin'. 

I looked away, and saw a piece of paper flutterin' on the ground. I picked it up, and read it:


You have to meet us tonight. It's important. It's about your Moon Stone.

The Wolf Pack"


I read it over several times, and started runnin' as fast as I could towards The Wolf Pack den.



Here's the charrie sheet:



Part of the Wolf Pack:





Were-wolf or Regular (Regular people can join the Wolf Pack too, if they know a member of the Wolf Pack): 



Name: Bradley

Age: 18

Part of The Wolf Pack: Yep. In fact, he's the founder.

Gender: Male

Appearance: Looks EXACTLY like Bradley in "A Champion Heart". Handsome, and his eyes are STUNNIN'!

Personality: Calm, and he CAN get threatenin' at times. Other than that, he's actually pretty nice.

Shipping: Girls around his age.

Were-wolf or Regular: Were-wolf.

Other: N/A


You can put in 3 charries.

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I might add another character a bit later!

Name: Sonia Fhealla-dhà Coibhneas

Age: 17

Part of the Wolf Pack: Sure!

Gender: Female

Appearance: Long, curly, light wheat colored hair, fair skin, and pastel blue eyes. She sticks to the  c l a s s y  side of clothing. 5'8, 125 lbs.

Personality: Kind, happy, acts like she's proper when she's in front of an older person, but a prank-pulling gremlin otherwise. She's also very witty and gullible. Think "Dumb Blonde" stereotype with a bit of "Class Clown" and dignity.

Shipping: Y e s

Were-wolf or Regular (Regular people can join the Wolf Pack too, if they know a member of the Wolf Pack): Werewolf, of course!

Other: She's an immigrant from another country called Staibadour, and has a slight accent.

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This is a picture of you I drew:


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Wha-!? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I love it!!! That's so sweet!!! You've 100% made my day!!! :D

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Name:  Freki Lyolph

Age: 22

Part of the Wolf Pack: No, they're a lone wolf.

Gender: Trans man, he/they

Appearance: Short red hair, vivid blue eyes, pale skin, some freckles. They're quite short and also very thin. They wear dark eyeliner, and eyeshadow. Usually wears something easy to move in.

Personality: A dramatic streak, very charismatic. They're also very mysterious. While good with people, they don't particularly like them. Very intelligent.

Shipping: Boys and enbies around his age.

Werewolf or Regular: Werewolf

Other: No.


Name: Harrison "Harry"  Fridolf

Age: 17

Part of the Wolf Pack: Yes.

Gender: Genderfaun, he/they

Appearance: Very dark skin, short, unruly black hair. Warm brown eyes with golden flecks in them. Average height and weight. Likes to wear sweaters and turtlenecks. Sometimes he wears glasses, but usually he just wears contacts.

Personality: Incredibly book-smart but terrible with people. He's very nice but shy and easily flustered, especially around those he looks up to. 

Shipping: Preferably with other guys around his age, but girls and enbies are fine as well.

Other: None. 



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Forgot to add that Harry is werewolf.

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OoOoOhH this looks super cool!

Name: Ebony Neho

Age: 12

Part of the Wolf Pack: Yes, she's somewhat of a "pup"

Gender: female

Appearance: Pitch-black hair and eyes like chips of obsidian. Likes to wear clothes that get dirty easily: overalls and striped, somewhat faded t-shirts.

Personality: Agressive and loud. She seems extroverted, but she really doesn't like being around people.

Shipping: ...no.

Were-wolf or Regular (Regular people can join the Wolf Pack too, if they know a member of the Wolf Pack): Werewolf

Other: Ahhhhh I love the concept of this RP


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Name: Samantha Madeline King 

Age: 14

Part of the Wolf Pack: yeah 

Gender: Enby They\Them

Appearance: sort of wavy Long blonde hair, a brown jacket with knives and everything they needs inside, High waisted ripped jeans. Long brown boots, grey eyes, tall, skinny.

Personality: funny, flirty with ayone who will be to them

Shipping: YEAH girls or boys 

Were-wolf or Regular (Regular people can join the Wolf Pack too, if they know a member of the Wolf Pack): Regualar

Other: nope oh, I will post a picture of them later

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Intresting concept, I'll join!

