Hello everyone, and

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Hello everyone, and

Hello everyone, and welcome to the War for Aster!

This is an idea I've been working on for quite some time, and I'm very happy to finally put my fingers to the keyboard and bring it to fruition. So, to begin, what exactly is the War for Aster?

The Battle for Aster is a writing and RPing competition that any can take part in! How it functions is simple:

There are two sides in this battle that you can choose and make an original character for. Once you have chosen your side, your character will be assigned to battle another on the opposite side. However, how this works is nothing like your typical RP; it's more of a contest between participants!

Once your opponent and location for the battle is selected, you must type your version of what events were, and how your character wins. Your opponent will also type their version of events (and how their character wins), and the two opposing battles will be judged by yours truly. Whatever story is chosen as the winner wins the battle and scores a point for their side!

Whichever side has the most points in the end wins the War for Aster! Details on teams, as well as the charrie sheet, will be in the comments.


1. Please keep everything relatively safe between you and your opponent. This means no gore, maiming, or CB-innapropriate behavior.

2. Remember to respect your opponent's character by being truthful to them; your entry will be judged on fun character portrayals. :)

3. The setting of this RP is mixed fantasy. Medieval-themed sets for characters such as swords, bows, etc. are allowed, but so are robotic arms, ray guns, mech suits, magical staffs, and whatever else you'd like! Go crazy.

4. You're allowed to involve your character with the lore as much as you'd like. As I said earlier, go crazy, and have fun!

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You will have the choice between these two factions when creating a character. You can choose based off of what you yourself think is moral, or throw that out the window and make a character with a worldview specific to a side you disagree with. 

I: Majesty's Army 

Who they are: 'Majesty's Army' are the forces of the royal family of Aster, under a very recently crowned ruler.

Why they are: Following the death of their past ruler, a vicious tyrant who enforced cruelty, the royalty has scrambled to right the wrongs of the tyrant who damaged the land. They are now caught in a delicate balance of upholding old traditions and laws in order to protect the land they love dearly, but also wanting to remove the tyrant's effect on their ranks.

What they believe: The royal family of Aster has always believed in the land and its virtues. Their palaces often showcase nature, such as lofty trees and babbling brooks. Since the crowning of their new ruler, they have chosen to depict themselves with a teardrop emblem. Some say this is out of genuine remorse for the tyrant's actions, and some say this is a manipulative move to make others believe they regret the tyrant without actually putting in the work of writing the tyrant's wrongs. Which do you believe?

II: The Outcry's Forces

Who they are: 'Outcry's Forces' are a group of down to earth rebels, under a solo leader as well.

Why they are: These rebels have existed since the tyrant's era, slowly amassing traction during this evil ruler's lifetime. Now, following the tyrant's death, they finally have the power and forces to go toe-to-toe with the royalty. They currently find themselves in forts, towns, and keeps across Aster, planning to liberate all they can.

What they believe: This Outcry disagrees with the idea that the royal family could ever truly ruin the tyrant's influence from their midst, and thus moves for change. They are deeply connected with the common people of Aster, from everyday workers to thieves and the downtrodden. They refuse to back down in their fight, intending to show that they are dedicated to abolishing the royalty, but some say this is a sign of aggression and stubborness. Which do you believe? 

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And, as promised, character sheets! Each of these sections were chosen to make characters as easy to understand for your opponent as possible, and I highly reccommend referencing them while writing any battles. 






Arsenal (weapons, powers, etc.):




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Whoops. While revisiting this thread I noticed that I forgot to add a minor detail to this section; if you can list your character's rank in their respective group, that would be much appreciated!

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Wow, this looks awesome!!

Name: Raven Rivera 

Age: Sixteen

Side: The Outcry's Forces 

Gender/Pronouns: (not on the form but I added it, hope that's okay) Female, she/her

Personality: Shy and intelligent, Raven doesn't like to interact. It's hard for her to make friends but once she does she'll be their friend for life. 

Appearance: Chocolate brown skin with dark hair in a braid. Green eyes with freckles, usually wears a black cape. 

Arsenal: Can shapeshift into a hawk (long story), carries a sword and two daggers, is very agile but not that strong

Backstory: No one really knows about Raven's past-- including herself. When someone asks her where she's from, she simply replies "The Whisperlands" and walks off. 


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Yes, that's perfectly fine! (You can tell I was distracted when making the sheets, haha)

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This sounds very, very cool! I will definitely be making a character!

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Thank you! :)

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Hey! Since the last comment was a month ago, I'm not sure if this is gonna be a thing, but I hope it will be because it sounds so cool!

Name: Tharlas

Age: 15

Pronouns: she/her

Side: Outcry

Rank: Still training to be a warrior, compared to other trainees she's average

Personality: Tharlas never hides her true opinions.  What she says is what she means.  Her tone of voice conveys her opinions about you.  She's not unkind, though.  She's a hard worker.

Appearance: Blond hair, green eyes, tall.  

Arsenal:  She's an elf (similar but not exactly like Lord of the Rings elves.). She can read the weather in the sky and the animals, and she can discern the health of plants through the energy they give off.  She's got swords and bows and armor.

Backstory: Tharlas has no parents, but she doesn't exactly consider herself an orphan.  She was raised by fellow elf members of Outcry, who discovered her as an infant.  Many members are orphans as well, and most never think about the family they might have had.

Other: She's got a soft spot for cacao plants.


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