Title/Plot game!

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Title/Plot game!

Title/Plot game!

Okay, so, I forget what this was called before and who made it *heh* so... I'll (try) to explain!

Someone will give a fake book title. Then, someone else will give a synopsis of that book (no limit to how long) and another title. And so on and so fourth.

If I find (or someone else finds) the thread, I'll post it here!

Here's the first title: 47 Lies

submitted by Writing_in_the_dark, age 11, NY but not NYC
(August 26, 2021 - 4:51 pm)

47 Lies is about the life of this person, and along the book they reaize there are 47 (Big) Lies in their life. For example, their "Mom" and "Dad" aren't their real mom and dad, so that would be two lies. What a lot of the lies are based on is the fact that the MC's is acually from a group of people that steal magic from a different, magical, species, who think they are above the humans (kotLC vibes there, I know). The group lives uderground, in secret, and many of their values are different than what the MC is used to, so the MC struggles to understand the group in the begging. But, slowly but surely, as the MC learns more about who they are, their knowlege, values, even their understanding of right and wrong, all gets flipped around. In the end, they join the group and realize how everything is temporary, so they might as well live in the present while they can.

Hmm.. now I want to make that a real story!

Can I post the plot on the regular writing thread?

Okay, next title:

Yelling at the Sea 

submitted by Caroline
(August 26, 2021 - 10:59 pm)

Sure, you can post that on the regular writing thread!

And to the story~

Ariana lived her whole life on the sea, and loved every second of it, but when she dies and becomes a siren, she begins to hate it. The sea made her die! And now she's trapped in the very thing she despises. But after meeting a mermaid/man/person (?) named Waves, she realizes that she can't run away from her past and this is her life now. She can make the best of it. Then, something unravels. Waves turns out to be someone, who, in life hated the sea, and anything to do with it. Who is this "other Waves"? Why did they hate the sea? And why, after knowing all of this, does Ariana have a crush to them?

Next Title: We Are Living Angels

submitted by Writing_in_the_dark, age 12, NY but not NYC
(August 27, 2021 - 10:58 am)

The Story~

Quin is an angle. It hadn't always been that way though. It all started with the river...that deep, trecherous river. Quin had had been facinated by it's burbling glory. He had sat beside the rushing brook and stared into its water, awed by its glory. But he had leaned to far. The river had consumed him at once, grasping him with its speeding wake and pulling him down...down...down. 

He wasn't ever totally sure what happened after that. All he had waken up without a body, unable to touch or speak at all. But when a glowing halo of light shines around Quin's presence, he knows at once that he died. And that he is now an angle. 

Years and years had passed since then, but Quin had never aged. His spirit remained the same, only growing more and more jealous as the years pass by. Quin knows how jealous he has become. He imagines tripping the little children who come by the creek, making them feel the pain he has suffered. Slowly, he begins to see his halo is dying. His time on Earth - it is about to end. 

Until he saw the stone. It appeared out of nowhere, glowing a beautiful emerald green as it popped into existance. Quin forgot that he couldn't touch the Living World, and rushed to grab the stone. For the first time in years, he got a hold of something. Slowly, before his very eyes. Wait...eyes? Quin reached up to touch his face. Yes...Yes! He had come back to life! He looked at his fingers and danced. He had a second chance. 

But what if Quin hadn't fallen in the river...what if it was his own best friend that leaped from the bushes and pushed him? 

And worst of all, what would Quin do when he realized that his parents were lying on the verge of death?  

And that his very presence was their stealing lives? 


Next Title: Where the Missing Go 

submitted by Neverseen , On a Perilous Journey
(August 27, 2021 - 3:08 pm)

Where the Missing Go

A peculiar story about a girl without a name, who travels to the edge of the universe with her best friend, an orphaned but magical boy. When she gets there, the boy is taken away, and the girl must rescue him with nothing more than a few magical trinkets–a loose coat button that multiplies every time you tap it, a fireproof oriental fan, and an endlessly long belt.

Next title: At the End of the Rainbow 

submitted by Rainbow Riot
(August 27, 2021 - 10:19 pm)

At the End of the Rainbow

A story about a rather ordinary version of our world that one day changes. People begin mindlessly chasing their childhood dreams in an almost zombie-like manner; grown adults shamble off, ransacking stores in desperate searches for toys that haven't been sold since they were children.

