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Superhero School RP!

Yes yes I know I technically left but I did say I would still do roleplays occasionally. And I really miss superhero roleplays! So here.

Headmistress Alma Bartley (aka, Mimic), a gifted superhero with the ability to mimic abilities, had decided to finally start a school for young supers. The school, Academy For Gifted Inividuals, was a highschool. Students would each get a private dorm and would get a regular highschool education, in addition to receiving special training to become a powerful superhero. 

She tried not to worry about the strange disappearances of young children all across the world. She was sure these young supers would all be safe. After all, she was the most powerful person in the world. She could protect them.


  1. Three charries per person.

  2. The RP will begin once there’s at least five participants (me included), but anyone can still join after that point.

  3. Charries must be between 14 and 18 years of age, as you can only be a student. However, you can be a villainous student infiltrating the school.

  4. No OP charries--if I see a charrie with too many powers, or powers too strong, I will ask for their powers to be changed.



Superhero Name (Optional):

Age, Grade:

Gender, Pronouns:

Alliance (Villain, Hero, or Neutral):


Other Skills:






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Name: Emil Alinsky, 

Superhero Name (Optional): None

Age, Grade: 16, Junior

Gender, Pronouns: Male, he/they

Alliance (Villain, Hero, or Neutral): Neutral, leaning hero

Powers: Can commune with ghosts, and spirits, can control the undead to some extent, can summon ghosts and spirits. 

Other Skills: Good artist, decently intelligent, empathetic

Weaknesses: Emotional, withdrawn, rarely speaks up. Not physically strong, and his power isn’t very useful in battle.

Personality: INFP. Emotional and compassionate, but mostly withdrawn and hard to get to know. Not shy, but generally quiet. He has a protective streak few will ever see. Very understanding, creative, and intelligent. Ambivert leaning introvert.

Appearance: A little under average height. Dark hair with red tips that’s usually in a ponytail. Several earrings. The start of a beard. Dresses in a very punk/grunge style, seems much more aggressive than he actually is. He has several tattoos, many of which were designed by him. Tongue piercing. Silver eyes. Pale skin.

Backstory: He and his older sister, Katerina Alinsky, come from the Alinksy family--a long line of psychics and mediums. Their family taught them how to use their powers well, and were delighted when they heard of the Academy. The Alinskys are not heroes nor villains, but they like to keep tabs on other powered people.

Other: Open to shipping with any genders. (He's bi.)

Name: Katerina Alinksy

Superhero name: None

Age, grade: 17, senior

Gender, Pronouns: Female, she/her

Alliance: Neutral

Powers: Telepathy-- She can see and speak to spirits and ghosts, but cannot summon or control them. She can cause people around her to hallucinate images and sounds. (Essentially, she can create illusions.)

Other Skills: Musically gifted, artistic, intelligent

Weaknesses: Emotional, her skill isn’t always useful in battle. Complex illusions can only work on a small number of people.

Personality: ENFJ. Driven and determined, always remains true to her own morals. Builds relationships made of trust, hates lying and dishonesty. Caring, but clever. Can be manipulative when she wants to. Very organized. Intense, but generally compassionate.

Appearance: Slightly over average height. Long, wavy dark hair. Sharp, silver eyes, and pale skin. Fairly physically fit, though not overly so. Generally wears simple but nice dresses that allow for basic movement and flexibility. 

Backstory: Same as Emil.

Other: Closed to shipping. (She’s aro/ace.)

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Name: Raven 

Age: 14, 9th

Gender, pronouns: Cassgender demigirl, she/they

Alliance: Neutral. Raven's motives are unknown-- it seems she stands only for herself but their silent exterior may hide something deeper... 

Powers: Can control time (stop, slow down, speed up, etc. They can't time travel, though. While they are able to speed up time it's only for an hour or so and it leaves her very drained.) 

