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Forest Role Play: Part Two


"In the middle of a huge sea of trees lies a tiny town.

The forest used to be called Silva Vivus Umbrare, which, translated from the old language, means the Forest of Living Shadows, but the people just called it the Woods. Still, the forest lived up to its old name.

The trees moved during the night, uprooting themselves and gliding across the earth to a new spot. Sometimes the guards on duty at night would catch a glimpse of an elk or a deer gliding through the trees with a tall, graceful figure on its back. Occasionally, a larger creature slipped past the guards and stole away a cow or pig or goat.

But even with all the dangers which surrounded them, the people of the town were proud to say that through the half-decade of the existence of the town, they had never lost a person to the woods or to any creature living in the woods.

Until now.

This year, during the Cilana festival, a time in the spring when the people cut down all the trees which have grown at or moved to the edge of town, three young children disappeared.

Alana, an eight-year-old girl with frizzy red hair and a quick smile, Jakob, a serious five-year-old boy with sunburned skin from too many naps in the open, and Zena, a talkative seven-year-old girl with intense blue eyes. Their disappearance stopped the Cilana festival and threw the town into chaos.


The townspeople knew that the three would never have gone off into the Woods by themselves, for the fear of the forest was too deep set in everyone, so the townspeople could only think that they had been kidnapped or stolen. Although the townspeople were frightened and scared and the parents of the children were frantic, only a few people dared to go out into the woods.


You, along with a small group, have decided to venture into the forest to see if the children can still be found. Your bravery has given the town new hope, and the townspeople have provided you with weapons, tools, and horses. You will leave on the new moon.”






Here it is, the long-awaited sequel to the Forest Role Play! For those of you who don’t know, the original thread was created by Hummingbird, who unfortunately left the CB soon after. We kept the thread alive, and ended up finishing Part One in April of 2021. We left several loose ends to be tied up in Part Two--this thread!

I’ll summarize the plot so far, and if you’d like to read the original thread, I’ll link it here:




The characters gather their supplies and leave the village, soon setting up camp for the night. They encounter their first creature, an Ibrix whom Azi keeps and names Ben. The next night, after an argument, their camp is attacked by Hollowfaces, Shadowbeasts, and Murkbeings, dangerous creatures of the forest who can sense and track hatred. They fight off the creatures and make it to a nearby village, where they spend the night. The next day they continue and find a hair ribbon belonging to Zena, one of the missing children. At camp that night, their fire spreads, growing out of control and burning the clearing. Azi, Iyara, and Demi run back into the flames to save Ben and Spirit, Iyara’s dog. They make it out, badly burned, and the group puts out the fire with river water. After searching the forest for a few more days, the characters find a dead eight-year-old boy, though not one of the kids they’re searching for. They hold a funeral, and an upset Demi wanders into the woods and is kidnapped. She wakes up next to Jakob, one of the missing children. Back at camp, the characters realize Demi is missing, and birds (whom Jeannie can speak to) lead them to Demi and Jakob. There’s a fight, and everyone but Demi, Jakob, and Ash are captured. To escape, they jump out of a moving wagon, then follow the wagon after meeting up with Demi, Jakob, and Ash. Bradley breaks his arm and it starts to rain, so they set up a shelter. Zabder wakes up with amnesia, and the other two missing children, Alana and Zena, show up out of the forest. Meanwhile, Ash wanders into the woods and meets an elf-like creature, a Fynchnox, who has another Zena. Demi finds them and gets hit by an arrow, and the others run away while Macey offers to trade herself for Zena. Caston and Azi remember the Fynchnox’s weakness is cold, and they all go back to help while Demi stays with the kids. They defeat the Fynchnox, but then realize that there are two Zenas. Sebastian figures out who is the real Zena because on is missing the hair ribbon that they’d found earlier. They decide to return to the village, but realize they’re lost. Just as they think they’ve found their way, they’re attacked again by Shadowbeasts and mysterious figures throwing knives. They retreat, heading back to the village, but when they arrive they find it empty.




