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"Ok, which would you rather fight: A Hydra, or a dragon?" Micky asked me, as we walked to the meetin' spot.

"Ok, first of all, how many times are you gonna ask me that? Second of all, my answer is gonna be the same: A dragon. Everyone knows that when you take out a Hydra's head, it grows 2 more in it's place! And, I couldn't defeat one of those things if I TRIED." I said.

Micky gently shoved my shoulder, than ran. I rolled my eyes, and ran after him. He was faster than me, though, so I was outta breath by the time I caught up with him. He was at the corner of Sunset Strip, and Academic Boulevard, smilin' like he had won a race.

"Give up?" He asked me.

"Yeah... Lemme just sit down here... ho, boy, next time, don't use your speed against me... You KNOW I can't take it." I said.

He laughed, like I had just told a joke, and sat down next to me. I stared at a sign that said "WANTED: MIKE NESMITH, MICKY DOLENZ, DAVID JONES, PETER TORK, FOR POWER USAGE IN PUBLIC. REWARD: 3,000 RUBIES".

"Mick, we gotta get the others, NOW!" I said, as both he and I stood up.

"'K! I'll get Peter! You get Davy!" He said, as he ran off.

"Super-speed maniac." I grumbled under my breath, as I ran off to find Davy.

I found him near Pandora's Box, and ran straight up to him, and started talkin' my head off 'bout the ad.

"Ok, slow down! What's wrong?" He said, in his soft British accent.

Before I could answer, a figure in a black jump-suit, black combat boots, black leather finger-less gloves, brown, ankle-length hair in a braid thrown around her shoulder, and a sword threw her weapon at me.


"Then, we understand each other, Michael." She replied.





Powers (No OP characters, please):





Sidekick or no?:


Super, or Super-Hero stopper?:




Name: Mike Nesmith

Age: 23

Powers: Ice and snow. Kinda like Elsa from Frozen.

Appearance: He has DEEP DEEP DEEP dark brown hair, almost black, that looks like a male version of the lego hairstyle, The Short Glamour, except the wave of hair is on the left hand side. He has light tan skin, and brown eyes. He wears an orange shirt, tucked into VERY blue denim jeans, with a green wool hat, and black almost high-heeled shoes that were popular in the 1960's. And a brown belt with a gold buckle.

Weapon: A small retractable knife in his pocket.

Personality: Acts calm, even if there's a fight goin' on. He can get a little angry at times, but ONLY if someone provokes him enough to make him see red. If that happens, LOOK OUT.

Background: His dad walked out on Mike when he was only 4 years old, leavin' Mike and his mom alone. His mom died after Mike accidentaly revealed his powers to her, by puttin' out a fire in the kitchen, after he left a turkey in the oven too long. Mike ran away, and met Micky, Peter, and Davy, who also had powers. He married Lizzie Du Val (Disclaimer: Not his actual wife, she's like a version of me...), but when he told her he had powers, she turned on him, and tried to turn all four of 'em to the government.

Sidekick, or no?: No.

Shippin': No. He's married, although Lizzie dosen't want to admit it. And he doesn't either.

Super, or Super-hero Stopper?: Super.

Talents: Athelic, can play guitar, write music, and sing.

Other: He has a Texan accent.


Name: Elizabeth Du Val/Nesmith, but goes by "Lizzie"

Age: 23

Powers: Fire.

Appearance: *See Intro* She has light tan skin, and grey-green eyes. Scar on her cheek from fight.

Weapon: Sword.

Personality: Usually cheerful and bubbly, happy-go-lucky, but when she sees someone with powers, she goes the opposite direction. Think me when I'm mad. Or just plain upset.

Background: The daughter of VERY rich parents, Lizzie eloped with Mike, 'cause her step-mon and dad didn't like him. Lizzie and Mike kept each other's powers a secret, until Mike told her, and she switched sides.

Sidekick, or no?: No.

Shippin': No.

