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KotLC RP!Hey


Hey, guys! I recently got into Keeper of the Lost Cities, and I've noticed that some of you like it too, so I thought I'd make an RP. I'll put the character sheet, then the rules, and a basic description of the series for anyone who doesn't know. I'm also going to create the first comment on this thread as a "General Comment", so that anyone who joins late can see the plot so far. Now, let's get started!

Character Sheet:





Home name:


School Level, if needed:



-Your character may bear similarities to a character in the book, but you can't RP as a character in the book.

-Your character can have more than one ability.

-You can have as many characters as you want, though try to keep it to 3.

-Try not to lead the plot like it is in the series!

-Characters from the books can exist, but just as side characters. Don't involve any book characters in major things.


Series Description (with as few spoilers as possible):

Keeper of the Lost Cities is a currently 8.5 book series (more coming soon).The series is about a girl named Sophie Foster who finds out she's an elf, though they're not what we usually picture them to be. They look like humans, only they dress differently. (Usually tunics and pants with capes and cloaks, though girls wear dresses when going about if they're in nobility) and they live in what are called the "Lost Cities", called this because they are lost to humans. For example, Atlantis is a Lost City. Anyway, Sophie we discover is the creation of a group called the Black Swan, whose total motives and reasoning are still unknown. Right now, the Council, a group of elvin leaders who are basically the government, want to find them because they are going against elvin law. (Like going into the "Forbbiden Cities" which is the human world.) Though no one knows exactly who is in the Black Swan, or basically anything about them. Sophie has multiple special and enhanced abilities (like she's a telepath with an inpentrable mind) because the Black Swan created her and tweaked her genes. She has information that she can't access stored away in her mind, and is only given clues here and there by the Black Swan to help both humans and elves. 


That's it!  


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This is where we will post things about the plot and the RP, so if anyone forgets or is new, they can come here! Now, what are y'all's ideas for the plot? Make them a reply here! 

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Here are my characters:

Name: Analyn Naomi Dasid


Age: 13


Appearance: Waist length wavy strawberry-blonde hair, medium-light skin, freckles, blue glasses


Ability(s): Conjurer, Polygot


Home name: Aetherwood


School: Foxfire


School Level, if needed: 2


Name: Kiran Nuri Tayer


Age: 12


Appearance: Scruffy brown hair, big eyes, medium brown skin


Ability(s): Pyrokinetic


Home name: Wovenglade


School: Foxfire


School Level, if needed: 1


Name: Naida Kairi Tayer


Age: 11


Appearance: Neat brown hair, half up, half down, medium brown skin, big eyes


Ability(s): Hydrokinetic


Home name: Wovenglade


School: Foxfire


School Level, if needed: 1

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*squeals* OH MY GOSH I AM SO JOINING!!!!!!! 

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Hi! I'd love to join this, but I've only read the first book and don't want any spoilers. Will this RP be based on the whole series or just the first book? 

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This RP will not be based on the book series. Subtle references will probably happen, but it should not be based on the actual series plot, so I think you'll be fine. I've personally only read up to book 4!

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Okay then, RESERVING! 

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*shrieks loudly* RESERVING

question: is this pre-canon, post-canon, during canon, or an alternate universe in which Sophie Foster does not exist? I already have a charrie in mind, but I'm deciding whether to make her a mildly pyrophobic pyrokinetic or a mildly pyrophobic hydrokinetic. If this is pre-canon, like before the pyrokinesis ban, she'll be a pyrokinetic, and if it's post-canon, and the pyrokinesis ban has been lifted, she'll be a pyrokinetic too, but otherwise she's going to be a hydrokinetic. 

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This is post-canon, and Sophie Foster and co do exist, just not as main developers in the plot.

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Name: Brianna

Age: 15

Appearance: long brown hair, cobalt blue eyes, very pale, a few freckles

Ability(s): empath

Home name: Visendell

School: Foxfire

School Level, if needed: 5

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I WANT TO JOIN!!! (I haven't read all the books though. I just finished the 5th today!)
Name: Lelani
Age: 12
Appearance: long black hair, blue eyes (of course) tall graceful 
Ability(s): psionipath, empath 
Home name: mirriorguide
School: Foxfire
School level, if needed: 2
Gender/prounous: (just thought I'd add this for clarification. Hope that's ok!) female, she/her 
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*Mouth gaps open* Oh my goodness I am TOTALLY joining. I am like, CRAZY about KotLC! I mean, I am named after the fourth book (in the CB, not in IRL). I added a personality and other section, which I hope is okay. I can't wait for this to begin!

Ooh! Maybe I will get to see some of my old, er, kinda-sorta-not totally friends. On second thoughts, maybe I'll just stick to meeting the newbies... 

Name: Jasper Occentroy 

Age: 12 

Appearance: Long, dirty blond hair that reaches to about 2/3s down her back. Teal-Turquoise eyes, and a pointed chin. Slightly crooked smile, but it is barely noticeable. A few freckles on the cheeks, slightly tall for her age, and is almost never found in a dress. 

Ability(s): Polyglot, Empath 

Home name: Occentroy, like her last name

School: Foxfire 

School Level, if needed: 3rd level, she got moved up

Personality: Sneaky, loves to play harmless (or sometimes not so harmless) pranks on her friends, but especially on her teachers. She has a knack for subtle, humorous jokes, and is always fun to be around. She is dedicated to her friends, but like said above, but sometimes likes to pull small pranks on them. She is incredibly smart, and she loves being around people. 

Other: No siblings, but wishes she had one. She/her pronouns



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Oh, I misread/misunderstood the Home Name section - I am going to change it to Oakendale. Sorry about that!

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I would like to join! I'll post my charrie sheet later! 

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Name: Merym Talixon

Age: 13

Appearance: Midnight blue eyes, wavy dark brown hair, fairly tan skin. Wears emerald green tunic, black leggings, and hates capes.

Ability(s): Vanisher

Home name: Pollendale

School: Foxfire

School Level, if needed: 4

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