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Man and Tech

Man and Tech

So, I have a new idea for a game, a "group write". It's kind of like a solo write, except 1) you can join after it's started, so you can time the appearance of a character for the first time just right, and 2) The CBers who participate put what they do in a situation that the author chooses.

That's what Man and Tech is. Here's a summary:

"One day, you recieve a letter in the mail. It's from a strange company, Man and Tech. It is from Seoul, South Korea. You wonder what it says. It says:

Dear Person who is reading this,

We desperately need your help. Our city is in danger. We created Man and Tech to help man cooperate with tech to save our city from a growing crisis. That crisis is that we are suffering from climate change.

You'll see more later! 

Signed, Mars Halen, Man & Tech" 


Here's the form!




What effect of climate change are you most concerned about?:



What instrument(s) do you play?(If you don't play any instruments, leave this blank):


I'll be starting on August 15! 


CAPTCHA says whiyn. I think it's building up it's spelling skills so that it can spell "whine" or "wine" in the spelling bee. 

submitted by GoldenLionTamarin, CA
(August 11, 2021 - 12:20 pm)

Name: Cheyenne Abednego (Chey for short)

Age: 15 or so

What effect of climate change are you most concerned about?: Wildfires, forestry, and erosion

Appearance: long, black, semi-curly hair. Green eyes. Medium color skin. Sunburned, and hair in a ponytai, kind of messy. On cold days, she wears a pastel purple coat that she got from her cousin, and most days she wears a plain, one color T-shirt and jeans or kahki shorts.

Personality: Shy when you first meet her, but not super timid- not that she's nervous about what she is going to say, she just doesn't like to be the center of attention. Very nice and loyal to her freinds, who are all from an old school. She is kind of an outcast at her new school, but she doesn't really care and is respected for that. She is very straightforward, and she is hoping to becoome a forester when she grows up. She is very political and during the current events class she opens up a lot in that class. She has a twin brother who is the opposite of her so she mostly ignores him, and a little brother who can be annoying sometimes but she likes to play with him and he looks up to her. She doesn't like her last name because she thinks it is to fancy for her.

What instrument(s) do you play?(If you don't play any instruments, leave this blank):

My CAPTCHA is going to do pony in the spelling bee, it is pknya 

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(August 13, 2021 - 10:06 am)

OK, sorry I'm late, but I'm extending the date to August 22, so that we have time for other CBers to join in. Also I was busy yesterday, so I couldn't release the first part. Also, you can have more that one character in a group write, just answer for both of your characters for the questions. Also the scenario that the author will give that every character is supposed to respond to will be unique to each character (this is for group writes in general). 

See you next Sunday! 

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(August 16, 2021 - 4:31 pm)

Ok, I'm sorry Caroline, but no one else seems to be joining, and it would look really weird if there were only the management of M&T and Chey. So, I'm ending the thread, basically.

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(September 1, 2021 - 5:49 pm)