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Hello! This is part of story I wrote, and I need people's opinion on this. Please tell me what you think.Smile I used different names in the original, but I changed them.









The whole thing started on Friday 13th, August. It
was a typical evening. Mia had come over for a sleepover. Our parents were
still chatting upstairs. Mia’s parents were supposed to have left about an hour
ago. Mia and I were watching a movie in my basement.


We were about half-way into the movie when the
screen became red static. We tried to turn it off, but the remote didn’t work.
We tried to get up, but we couldn’t. It was as if we were glued to the couch.


The TV began to say a message. We couldn’t
understand any of the message except for this: “
Must find him before he-” We couldn’t understand
anything else. At last, we could move. We ran upstairs into the living room.


Our parents were asleep. The clock’s hands were covered in slime now. The painting was replaced by a mirror. There was an empty
jar on the table. I saw something in the mirror. I saw a man for a moment
before he disappeared. We heard footsteps upstairs.


I knew we had to do something, so I decided to
smash the clock. What else would I do? It was freaking me out. I grabbed a book
from our coffee table and threw it at the clock. Just for a moment, time seemed
to turn back.


The clock shattered. The slime on the clock now covered
our walls. Everything stopped moving except for us.

“Let’s collect the slime. It could be useful,”
said Mia.

“Did you hear a laugh upstairs?” I asked.

“Umm, I don’t think so...,” said Mia.

We collected the blood then ran upstairs.


We ran into my room and looked in the mirror. I
saw the man again.

“Who are you?” I asked, not really wanting the

The man then disappeared. We heard footstep
downstairs. We followed the footsteps into the garage. We never saw the man on
our way to the garage.


When we entered the garage, I grabbed a crowbar
from our tool shelf. Mia grabbed a sledgehammer. The man suddenly appeared in
front of us. We both hit him at the same time. He became a shattered mirror.

Suddenly, we returned to my basement. The movie
was playing. Our parents were talking upstairs. Everything had returned to what
would have been normal, except we still remembered what happened, and the
Mirror Man’s pieces were still on the floor of my garage. We collected his pieces
and locked him and the slime in a box.

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Sorry! It's supposed to be the prologue, not epilogue.

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Woah, this is so cool, StoryTeller! I love the mysterious, creepy atmosphere you maintained throughout the story, and all the details like how the TV turned to red static and the painting became a mirror. The wording you used seems very thought-through and precise, and I can totally visualize this happening in my head. I can't wait to read the rest! 

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Wow, StoryTeller, that is so cool! My heart totally pounded while I was reading it. It brings up so many unanswered questions--I can't wait to see how it ties in to the rest of the story...

--Shining Star 

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Cool! I can't wait to read the rest!

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I will give you full chapter one when it finished, but for now I can only give you part one:


Chapter One


Samantha’s P.O.V.


Mia had come over for a
sleepover. We were in the kitchen, talking. It was midnight. My parents were
asleep and Mia’s parents had gone


We were talking about video games when Mia said, “Hey! The moon is red!”

I looked at the moon, and it was red. Blood red.

“We should check it out,” I said.

“I would say no, but I think if we don’t check it
out, something really bad will happen,” said Mia.

“Me too,” I said.


We went over to the swings and sat down. Mia stared at the moon, but I was looking elsewhere.


“Mia,” I

“What?” Mia
whispered back.

“The fog. It’s going to surround us. Let’s go back
inside,” I said.

“Umm, I don’t think we can,” said Mia. “I already tried to stand up.”

I tried to stand up as well, but failed. The fog
slowly covered us. We could see each other. The moon was right above us.


Suddenly, I could feel something watching us.

“Do you feel that?” I asked Mia.


I tried to stand up. It worked.

“We are free now. Let’s g-” I started to say.

“What?” asked Mia.

“I can see something. It’s black. And moving
towards us,” I said. “I’m going to run.”

“Wait!” said Mia.

Nevertheless, I was already running. I had no clue
where though, because I couldn’t see anything but the moon. I ran into the
street and saw another jar. I heard footsteps behind me. I turned around and
saw Mia.

“OK. We should be fi-. What’s that jar doing
here?” asked Mia.

“I have no clue. I think we are going to need this,”
I said.


