Hello, Inkwell users! 

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Hello, Inkwell users! 

Hello, Inkwell users! 

I'm also an inkwell user who LOVE writing! I'm trying to find other brilliant young writers who would like to work with me.

We'll each write stories every month and share those together in the comments. Then, we'll give suggestions together. Your writing skill doesn't matter! If you enjoy writing, please join me. If we are busy, we can skip any time, but regularly I'd like to work together! 

We won't use facetime or anything, (let me repeat) just write stories seperately and share them together on comments. That's all! So don't worry about privacy! 


Here is this month's topic: Halloween or Fall! Any thing related to them is OK. Choose between them.


I hope you enjoy writing! 

P.S. I'm writing, too! I'll share it in the comment when I'm done. 

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Hey there, Sparkling Rainbow!

This sounds great!  I may or may not participate depending on if I have time.  Of the stories, should they be a complete story, beginning, middle, and end; something that looks like it could be an excerpt from a story, or something that could be something like a single chapter of a book? 

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It's up to you! You can write complete stories with beginning, middle, and end OR single chapter books. 

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Ohh, this sounds so fun! I definitely will participate if I can.

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(October 7, 2021 - 6:18 pm)

Oh, yes! If I have time I will definitely do this.

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(October 7, 2021 - 7:41 pm)

Inspiration has struck and I have begun writing my story!

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(October 8, 2021 - 2:06 pm)

Here's my story everybody! It might not seems directly related to fall, but this story's event happen in fall, so it's actually related to it. Genre: Realistic Fiction


My Missing Piece 

As I walked down a dusty path of the old park I used to play with my old friends, I couldn't help thinking of the horrible event that happened about a year ago. The event that happened to my old buddy, Max. 

I'm originally from Italy, but when I was eleven years old, my family moved to the United States, leaving my old house, town, country, and friends behind. However, the fact I needed to move to the US didn't change, so I had to move on. 

It was my first day of school in the US and I barely spoke English. Plus, very expectedly, nobody hung out with me. I sat down on the very corner of the school yard and squished my face into my arms, so nobody could see me crying. I closed my eyes and I could see my old house, town, country, and friends passing through. I felt warm tears rolling down from my eyes. I sniffled. I hoped nobody saw me, but unfortunately, (or fortunately I might say. You'll see why.) someone saw me bursting into tears.

"Hey," a voice greeted me. I slightly uncovered my eyes to see who was there. A hand was right in front of my face. "Are you alone? You need any help?"

I spoke up some Italian words which means, "No thank you. I just wanna be alone for a while." When I was in US for first few weeks, even though I knew how to understand English, I couldn't speak it aloud because for me, English was a difficult language to pronounce. 

The boy looked confused. "You are a new student from Italy, and you can't speak English, right?" 

I nodded. 

"It's okay. I'll teach you how to pronounce. By the way, I'm Maximilliam. You can call me Max."

Max and I had difficult time making me pronounce the word Max. However, I made the perfect sound when the class was about to start. 


"Terrific! You've got it!"

In the next few months, I improved a lot with Max's special help. I've got perfect English skills and made nice friends. However, none of them were as good as Max. For five years, Max and I remained as two best friends. We were sixteen when this happened. It was an autumn day when Max announced he was going to ride an airplane to California. He was super excited. 

It was a day before Max's family left and as usual, we hung out. The sun was setting and the vast sky was orange. We said 'Bye to each other as usual and I came home. 

The next day, Max's family left New York. I didn't feel so good, so I sent an e-mail addressed to Max. I told him I was glad for him for having a chance to ride an airplane to California. I also told him I'll be happy to listen to his adventure.

That very evening, my parents were watching the evening news. A female announcer reported that there was a gigantic plane crush. The plane was from New York to California. She told that the passengers were all dead. I covered my mouth with my hands with shock. I felt dizzy. My face was pale. I had a bad feeling because I thought it was Max's plane.

And my thought was right. The very next day, our class heard the bad news from our teacher. Even though I loved Max, not a single tear came out of my eyes while the rest of the class sobbed. I just stared at my desk.  

Max's funeral started at our school. The whole school prayed for Max. I prayed, too. While praying, I felt a hot tear on my cheek. Then two... then three... I sobbed. It was the first time sobbing after my first day of American school. The whole school heard me, but I didn't care. I would do any thing to call Max back to life. 

Although I have many other good friends now, I still miss my old pal Max. Now I cry at least once a year. Every October, I cry for my old buddy, Max.  


That's it! I hope you enjoyed my story! - Sparkling Rainbow 

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(October 11, 2021 - 5:47 am)

If I have time I will join. sounds fun.

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I have a short story. Actually, I don't. I'm gonna come up with it as I go.



Mia was a teenage girl who often thought about time. How quickly it would pass, how slow it would pass, and when it seemed to stop were some of the things about time that she thought about. She would often stand still just to see time stand still.


She walked under the trees in the park. She saw that the leaves were beginning to change color. This made her sad. When did it become fall? I must have let summer go. I should have stoped it from leaving. She thought as she stared at the leaves. She didn't like change, so of course she didn't like fall. She remembered a time in winter when she had walked through this park. She had stood there in the snow. It had been beautiful. Last year, it hadn't snowed, so she hadn't gotten to experience it again. I hope this year it snows. she thought as she walked home.


I hope you like it. Tell me if I should make it longer.

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It's great! You can make it longer, if you want, but you can also stay in the same. It's up to you.

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