That’s Part One in a nutshell. Our plan for Part Two is that the characters will leave the children at the village and venture back out to discover who kidnapped them in the first place, and why. Any inactive characters from Part One will stay back to take care of the kids, and any new characters that join will be survivors found in the village. As Hummingbird originally said, don’t be afraid to move the story forward! Create new creatures, add plot twists, make things happen! Hopefully everyone grows to love this story as much as we do.





Age (12-20):











Thanks to Hummingbird for creating this RP, and thanks to everyone who made it possible to finish. I can’t wait to continue this story, I’ll see you all in the Woods!

submitted by Quill, Silva Vivus Umbrare
(October 11, 2021 - 4:04 pm)

The Forest Roleplay seemed so fun and I loved the community surrounding it.  I hope I can join, so reserving!  When is this starting?

submitted by Peregrine
(October 11, 2021 - 5:46 pm)

I'm thinking we can start next Monday, so the 17th, but if we need to push it back we can! It really depends on the interest level/how many people join.

submitted by Quill, she/they
(October 12, 2021 - 4:15 pm)

Name: Aspen Solanine

Age: 15

Gender/Pronouns: He/they

Appearance: Dark tan skin, fluffy split-dyed (black and white) hair covering golden eyes, slender body frame

Personality: Aspen can be cheerful and caring, but has a mercurial personality. He also has a very dark sense of humor if you get to know him, although they come off as quite sunshiney.

Quirks: Has a knack for finding crystals and other interesting-looking rocks, likes to look at the stars, good at baking, dislikes caterpillars

Flaws: Weirdly clumsy, can't do math, stubborn

Shipping: Yes, doesn't matter what gender

Other: Has a dark green journal and silver fountain pen he carries around everywhere

submitted by jinx, all pronouns
(October 11, 2021 - 7:14 pm)



I'll redo Jeannie's charrie sheet tho bc she's slightly older and her personality's changed a bit, yeah? I might be a lil less active than I was last time around but I'm definitely still participating! I'm so excitedddddd 

submitted by TOP!, age it's Lumi, JEANNIE IS BACK IN ACTION
(October 11, 2021 - 7:16 pm)

Um, before I join, I have a few questions. Is there magic? If there is I may have to modify my charater later. Also, are you writing it, or are we? OK, now I'm joining.



Name: Serenity

Age (12-20): 16

Gender/Pronouns: She/her

Appearance: Tall, long red frizzy hair, one green eye, one blue eye, plae skin, white silk cloak which has a pin shaped like a dragonfly and uses every color in the rainbow, green shirt with sleeves that are medium lenght, black pants that look like leggings but is actually armor, tall brown boots with many straps, has a smile that makes everyone trust her, quiver that is black and simple

Personality: Shy, quiet, aloof, peaceful, carefree, curious

Quirks: she often stares at people, but it seems like she isn't looking at them but behind them, will stare into nothingness as if she is looking at something

Flaws:she is mute


Other: good at sneaking, uses a bow, good at cooking, baking and sewing, archer

submitted by Pancake, age No clue, River Lake
(October 12, 2021 - 6:20 am)

I believe there is magic, at least a little bit (for example, Jeannie could talk to birds, and many of the creatures were magical). And it's a roleplay, which means we all write the story together from the point of view of the characters we make!

submitted by Quill, she/they
(October 12, 2021 - 4:17 pm)

Thanks! Okay, here is my character's power: She can only hear the truth.

submitted by Pancake, age No clue, River Lake
(October 13, 2021 - 6:15 am)

*gasp* The Forest RP: Part 2? 

Totally reserving!

I'm so excited! 

submitted by pangolin, Outskirts of the Galaxy
(October 12, 2021 - 4:24 pm)

Ok, I've already signed onto a lot of role-plays, but I'll give this one a shot because it sounds so fun. I'll let you guys know if I can't keep going. Ok, here goes.

Name: Markina

Age (12-20): 14

Gender/Pronouns: female; she/her

Appearance: dark brown hair, green eyes; light brown skin. She wears garments she wove herself and walks bear-foot. She also carries a bow and arrow.