Name: Marko (no last name)

Age: He looks like he's about 18, but no one knows for sure. 

Part of the Wolf Pack: Yep!

Gender: Male

Appearance: Hazelnut skin that's either his natural skin color or just extremely tanned, black hair in a short ponytail, faded clothing that looks like it's from the 90s. He has green eyes and one eye he strangely never opens. 

Personality: Strange and cryptic, and a bit loopy. He constantly says strange things that make no sense and he can be hard to get an answer from. He is also not very approchable. He's very smart- he just can't say normal things.

Shipping: Sure

Were-wolf or Regular (Regular people can join the Wolf Pack too, if they know a member of the Wolf Pack): He's a were-wolf, but it doesn't show. If anything, he acts more human.

Other: He's one of the OG wolf pack members, so a lot of people know him. But not many know anything about his past.


Name: Henry Gordon

Age: 14

Part of the Wolf Pack: He might join later in the story.

Gender: Male

Appearance: Short, ordely brown hair. Always wears the most tactical and camouflaged clothing, so he constantly looks like he's in the military. He carries around a a backpack full of assorted supplies. A stern look is always on his face, and he wears a motorcylcle helmet a lot.

Personality: Stern, cold, and shows little emotion. His views switch constantly from absolute order, justice and authority to absolute freedom, chaos, and liberty. He is also a big conspiracy theorist who doesn't trust the government or anyone for that matter. But underneath he's very vulnerable and lives in a rough home.

Shipping: Yes, but it might take a while for him to connect.

Were-wolf or Regular (Regular people can join the Wolf Pack too, if they know a member of the Wolf Pack): Regular.

Other: He kind of wants to hunt down the wolf pack at the beginning, but ends up liking them.

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Name: Tiffany Lana Terrace

Age: 16

Part of the Wolf Pack: No, she's an outsider

Gender: female, she/her

Appearance: Long, choppy black-brown hair that's been bleached, so only the roots are dark. Stormy gray-blue eyes. She usually wears a white tank top, high-waisted navy blue jeans, and a loose cropped tan sweater with flecks of blue in it that match her eyes. She wears blue high-top Converse as well. Her hair is often back in a high ponytail or messy bun. She really tries to blend in with a crowd, so she always follows trends.

Personality: She can be kind of cold and distant at first. Tiffany really tries to be forgettable. But if you insist on getting to know her, she'll be protective and kind.  

Shipping: Sure, with anyone

Were-wolf or Regular (Regular people can join the Wolf Pack too, if they know a member of the Wolf Pack): werewolf. 

Other: Nope

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Ok, I'm gonna start this today, 'cause I'm just too stinkin' excited to start this!!! You can still put in charries as the story's goin' on.


Bradley's POV

I finally reached the Wolf Den, and knocked on the door. Sonia opened the door slightly, and peeked at me.

"I'm here on account of the note that I found in the forest. What's so important about my Moon Stone? I've had it since I found out I was a were-wolf! Is somethin' wrong with it?" I asked her.

"Ummm, Harry can tell you that." Sonia replied, opening the door.

I walked in, and saw Ebony, Samantha, Marko, and Harry lookin' at a old book.

"How LONG has that thing been in the library, 2,000 years?!" I heard Ebony say.

"It IS old. Probably older than my boots. These have been in my family for YEARS." I said, approachin' the group.

"We found something in this book, about your Moon Stone. It's the first one that was ever found, in the Ever Moon Caves." Herry said.

"Yeah, so? Everyone knows where the greatist concentration of Moon Stones is." I said.

"Well, it says that when a miner found it, a great evil tried to persuade him to give the Moon Stone to it. When the miner refused, the evil put a curse on it, so that whoever wears it on the 4th day of a full moon in a row, will be transformed into his or her wolf form, PERMANTLY." Harry said.

"Wha...? That's--That's crazy, there's NO WAY that book says that." I said, as Marko put the book back.

"Maybe there IS a way to reverse it." Samantha said, as they leaned against the wall.

"The ONLY way is to find the cave where it was cursed, and try to break it, by gettin' another piece exactly the same size as Bradley's." Harry said.

"Well, what are we waitin' for?! LET'S GO GET THAT MOOM STONE!!" Ebony said, rushin' towards the door.