She's a super-hero stopper, and I'll post the rest 2-morrow.

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Ok, lemme just post the rest of Lizzie's charrie sheet, and the other's sheets...


Talents: She can play drums, guitar, and piano, even though she dosen't like playin' piano. She's also athelitic, and is an excellent swords-woman. And she can hit her target, even a bee's stinger. (Ok, maybe I'm exageratin' just a little bit. Just a little...)And she knows karate.

Other: She has a slight hint of a mash-up of Texan, Brooklyn, and Oklahoma accents, 'cause she's moved various places, in her life.


Name: Micky Dolenz

Age: 20

Powers: Super-speed.

Appearance: He has an light orange shirt, with blue jeans, and black shoes. He also has a belt, kinda like Mike's. He has a mop (I think that's what it's called, but I don't know. The 1960's are STILL new to me...), and he has light tan skin, and brown eyes.

Weapon: His fists. Literaly, he can hit a TREE, at light speed, and NOT BE HURT. Ok, maybe he only uses a punchin' bag, and not a tree...

Personality: He's crazy. Think a person who's already a little on the wild side, when he eats 2 things of fudge, 52 milkshakes, and, like, 3 cups of caffenated coffee.

Background: I honestly have no clue.

Side-kick or no?: If you count his best friend, Peter, he's kinda-sorta his side-kick... I think...

Shippin': Girls only, please.

Talents: He can play drums, and is a really good singer.

Other: N/A


Name: Davy Jones

Age: 20

Powers: Telekenisis.

Appearance: He has kinda a mop of brown hair, light tan skin, and brown eyes. He wears a white long-sleeved shirt, with black pants, and black high-heeled shoes.

Weapon: N/A.

Personality: He's calm, but can get into a little bit of trouble at times...

Background: He's originally from England, hence the English accent.

Side-kick, or no?: No.

Shippin': Girls.

Talents: Maraca player, along with tambourines. He's also a singer.

Other: N/A


Name: Peter Tork

Age: 24

Powers: Water.

Appearance: He has blond hair, that kinda looks like Davy's late season-one hairstyle. He also has grey-green eyes, and light tan skin. He has an orange long-sleeved shirt, with tan and light brown checkered pants, with black high-heeled shoes.

Weapon: I had no idea what to give him, so this is what I came up with: A stick. Yes, an actual stick he found near their pad.  Probably the lamest weapon I've ever come up with... And the cringest.

Personality: He's shy, and sensitive. He cried at the fact that Lizzie turned against 'em.

Background: I don't know much 'bout this dude.

Side-kick or no?: No.

Shippin': Girls.

Talents: Bass player, and singer. And songwriter.

Other: N/A


Mike (A.K.A Bradley) said "hheho". IS HE LAIGHIN' AT ME?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

(HAHAH) (AHAHA!!!!!!)

C'MERE YOU!!!!!!!!!! *Chases after him, through the CB*

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anyone want to join?

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Name: Ponna Smith

Age: 22

Powers (No OP characters, please): air

Appearance: super curly dark hair, skin a little lighter than her hair with freckles, wears a simple black tee and jean shorts with running shoes

Weapon: a sword

Personality: strategic, smart. Also super funny and can goof around. It annoys people sometimes

Background: pretty average. Had a loving family, nice friends, average house and schools.

Sidekick or no?: no

Shippin': n/a

Super, or Super-Hero stopper?: she was a super hero stopper and came over to the super side, so sometimes people don't trust her

Talents: super good at archery and art

Other: nope!

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So, 'cause I'm movin' startin' on the 16th of August, I probably won't use computer a lot 'round that time, 'cause it's gonna be packed up, so after we get this thing unpacked when we get to the house, I'll start this RP, so y'all have plenty of time to join! You can also join after this gets started!

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Name: Sagittarius, known as Sagi to those close to her. 

Age: 13

Powers (No OP characters, please): Has suspiciously good aim, can make fire but it only happens when they're angry, and can teleport. Teleporting saps her energy sometimes, and it has a 500 ft limit. 