Other skills: Likes to draw and is very intelligent

Weaknesses: Is very reluctant to rely on others or have others rely on her, is bad at making friends, sometimes unintentionally is rude because they don't know how to act around other people

Personality: basically shown in "Alliance", "Other Skills", and "Weaknesses" 

Appearance: Dark skin and hair, usually wears all black with brown leather boots and silver earrings. Bright aqua eyes. 

Backstory: Raven's very mysterious about her past-- when asked where they're from, she usually replies vaguely with "Oh, you wouldn't have heard of it." and walks away. 

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Name: Emerson Toal

Superhero Name (Optional): Blacklight

Age, Grade: 15 (almost 16), junior

Gender, Pronouns: Genderfluid, changes daily. Usually she/her or he/him. (please don't use they/them becuase Emerson has multiple pronouns, as they/them are not in her set of preferred pronouns.)

Alliance (Villain, Hero, or Neutral): Villain, but no one knows this. She despises heroes. 

Powers: Ability to control light, such as momentarily increasing it to temporarily blind somone or dropping it, which is good for stealth. If there is a particularly harsh/bright light, he may be able to manipulate and concentrate it to condense and burn someone, but it takes a lot of effort.

Other Skills: He's good in hand-to-hand combat, but he isn't very good in any particular weapons.

Weaknesses: She may be blinded by her hate, which she does well with hiding. Doesn't trust easily, especially heroes. 

Personality: Kind of distant, actually pretty funny and kind when you get to know him. Very good liar.

Appearance: Tall-ish, pixie cut, hair is white on the left, black on the right, and on each side of her head there's a small black and white braid. Warm brown skin. Wears dark clothes usually, but with colorful jewelery.

Backstory: Grew up with her uncle because of a hero that accidentally collapsed a bridge on her parents while chasing a villian. He grew up hating heroes ever since. 

Other: Is Emerson partially based on Nova Artino? Maybe :)

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Name: Deeyani (Dee) Kaur

Superhero Name (Optional): None

Age, Grade: 16, Junior

Gender, Pronouns: Female, she/her

Alliance (Villain, Hero, or Neutral): Hero

Powers: She can channel and use beams of prismatic light.  Depending on the light's color it can be used for different things- red/pink light for attacks, blue light to heal teammates, pure white light to blind an opponent.  These abilities are significantly hindered when she is in a darkened environment.

Other Skills: acrobatic, creative, charismatic

Weaknesses: Daydreamer, overconfident, doesn't know how to face grim or serious situations

Personality: Bubbly, outgoing, athletic and competitive, upbeat, sometimes showy.  Loves fashion and is an aspiring dress/costume designer

Appearance: Sepia-brown skin, wavy brown hair that's almost black, violet-blue eyes, tall and athletic build.  She usually wears sporty, practical clothes unless it's a fancy event (then she's wearing some exquisite self-designed fashion)

Backstory: Deeyani comes from a large, fun-loving, multicultural family of superheroes that are somewhat famous.  This is a big responsibility on her shoulders but she bears it willingly.

Other: Shipping with girls!  Also- I have another charrie but no time to post them, will do it soon

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I love superhero rps! Reserving, I'll post my charries soon.

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I'm going to start working on the first post. Of course, anyone can still join. 

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Name: Oliver "Olive" Stewart

Superhero Name (Optional): none

Age, Grade: 16 junior

Gender, Pronouns: male he/him

Alliance (Villain, Hero, or Neutral): neutral

Powers: persuasion. He can try and make someone believe something that isn't true or the opposite. However it is very difficult and takes a toll on his memory which is already bad. Only if he really strains himself when using his powers though. 

Other Skills: pretty good at sketching. He sketches what he remembers so he can try to piece things together. 