"Hold it, girl, we need to be prepared." Marko said, holdin' Ebony back.

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Name: Aza Harkeal

Age: 13

Part of the Wolf Pack: Yes. She's the 'lieutant' *I can't spell? if that's okay with everyone. 

Gender: she/they. bi. 

Appearance: Hair up to her waist that sparkles like the moonlight. Pale skin, almost white. Dark, shadowy eyes, black as obsidian shards. If you look closely you can see the remains of a broken soul. Normally has on a black t-shirt, no matter how cold it is, and denim jeans, barefoot. Sometimes has on a silver circlet, similar to Thalia (from pjo/hoo)'s. 

Personality: Kind of shy, but bossy as well. 

Shipping: Sure. With anyone, any gender. 

Were-wolf or Regular (Regular people can join the Wolf Pack too, if they know a member of the Wolf Pack): Werewolf. 

Other: Okay. I need to tell you her backstory. Becuase it's crucial to her personality and why her soul is broken. And it could be fun...

Her mother divorced with her father. She stayed with her father, because she was forced to. Her father remarried, and she had a very bad stepmother. Her stepmother forced her to do everything. She ran away at 5, because she couldn't take it anymore. She met the Wolf Pack, who told her she was a werewolf, and she was literally so afraid she ran away again- and endured the freezing cold and starvation for a full 2 years. Then, she finally realized her mistakes and at 10 she joined the Wolf Pack, but she was already broken beyond repair. 

So um yeah, that brings it to an end... 

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"Hold it girl, we need to be prepared. People are every where. Trying to hunt us down. Kill us. As it was stated by Zeus himself-" 

Harry put his hand up. "Ok Marko. Let's not get too carried away." 

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, drifting into a state of zen. 

"But he is right. If we're going out to some cave, we don't want to get noticed." 

"How about we go right when the sun goes down? That's when the least amount of people are on patrol." Ebony suggested.

"Well, sounds good to me. What about everyone else?" Everyone else looked content with the plan. 

"W-wait. I don't want to go out. May I please stay here?" I meekly asked. 

Sonia smiled. "Of course you can. Just stay on patrol." 

"Will do."  

As the rest of the group gathered went on their way to get ready for tonight, I collapased to the floor. Why was I so tired today?


With mom and dad still arguing downstairs I grabbed my backpack and quietly opended my window. I slid onto the roof and dropped down in front of our garage. Hopping on my bike, I started to bike towards the forest. Today would be the day I would find out if it was true. If the forest did have the ancient remains of discarded UFO's.

Biking very quickly along the street, the wind was soft and wet as it blew across my face. When I reached the forest I dropped my bike off and ran through the thick forest. After about a half hour of checking my compass and strolling around, I discovered something... Strange. 

There, in a clearing, was a large moss-covered rock shaped like a perfect dome. It was uncanny how perfectly it was shaped. Like it was man-made.

I crept over to it, careful not to make a sound. I had seen enough horror movies to know this could be a trap. I got closer to it, and, walking around it, I saw a little notch in it. It was shaped like a key-hole, and seemed to have a faint purple glow from inside.

As I touched it, I heard a deep voice echo through my ears. It was so strong I got scared. "HELLO, YOUNG BOY." 

"What?" I accidently yelled out.


"Who is this?" I yelled out again.

The voice didn't reply. "PLEASE COME HELP. I'M WOUNDED."

I must be going crazy. This voice was the most terrifying thing I'd ever heard. And then... Everything went black. 

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It's almost night. I push open the window and jump out of it, instinctively tensing up at the creak of leaves. I stealthily make my way to the forest, where they are gathering. I overhear everything- 

"Hello." I jump out. "Yes, surprisingly I'm not late. I heard everything." I shrug. "Lucky day, I guess. I also brought some knives, y'know, for self defence. If you don't mind, I need to rest a little bit. Also, does anyone need water?" 

I offer a couple cups of water to the others. 

"Marko's on patrol, not coming." Sonia says. 

I nod. "Awesome. Now we won't have any horrible-" I shudder. "-monsters, or whatever normal humans that want to kill us, taking over our lovely gathering place..." 


I hope this is okay?  

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