Appearance: Pastel purple hair with pastel turquois streaks, pastel purple crop top, and denim flared jeans, paleish skin, purple eyes, and wears purple sneakers. Looks unsuspicious, has the latest iPhone with a light purple case and turquoise decorations on it. 

Weapon: a charm that can turn into a bow and quiver of arrows, as well as a hidden dagger and chopsticks that can unfold to be a large stick, and multiple chopsticks that are sharp and poisoned. 

Personality: your usual sag. seems happy and cheerful and innocent, is actually a psychopath that will kill people. 

Background: Always misunderstood. pretends like nothing matters, bottles up her feelings. Hates superheroes and thinks they're overrated. 

Sidekick or no?: No. 

Shippin': Uhh, no. Sagi's shipped with Leo and Aries in a poly relationship and nothing can stop me from doing it. 

Super, or Super-Hero stopper?: superhero stopper, i would really like it if sagi was a villain. Along with Aries and Leo. 

Talents: Really good at making people feel insecure and worthless in seconds, somehow good at singing? Very good liar. 

Other: Shipped w/ Aries and Leo

Name: Aries [known to Ari to people who are close to them.] 

Age: 14

Powers (No OP characters, please): is suspiciously strong, is able to manipulate sounds. it saps her energy. able to control fire. 

Appearance: red crop top, flared denim jeans, brunette hair tied up in a bun, pale brownish skin, red sneakers. Latest iPhone with a scarlet red case. Dark red fingerless gloves. scarlet eyes, but she hides them w/ brown contacts

Weapon: Has a hidden dagger, a hidden sword, and her gloves are reinforced with brass and metals. 

Personality: very loud and impatient, will fight you. 

Background: aries was also misunderstood, they met sagi when they were about to jump off a tall building, sagi saved them. 

Sidekick or no?: No. 


Super, or Super-Hero stopper?: Villain >:D 

Talents: Challenges people to fights and wins, surprisingly good at dancing. 

Other: n.A

Name: Leo 

Age: 13

Powers (No OP characters, please): manipulation, controlling fire, and is suspiciously good at acting

Appearance: literally aries except she has orange eyes which she hides with blue contacts, and has a orange crop top and a phone with a orange case. 

Weapon: several hidden daggers and a vial of poison

Personality: seems self-centered and arrogant, amazing at pretending, seems kind and caring .

Background: ltrally just aries 

Sidekick or no?: nah 

Shippin': no, shipped with aries and sagi 

Super, or Super-Hero stopper?: villainnn 

Talents: manipulation. and drama. surprisingly good at performance arts. 

Other: n.a 


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@th3mysticw0lf, I was readin' your charrie sheet, and this takes place in the 1960's, so, could you switch the iPhone with somethin' else, pretty please?

*Whispers* I'm tryin' not to sound rude *cringes*

It's REALLY good! The Super-Hero Stopper is a villian organization, so your charries are perfect!

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okay then whatever's supposed to be really cool or whatever in the 1960s- yk, typical 1960s teenage girl that seems to be from the future. 

[And i wish to change something. they were sucked into the past. that's why they're so...colorful and modern.] thank you!  

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*Awkward silence*

...i didn't know that they were sucked into the past...

You can keep it the same, I didn't know that...

*Cringes, then blushes, and then apologizes 1,000,000 times*

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Its completely fine, Im just gonna say that the iPhone is hidden most of the time. 


-- th3mysticw0lf 

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This looks fun. Very fun. Let's do it

Name: Alby Hewitt

Age: 21

Powers (No OP characters, please): heightened senses but he is learning to control them so he can do it induvidually. This also means he has really good aim. 

Appearance: he wears combat boots and a black shirt with suspenders. He has wide rimmed glasses and black shaggyish hair parted down the middle. he is about 5'8" and has an ear piercing that he wears a silver hoop through. he wears many silver rings on his hands.

