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WoF character cre

WoF character creator!

Close your eyes. Run your hand along your bookshelf, then stop at a random point. Open your eyes. The book your hand is resting on is the one you chose.  (Pick different books for each category below. If you have a repeat, just pick again.)

Inspired by Tealeaf’s song-based OC creator! Check it out, it’s super awesome. 

Book 1: Open your book to a random page and look at the page number. The last number is your character’s tribe. 1=IceWing, 2=SkyWing, 3=NightWing, 4=SandWing, 5=MudWing, 6=SeaWing, 7=RainWing, 8=SilkWing, 9=LeafWing, 0=HiveWing. Bonus: if the number you chose is only 2 digits, your character is a hybrid between those 2 tribes! (For example, if I flipped to page 82, my character would be a Silk-Sky hybrid.)

Book 2: Read the blurb on the back of the book/the inside flap. The first word you come to that is a suitable name for your character’s tribe is your character’s name! (For example, I could use the word Summer, but I wouldn’t use the word Scooping. If you can’t find a good name you can read the book until you find one.)

Books 3-4-5: What are the authors’ names? Create an anagram of each— you don’t need to use all the letters—  and those describe your character’s hobby. (For example, I found the anagrams sled, dear, and role, so Summer might like to play in the snow, write letters, and act.) 

Book 6: Read just far enough for three characters to have been introduced. The third character’s gender is also your character’s gender. (For example, the third character introduced in this book is male, so Summer uses he/him pronouns.)

Book 7: Read the author’s bio, and there’s your character’s family. (If you can’t find it in the author bio, sometimes the acknowledgements will include info about the author’s family.) (For example,  Summer lives with his grandfather, cousin, and older brother. This isn’t all of the author’s family— I assume— but no other information is given so that’s who I’m including.) 

Book 8: The first sentence of your book describes your character’s personality. (For example, the first sentence of this book is “Genie stood a few feet away from Samantha’s shabby old doghouse, scribbling a mess of words in his notebook.” so I’d say Summer tries to be organized but rarely succeeds, and doesn’t care much about his appearance.)

Book 9: This book has to be a book you’ve read, because you need to find the theme. (For those who don’t know what a theme is, it’s a message or a moral of a book.) The theme of your book is your character’s motto. (This was actually hard for me because I’m terrible at finding themes but I’m going to say it’s “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”)

Book 10: Look at the cover. Pick the colors that fit in most with your character’s tribe color scheme, and that’s the color of your character’s scales. (For example, Summer is blue-green with brown accents.)

I hope you enjoyed this! I only actually used one book for the examples (As Brave As You by Jason Reynolds) but I’ll probably do this the real way soon enough

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(July 20, 2021 - 9:01 am)

Hey! This looks cool! I think I'll give it a shot - 

Book One (Children of Refuge): My charrie is a...Sandwing (page 194) 

Book Two (The Last Shadow Warrior): My charrie's name is...Abby! (The name was pretty close to the beginning of this one)

Book Three/Four/Five (A Storm of Wishs, The Tiger's Nest, Arsenic for Tea): Quest (Three), Invent (Five), True (Four). So my charrie likes to - Go on imaginary quests (RPs possibly), engineer new devices, and do research on on random topics. 

Book Six (The World's Greatest Detective): My charrie uses He/Him pronouns. 

Book Seven (Magic Misfits): My charrie has two sibblings that are twins and lives with his fathers. 

Book Eight (Sixth Grade Can Really Kill You - Dang - that is my mother's old book! And I already finished 6th grade...maybe that is a good thing?): My charrie has a really bad sense of fashion, but really doesn't care what anyone thinks about him. He goes his own way.

Book Nine (Neverseen - Oh look it's my book!): My charrie's motto is "Keep your enemies close, but keep your friends closer." I know that probably isn' the real theme, but, if you read the ending, you'll know why I picked this. 

Book Ten (The Inheritance Game): My charrie's scales are shiny, golden colored wings with light geen fringes on the ends.  

And there you have it! Meet Abby the Sandwing everyone!  

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(July 21, 2021 - 7:03 pm)

Ooooh neat! I absolutely loved Neverseen (the book haha) and yep, that theme sounds about right. Your description of Abby’s coloring is beautiful, I feel like I can see him in front of me!  

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(July 31, 2021 - 5:55 am)

Ooh, you've read The inheritance games??? Who's your favorite Hawthorne brother? 

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Ooh I've gotta give this a try!

Book 1, Pippi longstocking: I got 71; a RainWing, IceWing hybrid it is!

Book 2, Ari Shah and the city of gold: Wish, I guess? Like maybe he was his parents wish to unite the tribes through hybrids?

Book 3/4/5, Little Women, Charlottes web, and Mr lemoncellos library: Llamas (#3), With (#4), and Sensing (#5). I'll say he likes to care for his pet llamas, hang out with his friends, and practice developing his sense of taste to become a better cook.

Book 6, The Dangerous Gift (Ironic that I chose a WoF book): Snowfall's scout that reports the Pantalan refugees is male, so Wish will be too! 

Book 7, The Wizard of Oz: L. Frank Baum was the seventh of 9 kids, but four of them died before adulthood. So the same happened for Wish. Yeesh. Poor guy. 

Book 8, Mary Poppins: The first sentence is, "If you want to find Cherry-Tree Lane, all you have to do is ask the Policeman at the crossroads." So Wish'll be curious and not very shy.

Book 9, Magyk: Um, I'll pick, "Family--by blood or by choice--is the most important thing". It's not the biggest theme, but it's a neat one.

Book 10, Heidi: A calming white-gray underlaid withe blue and green. 

I've actually been needing a WoF hybrid OC, and Wish fits the bill perfectly! Thank you, Raven!

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(August 5, 2021 - 3:45 pm)

Ooh, that's a really cool character! I love the name Wish especially. If you ever draw him let me know! 

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(August 24, 2021 - 6:04 am)