Hello Cbers!!! today

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Hello Cbers!!! today

Hello Cbers!!! today I have an amazing idea for a RP!!! It is called...

Never ending Forest 

It looks like a forest, because it is a forest. But the bulging leaves and  cross bridges between the trees tells you what you need to know. It is also a city, holding people. On the outskirts of the vast forest their homes are made from leaves and the walkways are disguised as vines. But in the heart of the city, there are big buildings, wooden homes, and play parks and libraries, ice cream stores and the hospital! They have everything that they need to survive in what seems like a never ending forest. But… that was all three-hundred years ago. The city is still in good shape, but the vacancies are rising across the city. The question is, will you journey out to be lost in darkness, or will you find the root that leads to the thing or place that your people have gone to? Or will you stay cowardly and afraid of the outer world, and what will it come to? War? Devastation? Extinction? Or how it used to be, three-hundred years ago? That is not for me to decide, but for you.

Charrie sheet:







Shipping again:

Pet/animal companion (you can say none):



Role (Jernior, stay at cityer, secratery, trader, towns person.): 




here are my charries!!


Name: Arealtha (are-reeee-all-thuh) Tremsew

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Personality: Hard thinker, anchious.

Appearance: long black hair with gold rings olding it up, little pendant on forhead that is light aqua, slightly tan skin, green eyes, long dirty white dress/cloak thing.

Shipping: yes

Pet/animal companion (you can say none): dawf owl

Backstory: Became leader of tribe after for mother and father died, has n great friends.

Other: shes pretty lonley

Role (Jernior, stay at cityer, secratery, trader, towns person.): ciry leader.



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Soudns cool!
Name: Ulf Malkom
Age: 25
Gender: Male, he/him
Personality: Very selfish and a bit greedy, but loyal to friends and is strangely welcoming. A bit narcissitic
Appearance: Long braided white hair, one red eye, very bulky and tall. 
Shipping: I guess, but he's kind of a jerk to people that like him.
Pet/animal companion (you can say none): Wolf
Backstory: From one of the most highly respected familes, he was the smartest out of his 15 siblings. 7 of them are now dead. 
Other: N/A
Role (Jernior, stay at cityer, secratery, trader, towns person.): Traveling warrior
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Can I join? If not, please disregard this post.

NOTE: This is not my normal character, Bradley, I have a new character, named Mike. From The Monkees.


Name: Michael, A.K.A, Mike

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Personality: Calm, nice, hardly anythin' shakes him, but he DOES get mad. When he does he says "Ok, no more Mr. Nice Guy."

Appearance: Short black hair, kinda like Mike Nesmith's from The Monkees, had a red long-sleeved shirt, blue jeans, black shoes, and a green wool hat, brown eyes, and tan skin.

Shipping: Girls around his age please. And he's REALLY good at makin' friends.

Pet/Animal Companion: Fox kit, named Micky.

Other: He's kinda a thief, so he might take things that aren't his. Oh, he has an Texan accent, too!

Role: Towns Person.

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Name: Semletha sasley

Age: 16

Gender: Female/she/her 

Personality: Friendly, always calm

Appearence: Black hair to shoulders, cute bow in hair, large scar on cheek, light skin, long dress that is always clean, musical note charm on bracelet

Shipping: Yes

Pet animal companion (you can say none):  Myna bird

Backstory: She was born to a wealthy family but when she was 7 her parents were killed by a wild animal on a mission in the forest. She was then adaopted by a poor family and was sent to work at 14 as asecretary because the family despertly needed money. 

Other: She has many friends and loves to paint and write short stories in her free time

Role (Jernior, stay at cityer, secretary, trader, towns person): Secretary  

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Next sTOP: TOP city!

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