As for our protagonist (we'll say her name is Becca), her and a few friends go on a journey to save their infected friend, who is chasing after nonexistent gold at the end of the rainbow. Along the way, can they save the earth?

(Note: despite dark themes, I think it'd be interesting for the genre of this book to also be comedic; watching everyone believe in unicorns and elves leaves plenty of opportunities for jokes)

Next title: Officially Lost  

submitted by Icy, age 17, The Forest
(August 27, 2021 - 11:03 pm)

Miles is just your average boy. Average height, average looks, average skills. When he falls into a gorge in the forest near his home, he's surprised to find that he's strong enough to crawl back out. But when Miles calls for help, no one seems to hear. His whole town is in a flurry about the missing boy, but he's right here! Can Miles escape the deadly gauntlet that seems to have clenched him in its hold?

Next title: Sky Song 

submitted by Raven , age Forever, The Whisperlands
(August 28, 2021 - 5:50 am)

Amara is part of the Choir. She has been since the beginning of time. The Choir's eternal song is what keeps all life in the universe flowing, the secret ingredient to existence that no mortal knows of.  Amara's only purpose was in the Choir, so when The Conductor goes missing, it comes as quite a shock to her. The Conductor was the leader of the Choir, so when they disappear all life is set slightly off balance and the Choir fails, for the first time, to find a harmony. As a great war breaks out because of The Conducter's disappearance, she sets off on a journey to find The Conducter, and along the way she finds friends, a favorite food, and for the first time, a life separate from the Choir. 

submitted by CelesteOfTheGoldMoon
(August 28, 2021 - 10:59 am)

Oop sorry!

Next title: The Woman on the Moon 

submitted by CelesteOfTheGoldMoon
(August 29, 2021 - 7:21 am)


submitted by Shining Star, age 12 eons, The Milky Way
(September 29, 2021 - 11:39 pm)

Abigail has a normal life. Her mom is a teacher, and her dad works part-time as a nurse. But her life gets turned upside down when her mom is chosen to be the first woman on the moon, as part of NASA's teacher in space program. 

Next title:
The weeds will tumble 
submitted by Caroline
(September 6, 2021 - 2:09 pm)

Jackie has always been labeled as a 'weed' in her school by the other kids: she is gangly, odd-looking, and discombobulated. She's used to it. But one day, when a classmate goes too far and hurts someone close to Jackie, she knows she must take action, and it won't be pretty. After all, weeds can choke out even the prettiest flowers- they are some of the toughest stuff on Earth.

Next Story Title: When You Loved Me

submitted by Squirrel , age 12, Revolutionary Grape Jelly
(September 21, 2021 - 8:18 pm)

The year is 1941. Amanda lives in Poland, which Germany now rules. Her boyfriend Sam broke up with her after discovering that she was Jewish. Sam is German, but Amanda had lied and said she was too. Her heart is broken, and things are just getting worse! How is she going to handle the world without anyone else? How long until she get sent to a death camp?



Next Story Title: A unused world 

submitted by BookPhionix, age 9 3/4, everywhere, but nowhere
(September 24, 2021 - 6:44 pm)

An unused world- in a post-apocalyptic Earth, humans are extinct and the only things left are robots who have built their own society and mostly forgotten about humans and human culture. At this point they are so advanced that they are capable of much of the thighs humans could do. One newly built android stumbles upon an old fashioned space pod that they accidentally activate- and there's nothing they can do but hold on for the flight. Eventually, the pod lands and the android gets out- on a totally different world, filled with humans. What happens next?


Next title: Under the Bridge  

submitted by Silver Crystal , age She/her, Milky Way
(September 26, 2021 - 7:53 am)

In her second year of boarding high school, Lucy meets a new transfer student, who she swears is magical. Their name is Jace, and though he really isn't all that magical, Lucy believes what she wants. Along with a person named Bo, the three of them form a secret society dedicated to uncovering the mysteries of their school. They meet weekly under an old bridge, which slopes over a dried-up river, connected the school's church to the graveyard. One day, Bo goes missing, and Lucy and Jace, who have never ventured into the graveyard before, cross the bridge and enter a magical world that's a little off, in search of their friend.

Next title: Seven Birthdays 

submitted by Rainbow Riot
(September 26, 2021 - 5:34 pm)

Hey Silver Crystal, we live in the same place! (the MIiky Way). We should meet up at Orion sometime. 

--Shining Star 

submitted by Shining Star, age 12 eons, The Milky Way
(October 1, 2021 - 4:57 pm)