Where did your

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Where did your

Where did your characters (OCs, AEs, CAPTCHAS, characters in stories you write, etc.) get their names? How old are they? What are their favorite foods? Hair colors? et cetera et cetera. 

Here we can ask/answer questions about our characters like that and provide fun facts about them. 

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Okay sorry


Jade and Tori are my longest-surviving OCs. All my others just kinda died... or maybe I murdered them...

Okay, anyway

They're both 12, idk much about them, oops

They both have silver hair with a gold streak in their bangs; they're sisters. 

IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII dunno what I'm doin'

Better post this before it gets outta hand- 

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(I'm gonna post as Dara because I'm in an SI lol I'm so sneaky even though I'll probably forget)

The name Dara just kinda popped into my head and her friend, Ziri, came from my cat's name, Zahra, and I played around with the letters until it was Ziri.

And I have another charrie nicknamed Pretzel and he has four stuffed animals - a lion named Fuzzle, a moose named Brown, a lizard named Scales, and a unicorn named Sparkles (because sparkles makes everything better :D) 

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I have really only one charrrie that has stayed with me and thats Terra. Shes a tree spirit! Shes ageless but apears about 14 or so. Her favorite foods are snails and berries! Her hair isn't really hair- she has a tree growing from her head that changes with her emotions, for example she gets a cherry blossom tree when shes happy. She has light green skin. She would love to meet other people! I'm working on a story with her in it currently <3

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Ima do my AEs and CAPTCHA since I have way too much OCs to put them all here. 

So, I have two AEs and one CAPTCHA (three is a very confortable number of these, so I don't plan on making any more). Sally and Alice were names I used a lot when I was younger. No idea why, I just liked those names back then. So I decided to integrate them into my AEs beause why not? Shade had a more unique idea put into his names. Because he speaks in five letters, and other people were having their CAPTCHA have a name that's five letters back when I made him, I wanted him to have a name like that too. Shade is five letters and really fits the character. 

Technically AEs and CAPTCHAs are ageless, but some charrie sheets ask for ages, so I made them ages. Sally is 10, Alice is 14, and Shade is an adult dragon. That's all Shade will tell you (also Idk how to make his age, whether he can live a long time or has the life of a human or something else). 

Sally's favorite food is cupcakes (originally another food I cannot recall), Alice's favorite food is salad (she tries to be healthy), and Shade's favorite food is any kind of meat. 

Sally and Alice both have blonde hair (Sally's hair is more brighter in hue than Alice's though), and Shade obviously doesn't have any.  

Also, I did remember that they were 'alter egos' and made them all facets of my personality. Alice is the shy nervous part of me, as well as the rule follower and responsible one (she's the one I'm most like tbh XD), Sally is one of the other sides of me (im ambiverted), as I like to hang out with friends, I love animals, I can be hyperactive, can be caught up in ideas, Idc what others like to think, etc..

I also made Shade the CAPTCHA a part of my personality. I'm hot-tempered, can think dark thoughts, and grumpy some of the time. Basically the parts I keep inside of myself a lot. Also, fun fact, Shade is one of the few CAPTCHAs that is grumpy and all around mean. It makes him unique and also gives him a feeling that he doesn't belong here, which is part of the reason he's so mean. Wow, I really make my AEs and CAPTCHAs deep. Mostly I just use them to create jokes XD. 

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My CAPTCHA got her name (Aria) litterally just by me searching for short names ._. yup, boring

My charries usally get their names from the meanings. Like, Mavi, my AE, her name means Blue. Her name was origanaly Mavi Ay, meaning Blue Moon. =_= A little less boring.

So yeh. My mode of naming things is kinda boring. 

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