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Letters From Brooklyn

Letters From Brooklyn


Do you like role playing in a very weird, possibly-not-a-roleplay-at-all kind of way? Do you enjoy writing letters? Does the idea of writing to made up characters sound appealing to you?


Join this thread! 

It's, um, a weird idea. It's based off a book I started writing, though I really didn't get very far. Basically, I've made up some characters, and you guys can, uh, well, write letters to them. Like imaginary pen pals. 


Gosh, I really hope someone does this... 


Here's a summary:

One day, you get a very strange letter in the mail. It's from your new pen pal. It's your homework assignment to spend a whole month writing to them, with at least 3 letters sent and 3 received. But something's wrong with this letter. It's supposed to be from a school in France, but it's from Brooklyn, New York. And the kid writing to you is a little strange. The talk about things that don't make sense, like the sounds inanimate objects make. 

One day, you realize that the person you're writing to has no record of ever exsisting. As the end of the month draws near, more questions reveal themselves. Where are these letters coming from? What are the sounds? And, most importantly, who is the person writing the letters?

Here are the "pen pals" you can select:

Viola, the first of the last (not to be confused with the CBer Viola?)



Eliza (AKA Eli), of Volume 86 (not related to Hamilton, sorry)



Mya, the youngest (no seriously she's 6)



Theo, a vague writer (he writes short, mysterious letters that leave you with more questions than answers)



That's all the characters I have right now, I got rid of one of the ones from my story. To join, fill out this quick form:





Pen Pal (you can pick one that someone else has if you want to):


Also, I'm using a fake name. I don't really know anything about Narnia XD You can guess me if you want to. 


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Not everyone has written back yet, but that's fine. If you haven't written back yet, you'll get your second letter once you write back.

Hey Star,
Thanks for your letter. It was really fun to read.
As for your questions, it's hard to explain. Of course you can't hear stars--you'd know if you were able too, surely. They sound like all kinds of wind chimes, but mainly they clink into some sort of song.
I don't think there's a specific way I hear objects. I just do, I guess. I have my whole life-- it's a normal thing for me, the way it's normal for you to see clouds in a blue sky or enjoy the rustling of leaves. That's another thing... I can't hear the rustling of leaves. But I can hear other things. Unmoving water on a lake sounds like a woman singing, moving water in a lake is a baby's crying. 
What about you? Are there any sounds you like? 
-- Theo. 
Dear MoonKitten, 
Hi again! Today I'm writing this letter all by myself, but sometimes I have to ask my friends how to spell things. My favorite thing to draw is purple pandas with bamboo flavored chocolate. Bamboo flavored chocolate sounds gross, but purple pandas like it because my friend Theo read me a picture book about a panda eating bamboo, and absolutely everyone likes chocolate. What's your favorite animal? 
Bye now!
Mya ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 
Dear Lightning Girl,
Hello again! Thanks for your letter. I love chocolate and ice cream too! I once had vanilla ice cream with chunks of chocolate--whoever created that was clearly a genius. 
I like reading, too, usually fantasy, but sometimes I'll read realistic fiction. What's your favorite book?
I dance to the moon because I can hear it through my window. It's pretty loud, but it sings a lullaby, so when I'm done dancing, I usually fall asleep. 
I look forward to your next letter!
Hello Lupine,
Thanks for your letter, it cheered me up.
Volume 86 is the name of the floor I live on, and the group I am part of. It doesn't mean much, but people don't really like it. Sort of like how people in the Harry Potter books who are in Slytherin are bad guys, so a lot of people in the real world don't seem to like it much, even though it's perfectly fine. Have you read the Harry Potter books? If not, I reccomend them.
I have a piano, and I love it more than anything in the world.
Well, maybe not anything...
It's cool that you play violin. Are there any songs you like to play?
If you responded to your pen pal and your letter is not here, please let me know, and I apologize!
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Hey Theo,

Thanks for the letter. I wish I could hear stars. I love songs. I love all forms of music. Do you like music?

I tend to like most sounds. I like the sound of wind on a windy day, I like the sound of piano, and I like the sound of a fan moving not fast but medium-fast in a warm room. 

If you can't hear rustling of leaves, can you hear the sound of rustling paper? It's so cool that you can hear things like stars and lakes! Lakes that aren't moving sound to me like nothing, and moving lakes sound like flowing water. Do you hear the flowing water at the same time as the sound of a crying baby, or not at all?

Is there a pattern in which the woman sings in a lake? Or does each lake have its own song? It's own melody, and it's own singer? For me, each lake sounds similar. Maybe not the same.

Have a nice day!



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Dear Mya,

Purple pandas are awesome. Yeah, George Washington probably liked chocolate - although believe it or not, I know a couple of people who don't like chocolate! So weird. Anyway, my favorite animals are cats, because they're adorable and snuggly but also agile and cool. What's yours?

Your friend,

MoonKitten <3

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Dear Viola,  

Thanks for responding to my last letter. Vannila ice cream with choclate chunks sounds really good and I agree with you that who ever created it is a genuis. What ios my favorite book? thats a really hard question,. I have a lot of favorite books. The lost hero, The mark of athena, the entire Percy Jackson and harry pottter series, and The fowl twins are among some of my favorites. What's your favorite book? In addition to reading I also like to play piano. Do you play any instruments? 

Your friend,

Lightning Girl        







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Can I still join? If I can, here's my form:

Name: WordSong

Gender/pronouns: They/them, nonbinary

Pen pal: Viola

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If I can still join:

Name: Caroline

Gender: Female- She/her

Pen Pal:  Eliza 

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I hope I can still join! If so, then here's my form:

Name: GoldenLionTamarin "GLT"

Gender/pronouns: male, he/him

Pen Pal: Eliza 

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Ahh! I'm sorry I've been so slow about this. Thank you to all the new people who have signed up. Your letters are here, newcomers' first letters and everyone else's third ones. For those of you who have not responded, you will not get your third letter until you do. 