Weaknesses: memory. When he uses his powers he often forgets why he used them or if he just met someone he doesn't know them. He can eventually regain his memory but it takes time. It's also just pretty bad in general. He is also rather clumsy

Personality: introverted, scared of making friends because he is scared to forget them. he can be pretty fun to be around though. He loves his friends and wants to help them as much as possible and he really really hates it when he loses his memory. very emotional but he doesn't like to cry in front of people but he can't help it sometimes

Appearance: about 5'9", brownish/blondish curly hair with an undercut, he wears bandannas, overalls and oversized t-shirts. He has glasses, freckles on his face, and a scar on his right arm that goes from his palm to elbow. He's not sure where it's from.

Backstory: He's not too sure. The last thing he remembers was that he used his powers to stop someone but he is not sure who the person is or who his family is. He is desperate to remember them though and will try anything.

Other: open to shipping, prefferably with males

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Name: Marlow Fischer

Superhero Name (Optional): Recall

Age, Grade: 15

Gender, Pronouns: they/xe

Alliance (Villain, Hero, or Neutral): hero

Powers: memory manipulation. They can make other people and themself forget or recall certain memories, but can't create new memories that didn't actually happen. This also means that they can sense others' memories and thus see their pasts, but xe's learned to control that.

Other Skills: pretty skilled songwriter and guitarist, decent conversationalist, very perceptive of the environment and other people's actions / appearances and what they imply, good at running

Weaknesses: often puts on a mask and hides their fears and true thoughts, gets anxious easily, bad at math, can be really rude when they're annoyed.

Personality: generally gets along with people and likes being around others, but is also a people pleaser and will try to be what other people want to see in them. Pretty easygoing most of the time, unless it involves using their powers or showing their true colors. Xe  is pretty ambitious and wants to learn how to use their powers to help others, but they're afraid of everything that could go wrong and are really hard on themself when they fail.

Appearance: short / average height, pale-ish skin, hazel eyes, slightly wavy brown hair in an almost-shoulder-length bob with green tips. Has a nose ring and is almost always wearing glasses, an oversized olive jacket, and xyr messenger bag.

Backstory: Xe discovered xyr powers when they were getting in trouble with their mom and wanted her to forget about the incident- and she did. As a kid Marlow did lots of dishonest things like this and regrets them often, and has since vowed never to abuse xyr powers again.

Other: open to shipping with girls & other enbies.

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Katerina’s face is unreadable as we get out of the long, black car and start walking across the freshly cut grass. The Academy looms ahead of us, looking more like a castle than a school for superheroes. There’s a gravel path leading up the gentle slope to the school gates. It crunches loudly beneath our feet.

A small huddle of other students are already waiting--it looks like we aren’t the only ones who showed up early. I stay close to Katerina, carefully watching all of the other kids. I don’t know what powers any of these people have. I wonder if there’s a mindreader. That would be horrifying, and embarrassing.

“I don’t recognize anyone,” Katerina says. “Wait, no--I think I can see a member of the Kaur family.”

“Do you think anyone recognizes us?” I ask. Nobody seems to really be looking at us. I try to search for the Kaur Katerina pointed out, but I can’t figure out who she’s referring to. More kids are starting to show up, and the crowd’s growing much bigger.

“Maybe. We’re not particularly famous, though. Just old,” Katerina responds. She has a point. The Alinskys haven’t done much other than train for the last seven generations or so. Some of the other kids who are from families with a long history of being heroes might know we’re Alinskys, but the grand majority probably don’t care enough to know.

“That’s probably a good thing,” I murmur. “I’m not sure how many people here I trust.”

“I’d imagine it’s safer to be wary of everyone, yes,” Katerina agrees. When she finishes speaking, the crowd begins to quiet. The Headmistress is approaching.

Mimic is tall, with long blonde hair so pale it’s almost white, and it’s in long braids woven into a tight bun. Her skin is a warm, dark brown, and I think she’s wearing a little blush. She has a midnight blue dress on that billows around her legs.

The gates swing open in front of her--I wonder if she was using some other super’s stolen ability to control them with her mind, or if they’re just automatic or something. She stands in front of us, gazing upon our cowering forms.

Or, at least, I’m cowering. Katerina is standing as tall and straight as ever. She’s always been much more confident than me.

