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I’m Shining Star. I’ve already posted in some places, but I figured I should make a formal introduction post  Undecidedand here I am! I FINALLY convinced my parents to let me try Chatterbox (especially Inkwell and Pudding’s Place and Kyngdom because the two words that describe me best are: Aspiring Writer!). So this isn’t really a thread per se. (I’m gonna join some of the RP threads, but I’m a bit too new to start my own.) Or if you want, we can make this an Inkwell thread for new people who want to introduce themselves. Anyways! 

I’m really excited to be here and meet everybody. *yay* I’m writing a novel called Boundary for 10-14 year olds. The protagonist is Marty Griffin, a boy who grew up in a walled country in the year 3021 believing that there is nothing beyond the Wall—but there is. And he finds this out all too well when he and his friend Marren are swept over the Wall in a storm. I already posted the first chapter on the Regular Writing Thread at Pudding’s Place, but here’s an excerpt:



~~The ropelike shadow reared again. Marty drove his stick desperately into the water, and this time he got a good look at the thing. It was fifty feet long, at least; a bright green, giant snake dripping with salt and sand and algae. Marty toppled back into the water, and the board shot away from him.

Newton’s Law, Marty thought dizzily. For every action, there is an equal or opposite reaction. He flailed through the water, struggling to get away from the strange creature, but the water was too deep to get any traction. His muscles burned. The serpent slunk through the water, its green scales flashing, and as Marty watched another dark shadow rose from the depths. There were two.~~


Anyways! Again, very excited to be here! Once I’m more used to the CB, I might make a RP thread called Auzrivlia or one called Relocation (both book ideas that didn't quite work but might be good for Role-Playing). More explanation if I do.

Well, catch you on the Wings of Fire or RP!!!!!!!! or Regular Writing threads…



—Shining Star




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Welcome! I'm so glad you're here<33

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