Okay, I need

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Okay, I need

Okay, I need a little bit of help. I'm writing a nonbianary character, and I want to make sure I don't do anything offensive in the story. I don't know anyone who identifies as nonbianary irl. Can anyone tell me some things that I should be extra careful not to make a mistake on? Also, let me know if this post was offensive in anyway. I'm sorry if it was.

Anyway, thank you so much! I'll answer questions about the character if you need to know something else. 

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Hi again writing! I don't know what my other NB Friends find offensive but do you know what I find offensive?


(i'm lookin' at you chick fill A)

But seriously it's annoying when non binary characters are perfect just because the author doesn't want to offend anyone. The character should be a person first (or another species whatever) and then non binary.

Am I making sense?


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well, I don't understand the chicken part... maybe because I'm vegitarian lol. But the rest makes sence! Thanks, Lord Entropy! ;) *thumbs up to you!*

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YAY! I got a thumbs up!

You're a vegetarian? You have such power! I could never live without meat!

I don't claim to represent the entire enby community but that's just how i feel.

I don't even know if i'm really enby. Some days i feel nonbinary. Today i feel mostly feminine but not completely beCAUSE I CAN NEVER JUST BE SOMETHING I HAVE TO BE SORT OF SOMETHING BUT SORT OF SOMETHING ELSE...

sorry. I'm ranting.


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I am confused because in the confessions thread you told CBers to call you they/them now. Is one of these an impersonation? 

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ok, so, I'll try not to be confuzzling; I chose to use they/them pronouns because I change my pronouns seemingly daliy, and that may be confusing. Did that clear things up? :D

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Ohhhh ok. I'm sorry yes that clears things up.

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I would suggest making sure they aren't super perfect or something! I hate it when nonbinary characters have literally zero flaws. We're human too!

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Don't make them always skinny with no curves. if you were feminine before you aren't magically not boy-ish and not girl-ish. Don't make their favorite color green unless it always has been and don't make them like something less because their non-binary. Dont make them dumb. This is what NOT to make a non-binary person in a book!

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*throws hands up* exactly!

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YAYYYY! Exactly!

You wrote what i would have wrote if i knew how to write without randomly breaking the fourth wall and ranting about uninvolved things like chick-fil-a. 

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I'd say just remember that there's no one way to be nonbinary! Every enby person is different--you don't have to look androgynous, act a certain way, like certain things, or use specific pronouns. Have fun writing!

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