Weapon: two pistols that he keeps in concealed pockets

Personality: dark humor is his life and soul. he also jokes around often and never seems stressed. very confident but not to the point where he is cocky. kind of morally grey. He can be very ironic at times. He is rather intelligent and thinks of very complicated solutions for simple problems and the simple solutions for complicated problems. It's quite the situation. Not many people like him. He can be manipulative and condescending and tries to get what he wants. He also tends to make a flair of things

Background: his family was messed up, and that's putting it nicely. I'm not going to go into detail but it ended with a murder. Alby was raised to be manipulative and to get what he wants but he's also not entirely mentally stable from the trauma. 

Sidekick or no?: nah

Shippin': sure. He's open to shipping with males

Super, or Super-Hero stopper?: super I guess but he's kind of inbetween.

Talents: athletic, keeps his cool, impeccable aim, and his singing voice ain't too shabby

Other: i was thinking that he could be a double agent for the most part and then choose a side eventually? If that works with the story of course

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You know what? I'm startin' this RP right now! Don't worry, you can still add charries as I'm doin' this! As they say, "The more, the merrier"!


Mike's POV

"Ya know what, Liz?" I said, as Lizzie pulled her sword outta the wall.

"Hang on a sec! Lemme get this stinkin' thing outta here!" She said, as she finally pulled it out.

"Ok, ya need to STOP throwin' your weapons at me, and you also need to work on your anger towards me." I said, as Lizzie glared at me.

"Well, excuse me, MICHAEL, is it MY fault that you and your little friends are gonna DESTROY this planet?! And, may I add, KILL EVERYONE and take over the WORLD?!" She yelled.

"Uhh, last time I checked--" Davy said, before I put my hand up.

"Don't say a word." I replied.

"Oh, really?! You think you're all big and strong, and that I'm WEAK?! Well, it might suprise you, but I have back-up!" Lizzie said, as she twirled her sword 'round her head.

She threw it into the air, and the jumped, caught the blade, and drove it into the ground. Three figures instantly appearrad behind her. One had purple hair, the second was a brunette, and the third was also a brunette.

"Meet my friends, Sagi, Leo, and Aries." Lizzie said, as the purple-haired figure pulled out a dagger.

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I flick open a dagger and press my fingers together, a signal for attack. I throw the dagger at a random one and leap up into the bushes. 

"Well, looks like your backup plan failed." 

I laugh. As if. 

I pull out a bow and a couple of arrows, aiming the arrows at the superheoros. 

At the last minute, I shift a little bit to the side and neatly graze their cheek. Just to scare them a little. 

Aries clenches her fists together, and punches another one in the face, effectively knocking him out. Leo simply hisses, and says, "Drop all your weapons. Now." 

They comply, their eyes golden, Leo's signature color. The moment Leo's magic stops working, they pick back up their weapons and start attacking Aries and Leo and Liz. They knock out Leo. 

I growl. Nobody, nobody messes with Leo or Liz or Aries and gets away with it. No more toying with them. I aim at one of them, and shift so I'm perfectly covered by the leaves. I hit one of them in the arm- they look up, and start climbing up the tree immediately. 

I leap into another tree, covered by the leaves. The other one is speedy- I can't exactly hit him. 

I caw like a raven, our signal for retreat and hide, maybe attack later from above. 

Lizzie looks confused as Aries drags her and Leo outside the perimeter, obscured by the bushes. I leap down from the trees. 

"Why'd you drag us out?" 

"Number one, our main weapon is fire. I can teleport, Aries can manipulate sounds, and Leo can manipulate things. But it saps our energy. Number two, A fire would be exceedingly dangerous here- we could be killed, and it would be suspicious. There are people who support the superheroes, and they probably would hunt us down and everything. Plus, we would ruin the trees, and a lot of my fr- well, ex-friends, now, would be mad at me. In addition to that, the smoke might hurt us. Number three, it would be better to try and get them cornered or make it look like an accident. Number four, Leo's knocked out, you really can't expect me to leave my girlfriend now can I. Leo's power is manipulation, and it can be used to our advantage a lot. C'mon, let's head back to my house, I'll make us hot chocolate or something." 