Personality: She's fierce--except when it comes to animals--and a nature lover. She actually used to live in a treehouse she built herself, but came to this village when she turned 14 to see if she could find anyone else who can...

Quirks:...she can speak to plants and stones with her mind. She sometimes speaks out loud by accident, and everyone looks at her oddly.

Flaws: Too distrustful. She'll take some winning over...

Shipping: boys or girls

Other: n/a


Ok, then, can't wait to start the role-play!

--Shining Star 

submitted by Shining Star, age 13 eons , The Milky Way
(October 12, 2021 - 8:45 pm)


I made some changes to the original:

Name: Demi Alder

Age: 15

Gender: Female she/her

Appearence: Bright green eyes, tan skin, long brown hair that goes down to her waist. Wears a blouse that is tucked into a long, ankle-length skirt. 

Personality: Tries to be helpful and is very protective of friends and family, and would put herself in danger to save them. Very friendly, loves to be around people. Loves to cook and climb trees. She's a lot braver than when she first started this journey and she really wants to know who's behind this after seeing and experiencing all the destruction the villian has caused.

Quirks:  Hmm, not sure yet. 

Flaws: She is afraid of snakes and gets irritable when others aren't listening to her. Probably more that I'll figure out as Part 2 progresses!

Shipping: Shipped with Bradley in Part 1, but if that changes she's open to boys around her age.

Other: She is bringing a journal and a pen, she loves to journal.

submitted by Cynthia M, age 12, USofA
(October 12, 2021 - 9:27 pm)

Name: Jean-Elisabeth Lucas, literally always goes by Jeannie unless you're really mad or her mother

Age (12-20): 13

Gender/Pronouns: she/her

Appearance: Shoulder-length dark brown hair just long enough to pull back that glints red in the sun and is usually pulled back into a messy ponytail. Dark brown eyes and caramel colored skin. Usually wears black riding boots, a loose, used-to-be-purple now-rather-grey shirt tucked into loose-but-durable used-to-be-purple now-definitely-black pants and used-to-be-white now-decidedly-grey socks.

Personality: Usually pretty easygoing, but is painfully aware of her age and is constantly trying to do extra or act older than she is to prove her worth or be treated as a full person and not a child. When she gets fed up (usually when people fight over stupid things) she can snap and yell rather a lot. Thinks really fast and isn't very detail-oriented, not really a planner. 

Quirks: can speak to birds

Flaws: She panics easily, and when in panic mode basically can't function except for laughing hysterically and usually repeating "Oh my gosh" several thousand times. Tends to feel useless and always wants to pull her own weight. Tends to act older than she actually is, which can get annoying.

Shipping: closed.

Other: n/a 


@Cynthia, I made my character a year older than she was in pt 1, do you think I should change her age back to 12 since Demi didn't age or do you want to make Demi 16 instead?

ALSO oh my goshhhh my CAPTCHA just said hpnoz



submitted by Luminescence, age 12, she/her, returned <3
(October 12, 2021 - 11:38 pm)

Name: Sky Oak

Age (12-20): 14

Gender/Pronouns:  she/her

Appearance: Deep earth-colored long thick hair, green eyes, skinny, average height

Personality: Likes to get her hands dirty.

Quirks: Loves to dance under the stars.  

Flaws: Scared of centipedes.

Shipping: No thank you


submitted by Tsuki the Skywolf, age many moons
(October 13, 2021 - 8:13 am)

Can I join? I do have a question - is there any possibility my charrie could be antoher kid they found in the woods (maybe like eight or nine)? I totally get if not. Thank you, and I hope there's still a spot?

submitted by Blackfooted Bobcat
(October 13, 2021 - 10:48 am)

I don't see why not! We'd love to have you in the RP!

submitted by Quill@Bobcat
(October 14, 2021 - 3:31 pm)


FOREST RP PART TWO!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!

submitted by Emekittycon Kitten, age 13, Kitten Kingdom
(October 13, 2021 - 1:35 pm)