Then I felt something land on my face. It was the
color of blood. We looked up and saw it start to rain. I saw the moon. The rain
was falling into the clouds then falling on us. I opened the jar and set it on
the ground. Once it was full, I put the lid back on it and we ran inside.


By now, we were soaked with the rain. I grabbed
some towels we dried ourselves off. We then changed clothes and put our soaked
clothes into the dryer.

“Let’s use your microscope and study this weird
rain,” said Mia.

“Good idea,” I said. “We can also study the Mirror
Man and the slime.”

We went into the den and got the microscope out.

“Mia, can
you get the box from the attic?” I asked Mia.





I went into the attic
and looked for the box with Mirror Man and the clock slime. I finally found the
box, but I could tell something was wrong. The lock was broken, and the box was
empty. I went back downstairs and said, “Hey Samantha! Look what happened!”

“Oh no! What happened
to the box? Wait! What happened to the contents?” Samantha

I told her what I knew,
which wasn’t much.

“Can you check the
attic to see if someone moved them or something?” Samantha

“Sure,” I said.


I searched all over for
it. I did eventually find this book called S.M.S.E
. It was weird. I took it downstairs and showed Samantha.

You weren’t supposed to be reading! You were supposed to be searching! Wait. S.M.S.E?
Those are our initials. However, who’s the other S? Also, the E? DO you think it
has to do with our friends? Do you think it’s a coincidence?” Samantha said.

“First of all, I wasn’t
reading,” I said. “I was looking in the attic and I just found it. Second, it
probably isn’t a coincidence, because the book is blank.”

“Blank?” asked Samantha.

“Yeah! See?” I said as
I showed Samantha the book.

“Hmmm,” said Samantha. “Give it to me for a sec.”

I gave it to her and
she wrote something in it.

“What are you doing?” I



Inside the book, she
had written:  Hello.

Then something appeared
under it:
You will probably need us later.

I replied: Us? Who are
you? Do you know who the other S is? In addition, who the E is?

The book said: We cant tell you now. You
must wait.

“Fine,” Samantha sighed. “We’ll wait.”

“Really?” I asked.

“What else can we do?”


Samantha’s P.O.V.


We studied the rain and found out nothing. We went to sleep after
cleaning up.


I wanted to tell someone what had happened. I decided to call Emma, then Sarah.
When I talked to Emma, she said that
everything had been normal around her house. Sarah
said that the stuff with the TV happened, and her parents fell asleep, but
soon, it had gone back to normal.


I went downstairs to talk to Mia.
I told her about my phone calls and we discussed the Mirror Man.


I heard something upstairs. It was footsteps. Heavy, loud footsteps.
Like the Mirror Man’s footsteps. I stared at the ceiling. My parents were out
walking and my siblings weren’t home, so who else could it be?


We slowly
crept up the stairs. Our painting above the bookshelf was now a mirror. On my
door, in some, weird reflective liquid, this message was printed on my door:


First You Destroyed Me...


It was clear
that there was more to this message. We slowly opened my door and looked
inside. No one was there. We walked in to my room and looked around. Mia closed my door.

“Hey Sam...” she said.

“Yeah?” I answered.

“I found the rest of the message...” said
replied. She was right. On the back of my door, there was another message made
out of reflective letters. It said:


Now I’ll Destroy BOTH


Then I knew it was the Mirror Man. whom else
had we destroyed? No one. It all made sense now. The clock’s slime and the
Mirror Man must have been combined somehow to recreate him. However, would we
now have to kill him, instead of destroy him? The though made me shudder. I
told Mia all of this, and said
(somehow not surprising me, though it should have) that she had thought the
exact same thing.



Next time I post, it will be with the rest of the story. 

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I know I said that the next time I would post it would be with the rest of my story, but I have to say somethings. First, it may be a long time til part two comes out, and second, sorry about the weird paragraphs. If there isn't a period, then it is not the end of a sentence.

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I really need comments on part one of chapter one!!! Please comment!!!

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Nope, it's great. Heart is still pounding it is very mysterious! Please post more.

--Shining Star 

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Hey everyone!!! Since it might be awhile before part two comes out, I have created a new post! I will give you a brief description here:

I give you a theme. You write a possible chapter for the story. I judge and the winning chapter becomes part of the story! Check it out!

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Hey! If no one comments, there will never be part 2. CAPTCHA says, mxout.

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Hey Admin, can you change the title of this to S.M.S.E. ?

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