Hey Star,


I like music a lot, but particularly I like singing. Most sonds I can hear are musical, with the exception of the baby's crying and a few others.



I like the sounds that you like too-- my friend Eliza can play piano. Well, to say that she can play piano is an understatement. She lives for it.


I can hear rustling paper, which gives me an idea of what leaves sound like. Did you know that people creating cartoons use other objects to make the sounds that objects in the animation are making? For example, let's say the characters where in a forest and heard the rustling of leaves--behind the scenes, people might use rustling paper to make those sounds. Pretty cool, right? 



It depends on the lake for wether or not I can hear the crying baby. If it's very calm but still gently moving water, I mostly just hear the water with the occasional whimper. If it's medium, I hear only the baby's crying. Very rough moving water is both. 



The song is always the same, and so is the singer. The singer is singing a lullaby, but I cannot undertsand the lyrics. I can only hear them-- I know the singer is singing in English and is saying words I have in my vocabulary, but it is like I forget the words before my brain can fully process them or something. It makes me really sad because the singer is my mom. That song is the only memory I have of her at all.



Well, anyway. Thanks for your letter.  






Dear MoonKitten,


Hi again! Thanks for your letter. I can't believe that there are people who don't like choclate! Everybody here likes chocolate except for the stray dog because we can't give him chocolate since it will make him sick. But even he likes chocolate, he's just allergic to it. I felt bad for the stay dog, so to make him feel better about not having chocolate I named him Chocolate Cake Pie. My favorite animal is pandas, but I like cats too. I dressed up Chocolate Cake Pie as a panda last Halloween! I drew a picture of him. Maybe I'll send it to you someday. 



Bye for now!




Mya ▼・ᴥ・▼ ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ



Dear Lightning Girl,


Hi again! Thanks for your letter, your questions havre had me pondereing. It is hard for me to decide on my favorite book too! I do love the Harry Potter series, my friend Eli introduced me to it. 


I can play a few songs on the flute and I play the viola, which I share a name with. What are some songs that you like playing?


Thanks again for writing, I can't wait for your next letter.








Dear Starnger (WordSong),


Hello! I'm Viola. I'm excited to be pen pals with you!



I'll start with a few simple things about myself. I'm a normal girl, all things considered, anyway, and I'm the first of the last. It doesn't make any sense to me either, don't worry.


I like books and enjoy staying up late reading them while drinking cups of hot chocolate or snacking on normal chocolate. The moon is always singing it's lullaby and telling me to go to sleep. Sometimes I dance to it before I finally go to bed.



What's your favorite food? Is there anything you like to do?



I look forward to your letter.









Hello Caroline,



I'm Eliza, of Volume 86. Call me Eli.


I don't like being in Volume 86, but there's some good parts. They let me have a piano. It's beautiful. 


I dream that someday I'll be a famous pianist and live in London. I don't like it here. I want to see the world.



What about you? Is there anything that you want to do?








Hello GoldenLionTamarin,


I'm Eliza, but please call me Eli.



I'm from Volume 86. I don't like it.



The only thing I like about it is piano. I can play piano as loudly as I want and nobody cares. Actually, these days, some people enjoy it. Like Mya, who calls me her big sister and always wants me to play her songs.



Oh, Mya. I wonder if she'll ever understand.



Do you play any insturments?








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Hi Eli,

I'd think that if you are committed to piano, Volume 86 might not be so bad. I think that if there is only one thing you like about something, and you focus on that one thing, it can be really good. Like, take my Spanish class. I only focus on the words, which I really like, so that is near the top of my favorite subjects list.

I play piano and am learning guitar.



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Hello, normal girl! I really like how you use words. And it doesn't have to make sense- I always say things are more interesting when they don't make sense. Well, I don't think I've ever said that until now, but whatever.

I love staying up late reading too! I always regret it the next morning, especially if it's a school night, but it feels kind of magical being up when no one else is. I don't eat because usually I'm under my blankets, but that sounds amazing. I've never noticed the moon when it's late, but I'm always inside. Sometime I'm going to go outside when it's late out. 

You dance? I've always wanted to, but I've never been good at it, or brave enough to fail.

My favorite food's mac and cheese. I can make my own, and it's really good. Oh, and I love writing and reading. I also draw and sing. And like a lot of other things, but those are the main four.



P.S. I love your name. 

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Dear Eli,

Hi, I'm glad I got your letter!

Who's they? But I'm glad they let you have a piano.  I play clarinet but I'm not to good beacuse I don't practice enough.

Where's volume 86? It seems like a level of a building but you're talking about it like a whole different place. If it's in the city, thats cool, especially if its the 86th level. I don't live in the city but I live near it, so we go there a few times a year. The skyscrapers always blow me away, they are so tall! My mom said she once saw the top of a skyscraper from a plane, and the skyscraper poked through the clouds.

I want to go to London too, because I like to write stories but I don't think I should write one based in London if I haven't been there. I wrote one in Seattle, which I have been too but I forgot a lot about. Do you live in England? I'm from the U.S.

I don't know why you would need to go all the way to London to be a pianist. You can probably just go to the closest big city, which you probaly already live in if you live on floor 86. If you become a pianist at the local orchestra they will probably pay for you to go all over. If they aren't famous already I'm sure you would make them famous. My grandparents live in LA, and I've gone to the Hollywood Bowl with them. It's quite spectacular. What if I saw you performing there one day?

I'm 12, how old are you?



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