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Introduce Yourself as

Introduce Yourself as a character of yours! Talk about the characters likes, hobbies, dislikes and more from their perspective. You can reply to the introductions as a character too, or just as yourself. Two examples of my characters are:


Hi, I'm Cyrus. I'm twelve years old and am a year one at Cherrywood Academy. I enjoy reading, origami, and science experiments, but not science in general. I have a pet bearded dragon at home, but only see him during the summer, when I have a break from my school. I love the holiday Halloween, and, according to Amalthia, my costumes can be a little over the top. My favorite color is emerald green, and my favorite food is...well, there are far to many to choose from. I'm adopted, and my parents have a funny love for fish. Our kitchen is home to five of our seven fish, and their names are Rusty, Elma, Delline, Joey and Minnie. The one in my room is Tyrone, and the one in my parents' room is Gene. ;)


HI! I'm Bethlyn, but call me Beth, please. I'm twelve years old, and I have dark brown hair, brown eyes, and a few freckles on my nose. I love music and movies and books, not in that order though. I love to read graphic novels, too, especially ones based off true stories. I like to listen to podcasts too, but I prefer to do that outside of school. I have notebooks full of stories, because I have lots of ideas. There is no such thing as too many ideas, though, just good ideas and awesomazing ones. I draw too, but really only cartoons. My realistic stuff gets wonky, unless it's hands. I draw good hands.  Bye for now, Beth:)


Hope you enjoy my characters!!! 

submitted by Amelia P., age 12, California
(April 10, 2021 - 9:02 pm)

Hello, I am Sara. I like soccer, like I am a big time fan. I would like to say that I only support one team but I do tend to change depending on who is doing well each season. Let me tell you I have lots of jerseys, I like to buy one each season for which team I am rooting for. Anyway... I love Social studies, art and boogie boarding. I love the ocean. I have reallly long blonde hair. With a few freckles. I like to wear aviator sunglasses. I have light blue eyes ,must people say like the sea. I can't stand unorganized desks. I am very kind and positive. Though when something upsets me I will share my feelings. I am an obsessive movie watcher, too.

submitted by Sunshine Summers, age 12, A Place
(April 21, 2021 - 10:50 pm)