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I'm Shining Star, and you may have met me before in Cricket Letterbox. I also got a story published in the September 2021 issue. I finally got my parents to let me join Inkwell and the Chatterbox world!!! I can't wait to take part in Inkwell (the two words that describe me are: Aspiring. Writer.) and get to know everybody!

So, anyone know any RolePlaying Games that are still open? (I'm totally joining the Wings of Fire one, because WINGS OF FIRE ARE FOREVER!!! But any others?)

I'm writing a story called Boundary, about a boy called Marty Griffin who grows up in a walled city called Boundary thinking--like everyone else there--that there is nothing beyond the Great Wall, but there is. And he finds this out--all too well--when he and his friend Marren are thrown over the Wall in a storm. There are a lot of Time-Travel aspects, too--like Marty is a boy snatched from the past, and also the villain in the future (the villain is called the Black Crow and he came back in time to turn Marty into him and 'fulfill history'). And a lot of other stuff that involves him turning into iron after he destroys the word. (more later!) Here is an excerpt:

~~All Marty saw was two huge white fangs and a flash of green scales as the thing lunged. Fumbling for his dagger, he accidently slashed through the cord that secured his raft. Then, to make things even worse, he dropped the dagger.

The ropelike shadow reared again. Marty drove his stick desperately into the water, and this time he got a good look at the thing. It was fifty feet long, at least; a bright green, giant snake dripping with salt and sand and algae. Marty toppled back into the waves, and the board shot away from him. 

Newton’s Law, Marty thought dizzily. For every action, there is an equal or opposite reaction. He flailed through the water, struggling to get away from the strange creature, but the water was too deep to get any traction. His muscles burned. The serpent slunk through the water, its green scales flashing, and as Marty watched another dark shadow rose from the depths. There were two.~~


So, this is kind of a thread I made mostly to introduce myself. I'm too new to start a real thread, but you can ask me questions here if you want. I'm gonna join a role-playing game!                           Later!


--Shining Star 


Dear Shining Star, since we don't use real names and locations in the Chatterbox, I had to remove the title of your story. Congratulations on your winning contest entry, and we're excited you're sharing your talents in the CB! - Admin




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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, Shining Star, that's so cool!  I would so totally read that book and, being completely honest, the excerpt sounded professional.  Like I could open up a book at the library and find it in there. I love to write too, but I've got writer's block at the moment.

Of roleplays, I'm almost as new as you (I joined two days ago I think) so I'm wondering that too, though I did find a superhero roleplay that's still active and just starting, I believe.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you!!!:D

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Oh, here it is! *oops* 

Admin, please don't post the one I just sent then!!!!

Tsuki the Skywolf, I'm excited to get to know you too! (I already joined your Wings of Fire thread)

--Shining Star 

I don't know to what comment you refer when you say "the one I just sent." You need to describe the specific beginning wording of the comment and ideally send your request on the same thread as the comment you would now want deleted, because we post comments in the order they are received. Therefore, by the time I read this request I had already posted the comment.


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Oh, I see.

It should also be worth mentioning I'm only allowed on twice a week so there'll be a little while between posts. 

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So, @Tsuki, where did you get your name? It's awesome! (I mean, I assume Tsuki the Skywolf is a CB name; um, unless it's your real name, in which case, your parents are awesome.) Well, I am off to post some new Wings of Fire whatnot and fun stuff!

--Shining Star 

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Thank you so much!  When I started middle school the pandemic was still in full force, so we were all stuck at home on Teams, not knowing many of my classmates, and a good friend started a wolf pack roleplay and we added a bunch of people.  That was my first ever roleplay and where I met a bunch of my best friends.  My name was "Moonsong," so I wanted to choose something related to  that.  Tsuki means moon in Japanese (and Japanese and obsessive roleplaying took up almost 100% of my time the past year) and, well, Skywolf just sounds nice.  Prettier than just wolf.

Just kidding!  My birth name is Tsuki the Skywolf.

But seriously, I joined the CB basically to meet people like you, who I could relate to. I'm so glad to have this opportunity!!

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Wow, that is a cool story about your name! 

Mine is basically because my real name (not allowed to tell you what it is, sorry) means the light so it just seemed fitting (it's also the name of a star, so...).

I'm excited too! I also joined the CB for around the same reasons. Ok, catch you later, I'm only allowed on here for an hour, two days a week (Tuesday and Saturday). 

Also, your Wings of Fire thread: I posted more stuff if you didn't see it. I also started a role play but it hasn't shown up yet. 

--Shining Star 

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HI! I don't know if you're still looking for RPs, but I have created one, if you want to join it.

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Tsuki, here's the RP I created...if you want to read it.


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