Elementis Story

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Elementis Story

Elementis Story

I need some side characters... 


Elementis. The place of peace. 4 Elements, combined to form a lovely country. 





10 teenagers, some from each land, plus a shadow-mage, set off to stop the Shadow Hunters.

Enter the Shadow Hunters. They're outlaws from Elementis, still trying to make Elementis collapse and take over it. 

Arlya, formerly Freespirit, is a rare combination of all 4 elements, meaning she could control all of them, but at a risk- she would collapse easily. She's the Shadow Hunters' Queen. 

Alyna, formerly Wave, is a water mage. She's the one with the most powerful water powers here. She's the half-cousin of Arlya. 

Silent, formerly Shadow, is a special breed, coming from the off-island of Underworld. She's a shadow-mage, meaning she can do tricks with shadows and whatnot. The only shadow mage in existance, at least that's what the Shadow Hunters think...they really need to keep more updated...

Tlikia, formerly Crackle, is a fire-mage. Assistant to Arlya. 

Together, they make up the 'boss council' of the Shadow Hunters. 


Typhoon, a sea-mage prince. 

Moonwater, a water-moon-mage peasant. 

Inferno, a fire-magic-mage Mage. 

Smoke, a fire-mage oracle. 

Sparkle, a magic-mage oracle. 

Vine, a earth-mage peasant. 

Leafy, a earth-mage princess.

Breeze, a air-mage peasant. 

Emerald, the jewel-mage.  

Silver, the shadow-mage. 


Together, these 10 plan on saving Elementis...but how, is the real question? 








Fire, water, sea, air, earth, moon, star, or sun? ⋆☾☽⋆ choose up to 3: 

In the Shadow Hunters?: 




The Dark Forest: Where the Shadow Hunters reside

Elementis: 4 Elements City

Realm of the Sky: Sun, Star, and Moon City

Underworld: An island off the coast of Elementis, where all the shadow-mages *right now it belongs to Silver, since she's the last one* used to live. 

Element Forest: A mythical forest, not proven to be real yet, that gives you the power of all the elements. 


Hope you like it! This is SNS, if that wasn't obvious...

~Element Girl

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