Lizzie complies, and helps Aries drag Leo, Aries pulling out a small dagger out of her arm, wincing as she does so. 

We all sit down at my small cottage once we're done, Aries laying Leo down on a cot and tending to her own injuries. I make us some drinks and hand them out. 

"We should plan our next move soon."  

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I was taking my normal stroll, firing my gun at random times when the police started chasing me. That's a slight inconvinience. 

I laugh as I run through the streets ignoring the shouts behind me. That's when I heard it, 

"Oh, really?! You think you're all big and strong, and that I'm WEAK?! Well, it might suprise you, but I have back-up!" 

Lizzie. I guess she found Mike again.

I should go see the situation but first I need to lose the very annoying police behind me, "Excuse me gentelmen!" I shout behind me, "I seem to be late for my appointment, would you be so kind as to let me get there? I do apreciate you wanting me to be safe!" 

"Alby! I-" An officer begins to yell


"What was that? You will let me go? Oh how kind!" I turn and jump onto a passing car effectively getting away from the police, "Have a good day officer!" I yell tipping an imaginary hat. 

I manage to make my way back to where I heard Lizzie darling. I steal someone's hat along the way and skip down the street. I see two boys, both look a little shaken up. Of course it's Mike and Davy.

"boys, boys, boys," I sigh "tsk tsk. making dear Lizzie upset is not the way to go" I say to them like they're little children.

"Dear lord," Mike mutters under his breath, "I can only deal with one of you today"

I walk over to them and notice a mark on Davy's cheek. "Oh it looks like you got a little something, right.... there" I flick it making him grab my hand

"What do you want Alby?" He asks calmly

I increase my ability in smell and take a deep breath in. there it is. blood. 

"Which one of you is hurt?" I ask pulling my hand from Davy's grip, "Oh who am I kidding it's Mike right?" 

They just glare at me. 

"I don't know why you married her, she's the devil!" I say then begin laughing, "And you got hit by lizzie? The same lizzie who makes sure she looks 100% perfect before leaving her house?" 

"We weren't hit by her!" Mike yells stepping towards me. 

"I- what?" I say genuinely confused

"There were three other people. They had the advantage. We drove them away." Davy speaks up putting a hand on Mike's shoulder to try and calm him down. 

"Well isn't that unfair of her. Attacking you without your friends? " I say making a pouty face towards them.

"That's it!" Mike yells and stalks up to me, "You are so pathetic and annoying!" He looks like he was going to continue when the Tonks boy and Micky ran over to us.


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Name: Felice

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Powers: Controlling light, mostly solidifying light. As long as there's light, she can make it into solid objects. This works well with both offense and defense. It's impossible for her to be blinded as well.

Appearance: long blond hair, kept in a braid. She's got bright green eyes and freckles. She's well tanned and wears mostly loose T-shirts, long soft pants, and moccasins.

Weapon: Able to use any weapon she gets her hands on, but prefers small daggers and blow guns.  

Background: the youngest of 7, her whole family are assassins and she's been an assassin her whole life. She loves the thrill and is one of the best assassins in the country.

Personality: Normally, bright and cheerful, a positive thinker and quick to anger. Loyal to those she trusts and quite kind and caring. However, her personality will change depending on the job.

Sidekick? No

Shipping? Sure, to a boy her age

Super/Super Stopper: up for hire, will be on whichever side that's willing to pay. 

Talents: Very flexible, can identify poison, underworld contracts, quick thinking, a good actor, able to sneak around quietly. She knows how to play the lyre too, but that doesn't come up much.

Other: anyone can be her siblings! She pairs best with those with the fire ability, as they can provide a light source. 

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