“Welcome to the Academy for Gifted Individuals!” She says. There are other supers standing behind her--I recognize most of them. “I hope you’ll enjoy your time and training here. Please follow me and the other staff members inside.”

Mimic turns around and leads us through the gates. We all follow her like little ducklings, the other supers forming lines beside us. I guess they’re our other teachers. I hope they don’t expect too much from us.

We enter the school, and are able to spread out a little more. The four grades are separated--Katerina walks off with the other seniors, and I’m guided to the group of juniors, dragging my suitcase behind me. I suddenly feel very lonely without my sister next to me, but I suppose I’ll have to get used to it. The juniors seem to be the largest grade. I guess that means more people I’ll get to meet. Or avoid.


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Question: would you like to ship Emil and Olive? It would be like the quiet couple who only really interact with looks and like slient love language? Just an idea!

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Yeah, that'd be cute!

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I've never done a RP before because I'm scared I won't check at some point and yeah! But here I am anyway and I'm excited to start!

Name: Ellie Onix

Superhero Name (Optional): 

Age, Grade: 14, Freshman

Gender, Pronouns: She/Her

Alliance (Villain, Hero, or Neutral): Hero, starting to become more netural

Powers: Flight, if that is allowed, otherwise wishing, as in they can wish for something and it will be true for an hour, maybe, or 20 minutes (kind of like the story in this month's Cricket!)

Other Skills: Good with animals, Very inteligent, also good at climbing things.

Weaknesses: Not very trusting of others, Not very into her superpower so she's not very good at it. She isn't self absorbed or anything much, but she relies on her intelligence a little too much sometimes, acting on impulse before thinking it through, thinking she must have made the right decision. 

Personality: Queit, Brave, speaks her mind even if its a really mean thing to say, so some would say not compassionate. For example, if she just met you and she thought your shirt was an odd color, she would say "Nice to meet you, where are you going?" "Oh, to a concert? I don't think you should go to a concert in that shirt. It looks off and not very good." Thus, it is hard for her to make freinds. However, if she thinks your shirt looked really good, she would compliment you, so she's not going out of her way to be mean.

Appearance: medium shortish length wavy blond hair pulled back in a ponytail or braid. Medium/ medium light skin tone and rosy cheeks. A bit short for her age.

Backstory: She comes from a long line of heros, but she isn't as into the hero-yness (because thats totally a word) of it all, and is leaning towards neutural. One of her parents died/left when she was about 8, so she has had to look after herself and been alone more than normal for the last 6 years, and her expierences are part of the reason she's leaning toward neutral.

Other: I've never done an RP before so I hope I haven't done this all wrong! But I'm really excited!


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I'M IN!!!!

Name: Mike Nesmith

Superhero Name: N/A

Age/ Grade: 15, whatever grade a 15 year old is in, I have NO clue.

Gender/Pronouns: Male, He/him/his

Alliance: Hero

Powers: Snow, ice, and, for some reason, fire. Think Elsa from Frozen, but with fire mixed in there.

Other Skills: VERY athelitic, VERY flexible, guitar player, and VERY good singer.

Weaknesses: Bein' trapped in a room full of opal. Opal's, like, his weakness. Unless it's not touchin' him. He'll be fine if it dosen't touch him.

Personality: He dosen't get mad easily, but he DOES get VERY MAD. If he glares at ya, and literal SPARKS from fire and ice come from his finger tips, PLEASE BACK AWAY. He's calm, and friendly, and he's open to shippin' with girls his age, if that's allowed.

Appearance: He has an orange shirt, with VERY VERY blue jeans, with those black shoe thingys that were popular in the 1960's, with his light green wool hat. He has VERY VERY VERY dark brown hair, that almost looks black, and his hair looks like the Short Glamour Lego hairstlye, just less poofy. He has brown eyes, and light tan skin.

Backstory: N/A

Other: He has a Texan accent.

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